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Our team is committed to finding movers we believe our readers will love, and we receive compensation from movers that we rank. We also may get a small share of revenue when you click a sponsored company's link.

Advertising disclosure

Our team is committed to finding movers we believe our readers will love, and we receive compensation from movers that we rank. We also may get a small share of revenue when you click a sponsored company's link.

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Top interstate relocation routes for 2020

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    Verified Movers Team Blog Moving statistics

    As the year is ending, it is time to look at top interstate relocation routes for 2020. This year didn’t bring much good, but it will certainly be remembered as historic. The coronavirus pandemic that struck our planet changed a lot in the way we live and operate on a daily basis. So much change and uncertainty, loss of jobs, health restrictions, higher cost of living, naturally triggered some migration patterns that we didn’t see before. Verified Movers will show you how Americans moved in the past year. Still, the question remains, are those only temporary trends that will disappear with the pandemic or it’s something that moving companies should focus on in 2021 as well?

    How many Americans moved in 2020?

    Some studies suggest that nearly 16 million Americans moved in 2020. That is around a 4% increase compared to 2019. According to the change of address, though, it seems like most of these relocations are temporary, which suggests that these current top interstate routes will stay popular for a while.  At least until every one of those temporary movers comes home.

    • More than 16 million Americans moved in 2020
    • Increase of 4% compared to 2019
    • Most are temporary relocations
    truck going trough one of the Top interstate relocation routes for 2020
    Americans moved a lot this year

    Americans are fleeing big cities and relocating to suburbs

    Another thing that we see here is the trend of leaving big cities and moving to the suburbs. Naturally, the most obvious example is the most populated city in the country, New York City. More than 110,000 people moved out of the city during the peak of the pandemic with nearly half of that only from Brooklyn. That is nearly a 50% increase compared to last year. Other large cities throughout the country see the same thing, only in lesser proportions of course. People are leaving San Francisco, Chicago, Los Angeles, Washington, Houston, Philadelphia, and dispersing to smaller places across the country. Still, as we said, right now it seems like these are temporary relocations and that most of those people plan to return home after the pandemic. Hopefully in 2021.

    Moved out of the city in 2019

    • NYC – 19,000 people
    • Chicago – 15,000
    • San Francisco – 9,500
    • Los Angeles – 13,500
    • Washington – 6,000
    • Houston – 9,000
    • Philadelphia – 8,000


    Moved out of the city in 2020

    • NYC – 111,000 people
    • Chicago – 31,000
    • San Francisco – 27,000
    • Los Angeles – 26,000
    • Washington – 22,000
    • Houston – 14,000
    • Philadelphia – 12,000

    The list of top interstate relocation routes for 2020

    When it comes to top interstate routes in 2020, the list does not completely reflect the data we’ve seen above. There are other places that are seeing negative net migration rates as well. This means that more people are moving out than in the city.  When we look at the particular states the list looks like this:

    • California – Idaho
    • Oregon – Idaho
    • California – Arizona
    • California – Texas
    • New York – South Carolina
    • New York – Delaware
    • California – New Mexico
    • Louisiana – Texas
    • New York – Maine
    • New Jersey – Florida




    The first place on our list of top interstate relocation routes in 2020 goes to California to Idaho

    It might come as a surprise but Idaho is the fastest-growing state in 2020. Nearly 200% more people moved to Idaho than out. And people from California are seeing the city of Boise as their prime target. The city is called the best place for millennials in some recent polls and it was the fastest-growing city in the country in 2018 as well. And it is no wonder. With lower costs of living, lower property prices and housing costs, looser COVID-19 restrictions, people from California see it as the best place at this point.

    If you are planning on moving to Idaho from California, the biggest issue right now will be to find reliable long distance movers to give you a hand. If you have trouble finding good California movers, you can always try long distance moving companies Idaho.

    • California to Idaho distance by car – 913 miles
    • By plane – 560 miles
    the map of Idaho
    California to Idaho is on the first place of our top interstate relocation routes for 2020 list

    Surprisingly people were swapping Oregon for Idaho in 2020

    People from Oregon seem to like Idaho as equally as Californians. This is the second most common interstate route in 2020. It is unclear, however, whether this trend has something to do with the current pandemic that is going on in the world or there are other reasons for this. Nevertheless, we see many people that flee Oregon and replacing it with Idaho.

    What does this mean for you? If you are planning to move down this route as well you will have a problem finding good long distance movers Oregon. The demand for movers is higher than usual, which is why you need to start searching for movers and organizing your relocation at least a few months before your desired date.

    • Oregon to Idaho distance by car – 518 miles
    • By plane – 378 miles


    Californians can’t live without warm weather and sun that is why we see California to Arizona as one of the top interstate relocation routes for 2020

    Californians can’t live without the sun. Of course, the coronavirus pandemic has a lot to do with the fact that so many people are swapping California for Arizona. The lower property costs and lower cost of living are also one of the reasons regardless of the pandemic. Naturaly, Los Angels and San Francisco are the main places that people are leaving right now even though they were the most desirable places not too long ago. Still, our prediction is that this only a temporary trend. And we should see things coming back to normal as soon as the end of next year.

    If you are planning to leave California and move to Arizona, even as a short term solution, you should know that California moving companies are mostly booked in advance. Therefore, you might be forced to look for long distance moving companies Arizona that could also be of help.

    • California to Arizona distance by car – 736 miles
    • By plane – 506 miles

    If you cannot find a perfect place for you in Arizona but you still need to leave California why don’t you try Texas? Many people before did it in 2020

    When we see so many Californians moving to Arizona, it so no wonder when we see them moving to Texas. Yes, that is right. California to Texas is one of the most popular interstate routes in 2020. Coronavirus pandemic, cost of living, and other reasons created this trend. For how long this is going to last we do not know. However, it seems like this is pandemic-triggered migration that will come back to normal after things go back to the way they were before the virus.

    Of course, if you are planning to move from California to Texas, do not forget that hiring long distance movers Texas or from California is your primary concern. They are very busy in the last few months so you need to be very persistent and smart in order to be able to find the best moving company to give you a hand.

    • California to Texas distance by car – 1,406 miles
    • By plane – 1,159 miles

    People are leaving NYC in great numbers, which reflects on the state of New York as well. That is why New York to South Carolina is high on our list

    When it comes to the state of New York where the most populated city in the US is situated we see South Carolina as their most desirable destination right now. With the recent coronavirus pandemic, life in the big city has become very difficult. With so many people everywhere, it is very hard to follow all the health guidelines that have been given. The pressure is reaching its critical point and many people just can’t take it. And it is most obvious in the place with most people.

    However, even though, 111,000 people that left NYC sound like a lot, for the city so big it is not something that is too noticeable. Yes, the city might look emptier now, but it is mostly because the people are not leaving their apartments. And staying inside most of the time. Still, when they decide to move out of the state their main destination is South Carolina. In addition to pandemics, which is one of the main reasons for moving, the very high cost of living is becoming unbearable for a great number of New Yorkers. That is another important reason why people are leaving NYC in great numbers.

    If you are thinking about going down this road as well, the biggest challenge will be to find an available moving company in New York because right now, they are booked for weeks in advance. Of course, we are talking about reliable and well-known moving companies. That is why we suggest that you try hiring long distance moving companies South Carolina. They are mostly available right now, and you can expect to get better prices than with NYC movers.

    • New York to South Carolina distance by car – 720 miles
    • By plane – 616 miles

    People from New York also like Delaware. That was also one of their primary destinations in the past year

    New Yorkers do not like to move too far from the city, in case they ever wish to come back. That is why Delaware is their second option. The things and reasons we mentioned regarding South Carolina, are the same. The coronavirus pandemic, strict health regulations, inability to keep up with guidelines and new rules that are being imposed, high costs of living are the main reasons why people are moving from New York to Delaware.

    Of course, to avoid trouble with finding NYC based moving company we suggest that you call one of the long distance movers Delaware. They have equally good companies, they offer the same services, and the prices are much more affordable.

    • New York to Delaware distance by car – 188 miles
    • By plane – 149 miles

    Californians moved a lot in 2020. Besides Arizona and Texas, they were also moving to New Mexico in great numbers

    Californians are taking the next spot on our list as well. Now with New Mexico as their target. AS we already mentioned, the People of California are used to warm and sunny weather. That is why Arizona, Texas, and New Mexico are one of their main destinations during 2020. And when it comes to New Mexico relocations the reasons are the same. Coronavirus pandemic restrictions, costs of living, loss of jobs, etc.

    If you are thinking about leaving California, think about New Mexico. It can offer better conditions at more affordable prices. At least during this health crisis. Of course, with so many people moving out of California, companies in this state are really hard to hire. Still, you can always call long distance moving companies New Mexico and ask for their help. As you can probably guess, they are more affordable, which is important in the days of the global crisis.

    • California to New Mexico distance by car – 990 miles
    • By plane – 777 miles
    the map of New Mexico
    California – New Mexico is one of the most popular interstate relocation routes for 2020

    People are moving from Louisiana to Texas. However, the coronavirus pandemic is not the main reasons why this is one of the top interstate relocation routes for 2020

    One of the surprising interstate migration routes in 2020 is Louisiana – Texas. Even though all these newly established routes have a lot to do with the pandemic, there are many other reasons as well. For example, people are leaving Louisiana and moving to Texas mostly because of better job opportunities. People with higher education are leaving Louisiana for decades now and it is nothing new. However, it seems like it is becoming more pronounced this year.

    The world is changing rapidly, and places that do not offer good conditions are the ones that see the biggest “brain drain”, which is happening right now in Louisiana. Texas benefits the most from this situation, and it seems like this migration route is not a temporary coronavirus thing.

    This is something that we will certainly see in the furniture as well. Luckily for you, long distance moving companies Louisiana are not that busy right now so you should be able to find reliable interstate movers if you are planning to move to Texas this year.

    • Louisiana to Texas distance by car – 571 miles
    • By plane – 473 miles

    Many people moved out of New York and moved into Maine this year. Is it just a temporary thing?

    With so many people fleeing New York City it is surprising that the State of New York does not appear more often on our list of top interstate destinations in 2020. Still, here it is again, with the state of Maine the story as well. New Yorkers really had the toughest time during the lockdowns. That is one of the main reasons why so many of them decided to leave.

    Also, the ever-increasing costs of living are not helping them to stay as well. But we already covered that. What you must think about when moving from New York to Maine is how and where to find a reliable moving company that is capable of providing reliable long distance relocation services at affordable prices. And as it seems right now, New York movers are pretty busy and based on that, pretty expensive as well.

    What you should do though, when moving down this route is to try to locate some good long distance moving companies Maine and get their moving quotes, compare them and pick the one that suits your budget and your requirements.  That is the best and easiest way to get to Main from New York right now. Of course, we are expecting that things will come back to normal by the end of next year.

    • New York to Maine distance by car – 447 miles
    • By plane – 389 miles

    Another surprisingly popular route in 2020 is New Jersey to Florida

    You probably heard a lot of stories in the past few months about New Yorkers moving to Florida in great numbers. It sounded like the whole city of New York is sunbathing on Miami beaches while the rest of the country is wearing masks and sanitizing everything they get their hands on. However, that is not what is happening in reality. In reality, people from New Jersey are moving to Florida in great numbers. Yes, people from New Jersey have their troubles with coronavirus restrictions and they are seeing Florida as their main target.

    What the most surprising thing here is why the state of Florida appears only once on our list. In normal times, it is, if not the one, then certainly one of the most desirable states in the US. Beautiful sandy beaches, affordable places with affordable properties, looser health restrictions, and overall great quality of life, make Florida a perfect destination during this health crisis. Still, why this is not the case remains a mystery.

    If you are thinking about moving to Florida, finding reliable long distance movers New Jersey should not be too big of a problem for you. However, because of the large distance between the two states, you will need to be extra careful when hiring movers. Get free moving estimates from at least five moving companies. Compare their prices and available services before you decide on one. That is the only way to save money on this very long distance relocation.

    • New Jersey to Florida distance by car – 1,102 miles
    • By plane – 946 miles
    the map of Florida depicting one of the Top interstate relocation routes for 2020
    It seems like people from New Jersey like Florida the best

    Smaller places that benefited from these new top interstate relocation routes for 2020

    We already explained what is happening right now. We see people leaving big cities and moving to smaller places. NYC, LA, San Francisco, Chicago, and a few more places as the places that have seen the biggest negative net migration rates were already mentioned.  But where are all those people moving to? Well, it is a little more difficult to explain because people are dispersing all over. Still, there are some smaller places that have seen so many newcomers that they stand up from the rest. Here are some of the most noticeable examples:

    • Katy, TX gained 4,500 new residents in 2020
    • Richmond, TX – 3,000
    • Frisco, TX – 2,500
    • East Hampton, NY – 2,500
    • Georgetown, TX – 2,500
    • Leander, TX – 2,500
    • Cypress, TX – 2,000
    • Cumming, GA – 2,000
    • Riverview, FL – 2,000
    • Meridian, ID – 2,000

    Make sure that you are prepared for the relocation during the pandemic

    As you can see, there are many people who were moving during the pandemic and they still do. If you were afraid of doing so, do not be. Moving companies have adapted to the new way of operating and they are doing their best to provide you with proper service while staying healthy.

    The usage of masks, gloves, hand sanitizers, and different health regulations have led to this situation – a situation where it is perfectly safe to move long distances even in the time of the worst health crisis of our lives.  Still, even though moving companies have their guidelines regarding this situation you have some responsibilities as well.

    • Make sure that you are properly equipped for the moving process. Wear a mask and latex gloves, and use hand sanitizers.
    • Maintain physical distance.
    • Make sure that there are not too many people present at the site when the movers arrive.
    • Provide your movers with running water so they can properly maintain hygiene during the process.

    People are not giving up. That is why we see these as top interstate relocation routes for 2020

    Those are the top interstate relocation routes in 2020. As you can see, the coronavirus pandemic is the biggest trigger for these new trends. We predict, however, that this is just a temporary thing, which will pass before 2022. Nevertheless, it is good to see that people are active and not giving up. They are doing something about improving their lives and relocation is one of the most effective ways to do so.

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