Written by: Madeline Blake
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There is no industry that doesn’t depend on change. Some of them depend more or less than others. If you follow the change well and if you are quick enough to recognize when some change is important and significant, you will stay in business. All those changes are innovations that lead the industry into a brighter future. Shipping and transportation innovations are pretty rare when you compare them to other industries, but they exist. So, whenever there is some kind of innovation within the industry, it deserves to be mentioned.

Some of these innovations came because the cities started expanding rapidly. Others were created as a way to adapt to the situation caused by the coronavirus. Quite a big number of shipping and transportation innovations are actually projects that were a product of the fight against global warming. People are, more and more, trying to live eco-friendly lives. Another reason why there is more and more innovation in the moving and transportation industry is the economy. People want to earn more money and they are trying to find new ways to do so. So, without further ado, let us dive into the world of technology!

A glimpse into the future of shipping and transportation innovations

It’s pretty simple to understand why it’s all developing so quickly when you look at the numbers. According to reports and different published papers, the smart transportation marketplace grows by 9% every year. Or to put it simply, it grows by 100 billion dollars a year. Stuff like the Internet of Things and AI are really attracting attention, and with attention comes the money from investors. What we know as data engineering is a skill that is being more and more looked for in some of the biggest corporations around the world.

A lot of rental bicycles are stacked one upon another.

Increased usage of bicycles is one of the more interesting shipping and transportation innovations.

Lightweight vehicles will boom in the future

Some of the long distance moving companies Lexington has to offer will soon have a chance to use these shipping and transportation innovations in their everyday work. Carmakers are working really hard to create vehicles that are more efficient and give higher performance than the cars of their competitors. That’s something that happens every year before they reveal their new models.

After conducting a lot of long and thorough studies, scientists have concluded that making the vehicle lighter by 10% will make it spend 6% less fuel than it usually does. Probably the best way to do this is to replace the heavy types of metal like steel or iron with some other metals like carbon fiber for example, or with magnesium-aluminum alloy mix. It is important to add that, even though they are announcing it as something that will come to the market soon, car manufacturers are still working to bring this nice idea to reality.

Delivery drones are developing at a fast pace

Delivery drones are shipping and transportation innovations we are seeing every day. Since the beginning of the pandemic, a lot of people around the world have started using them. For example, Amazon has both started using them more and also improving them. They have engineers working on improving the efficiency of drones daily.

For now, the drones can’t carry as much as we would like them to. They can carry some groceries, a few boxes of paperwork, or some clothes for those in need. People really want to see the capacity of drones increase. And that’s for a good reason.

That’s why a big number of developers and tech companies are working on drones that will be capable of lifting and carrying heavy items over a long distance. Sometimes from one side of the country to the other. You shouldn’t be surprised to soon see some interstate moving companies Kentucky using the same kind of technology to do their job.

A drone is flying in the sky.

Drones are being developed at a very fast pace since people want to use them for more than just delivering groceries.

Bicycle sharing system and why it’s important

A big number of cities across the world have adopted this system. Pretty soon, it will start expanding like wildfire throughout the country. Maybe it doesn’t belong among shipping and transportation innovations, but it greatly affects the industry. People are less and less opting to drive cars. They’d rather rent a bike for a couple of hours instead. Soon, traffic jams won’t be as bad as they are at the moment, and shipping, as well as moving from Illinois to New York, will be a pleasant experience where you will be able to predict the arrival of a shipment with much more certainty than you can now.

Hyperloop, a dream coming true

This is one of the hottest trending technologies among shipping and transportation innovations. A Hyperloop is a tube that functions based on the physical properties of a vacuum to transport people or equipment from point A to point B. It’s estimated it can travel at a speed of more than 670 mph.

The hyperloop, as one of the most attractive among shipping and transportation innovations, is being researched and developed all across the globe. Both China, Japan, Spain, and Germany state they have made significant progress in developing this strange transport. The hyperloop will help reduce the density of inner-city transport, as well as reduce carbon emissions. If there is one innovation that can bring a literal revolution to the industry, it is probably this one. We’ll just have to wait and see, but probably not for more than a few years.

A view from a drivers seat through the windshield.

Soon, autonomous driving vehicles will become a common sight on the streets.

Autonomous cars are new airplanes

Just like when the first airplanes were designed, people had a lot of skepticism towards the idea. Thankfully, it didn’t stop the engineers to continue improving the technology until it became as functional as it is now.

Basically the same is happening with the technology of the autonomous car right now. There are many critics but it isn’t stopping companies like Tesla, Toyota, or Waymo to continue with their progress.

This kind of transportation has become reality because of technologies like LiDAR, artificial intelligence, and others similar to those. Companies all across the globe are conducting trials and tests to check and perfect their innovations. With time, people will become totally comfortable with this kind of transport. An autonomous car will soon be considered safer than cars driven by humans.

It’s only a matter of time before Verified Movers start using shipping and transportation innovations like autonomous trucks to move their customers in the best way possible.