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Things to know before moving to Wyoming

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Are you wondering whether moving to Wyoming is a good idea? If you’re asking us, the short answer is – most definitely! First of all, while there are plenty of reasons why people might want to move; needing a big shift in their lives is the most common one. Especially if you’ve been living in a big city for most of your adult life; you might want to relocate to a place where you can truly unwind. But before you start looking for interstate moving companies Wyoming; let us explain why the Cowboy State is the place for you!

Is Wyoming the right fit for you?

When you’re choosing a location to relocate to, there’s really only one thing that truly matters; and that’s what you want your life to look like. Really, there’s no town, state or country that’s universally suited for everyone. After all, that’s really logical – not all people are the same. So, if you’re thinking about moving to Wyoming, the question is – does this state offer what you need?

A view of the Hayden Valley, seen after moving to Wyoming.
If you’re looking for a place to wind down – moving to Wyoming is a great idea!

Naturally, that depends. Let us tell you right away – if you’re looking for a bustling, sprawling cityscape, Wyoming can’t really give you that. But on the other hand, if you want to slow down the pace of your life a bit, and gain some serenity; start making your moving inventory list right away. If you give this state a chance, it will show you what true relaxation means. And while city-dwellers may need some time to get used to the different pace – in time, you will adore it.

You can feel the small-town atmosphere everywhere

So, for those who want a calmer lifestyle – moving to Wyoming is definitely the right idea. Because among other things, there are few places in the US which will give you that small-town feeling the way Wyoming can. If you want one fact that illustrates that, ask around about Cheyenne. We’re talking about the capital of the entire state – and it’s only got a population of around 60,000 people! Once you go there, you’ll see – it’s got a very distinct Wild West vibe, but with a modern small-town twist.

From the capital city to the smallest cattle ranch – everything in Wyoming is cozy and small; which is great for the people who like that sort of thing. Around here, you won’t find yourself lacking close relations in your local neighborhood. Imagine what a different life this is, compared to an apartment building in a big city where people don’t even know each other. As you’ve probably gathered by now; if you want some honest countryside warmth, Wyoming is definitely the right call to make!

There are plenty of sights to see

When you’re moving or traveling to a big city like New York or Philly, what’s the first thing you do? Naturally, you want to see all of the big sights. But what are you supposed to do when you’re moving to Wyoming or a similar place? Obviously, there aren’t many epic city landmarks like Liberty Bell or the Statue of Liberty for you to visit around here. Don’t worry though – Wyoming has something even better.

A lake in Yellowstone National Park, during the winter.
Yellowstone is just one of the many amazing natural sights in Wyoming!

While big cities can boast with their many man-made landmarks – Wyoming can blow them out of the water when it comes to natural beauty. To put it simply – there aren’t many places in the US where you can see so many astounding natural sights. Do you want to see incredible and eerie rock formations like the Devil’s Tower? Or are you more interested in amazingly beautiful valleys like Jackson Hole?

If you want to start looking for some of the best long distance movers Rock Springs offers; you’ll also have plenty of great hiking trails after your relocations. And do we even need to mention Yellowstone National Park? Trust us – no matter how long you stay in Wyoming, you won’t run out of things to visit.

Think carefully about moving to Wyoming

As you can see by now – Wyoming is truly amazing in many ways. But, remember what we said at the beginning – no place is great for everyone. While we think that moving to Wyoming is objectively a great idea, consider these things before moving there:

  • The winters aren’t easy – While the Wyoming nature is truly a sight to see, it can also turn on you pretty quickly; especially if you’re not used to pretty cold winters. Depending on how sensitive you are to temperature drops, consider if Wyoming is the place for you.
  • The people are spread out – There’s a flip side of the coin to that small-town atmosphere that Wyoming offers. Before you start planning how to host a neighborhood meet and greet, consider this. If you’re living out in the countryside, your nearest neighbors may be pretty far away. It can get pretty lonely out there, depending on where you’re moving.
  • Your career – Before you relocate to Wyoming, make sure you’ve got a job lined up there; or at least reasonable chances of finding work. For example, resource extraction industries are big out here. But while Wyoming is one of the best places in the US if you’re not a big fan of taxes – you still have to make a living.
A lone wooden barn in the middle of the countryside.
Although living in the Cowboy State is great – it can also get lonely.


Obviously, there are plenty of things that the Cowboy State has going for it, in a contest for the best states to live in. So, if moving to Wyoming will suit your lifestyle, and you can find work here; you’ll find the state quite accommodating. The small town feel that it provides doesn’t mean you don’t have all the amenities you need out here – on the contrary!

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