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What if we tell you that moving to another state doesn’t have to be scary and difficult at all? With the right tips and knowledge, the entire relocation process will be easy and you will be at your new place in no time. Moving from Vermont to California is a great way to bring some changes into your life, meet new people, and start a new job. Apart from focusing on the relocation itself, you will also have to learn some essential things about everything waiting for you in California. Let’s go through them together!

Leaving Vermont properly

You will hear from a lot of people that leaving their homes is not the easiest thing to do. For a lot of them, it is a very emotional process, no matter what is the reason for moving. So, before you turn to Verified Movers reviews to find a suitable moving company, you should set some things straight.

cabin in the woods
You may have to say goodbye to beautiful landscapes in Vermont, but get ready to fall in love with those in California

Considering that you will be moving to another state, you will need to prepare a lot of things before the movers arrive. This is where you must think about the documentation you need to gather while still in Vermont, finding time to check out the new place in California, and much more.

Those who will be moving from one big city to another must know that time is money when moving so make sure your plans are ready on time. Even relocations from small towns in Vermont, such as Barre, should not be underestimated and you should ask for professional assistance. So, make sure that cross country moving companies Barre know about your moving plans on time.

What will moving from Vermont to California bring you?

Obviously, there will be some changes waiting for you when you finalize your relocation. Cross country moving companies Vermont will carry out your relocation quickly, so it is for the best if you do it while still in your current home. There is no better way to start adapting than learning about the differences between the two places in question. The total driving distance between these two states is 3.031 miles which means there will be a lot of things to consider as differences.

First of all, California is way more populous and that matters a lot. Vermont has a population of 645,570 while California is home to around 39.24 million people. Moving to a state that has this many people can instantly provide more opportunities, both business and social. The most populous city in California is Los Angeles with 3.9 million people.

Golden Gate Bridge, one of the attractions you can visit after moving from Vermont to California
After moving from Vermont to California you will see some of the most iconic spots in the world

Those who are not fans of long and freezing winters will simply love California. In Vermont, summers are warm and with a lot of sunny days, while winters can be really harsh. After moving from Vermont to California you will experience different weather conditions. Get ready to enjoy long and dry summers while winters will be nothing but mild and perfect for afternoon walks. Of course, make sure that you find a perfect time for your relocation. Some of the best moving companies in California can help you choose the date so that you avoid the rainy seasons that are common in California.

Now let’s talk about living costs

One of the most important things you will have to explore is the living cost comparison. This is highly advised to do even if you are moving to another city, let alone another state. So, according to the latest statistics Vermont rates 100.8/100 which is exactly on the verge to be above the average. On the other hand, California rates 149.9/100, and things are more than clear. Knowing this, it seems like some things in your life will change. You will have to adjust your budget to new things after moving from Vermont to California.

Total living costs consist of different points and it is good to know more about each one of them. Once you finally settle in California, here are the costs that will no longer be the same:

  • Groceries in Vermont 106.7/100 – Groceries in California 105.1/100
  • Utilities in Vermont 117.4/100 – Utilities in California 102.4/100
  • Housing in Vermont 100.8/100 – Housing in California 234.8/100

As you can see, the main reason why living and working in California may be more expensive is the housing costs. If you plan on buying yourself a property there, make sure your budget is ready for it.

Most suitable places for living in California

Of course, choosing a place to move to is a task on its own. You will have to take a lot of things into consideration, mainly your priorities and goals. The best method you can use to decide is to choose what category you belong to. You need to avoid moving to a place just because it looks nice, but rather choose one that can provide a cozy lifestyle to you. Here are the most common ones people usually go with:

Best places in California for families

If you plan on moving with your family, you will need a nice and subtle place that can offer you everything you may need. According to many people, the best place to do it in California is South Pasadena. Apart from having some of the best schools in the area, this place is also safe and filled with other families as well. Besides South Pasadena, you can also check West Menlo Park, Mountain View, and Los Altos Hills.

People walking on the beach
Make sure you choose a suitable neighborhood that will offer everything you have been looking for

California is a perfect home for many groups, and no doubt you’ll enjoy it

The Golden State really has something for everyone. Young professionals and singles will have no trouble finding a perfect place to move to. Moving from Vermont to California will usually result in them choosing cities like San Francisco, Los Angeles, and San Jose. This is mainly because they find them more suitable due to more urban lifestyle and diversity. You can also find a lot of suitable places for family life and retirement. Whatever your decision turns out to be, focus on your goals and get to know your new home better.