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Build, buy or restore? That was a name of a TV show in which a couple, usually from the UK, would look to buy property abroad, usually in France, and they would have to decide whether to build new, buy already furbished or restore an old property. It’s safe to say that choices were 50-50, or better put 33-33-33. While it’s easy to have an opinion while only watching the show and toying with other people’s money, the real question is raised what you have to decide what to do with your own money. In order to help you, we’ve compiled a set of home renovation ideas for families.

The living room should be vast

When renovating, talk to your architect and explain it to him that you need large common space. You’ll need it in order to accommodate your children, their friends when they come over and your friends for lunch. Living room, along with the kitchen, is the heart of the home. That’s where you’ll be doing your thing while everybody else does theirs. Still, you’ll all be together, chit-chatting while getting stuff done.

Vast open living room

A vast living room will give you space to do your stuff while being in touch with your family all around you

A carpet can be a good replacement for a wall

If your home is small and you cannot afford another wall to eat up space, you can use carpet as a delimiter. If you decide to go ahead and buy a carpet for such a purpose, bare in mind following tips:

  • Carpet border will represent the border of the living room
  • Colors of delimited spaces should complement one another
  • Sofas and chairs should be arranged in such a way so as to allow visual unity of the delimited part of the room

A room per child is good practice with home renovation ideas for families

A-room-per-kid could be difficult to squeeze in, but we’re guessing you’d manage if you give it your best. In order to save space, you may want to install drawers below the bed. Another option is to have the whole bed open up so you can store stuff inside. Your kids may be young at the moment. Still, time flies and in no time they will need some personal space. Therefore, if you’re renovating now, bare that in mind and plan for the future. They will surely appreciate it when they get older.

Storage space

While self-storage units are trending, our suggestion once again is to look ahead. As time goes by you’ll have more and more stuff hoarding around. If you invest in some decent storage space, you won’t need to pay the rent for storage units and all will be within your grasp. However, try to keep the basement storage-free. There are many ways to put it to a better use.

One of your home renovation ideas can be turning your basement into a music studio

Turn your basement into a music studio instead of a storage space

Don’t underestimate the importance of the kitchen

The kitchen is one of the places where the magic happens. The bigger the family, the more food is going to be needed and you’ll need space to make it all. Plus, preparing dinner for when friends come over is no easy task in a small kitchen. Therefore, take our suggestion and count on having your kitchen tailor-made for your needs. Additionally, depending on your preferences and the size of your family, you could turn a portion of your kitchen into a dining room. This way you’ll have more space to work with when coming up with other home renovation ideas. In case your kitchen is a bit on the smaller size, there are some excellent home renovation ideas that can help you deal with it.

Allow as much light to come in as possible

One of the often issues with renovations is finding ways to allow enough sunlight inside. Usually, people try to expand their windows and this is a good practice. Furthermore, instead of fitting in new, larger, windows, you could opt to turn your brick wall into a glass wall. Having sunlight come in from the top to the bottom of the room will immeasurably enhance the amount of natural light you get. Plus, roof windows can be very helpful in a situation like this one. However, bear in mind that, if you live in a hot area, you may end up with a super hot room should you decide to fit this kind of windows.

Having two bathrooms is very practical

Unless you live alone, you know how dreadful having only one bathroom can be. Luckily, you’re about to remodel your house according to your family’s needs. If we were you, we wouldn’t spare a dime and would invest in having options when it comes to daily hygiene. You’re probably waking up in the morning at the same time as your husband or your wife. Who gets to wash their teeth first? Even if you have children, you’ll feel heavenly not having to wait for them to finish before you go in and do your thing. Therefore, make sure you make the most of your opportunity. Home renovation ideas are easy to come by, and bathroom renovations are no exception.

Image of a kitchen with glass doors to the garden

By fitting floor-to-ceiling glass doors you’ll let more light come in

Turn your loft into a bedroom

Reconstructing your loft into a kids’ bedroom can be a great idea when you’re running out of space. While they usually can hold fewer items, if you pack them well, you can use this space in a very good way. However, it can be quite challenging to do so in terms of construction. If you’re serious about moving your project into this direction, talk to your architect and contractor. They should tell you if it can be done and for how much.

Expanding the sense of space

In order to enhance the feeling of space, hang your curtains as high as possible. And we mean it. Really, have them hang from the ceiling all the way down to the ground. While your window is probably going to be much smaller than the curtains, you will get a sense of being in a much bigger room. Nice trick, isn’t it?

These have been just some of the ideas for you. If you’d like to take a look at more of good apartment ideas, below you will find a video with an explanation how to renovate your home on a budget. Once you finish with renovating your new property, we’d suggest contacting Verified Movers to help you move in the simplest and most effective way possible. Best of luck in coming up with your perfect home renovation ideas!