Written by: Nathan Steele

Once the opportunity for relocation comes along, most people will experience different kinds of emotions. As soon as the initial joy of an imminent change wears off, one is bound to be hit by worries and stress. Most of that stress will stem from the abundance of moving tasks that are in the immediate future. Luckily, your move to, from, or in Sacramento doesn’t have to become a burden that will have you running around in an effort to successfully handle all relocation tasks. With a team that consists of the top movers in Sacramento, you’ll have sufficient help at the right point in time. Most importantly, you will be the one that decides how much assistance is paramount for a seamless transition to your new household or commercial location.

Landmarks in Sacramento.
Your move to the beautiful City of Sacramento can be quick, easy, and efficient.

Verified Movers gladly put in front of you our pick of the top ten moving companies in Sacramento

With the advancements in the relocation industry and with plenty of available companies for one to choose from, finding a moving professional might seem easy. But it isn’t until you start searching for your moving team that you realize how many differences there are between two different moving companies. At Verified Movers, we know how many troubles people have once they start searching for a moving team that will suit their needs and budget. That’s why we have taken it upon ourselves to do the necessary research and pick ten moving companies that have the expertise necessary to satisfy your moving needs. The following ten moving companies in Sacramento have positive moving reviews, as well as a plethora of satisfied customers:

1. North American Moving Services

5 stars rating5

When it comes to reputation and experience, there aren’t many moving companies that can compete with North American Moving Services Sacramento. Founded in 1933, this moving company has nearly 9 decades of experience in providing quality local and long-distance relocation services. If you are looking for a moving company that you can trust – a moving company that has a proven record and a clean sheet, this is a company to call. To check their rates, contact them through their webpage to get a free online quote, or give them a call and let them do an in-home estimate.

Longevity is a thing that says a lot about a moving company. This is a complicated business with many obstacles. And if the moving company doesn’t do it right, it won’t last long on the market. So what can we say about a moving company that has 9 decades of experience? Just take a look at some of the North American Moving Services Sacramento reviews online and you will see that this moving company is known as one of the most trusted in California. They are experienced, fully equipped, and dedicated to providing quality relocation services regardless of the distance you need to cross.

North American Moving Services Sacramento handles residential and commercial relocations. They can help you move your home or a business locally long distance, and internationally. Moreover, they offer full packing services, fragile only packing or they can supply you with quality packing materials if you decide to pack on your own.

If you are tired of dealing with incompetent and fraudulent moving companies give North American Moving Services Sacramento a call. This is one of the most trusted and well-known moving companies in Sacramento offering quality relocation services for almost 9 decades.

2. All Star Movers & Storage

5 stars rating4.8

If you are looking for a reliable moving company with experience, All Star Movers & Storage Sacramento is at your disposal. With more than 2 decades of experience, this moving company has become one of the most trusted and sought-after moving companies in California. Regardless of whether you are moving your home or an office, locally, long-distance, or across the country, and no matter whether you are looking for a full moving service or simple labor-only assistance, this moving company offers quality relocation service at affordable costs. To get their moving team for your next relocation contact them through their webpage or give them a call and get a free moving quote.

Reliability is one of the most important characteristics when it comes to moving companies. And if you take a look at some of the All Star Movers & Storage Sacramento reviews online, you will see that this is a moving company that people trust. They are experienced and trustworthy professionals dedicated to providing quality relocation services to a wide array of customers. Call them no matter whether you are moving your home or a business.

This moving company handles all types of relocations. They handle residential and commercial relocations locally, long distance, and interstate. They can help you with packing, piano moving, and storage. Most importantly, you can get their professional services at affordable prices. All you need to do is give them a call and get their free quote.

If you are looking for a moving company that can help you relocate your home or a business in a smooth and stress-free manner give All Star Movers & Storage Sacramento a call. They are a group of dedicated professionals with one goal on their minds – providing you with the quality relocation service you deserve.

3. Professional Movers Sacramento

5 stars rating4.5

When it comes to relocations in California, there is no better solution than hiring Professional Movers Sacramento. With more than 20 years of experience, this moving company represents a combination of dedication and capabilities not many moving companies can match. They are handling all types of moves, no matter whether you are moving an apartment, single-family home, or office. Hire their labor-only service or packing and moving service to suit your needs and budget. Moreover, they offer a variety of additional services that can be helpful in certain situations. They provide free moving quotes if you contact them online, or you can simply give them a call.

Nowadays, finding a moving company that you can trust is one of the biggest problems when preparing for a move. Luckily, now you have found one. If you take a look at some of the Professional Movers Sacramento reviews on the internet, you will see that reliability is one of the main characteristics that their customers appreciate the most. They are dedicated and hardworking professionals whose main goal is to provide you with a  moving service that suits your needs.

Regardless of whether you are moving your home or business, give Professional Movers Sacramento a call. They have teams of residential and commercial movers ready to handle all types of moves. Call them if you are moving locally or across the country. Call them to help you with the most difficult parts of your move or you want them to handle everything from start to finish.

Stressful relocations are a thing of the past. Now, when you have Professional Movers Sacramento at your disposal, every relocation process, regardless of the circumstances, will be smooth and carefree. Just give them a call and get their free quote and you will get a team of some of the best movers in California.

4. A Better Moving and Storage

5 stars rating4.5

If you are looking only for the best and proven moving companies for your next move, give A Better Moving and Storage Sacramento a call. This moving company has been serving the residents of Central and Northern California since 1979 and during that time they have grown into one of the most trusted and sought-after moving companies in The Golden State. They provide superior residential and commercial moving, packing, and shipping services. Moreover, they offer competitive prices and provide insurance at no additional costs. If you are looking to get a moving service of superior quality but you are not ready to deplete your financial reservoir, give them a call or contact them through their webpage.

When you are looking for a reliable moving company, the best way to find it is to read comments online. Now if you take a peek at some of the A Better Moving and Storage Sacramento reviews on the internet, you will see that this is one of the most trusted and highly rated moving companies in California. They have been on the market for decades now and during that time, they have managed to gather a large group of satisfied customers that are now recommending these movers to you.

A Better Moving and Storage Sacrament is one of the most trusted moving companies on the market. However, they are also known for providing a wide range of moving services. So you can call them when you are moving your home or a business, locally or long distance.  Moreover, you can call them to help you with packing your belongings. They can construct wooden crates for special shipments, do freight forwarding, and they can even provide you with shipping containers for international relocations.

There aren’t many things that A Better Moving and Storage Sacramento cannot do. In addition to providing a wide array of quality relocation and shipping services, these movers guarantee the lowest price and offer insurance at no additional costs. So do not wait any longer, give them a call now and ensure a safe and stress-free move.

5. Colonial Van and Storage

4 stars rating4.1

Colonial Van and Storage Sacramento helped thousands of people, families, and companies have a successful relocation from start to finish. They pride themselves on each and every move they complete as all their crew and staff members have a burning passion for helping clients out with the difficult task of moving from one place to another.

If there’s something that can tell you just how good as the company they are, it’s the huge number of Colonial Van and Storage Sacramento reviews you can find online where there’s nothing but praise for their professionalism and efficiency with any type of relocation need their clients might be facing. However big or small your moving needs might be, you can count on their top-notch moving assistance all over Sacramento and even all Northern California and Nevada. That’s because Colonial Van and Storage Sacramento can offer you services that will make the whole relocation look smooth and easy whatever your needs might be. They will know to move your household all over the place as the company can offer you help with local and long-distance moving, interstate and intrastate relocations, corporate and commercial moves, international relocations, storage and warehouse services, and many other moving services that will make sure that everything is done in the most professional way possible.

Above all, the prices and rates are always transparent in order that their clients can always budget perfectly for the moving process. Colonial Van and Storage Sacramento is also offering you the best moving quotes and estimates that will give you almost the exact price of your relocation. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with Colonial Van and Storage Sacramento to get the best assistance possible all over the area when it comes to moving. You can do so by visiting their website and requesting a quote or calling their office where a polite staff member is ready to give you all the necessary information about how much of help they can be for you.

6. California Moving Systems

5 stars rating4.7

Since 1967. California Moving Systems Sacramento has been providing the area with more than quality moving services. There’s not much that they can’t do as they’re completely licensed and insured and will take care of any moving or logistics problems you might be facing. With a plethora of successful moves behind them, it’s not a surprise they are among the top used moving companies in the Sacramento area and beyond. Make sure to check out California Moving Systems Sacramento reviews and see for yourself what their clients and customers say about the way the company handles every step of the moving and storage process.

With clean and modern moving trucks and vans, quality equipment and tools, professional and expert movers, you can be sure that everything is handled in the best way possible. Serving the Sacramento area and people and companies all over the state of California, we at California Moving Systems Sacramento will know how to approach every detail of your relocation. Of course, you can always expect the highest level of moving services for your moving challenges. You can get assistance all over Sacramento with local moves, but also long-distance moving all over California and even international relocation. On top of that, your office or household will get all the necessary attention in order to be moved properly.

All your belongings can find the right place in the storage units and facilities of California Moving Systems Sacramento. Besides that, any task that has to do with logistics and other types of specialty moving will be done in the smoothest and most professional way possible. Why waste your time with other companies in the Sacramento area when you can California Moving Systems Sacramento. You will be completely happy and satisfied with the services they provide and with the fact that you’ll have experts handling all your belongings.

7. Mother Lode Van & Storage

5 stars rating5

If you are looking for a moving company with experience and a good reputation, give Mother Lode Van & Storage a call. It is a moving company with more than 6 decades of experience of providing quality relocation services in California as well as internationally. If you are moving your home or a business, locally, long-distance, or internationally, you won’t find a better solution than hiring Mother Lode Van & Storage. To ensure their help for your next move, call them today or contact them through their webpage. You will get a free quote and a team of highly skilled and experienced movers ready to help you.

When it comes to reliability, there aren’t many moving companies in California that can compete with Mother Lode Van & Storage. Just take a look at some of the Mother Lode Van & Storage Sacramento reviews online and you will see that this moving company has a special bond with their previous customers. If you want to have a long-term relationship with a moving company, Mother Lode Van & Storage is a company to call.

It is good to have a reliable moving company that you can trust by your side. However, moving a company’s capabilities is equally as important. If you want to get quality relocation services and you do not want to worry during your move about whether your movers will be able to handle something or not, Mother Lode Van & Storage is your best bet. There aren’t many moving companies on the market that offer such a wide array of moving services like this moving company. They handle residential, commercial, senior relocations, locally, long-distance, internationally, and offer a number of additional moving, shipping, and storage services along the way.

To ensure the assistance of one of the most experienced and well-known moving companies in California, give Mother Lode Van & Storage a call and get their moving quote today.

8. Mee’s Moving & Storage

4 stars rating4.1

Mee’s Moving & Storage is a licensed and insured moving company, dedicated to providing its clients with high-quality moving services. They have been relocating people from the Sacramento area successfully since 1969. With a serious and reliable moving partner like Mee’s Moving & Storage Sacramento, you will have a stress-free relocation. From the moment you contact them, they will start working on your moving plan.

No matter the distance of your move their movers will execute it on time. They will make all your moving worries go away. A moving partner like Mee’s Moving & Storage is the best choice you can make for your upcoming relocation. They are one of the moving companies Sacramento trusts the most. You will understand why they are so successful by taking a look at Mee’s Moving & Storage Sacramento reviews. The number of positive reviews they have from their clients will only solidify your decision to give them a call. As a full-service moving company, they can do it all. You don’t even need to lift a finger. They have gathered a team of professional movers and packers that will take care of your move from the begging to the end. All your belongings will be packed with high-quality packing materials. They specialize in moving and packing valuable and specialty items, like china, artwork, pianos, and grandfather clocks. Your items of high sentimental and financial value will be handled delicately.

On top of that, you can use their storage services to keep your items in a safe and clean place. Mee’s Moving & Storage goes the extra mile to give their clients the move of their dreams. They have all you need for an effortless and prompt relocation. Contact Mee’s Moving & Storage Sacramento and get a free moving quote. You can reach out to them by giving them a phone call or by sending them an email.

9. Top Sacramento Moving

5 stars rating4.7

If you are looking for a reliable and trustworthy moving company Top Sacramento Moving should be your top choice. They are an insured and licensed moving company that provides clients with prompt and safe local relocations. They can also provide you with top-notch packing services, disassembling and reassembling of furniture, and storage services. You have all you need for a successful relocation in one place. No matter how big or small your move is they will treat it with the same importance. If you want to have a safe and efficient relocation in Sacramento all you have to do is contact them. They are constantly improving their moving and storage services in order to exceed their client’s expectations.

You can take a look at the Top Sacramento Moving Company Sacramento reviews online, you will see how praised this company is by their customers. If you want to have a company that is client-oriented organizing your move, they are the right choice for you! To Sacramento Moving has gathered a team of highly skilled and professional movers. They use the latest techniques to ensure the total safety of your items. With them by your side, you will transition smoothly to your new address. They specialize in relocating large and bulky items. You can entrust them with your delicate business equipment. They have years of experience in moving those kinds of items. All your belongings are in the safe hands of the Top Sacramento Moving team. By hiring them you will save your time and energy. They can predict moving issues and resolve them fast. Therefore, you will receive all your items promptly, with no delays.

Make your life and your relocation simple by contacting To Sacramento Moving. Local moves are their forte. Get in touch with them to get one of the best local movers Sacramento has on your doorstep, ready to help you.

10. Pac N Box Movers

5 stars rating4.6

There aren’t many moving companies on the market that can match the offer of Pac N Box Movers Sacramento. This unique and innovative moving company has been successfully serving the state of California for more than 15 years and during that time they have grown up to be one of the most versatile moving companies in the city of Sacramento. Call them if you are moving your home or a business. They can help you move locally, long-distance, or state-to-state. Moreover, they offer a large number of additional services specially designed to ensure an easy and smooth move regardless of the circumstances. To reserve them for your next move, give them a call or contact them through their webpage where you can also get a free moving quote.

It seems like reliability has become one of the most important characteristics when it comes to moving companies. Now, if you take a look at some of the Pac N Box Movers Sacramento reviews online, you will see that this is one of the most trusted movers in Sacramento at the moment. They are highly praised because of the care and hard work they invest in every relocation process they handle. That is also a reason why, today, Pac N Box Movers Sacramento has such a large base of long-term customers. If you are looking to develop a long-term relationship with a moving company, give these movers a call today.

Pac N Box Movers Sacramento is known as one of the most versatile moving companies in the city. They handle residential and commercial relocations locally and long-distance and offer a variety of additional services like packing and unpacking, furniture disassembling and reassembling, custom crating, shrink wrapping, piano moving, and more. Moreover, they will let you choose your moving plan to suit your needs and budget. So you can get a full moving service, labor only service, or something in between.  

Pac N Box Movers Sacramento is waiting for your call. So pick up your phone or contact them through their webpage. They will provide you with a  free moving quote as well.

Is the assistance of the top movers in Sacramento a must?

Once you decide to switch homes and change your surroundings, you need to be aware of the decision-making process that’s ahead. The person that is faced with the prospect of relocation has to make many different decisions and choices – starting with the way in which they want to move. Do you want to be the one that’s going to handle all the upcoming moving tasks or will you let a professional moving company be in charge of the process? If you are thinking about relying solely on your own capabilities, then it would be good to discern which circumstances will allow you to opt for a DIY move.

For starters, any commercial moving endeavor should not be attempted without professional assistance. When it comes to household relocation, one needs to make a clear distinction between local and interstate moves. Moving down the block or across the city gives you more opportunities to be flexible and make a couple of trips when moving your items. On the other hand, a long-distance or interstate relocation should not be attempted without sufficient assistance. There will be no room for error as you will have to move all of your items in one fell swoop. That’s why having Sacramento movers who know what they are doing is going to be of utmost importance for the overall success of your moving endeavor.

Living room furniture to be relocated by the top movers in Sacramento.
Furniture pieces that are on the heavier side will require special equipment and knowledge.

Secondly, if you plan on relocating any items that are robust or of special value, it would be a bad idea to try and tackle a job of this magnitude on your own. Not only do you risk injuring yourself, but you also run the risk of damaging your items. If you have precious art pieces, for example, then you are aware of how even a small scrape on the surface of the item can have huge financial consequences. So while a DIY move of common household furniture might be doable, moving large and heavy items won’t be.

Why do some people opt for a DIY move?

Some people prefer to have full control over their moving process, making them opt for a DIY move. However, that’s rarely the sole reason why one might decide against moving assistance. More often than not, the main reason is of financial nature. It’s a known fact that some long-distance moving companies in California can be quite costly. Besides, an assisted move is believed to be much more expensive than a regular DIY move. But if experience has taught us anything, it’s that DIY moves can sometimes be more expensive than the alternative.

The abundance of moving tasks that await will have you taking days off that will result in direct financial loss. Likewise, your upcoming moving endeavor will occupy all of your free time, as well as demand all of your energy. And even if you invest all of your resources into the process, there are no guarantees that everything will go according to plan. As a regular person with no experience in the moving industry, the chances are high that you will end up damaging some of your items. With everything that you have to invest and everything that you stand to lose, hiring a professional team of Sacramento movers might be the right logical and financial decision. Of course, this decision lies solely on your shoulders, as only the people directly involved in the move can make the final call.

Crucial moving tasks and phases where professional moving assistance comes in handy

Every relocation, whether of residential or commercial nature, can be broken down into different phases. Considering the fact that you shouldn’t wait for the moving week to start getting your affairs in order, you ought to have plenty of time to sail through the different phases of your move. Every stage of your move is going to be important for how successful the end result is. However, there are some moving tasks that you could take care of by yourself with little to no assistance. On the other hand, there are those that require a professional touch. Consider the following three stages of your move to be so important that it would be best to leave them in the hands of the top interstate movers in California.

A group of people fist-bumping.
Having a team of professional movers makes it easier to navigate the different stages of your move.


The way you embark on your moving process will set the tone for the entire relocation. A good and personalized moving plan will be of immense help through the different phases of your move. That’s why the creation of such a plan isn’t something that you should take lightly. Quite the contrary – this is a task that is best suited for the top movers in Sacramento. They will focus on every detail in order to tailor a 100% unique moving plan. Such a plan will allow everyone to know what the next step is, significantly increasing productivity and efficiency.


The process of carrying heavy boxes and pieces of furniture can come with a lot of damage. Without a doubt, the worst type of damage one could sustain is connected to physical harm. It’s precisely this phase of any move where most of the moving injuries happen, which is why it requires caution. Apart from sustaining any moving injuries, the loading and unloading process can also damage your items. Without proper handling of your pieces, they are very likely to get damaged during transport. Thus, hiring a team of the top movers in Sacramento to be in charge of this process makes the most sense.


Filling up the moving truck with your items is merely the initial step. Once that truck is filled to the brim, it needs to be safely driven from point A to point B. It doesn’t matter how experienced you are as a driver, as nothing compares to maneuvering a huge truck. The good news is that all reputable Sacramento moving companies have drivers and movers with experience. They can ensure that a reliable and secure individual is behind the wheels and on the task. With their help, the moving truck carrying your items will arrive at the new destination at the agreed time.

Cars and moving trucks in a traffic jam.
The last thing one wishes to do is spend hours being stuck in a traffic jam while behind the wheels of a massive moving truck.

Special assistance makes any relocation easier and more efficient

Once you start searching for a moving professional and you take a look at any company’s range of moving services, you are usually bound to notice that you have plenty of options at your disposal. All moving companies have different assistance options to offer. And that’s precisely what makes moving so easy nowadays – you can have all the help you need. Of course, it’s important to search for a moving company whose range of services matches your needs. Those who need an interstate moving team shouldn’t hire a company that only performs local moves – and vice versa. The secret to moving success is all about finding the one right team for you that will be able to give you as much help as necessary.

Types of special moving services you can get

If you are someone who is moving for the first time, chances are high that you don’t know what to expect. We’ll be more than happy to show you that you have quite a lot of moving services to choose from. On that note, some of the most common assistance options people search for include:

  • Piano moving – items as heavy and as delicate as pianos are in special jeopardy during relocation. Getting a piano moving team with the appropriate equipment and knowledge is the only logical course of action.
  • Packing services – most people aren’t fond of the mere thought of packing. Thus, most people end up opting for a professional packing team. Most movers will let you choose between full-service and partial packing services.
  • Auto moving – to get your vehicle to the new interstate location is more difficult than it seems. In order to make sure that your precious car never touches the ground, opt for auto moving services. Professionals with sufficient training will be in charge of one of the priciest items you posses.
  • Senior relocation – after a certain age, moving becomes a particularly big problem. Senior citizens have troubles handling even the most basic moving tasks. That’s why a team of compassionate senior movers is a necessity when moving after retirement.
  • Storage services – moving is an event that can be quite unpredictable. Some problems that are in relation to your move will cause moving delays. That’s when having a safe storage solution pays off, as you will have a place where you can fit in all of your items for the time being.
Storage warehouse.
Storage solutions are a great addition to any moving endeavor.

Don’t hesitate to spend some of your time on the search for the optimal moving professional. While it might seem like you have more pressing things to do, the truth is that the time you spend in the pursuit of a moving company will be worth the effort.

What to focus on when searching for the top movers in Sacramento?

As previously mentioned, finding a team of movers who will be by your side throughout the entire relocation should top your list of the things to do in the upcoming period. While you might have every intention of dedicating your time to the process, you might not be completely sure what it is that you are looking for. The good news is that there are a couple of tell-tale signs that, when noticed, signify that you have come across a good provider of moving services. Thus, you should make it your mission to search for:

  • Experience – reputable moving companies have either been on the market for years or have movers with a background in the moving industry. Even a newly established moving company can provide you with satisfactory services after they do a good job of hiring the right team.
  • Positive moving reviews – moving companies with a good reputation almost never disappoint. Take it as a positive sign if you notice that a company has plenty of good reviews.
  • Professionalism – the best movers on the market have the highest customer satisfaction rate. That’s because they treat everyone kindly and with plenty of respect. A professional moving company will always make you feel valued and respected.
  • Competitive prices – reputable moving companies respect the hard work their movers are putting in. At the same time, they show great consideration for their customers’ moving budgets. You’ll find that the most reputable moving companies have a great affordability-to-quality ratio.

Bear in mind that you can search for many other qualities that you wish to see in your moving team. This is a highly individual thing as all people feel comfortable around different people and scenarios.

A woman searching for the top movers in Sacramento on a laptop.
Use your personal computer and the power of the Internet to find the top movers in Sacramento.

How to spot fraudulent moving companies?

As important as it is to learn to recognize the signs of a good moving professional, it’s just as important to be on the lookout for the ones that point to moving fraud. Nowadays, it might seem like fraudulent moving companies are lurking in every corner. Unfortunately, it has become harder than ever to avoid moving fraud and have a safe moving endeavor. But hard does not equate to impossible, as there are some tell-tale signs of moving fraud. Keep your eyes peeled for the following signs which are alarming:

  • Large deposits – there isn’t a scenario where paying large sums of money ahead of time is permissible. If you come across a company that requires a big deposit, take it as a clear sign of moving fraud.
  • Unprofessional behavior – while reputable moving companies show their respect for you, fraudulent movers usually don’t have the same interest. If you notice that a company’s employees are talking to you in an unprofessional manner, don’t hesitate to expand your search.
  • No face-to-face contact – whether it is for an on-site moving quote or for consultation, most fraudulent movers will avoid meeting up with you in person. The best thing you can do in such a scenario is move on to a different moving professional.
  • Lack of a physical address – all businesses need to have offices that can be of different sizes. If you can’t find the address of a business online, or they tell you that there is no physical location that you can go to, it’s best to cut your losses and move on.
  • Low-ball moving estimates – most people want to spend as little money as possible during relocation. That’s why you might be happy after getting a rather cheap moving estimate. Just know that this is an unambiguous sign that you have encountered moving fraud.

Being careless while shopping for a moving team can be very detrimental for you and your items. Unfortunately, by becoming a victim of a moving scam, you can be faced with a situation where your items are kept as ransom.

Why do you need to use our Verified Movers database in order to find the top movers in Sacramento?

It goes without saying that you might be lucky enough to find a suitable moving team without any help at all. If you feel confident enough to perform manual research of the available moving companies in your area and then opt for one of the numerous search results, then you should rely on your ability to be self-sufficient. However, if you don’t feel like you have enough time and energy to dedicate to this task, then you will want to utilize the advantages of our Verified Movers database.

A pocket watch.
Be careful how you utilize the time you have to get ready for your move.

Our database currently holds more than 10,000 moving company profiles. The database contains moving companies that are coming from different cities and areas in the United States of America. Our website is run by moving industry veterans who are thoroughly familiar with the world of moving endeavors. Likewise, we constantly add new companies to the database, providing our users with a wide array of options.

We’ve made sure that our database is user-friendly and easily available. All that you have to do is fill out a brief moving info form that will require you to input a few basic pieces of information regarding your move. Once you do that, you will be provided with a personalized and tailored list of recommended moving companies in Sacramento. You will then be able to browse through the results, shortlist a few potential movers, and start contacting them. With our database, you get to save hours of precious time that you can later use for different moving tasks.

Read honest and checked moving reviews

Reading moving reviews is an important step in your pursuit of a moving company. Nowadays, people prefer to be careful and do their research. The problem with reading some reviews is in the fact that you can’t know whether the testimonial is honest or fabricated. But by turning to our Verified Movers database, you won’t have to experience such problems. We make it our job to ensure that all the reviews that are posted on our website are genuine and legitimate.

The word review on a marble surface.
A company can have a few negative moving reviews and still be worth your time.

Verified Movers and our team always scan the moving reviews for signs of spam or plagiarism. We are a company with a great reputation, and we intend to uphold it. Thus, moving companies can’t pay to alter the reviews that were posted about them, nor can they pay to have them deleted. We know that you rely on us for accurate pieces of information, and that’s always what you get.

The California exodus

For a long time, California has been considered to be a state with an ideal climate and plenty of prosperous cities. In the past, people have flocked to this US state in the hopes of leading a life that’s of higher quality. However, recent years seem to have brought on a shift in the moving trends regarding California. The term the California exodus has become increasingly popular during the coronavirus pandemic, as this state has lost a significant number of residents. Both residents and businesses have emigrated from California, mostly to settle in Texas and Florida.

Bear in mind that some metropolitan cities in the Golden State have lost a huge number of people. Cities such as San Francisco have dealt with record-breaking mass emigration that’s partly in connection with the high cost of living in the area. Of course, we have to take into account the fact that the pandemic has urged people to move out of big cities. Overall, California has lost 182,000 residents in the year 2020, which is a staggering number when taking into account this area’s reputation.

Sacramento moving trends and statistics

It’s interesting to see how the California exodus had no effects on the migrations in and out of Sacramento. In fact, while the rest of the state continued to lose residents, Sacramento went on to gain new ones. This region has continued to grow even during the pandemic, and it has netted 12,750 new residents in a single year. Likewise, it’s important to mention that the area’s ‘group quarters’, such as college dorms and correctional facilities, weren’t gaining as many new people as it would be expected.

A group of college graduates.
The City of Sacramento hasn’t gained a big number of college students in the last couple of years.

Lately, people have been looking to move out of expensive coastal cities, which has urged them to look for a home inland. That’s why Sacramento has stood out as the logical choice, as it provides all the amenities of other big cities but without the high price tag. Besides, one can purchase or rent a much bigger property in Sacramento than they would be able to do in San Francisco or San Diego. Couple the affordability of the area with the other advantages of Sacramento, and it’s easy to see why this city would be such a popular place among US residents.

Where did Sacramento’s new residents come from?

The biggest number of people who have moved to the City of Sacramento didn’t cross a great distance to get here. Most of the city’s new residents have come from other big cities in the Golden State, with the San Francisco area being the biggest supplier of new people. The Bay Area’s techies and families have found their way to Sacramento due to the higher quality of life and more affordable prices.

Of course, there’s also been a significant number of interstate moves that have had an effect on this city’s population growth. Sacramento has been a popular moving destination for residents of those states that have lost a significant number of people during the early years of the pandemic.

The ratio between assisted and DIY moves

The United States of America makes it rather easy for a person to move and find better opportunities. In fact, it’s estimated that an average American can expect to move 11.7 times in their life. That means that you have more than enough opportunities to gauge which form of moving works best for your needs. If a person decides to risk it with a DIY move the first time around and fails, it’s only natural that they will opt for an assisted relocation the next time.

Living room furniture for the top movers in Sacramento to relocate.
The state of your belongings after the relocation is greatly determined by the way in which you move.

Due to all the moving endeavors that are taking place in the USA every year, we have more than enough data on relocation, proving it easy to make some general conclusions. Statistics show that Americans prefer to move in one of the three following ways:

  • 1.3 million people choose to move without any professional assistance at all.
  • 1 million people will rent a moving truck and take care of all the other tasks themselves.
  • 650,000 people decide to hire a reputable relocation professional.

The number of DIY moves might prevail over the number of assisted moving endeavors. But note that this is only the number related to the overall number of moving endeavors. We have no data on how many of those 1.3 million DIY moves were actually successful. Thus, if you are thinking about having a DIY move, it would be good to assess your risk factors. There is no sight worse than the one of opening your moving boxes and finding shattered items.

Why do people in America move around so often?

11.7 is merely the average number of moves one can expect in a lifetime. We have to remember that some people move only a handful of times in their life. But whether or not you like the thought of moving around, there are usually a few common reasons that have us packing our bags and moving to a new location. For most people, those reasons are related to one of the following scenarios.

  • One moves when they find a better job or get a job transfer.
  • Individuals move after getting married or due to a desire to be closer to their significant other.
  • Many people move in order to purchase a property.
  • Some families relocate with the intention of finding a better school district.
  • A plethora of people will move in order to be closer to their place of work.
A black and white photo of business people on the street.
Many business people relocate in order to be closer to their place of work.

Of course, we can’t forget about university students and retirees. These two groups of individuals make up a significant portion of the overall amount of America’s yearly movers. In fact, many college and university students move on a yearly basis, making them no strangers to the moving process.

The profile of a person most likely to move

Nobody is immune to being in need of a change and a new place of residence. However, people of certain ages and profiles are more likely to have the strength and desire necessary for making such a change. Statistics show that people between the ages of 18 and 34 are most likely to move. Likewise, they either do that by themselves, or with one to two children by their side. Another way to estimate whether someone fits the profile of an average mover is by taking a look at their housing situation. People who rent their properties have much higher chances of moving to a new location. Those who decide to take the risk and become homeowners are much less likely to go through the moving process.

Bear in mind that the number of millennials who are on the move is much lower than one would think. A significant number of millennials might not be tied down by matrimony, but they are more than limited by valuable job opportunities. That’s why you will see cities in the USA that are made up of a huge number of millennials, while others are mostly avoided by this generation.

The breakdown of Sacramento’s real estate market

The demand for houses in Sacramento is on a rapid rise, as the Bay Area’s residents are in pursuit of properties in this city. High demand coupled with a tight supply provides the perfect ground for sellers who are able to put higher prices on their properties. Such a market has driven the home prices in Sacramento County to rise by as much as 20.9%. At the moment, the median house price is $475,136, although that number is expected to rise in the upcoming years.

Three houses in a row.
Purchasing a property in Sacramento entails promptness and efficiency.

Between the last two months of the year 2021, the Active Listing Inventory had decreased by 27 percent. The median days on the market for a property in Sacramento is 9. This number gives you an idea of how competitive the housing market in Sacramento really is. If you are keen on purchasing a property in this area, you will have to work quickly and efficiently.

Predictions about Sacramento’s housing market

As one of the hottest housing markets in California, Sacramento is expected to keep going down the right path. In the year 2022, this city’s housing market is expected to do reasonably well and keep up with the positive trends. The home values in the City of Sacramento have risen significantly. And while they are expected to keep on rising, experts believe that they will do so at a slower rate. Likewise, the demand for real estate in this area isn’t expected to wane anytime soon. That’s why Sacramento is believed to remain a seller’s market in the next twelve months.

Always bear in mind that predictions are not facts. That’s why it’s impossible to tell exactly how much growth in prices and demand this area can expect. However, experts agree that this area has every pre-requisite to keep going down the same path that it has been on so far.

Investing in Sacramento real estate market

Investing in real estate has always been thought of as a financially smart decision. However, if you want to make a profit and avoid any losses, you need to invest in the right market. With the rising housing prices and high demand for properties in the area, Sacramento is believed to be one of the best areas for investors. After all, this city is the capital of California, which on its own serves to your advantage.

The exterior of a house.
Purchasing a property in Sacramento isn’t very likely to turn into a bad financial decision.

Considering the fact how quickly properties in the area sell, you have every chance of recuperating your funds should you decide to sell your home. Likewise, with many people in Sacramento interested in renting instead of buying, chances are slim that your rental property will be vacant for long periods of time. As much as 52.88% of people rent their homes in this city, making it easy for property owners to make passive income. So whether you are contemplating buying a rental property or a home for yourself, Sacramento is the right place to do so.

Of course, if you are thinking about renting out your property, then you need to be careful about the type of property that you purchase. Single-family homes are always in the highest demand, and the majority of people who rent a property opt for privacy for their families. Likewise, take into account the fact that apartments are always easy to rent, as they are suitable for singles, as well as families. Be careful if you are keen on investing in a luxurious property. At times, it can be hard to find suitable renters for these properties, as only a certain profile of people can afford to live in a luxurious home.

Rental prices in Sacramento

When compared to the other metropolitan cities in California, Sacramento’s rental prices are rather reasonable. If you are looking to rent an average one-bedroom apartment in this city, you can expect to pay around $1,600 per month. Of course, this is just an average number, meaning that 50% of apartments will be cheaper. You have to take into account that Sacramento has many different neighborhoods. Just like in any other city, the cost of rent varies depending on several factors, such as the location and square footage.

A bunch of dollar bills.
Expect to be met by rising rental prices for properties in Sacramento.

The rent prices in Sacramento have kept up with the growing house prices. They have risen by nearly 18% in the year 2021, with the rent prices currently being stagnant and stable. In fact, since the beginning of the pandemic, the average price for monthly rent has gone up by 20%. Alas, bear in mind that this city is still more affordable than some other giants, such as New York City and San Francisco. And you can always decide to compromise on location if your budget is tight.

Life in Sacramento – the basics

Some people decide to move to a new location after visiting a city and falling in love with it. Others perform online research in order to find an area that they think is more suitable for them. In case you have never visited Sacramento in the past yet have a desire to move here, then it’s a good idea to learn the basics of what life in this area is like. To help you out, we have explored some segments of life in Sacramento that we believe you should get accustomed to before moving.

The cost of living

We’ve already mentioned that Sacramento is more affordable than some other cities in California, such as San Francisco. But considering the staggering prices of housing in the Bay Area, it’s not so difficult for a city to be more affordable. If the average cost of living in America is marked with a 100, it helps to know that Sacramento’s overall cost of living is 118.2. Even though this city is well above the average line, life in the area is much more affordable when compared with the average cost of living in California. The Golden State’s average cost of living is 149.9, giving you an idea of why most Californians are moving to Sacramento.

San Francisco's skyline at night.
Other cities in California have a much higher cost of living in comparison with Sacramento.

The area that contributes to Sacramento’s high cost of living is primarily the real estate market. Houses in the area are considered to be more expensive than the national average, yet they are still much more affordable when compared with the rest of California. If one is set on living in the Golden State, they will hardly find a better area for homeownership than Sacramento.

The job market

As the capital city of California, Sacramento is expected to have a good job market. The truth is that this city has a much healthier job market when compared to other cities of the same size, with evident job growth in areas such as health care, technology, and construction. And as the capital city, Sacramento is also a place with a high volume of government jobs. The average annual salary for an employed individual is estimated at $58,390. Bear in mind that you can earn significantly more money by working in lucrative industries, as well as by having a good educational background.

When it comes to the area’s unemployment rate in 2020, it was estimated to be at 8.7%. This percentage showcases a slightly higher percentage than the national average for unemployment which sits at 8.1%. Most importantly, the predictions regarding the job market in the area are rather encouraging. The job growth over the next ten years is predicted to be 34.8%, which would provide the area’s residents with numerous lucrative opportunities. That’s one of the reasons why this area is expected to grow even further and gain even more residents in the coming years.

Crime and safety in Sacramento

It’s a general opinion, as well as an unwritten rule, that big and populous cities are prone to crime. And as the capital city of California, one can expect to see alarming crime rates. Sacramento’s crime rate index is 10, meaning that it’s safer than 10% of other cities in the United States of America. But before you become alarmed by this fact, you should keep in mind that some areas of Sacramento are much safer than others. The majority of crimes usually happen in particular neighborhoods, which is why you can greatly influence your safety after moving to this city.

The exterior of a property with a palm tree in front of it.
Purchasing a property in the right area will up your chances of staying safe.

Your chances of becoming a victim of a violent crime in Sacramento are 1 in 147. A rise in violent criminal activity in the area has been reported, with the year 2022 having a bad start. When it comes to property crimes, you stand a 1 in 34 chance of ever having to deal with robbery or theft. Once again, there are a lot of actions that you can take in order to improve your chances of staying out of harm’s way.

For starters, make it your mission to invest in a good home alarm system with surveillance cameras. There are many different types of home alarm systems, and you can find a suitable solution for every budget. However, one should remember that safety has no price. Investing in a comprehensive alarm system with advanced features will help you feel more secure in your home, allowing you to sleep better at night. If you are looking for further solutions, you can always consider living in a gated community – or you can get a guardian dog. One should go out of their way to keep themselves and the people that they love safe and sound.

The neighborhoods in Sacramento

California’s capital city has plenty to offer – including neighborhoods that are perfectly suited for people of different walks of life. From places that are perfect for singles and young professionals to areas that are made for family life, Sacramento allows you to pick a neighborhood that will perfectly correspond to your needs. Likewise, you can find areas in the city that are on the affordable side but still provide a great quality of life for its residents. Some of those areas include:

  • College/Glen
  • Natomas Park
  • Pocket
  • River Park
  • Tahoe Park

Consider these five neighborhoods to be a good starting point once you set out to search for the right area for yourself. But you should keep in mind the fact that the area you decide to settle in might be even more important than the property itself.

A house in nature.
Finding a property that you like is important – but finding the right neighborhood is just as crucial.

Most people make the mistake of putting all of their attention on the house, forgetting that they can easily tweak most features of any property. Unfortunately, changing the things you don’t like about your neighborhood and the people that surround you is not as easy. Thus, spend as much time as you deem necessary until you find the area that perfectly fits your needs and budget.

Transportation in Sacramento

Sacramento is a good city for car drivers as it has plenty of parking spots in the city. Most of those spots are relatively near the city’s biggest attractions, which is great for the visitors of the city, as well as those who already live in it. Moreover, relying on yourself and your own vehicle is always the easiest way to get from point A to point B. But if driving isn’t an option, then you can rely on one of many other forms of transportation that this city has to offer. If you are looking for a convenient and cost-effective public transportation solution, you can rely on the Light Rail and its three lines:

  • Blue Line – goes north and south through downtown.
  • Gold Line – goes from downtown to East Sacramento to Rancho Cordova and Folsom.
  • Green Line – goes from downtown to River District.

The fare for all these lines is affordable, as a single ticket costs $2.75, while a day pass will set you back for $7. And in case the Light Rail doesn’t cover a part of the city you need to get to, you can always use the bus.

A parked bike.
Driving a bike is a good and viable option in the City of Sacramento.

There are many people who don’t like to use public transportation but prefer to be more active. If you are one of them, you ought to know that Sacramento is a great biking city. Many streets in the grid have designated bike lanes, making it easy for you to travel places without any expenses. Likewise, there are many destinations in Sacramento that one can visit on foot, which is why walking might be the only thing that you need when crossing short distances.

Good things about life in Sacramento

Bear in mind that there are more than a couple of benefits of living in California’s capital. We’ve already mentioned that this city is among the most affordable ones in the state. But for a city to provide its residents with a good quality of life, it needs to offer a few other benefits. Sacramento offers not only good employment opportunities and a great climate but also plenty of lakes and freshwater rivers that are perfect for lovers of the great outdoors. Being close to bodies of water allows you to partake in different leisurely activities, such as fishing and tanning.

For those who prefer to spend their time learning something new, Sacramento offers plenty of historical places to explore. The Old Sacramento is within a walking distance from the downtown area, which is why you can enjoy the amenities of both parts of the city. And we have to mention the fact that there are plenty of weekend getaways all over the city, ensuring that you always have a fun thing to do when needed. As one of the most diverse cities, you get to enjoy all the fun activities while immersing in different cultures and making new friends along the way.

Prepare for your Sacramento relocation

Depending on how much assistance you get from the top movers in Sacramento, the days leading up to your move can either be joyful or filled with stress. Every relocation is accompanied by a plethora of different tasks that demand someone’s attention – be it yours or your movers’. However, regardless of the level of assistance that you are receiving, one thing remains a certainty – it’s always better to deal with your moving tasks as soon as possible. Relocation preparation isn’t something you want to put off – quite the contrary. It’s a rule of thumb to start handling moving-related chores at least six weeks before the moving day.

A close-up of a moving checklist.
Go into as many details as possible when creating your moving checklist.

With so many tasks coming your way, and with so little time for accomplishing them, losing your temper and forgetting about an important chore is easy. That’s why you need to make a physical reminder of all the work that is ahead by creating a comprehensive moving checklist. A checklist that also serves as a moving timeline will give you a clear overview of what needs to be done at every moment throughout the moving endeavor. Don’t worry about creating a checklist that you find to be too comprehensive, as there is no such thing. The smallest moving tasks are oftentimes the most easily overlooked ones. That’s why focusing on the small details will be the smart thing to do during your relocation. After all, it’s the small details that will make or break your relocation.

Sacramento relocations

The capital city of California is one of the most affordable places in the state. Sacramento offers a great job market, reasonably-priced properties, and plenty of things to do on your day off. While there’s no doubt that moving to this area is a great choice, what remains to be decided is how you choose to get there.

At Verified Movers, we believe that your best chances of success are in the hands of the top movers in Sacramento. Moving professionals have sufficient skills and experience which makes it easy for them to handle your moving tasks. Once you get tired of searching for such companies on your own, feel free to contact us. Turn to our database of verified moving companies and find your moving match without wasting precious time. You’ll get full access to suitable moving companies in the area, as our database contains more than 10,000 moving company profiles.