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Moving from Honolulu to Seattle

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If you are moving from Honolulu to Seattle, it is completely normal to be stressed out. Plus, if you’re not sure which long distance movers Honolulu to call, you’re not alone. Relocating all your items from one space to another, in addition to being physically extremely demanding, also has emotional weight because we are all more or less connected to the space in which we live in. Let us help you out with a few tips.

Moving from Honolulu to Seattle – where to start?

Relocation is especially difficult when it comes to big cities like Seattle. This is because in big cities there are a bunch of factors that can make relocation difficult in a variety of ways. From traffic jams to faulty and narrow elevators to actually finding a new place to live, moving from Honolulu to Seattle (or any major city) can be very irritating in every way. But, there are ways to do it.

girl moving from Honolulu to Seattle
If you are moving from Honolulu to Seattle, it is completely normal to be stressed out.

However, there are still several ways in which you can ease this arduous process and save, at least a little. This can be by finding the right long distance moving companies Seattle. Also, we have made an effort to give some useful moving tips for you, so keep reading our text.

Secure the boxes with duct tape but do so just before departure

Verified Movers is here to help you with moving tips when relocating from Honolulu to Seattle. And we know that being in a hurry is a very dangerous factor that occurs completely subtly when it comes to relocation. For that reason, it can easily happen that you hurry, and immediately after the end of the packaging, secure all the boxes with duct tape to put them neatly in the corner until it’s time to leave. This is exactly what you should not do. Mark each of the boxes you use when moving in accordance with the items inside.

That’s why you need to make a proper moving checklist. During the packaging process, there is a high probability that you will come across items that need to be arranged in these boxes. So, make sure that your belongings are packed in a tidy way. But make sure to close the boxes with duct tape just before you leave your former home.

Good communication with the people who help you is the key to success

Whether you have hired relocation professionals or asked a few friends and family members to help you with this endeavor, good communication is the key to a job well done. So, it is important to emphasize where the fragile items are… In order to ensure that they will survive the journey from the old to the new home in one piece!

man waiting
Good communication with your movers is a key to a job well done.

Use soft cloths to protect your items

Security is definitely imperative when it comes to moving. However, in addition to the protective foils, you can additionally protect your belongings in an easy way. Use curtains, blankets, and tablecloths, in such a way as to coat other items in the box. Thus, you will provide them with additional security, and ensure that your items are maximally protected when transporting items.

Moving with quality moving boxes

Use the appropriate boxes to make the whole moving process as easy as possible. When we say “appropriate” boxes, we think that you should pay the most attention to their durability. When packing, it is common to get carried away easily. This means that at one point you start to clutter the boxes to the point where they can’t even be closed. In addition to being very difficult and impractical to transport in this case, this can also be very irritating. Also, due to being overweight, fragile boxes can easily crack and make the moving process much more difficult for you.

Therefore, keep in mind that, during packing, you do not clutter fragile cardboard boxes with things. Otherwise, you will have to collect your things in a moving van or worse, at the entrance to a building or street. Or simply, ask your movers for professional packing services.

Good organization is the foundation of a successful relocation

At the end of the day, stress and exhaustion are two things that are almost unavoidable when it comes to moving day. However, although they are inevitable, the impact of these negative emotions can still be greatly diminished. Good organization is most important in this case. So, even if you hire experienced professionals to help you out, you can still feel stress.

couple moving out of Bossier City
Moving is easy and straightforward when you have a quality moving team by your side.

Please note that there are buildings in which relocation is only allowed after working hours or on weekends. In this case, you will need to request special permission to use the service elevator. Ask the building manager about these rules, as this will largely dictate the logistics of the move itself. Also, talk to your new neighbors and tell them when you will be moving in.

In case you move your office…

If you move your business to Seattle, inform associates and clients about a change of business address. We recommend that you start updating your documents with a new address as soon as possible. Also, order new business cards and other accompanying promotional material with new information. Enter new information related to the change of business address on the company’s website, as well as on your social networks. Inform your business associates and clients about this change in time, especially if you practice daily communication with them.

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