Cross country relocations are a specific type of service as moving is done to another city or state. And Verified Movers have the extensive experience, knowledge and technical capabilities to do this rather serious work. And we promise that every one of our certified cross country moving companies Montgomery will help you move your belongings safe and fast.

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Move easily with our cross country moving companies Montgomery!

Cross Country Moving Companies Montgomery take care of your furniture

One of our more requested services is the assembly and dismantling of furniture and other bulky items. If you need to move larger pieces of furniture and other items, it will be much easier if they are first disassembled into components, transported in parts and reassembled at your new address. And our cross country moving companies Montgomery can do it for you!

Installation and disassembly done easy

Verified Movers provides a complete, fast and secure service for dismantling and assembling all your belongings at the best prices. We provide the following services:

– Removal and installation of furniture when moving:

  • Wardrobe 
  • Large beds
  • Tables and chairs
  • TV shelves
  • Showcases, shelving, etc.

– Installation of new furniture

– Installation of kitchen elements and shelves onto walls

Why is it better to leave everything to our professional movers?

During the cross country move, the most time is spent in dismantling large and oversized items. It makes no difference whether you (or your company) need to move somewhere long-distance in Alabama or just close by. Disassembling and reassembling things takes time, effort, and people usually lose their nerves really fast.

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Our experienced workers can very easily evaluate the possible problems and risks during the move so you can relax.

Dismantling and assembly has to be done carefully and methodically

Without good planning, you can not really relocate your furniture the right way. And the end result can be a real disaster: the appearance of excess parts or worse, something gets broken. The list of possible problems is endless. In addition, it is necessary to have the right tools… that people who are not professionals usually don’t have. And not just that, it is very difficult to disassemble and re-assemble furniture that has been in one place for a long time. Or if your double bed, shelf or closet is custom made in the room and impossible to slip it through the door in one piece, so dismantling it is the only possible solution.

After dismantling your belongings, our certified cross country moving companies Montgomery pack each part individually and transport it to our vehicles at a new address. Then, your items are reassembled and assembled again.

No risks, no broken items – 100% guarantee!

Also, if you are moving cross country to Montgomery you may want to buy new furniture all over again. And quite often furniture is sold in parts. You will receive a package containing parts, screws, nails, small wrench, and assembly instructions. But not everyone is comfortable with this – or knows how to do it right. Instead of bothering and annoying your friends and family, it is best to call our Verified Movers. Our workers will transport furniture from the shop to your place and then assemble it for you as soon as possible. We have experience with all types of furniture, so surprises are impossible.

Our experienced workers can very easily evaluate the possible problems and risks that arise when performing assembly and disassembly. They know perfectly how to knowingly disassemble your items, reassemble them as if they were new. In addition to knowledge and experience, we also have all the necessary tools to reassemble any piece of furniture.

If you hire any of our cross country moving companies Montgomery you will save yourself time, avoid the risk of possible injuries and damage to your belongings. We will make the move simple, enjoyable and stress-free. So feel free to call us today.

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We will make the move simple, enjoyable and stress-free. So feel free to call us today.

Reasons for hiring cross country moving companies Montgomery

In our companies work only experienced workers who are well skilled in relocations and are accustomed to carrying heavy objects. Their experience helps a lot in getting around the Montgomery too. Sometimes it is very important to know which side to approach the building from and how to find a parking space.

All companies that are part of Verified Movers have adequate vehicles that can relocate items depending on the number of things and the part of the city where you are moving. According to these details, the company uses a van or smaller and bigger trucks. And quite often it is impossible to carry bigger things up the stairs. In this case, our skilled workers bring or take out things from the windows. And for that, you need special equipment.

In order to be transported safely and easily, your items have to be packed in adequate packaging (boxes, cracking foils, adhesive tapes, Styrofoam, etc.). Instead of looking for boxes at supermarkets, contact Verified Movers, and we will get you everything you need. And besides the fact that our companies have the packaging, they are more adept at packing and unpacking things, so they won’t waste too much time.

Save your time, money and nerves

It is advisable to hire a moving company if you relocate any specific items that you would like to have with you in your new home. Those can be pianos, paintings, vases, an aquarium, some old and valuable pieces of furniture, large flowerpots that require special treatment during relocation, etc. And cross country relocation should be planned several days in advance so it’s best to hire professionals who deal with it on a daily basis.

In the end – Verifies Movers have the resources, people, vehicles, knowledge, and experience. If you are still in doubt, feel free to call any of our cross country moving companies Montgomery. You will not only get the best advice, a free estimate of your move, but you will not regret moving with us. Call us now!