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Top states people will be moving from in 2021

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    Verified Movers Team Blog Moving statistics

    The world has changed dramatically in 2020. The coronavirus pandemic that struck our planet has brought changes that we live and operate on a daily basis. Naturally, the whole situation brought some interesting and never seen before tendencies regarding US migration trends. Some, not-to-long-ago, popular states are now seeing a major increase in outbound relocations. In this article, Verified Movers, based on the trends we have seen in the last quarter of 2020, will try to predict the top states people will be moving from in 2021. Let’s take look.

    Top reasons why people moved in 2020 will remain the same in 2021 as well

    In 2020, because of this unusual situation that we are all experiencing, the reasons for moving changed as well. Even though the reasons are generally similar as in previous years, they all have a background related to the pandemic. Therefore now, when someone declares a desire to have a bigger backyard, for example, the main reasons for this type of claim is an inability to move freely, visit restaurants, gyms, or simply spend more time outdoors.

    a map showing all the Top states people will be moving from in 2021
    Many states see high outbound move numbers

    People are looking for ways to make their lives easier and more comfortable. And in this current situation, the only solution is to move. We predict that the same trends will spill over to 2021 as well. At least until this situation is resolved. Here are the top reasons why people moved in 2020.

    • High taxes and cost of living
    • Escaping the city
    • More comfort
    • Working remotely
    • Remote education
    • Looking for more value

    The high cost of living was and will be the number one reason for leaving your state

    Despite the pandemic, high taxes and cost of living are the number one reason why people moved in 2020. People are always looking for better conditions. And if those better conditions are in some other state, people will move. Conclusively, the states that are seeing high outbound move percentages will have to rethink their strategies.

    Escaping the city is something that many dreamed about but only now managed to go through with the plan

    Life in the city has become much more difficult than it used to be. Lockdowns are much harder to handle. Physical distancing, shopping for groceries, hanging out with friends are the things that are much more difficult to organize when you are in the city. That is why we see that many more people fleeing urban areas.

    More comfort is one of the things that people will be looking for in 2021

    One of the major repercussions that we have experienced during this situation is the loss of comfort that we used to enjoy outside of our homes. Visiting your gym, a restaurant, theater, or spending your time outdoors has vanished in a blink of an eye. Naturally, people need a place to relax. Therefore they are now trying to boost their homes and enjoy the things that they used to enjoy outdoors.

    Many people are now working remotely so there are no reasons to stay close to your job

    One of the major changes that can see is the increasing number of people who are working remotely from the comfort of their homes. Since it is not important where you are stationed anymore, people are looking for ways to lower their expenses and relocating to places with lower taxes, cheaper properties, and overall living costs. Also, the need for extra space and a home office is not to be disregarded as well.

    a woman working from home
    Our habits changed. Now, a lot of people work from home

    Children are attending school from their homes so people need more space

    Another major reason why people decided to move in 2020 and why they will be doing the same in 2021 is virtual education. Children are now attending online classes. And since they do not have to be close to their educational institution and since they will be spending more time at their homes, lower living expenses and a need for extra space are becoming valid reasons for moving.

    All advantages of living in an urban area are gone, therefore, people are looking to get more value for their money

    Even though this is one of the major reasons for moving, regardless of the current situation, people now have other things that can entice them to do what they always dreamed about. To get a bigger home, pay lower taxes, lower their living costs just by changing the state. Things that were holding them in the past are now gone so it is much easier to make that decision.

    The list of top states people will be moving from in 2021

    The migration trends that we saw in 2020 will surely continue in 2021. At least until this pandemic is gone. Some states that were seeing the most inbound moves in the past now surprisingly see more people that move out in the search for a better life. Now let’s take a look at what are the top states people will be moving from in 2021. These states see a bigger percentage of outbound versus inbound moves.

    • New Jersey
    • Illinois
    • New York
    • Connecticut
    • Kansas
    • Ohio
    • California
    • Michigan
    • North Dakota
    • Iowa
    • Massachusetts
    • Louisiana
    • Montana

    New Jersey is on the top of our list and the reasons are mostly economical nature

    With 68.5% of outbound moves, New Jersey is the number one state people were leaving in 2020. Unfortunately, this trend is not going to go away in the following year. Still, this is not something that is surprising, since the state of New Jersey is seeing a major outflow for more than a decade now. Property taxes are among the highest in the country, expensive auto insurance, and the overall cost of living is very high. If you are thinking about leaving this state as well, make sure that you check our website and locate the best and most affordable long distance moving companies New Jersey has to offer.

    • Capital City – Trenton
    • Area – 8,722 sq. mi
    • Nickname – Garden State
    • Current population – 8,899,339
    • Outbound moves in 2020 – 68.5%
    Jersey city skyline
    New Jersey is number one on our list of top states people will be moving from in 2021

    Many people are leaving Illinois because of high taxes

    High taxes are one of the first things that come to people’s minds when someone mentions Illinois. Now, with outbound moves at 66.5%, the state is starting to feel the backfire of its own bad governing. Even though high-class education is often mentioned as one of the major reasons for such high taxes, people still declare this as the number one reason why they want to leave the state. If you are thinking the same, let us help you to find the best and most affordable long distance movers Illinois has.

    • Capital City – Springfield
    • Area – 57,918 sq. mi
    • Nickname – Prairie State
    • Current population – 12,882,135
    • Outbound moves in 2020 – 66.5%

    Even the state of New York is seeing an increase in outbound moves

    New York City has been the capital of the world for decades now. However, the recent pandemic and new rules have made life in the Big Apple increasingly difficult. Moreover, the median home value of $1.6 million and monthly rent of around $5,000 are not making things easier. Naturally, NYC is not the only place in the state of New York. Still, even if we disregard it, the state still ranks fifth in the country when it comes to the cost of living. If you are tired of following strict COVID rules and you are sick of paying for it, let us find you the best long distance movers New York has.

    • Capital City – Albany
    • Area – 54,475 sq. mi
    • Nickname – Empire State
    • Current population – 19,651,127
    • Outbound moves in 2020 – 63.1%

    People are in search of a cheaper life and that is not possible in Connecticut

    Continuing an obvious trend of Northeast states, Connecticut has made it to the fourth place on our list of the top states people will be moving from in 2021. With one of the highest costs of living in the country, Connecticut is seeing 63% of outbound moves. Most people that are leaving the state say that they want to retire somewhere else.

    Jobs are another of the main reasons for this migration trend that we see today. People are tired of paying high taxes and that is why they are leaving the state. If you are among those people, contact us today and let us find you the best and most affordable long distance movers Connecticut has to offer.

    • Capital City – Hartford
    • Area – 5,544 sq. mi
    • Nickname – Constitution State
    • Current population – 3,596,080
    • Outbound moves in 2020 – 63%
    pumpkins on a field in Connecticut depicting one of the top states people will be moving from in 2021
    Connecticut is a pretty expensive state to live in that is why we have included it in our list of top states people will be relocating from in 2021

    People are leaving Kansas as well and they are leaving because of low wages

    The high cost of living apparently is not the main reason why Kansas sees 58.5% of outbound moves. Even though it is not so difficult to find a job in Kansas the data shows that the state’s residents earn $6,000 less than an average American. Retirement and family reasons are also among the biggest motives for leaving Kansas as well. Even though Kansas is beautiful, peaceful, and slow-paced, when it comes to money, all those things become secondary. If you are unfortunate enough that you have to leave Kansas, make sure that you use our platform to find the best long distance movers Kansas has.

    • Capital City – Topeka
    • Area – 82,282 sq. mi
    • Nickname – Sunflower State
    • Current population – 2,913,314
    • Outbound moves in 2020 – 58.5%

    People who leave Ohio have completely different reasons that people in other states

    In some cases, pandemic or economic reasons are not the major factors that drive people to leave a certain state. This is the case with Ohio. Even though we are in the middle of one of the biggest crises the world has ever seen, people who leave Ohio state that their main reason for leaving is the weather. Extreme either with hot summers, cold winters, and lack of spring is why people are leaving this beautiful state. Of course, below-average wages and above-average unemployment rates are not helping as well. If you cannot stand the heat, cold, scarce business opportunities let us find you the best long distance movers Ohio has to offer.

    • Capital City – Columbus
    • Area – 44,828 sq. mi
    • Nickname – Buckeye State
    • Current population – 11,570,808
    • Outbound moves in 2020 – 57.8%

    Surprisingly, people are leaving California as well

    California has long been one of the most desirable states to live in. And that will probably never change. However, when it comes to survival great weather, beautiful beaches, vibrant cities are not enough to make people stay. Jobs are the number one reasons why California made it to our list of top states people will be relocating from in 2021. Also, pricey properties and overall high cost of living are not far behind. And the possibility to lose your expensive property due to wildfires is not helping either. If you decided that it is time to leave, we can help you find the best long distance movers California has to offer.

    • Capital City – Sacramento
    • Area – 163,707 sq. mi
    • Nickname – Golden State
    • Current population – 38,332,521
    • Outbound moves in 2020 – 56.9%

    When you cannot find a decent job it is time to leave, that is what is happening in Michigan

    Life in Michigan is not easy in the last couple of years. Finding a good job is increasingly more difficult. And low wages for those who do find a job are not helping people stay either. A 2019 survey showed a large number of households struggle to cover the basic services and expenses.

    Another thing that can help people to decide for leaving is the never-ending winters that Michigan is famous for. If you decided to search your luck elsewhere, we will be glad to help you locate the most reliable long distance movers Michigan has to offer.

    • Capital City – Lansing
    • Area – 96,810 sq. mi
    • Nickname – Wolverine State / Great Lakes State
    • Current population – 9,895,622
    • Outbound moves in 2020 – 56.9%
    Detroit skyline
    It is hard to find a decent job in Michigan, that is why this state made it to our list of top states people will be moving from in 2021

    North Dakota has the same problem as Michigan – jobs

    Jobs are the number one reasons why North Dakota is seeing more than 55% of outbound moves. Even though the state has one of the lowest unemployment rates in the US, it looks like those are not the jobs people seek these days. Truly a shame as North Dakota is one of the laid-back states with a unique atmosphere and lots of wide-open spaces that we all need these days. If you decided that it is not enough for you and that you need a change we can help you find the best long distance moving companies North Dakota offers.

    • Capital City – Bismarck
    • Area – 70,704 sq. mi
    • Nickname – Peace Garden State / Roughrider State / Flickertail State
    • Current population – 723,393
    • Outbound moves in 2020 – 55.2%

    Iowa is frozen in time – that is why so many people are leaving the state

    Iowa is a beautiful state with a low unemployment rate and a high percentage of outbound moves. Even though it is not difficult to find a job in Iowa, the slow growth and low wages are some of the primary reasons why people are moving out of Iowa. And this is not a new trend. Iowa has been one of the slowest growing states in the country with only 3.6% population growth in the last decades. Nearly half of the national average of 6.3%. If you are also thinking about leaving, we can help you hire the best long distance movers Iowa has to offer.

    • Capital City – Des Moines
    • Area – 56,276 sq. mi
    • Nickname – Hawkeye State
    • Current population – 3,155,070
    • Outbound moves in 2020 – 55.0%

    Living in Massachusetts is just too expensive – that is why so many people want to leave

    Massachusetts, even though there are a lot of good things about it, it is one of the most expensive states in the US to live in. Strange rules and practices make affordable construction nearly impossible. That is why there are not enough affordable properties to satisfy demand. Consequently, the property prices are high, and only selected can afford to buy a property in Massachusetts. If you, however, already own a property in Massachusetts you can swap it, put some money in the bank, and enjoy a better value for your money. So contact us now, and let us find you the best long distance movers Massachusetts has to offer.

    • Capital City – Boston
    • Area – 10,555 sq. mi
    • Nickname – Bay State
    • Current population – 6,692,824
    • Outbound moves in 2020 – 54.8%

    Too many people live under the poverty line in Louisiana – that is why they are leaving in great numbers

    Louisiana has a big unemployment problem that has been around for too long. Some surveys revealed that around 20% of residents of Louisiana live under the poverty line. That is enough of a reason on its own to make a lot of people want to move out of the state. And when we include hot, humid, and never-ending summers, we can understand why Louisiana is so high on our list of top states people will be moving from in 2021. If you are preparing to leave, do not risk hiring unreliable and unknown movers. We can help you to find really the best long distance moving companies Louisiana has to offer – companies that you can hire today and at affordable prices.

    • Capital City – Baton Rouge
    • Area – 51,843 sq. mi
    • Nickname – Pelican State
    • Current population – 4,625,470
    • Outbound moves in 2020 – 54.7%
    a tree branches forming a tunnel
    It is hard to make a decent living in Louisiana these days. That is why it made it on our list of top states people will be moving from in 2021

    It is hard to find a job but even if you find it the loneliness is what is driving people out of Montana

    Unlike other states, people who are leaving Montana state many different reasons for their decisions. Jobs are naturally, the number one reason. Still family, retirement, and lifestyle are not that far as well. Montana is a sparsely populated state, which is one of the prime reasons why people move there. However, this is also one of the main reasons why people are leaving.

    A beautiful nature, no crowd, clean air, and wide-open spaces look like something out of a fairy tale. At least that is what people imagine it to be. However, some people quickly realize that this is not the life that they hoped for. And that living without another person in sight might be a good idea for a vacation but not as a long term solution. If you are thinking the same we can easily help you to find the most reputable long distance moving companies Montana has to offer.

    • Capital City – Helena
    • Area – 147,046
    • Nickname – Treasure State
    • Current population – 1,015,165
    • Outbound moves in 2020 – 53.9%

    Will this all be over with the pandemic?

    Those are the top states people will be moving from in 2021. As you can see economic reasons are still the major motive when it comes to leaving the state. However, a large percentage of people who are moving would not be doing so if it weren’t for the pandemic. So it is safe to say that coronavirus is the number one initiator of this new migration trend that we are witnessing. It is, however, unclear, whether this trend will end with the pandemic or is this something that we will witness in the years to come. Whatever happens, we can certainly say that these are notable times that will leave a deep impression on our nation’s history.

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