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Your life is going great, and once – all out of the sudden – you have to move. It happens to all of us. But, even after moving – you don’t feel satisfied. Why? You haven’t found the right spot yet. You need to find the perfect place for you and your family. And how to do that? By considering all of the aspects before making your final decision. You need to think about everything – from housing costs, proximity to schools and medical care centers, local laws, and regulations, to the climate. That’s right. In order to find the right place for you and the people you love – you will need to consider US states with the best climate year round.

Finding the place you’ll call home is everything but simple. It requires a lot of thinking and planning ahead of time. And once you find the place that satisfies your criteria – you will have to move. And moving isn’t everybody’s cup of tea. But, don’t worry. We are here for you – whenever and wherever you need us to be. So, keep on reading, and find out what are the US states with the best climate year round, and how to move there!


If you aren’t a big fan of cold winters – moving to sunny California might be the right call! California is a high-tax state, but – it offers so much, you will forget taxes and everything that comes with it right away. This is one of the US states with the best climate year round – and there are many outdoor activities that are waiting for you. So, if visiting the beach on a daily bases or golfing sounds like a lifestyle you would like for yourself – Golden State is your best pick.


Are you thinking about moving to California?

And, in addition to great climate, California offers much more.

  • Low property taxes.
  • Excellent Universities and other science facilities – so great educational options.
  • Many career opportunities, and large job market.
  • Diverse culture and accepting attitude – so you will feel welcome right away!


This state is taking the beach lifestyle to the next level, and if you are looking for the US states with the best climate all year round – think about Hawaii once more. If you are under a lot of pressure at the moment – you won’t be once you move to Hawaii. Once you move there you will enjoy much more than the good climate. This is a perfect spot for those who would like to take their stress levels down. Also, if you are a young professional – Hawaii might be a state you should consider. Working from home sounds nice? How about working from the beach? That’s right! You can have all that once you move here!

Hawaii beach.

Hawaii will change your life!

What’s to love about Hawaii?

  • Good private schools for kids.
  • If you are a fan of diving and surfing – you won’t find a better place to call home than Hawaii.
  • Natural beauty.
  • You won’t need a car to get around.
  • Hawaii is more affordable than you think.
  • Clean and refreshing air to breathe.
  • Outdoor adventures.


Moving to the Grand Canyon State might turn out great for you! And for many reasons. One of them is the fact that Arizona is one of the US states with the best climate. So, if you like spending your days golfing or enjoying other outdoors activities – Arizona is the right choice. Moving to Arizona would mean you can be tanning in Phoenix, and skiing in Flagstaff just a few hours later. Sound good, right?

Grand Canyon.

Arizona is a great choice if you are moving with a family!

Some of the reasons why Arizona is great to live in are:

  • Great educational and scientific facilities.
  • The big job market and many career opportunities.
  • The cost of living is lower than the national average.
  • Many recreational activities options.
  • Cheap housing.

How to move to one of the US states with the best climate year round?

  • Make a plan.
  • Calculate your budget. 
  • Gather packing materials.
  • Make an inventory.
  • Start packing.
  • Say your goodbyes.

1/ Make a plan

Having a good plan can be handy. So -make one. Try to make a very detailed strategy. That is, if you want to avoid common moving mistakes. Find a reliable moving company that can help you relocate. And make sure to read moving companies reviews before making your final choice.

2/ Calculate your budget

Plan your finances as well. You need to know what you are getting into before you make any final calls.

3/ Gather packing materials

In order to move your belongings in a safe manner, you will need to obtain some professional packing supplies. You can try packing your items into some improvised materials – but this way you will risk a lot. And you don’t want that. Believe us. Not even the best long distance moving companies Florida can help you move your items in a safe manner if they aren’t packed properly.

4/ Make an inventory

Creating a detailed inventory will help you a lot. This way you will know what needs to be moved, where and how. Also, once you start unpacking -you will know if everything has reached the end destination. And if anything is missing – you will know it.

5/ Start packing

It’s time to start packing. Begin with items that you don’t really use, and gradually finish with items that you use every day. Make sure you label every box with its content, to make the unpacking process faster and more efficient.

6/ Say your goodbyes

If you want to make your relocation easy on yourself and the people you love, make sure you say your goodbyes before you leave. The US states with the best climate year-round are awaiting you – but you shouldn’t forget about your friends and family members who will miss you. So – say your goodbyes and make visitations plans before you leave!