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Tips for loading a moving truck like a pro

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Many things need to be done when moving day arrives. After sorting, packing, and labeling everything, the only thing left to do is transporting it. It might seem simple enough, but it can take a lot of time and energy. And especially when moving on your own. Fortunately, loading a moving truck like a pro is not hard to learn. All you have to do is stick to a few principle rules. And find some friends willing to help you out. And both you and your belongings will be on their way in no time.

Preparing for loading a moving truck like a pro

Every task is done better with proper preparation. And it’s the same if you want to be loading a moving truck like a pro. First, you need to prepare all your belongings. That means that you’ve finished packing. And that everything is packed in appropriate packing materials. That way, you will be able to proceed much faster. And without wasting any time. You will also know exactly what you will be loading. Which will make organizing space in a moving truck that much easier.

Find the moving truck for your relocation

The first step of loading a moving truck like a pro is to find the truck that suits your unique situation. You don’t want to rent a truck that is soo small or too big. That will just make things more complicated. You need just the right size of a truck. And there are many ways in which you can rent one. Many long-distance movers Newark offer trucks for rent. That way you can move on your own without having to pay any extra costs associated with movers. And you will be free to move at your own pace. You would have to take care of some other expenses, though.

finding the right type of moving truck
You need to find just the right truck for your relocation

After you find the right moving truck, you have to take good care of it. You will be responsible for any damage that happens to it. So, make sure to take things slow and watch out. Also, you will have to cover any and all fuel expenses. Make sure to account for that when calculating your moving budget.

Gather moving supplies for easier loading

After you’ve secured a truck for your relocation, it’s time to gather all the supplies that you will need. Loading a moving truck like a pro requires certain tools and equipment. First, you should start by buying sturdy boxes and crates. That will allow you to store any items that aren’t already boxed. But, besides that, you will also need some other things.

dolly for loading a moving truck
You will need some tools and equipment for more effortless loading

Moving dolly is very useful when loading bulky items like furniture or large home appliances. And moving straps will help you lift heavy objects with ease. If you are hiring cross country movers New Jersey, they will probably have all of that. But if not, you will need to rent or buy them. Aside from those tools, you will also need moving blankets. They can be used in many different ways. From protecting your floors to covering your furniture during transport. You can even use them to protect more fragile items from accidental bumps while in the back of a truck.

Disassemble your furniture if you want to be loading a moving truck like a pro

Trucks have very limited space. And the bigger the truck, the bigger the expenses are. So, to save some money and adequately protect your furniture, you should disassemble it. You can use an electric screwdriver for that. Just make sure to sort all the pieces properly. Or at least label them. It will allow you to assemble all the pieces back together easily. You can also take photos during disassembly to serve as your guide later on.

disassemble furniture before loading a moving truck
It’s always a good idea to disassemble your furniture for more comfortable transport.

Find help for loading a moving truck

Even if loading a moving truck like a pro is your second nature, you still can’t do it alone. Many items need to be loaded. And you can’t lift everything all by yourself. So, finding help is significant. And you can go with this in two ways. You can hire local movers to help you load a moving truck. Or you can call your friends to help you. Either way, you will have the help that you need. And you will be able to load a moving truck in no time.

friends to help you with loading a moving truck
Call your friends to help you with the loading

Loading heavy items in a moving truck first is important

The first rule of loading a moving truck like a pro is to load the heaviest items first. Your furniture and large home appliances, as well as other heavy objects. That way, more fragile items won’t break due to the pressure from above. So, make sure to load your furniture pieces first. After you do, cover them with moving blankets. And then load other things on top of them. That way, they will be protected, and you will have plenty of room for other things.

Load lighter items last

After you’ve loaded all your heavier items, it’s time to move on to lighter ones. By being on the top, they will be more protected. But, you still need to ensure that they don’t break due to vibrations and turns. So, when packing small appliances like microwaves or coffee machines, make sure to put them in sturdy cardboard boxes. If you have original packages for them, that’s even better, as they are designed to protect the items during transport. If not, buy sturdy moving boxes and make sure to fill the empty space with newspapers or other packing fillers. Same goes for packing antiques and other fragile items. Even though there will be no heavy items on top of them,  they can always fall down. And break. So, make sure to pack and secure everything properly.


Distribute the weight evenly

Many people don’t know this, especially the ones who are moving on their own for the first time. But, you need to distribute the weight inside the truck properly. You need to know where trucks’ center of gravity is. And calculate axle weight distribution. It takes a bit of math and patience. But, it will allow you to distribute the weight inside a truck, so it’s more stable. And avoid the possibility of it turning over. And even save some money on gas along the way.

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