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Moving from Virginia to California

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    Verified Movers Team Blog State to State Moving

    You’ve probably often wondered what it’s like for people moving from one end of the country to the other. Every move is a challenge in itself but long-distance movings are something special. If you are encountering a moving from Virginia to California you will get to know all the advantages and disadvantages of interstate moving.

    These two countries represent complete oppositions. Virginia, as a country of rain and storm and on the other hand California – the land of the eternal sun. California has majestic beaches, parks of hiking to explore, and tasty wines. Virginia though, has rolling green mountains, changing climate, and rivers for rafting and enjoying.

    In addition to the enormous difference in the very soul of these two states, you will have to go through a long-distance move. And if you don’t start in time to look for interstate moving companies Virginia, your move may be more difficult than it should be. So take care and follow our advice. When you are long-distance moving you have to pay more attention to small things than when you are moving somewhere close. 

    Along the entire Pacific, California’s size and diversity offer a place under the sun for everyone. The West coast is known for the technology and agriculture that is in the process. However, it is also a sun-covered natural paradise. It is full of landscapes from mountains to sunny beaches and deserts. So, If you’re moving to California, it’s time to look for the perfect match of interstate movers California.

    Palm trees views from below
    California is full of beaches and palm trees

    Here are the things you need to pay attention to when you are moving from Virginia to California:

    • Packing & Shipping
    • Moving cost
    • Personal documents and utilities

    Packing and shipping

    When you are moving from Virginia to California, you must pay attention to moving carefully and from one time. As it is impossible to take everything, it is time to make a list. Write down what you must take, what you can leave and, what you are still not sure about. If most things are “not sure”, think about when you last used them. If it was six or more months ago, you will probably need it in your new home as well. When packing, mark the boxes so that you know where everything is at all times. It is best to consult with experts who will give you the best moving and packing secrets.

    Man under cardboard boxes
    Don’t stress about packing. Ask experts!

    If you have moved before, you know how important and easy it is to hire a moving company.  When you packed everything nicely, the moment came for you to move it all. It would be best to move things out a few days before you leave. That way you will have the essentials with you for as long as possible. Also, this will ensure that you and things arrive at the same time. You can contact experts from long distance moving companies about this. They will explain to you what time it is and which method of sending things is the best.

    Take care of the moving budget when you are moving from Virginia to California

    If you moved to California and left your job in Virginia, you will probably need every penny until you get back on your feet. Every relocation brings costs. Especially when you move to a bigger city or country. This brings with it higher prices of food, services, as well as higher utilities. But California is a place where it’s easy to find a job, so don’t worry.

    You will find a large selection, and therefore the possibility of a higher salary. It is very important to know how much money you have. Write down how much money you have and how much you plan to spend. Keep records of every expense. That way you will be more frugal. If you hire a moving company, prepare additional money. This can make you a little more expensive, due to the great distance, when you are moving from Virginia to California.

    Don’t forget about personal documents and utilities

    You must always have your birth certificate, citizenship, ID card, and passport with you. You should pack it first. When moving, remember to log out of all utilities. These often include gas, electricity, water, internet, and cable. You would also like to continue to receive invoices for services that you no longer use, right?  Also, cancel all membership fees, such as the library, gym, or movie rentals. Also, change your address with the postal service, so that you can continue to receive your mail.

    Medical and school records are a must!

    To be eligible for treatment in the new state, you must ask to be given your medical record. Do this for all family members. These are easy and fast procedures, so it would not be bad to be one of the first things you will do. Also, if you have children, you must take their cards from school.

    It is good to know that California has an open enrollment policy. With it, you can sign in your child to any school, as long as there’s enough room. California has the most colleges and universities of any state in America. California proudly owns one of the biggest public university systems in the country. Tuition has risen recently, but it still remains within affordable borderlines.


    Cards labeled with letters
    Take all your records with you

    Moving from Virginia to California is a big challenge. Interstate moving can be difficult for you, but it really is not a nightmare. With the help of the right people, you will move easily and then all you have to do is enjoy. In California, you have a lot of entertainment. From beautiful nature, sandy beaches, to mountains and many parks. Cruising during the day and night, wine tasting, whale watching. You can see a multitude of aquariums, museums and, a Disney park. You must see the famous Hollywood sign and visit Beverly Hills, too. One thing is for sure – you can’t be bored in California! 

    Ilustracija: California is full of entertainment! Alt txt: Hollywood sign and palm tree
    California is full of entertainment!

    Moving from Virginia, which has 8 million inhabitants, to California with 39 million inhabitants, is a real challenge. People can live, eat, communicate in completely different ways, even though they are only a few thousand kilometers away. It should be clearer to you now what awaits you. Let California show you its charms and you will surely find a part of it, where you will feel at home. With our advice, moving from Virginia to California will surely be easy and fun for you.



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