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Are you thinking about moving from Raleigh to Long Beach? Don’t know whether it is a good idea. No worries. Verified Movers is here to help you decide. That’s why we’ve made this article for you so you can compare the two cities and make the right decision. Besides, we are here to guide you through our database of some of the best long distance movers in both Raleigh and Long Beach. Now, let’s compare the two cities.

A city under coudy sky during night
Moving from Raleigh to Long Beach has its pros and cons

Reasons why people leave Raleigh

Although a city with good life opportunities, some people still want to move from Raleigh. There are several reasons for that. Like every city, Raleigh also has its disadvantages. Here are some of the most important ones. Namely, it is overpopulated which makes life pretty difficult. Also, there has been huge homeless population growth. Transportation is usually heavy and public transportation is not too good although they are trying to reduce traffic. Weather is another great reason why people don’t want to live in Raleigh. Humidity tends to be high. And the city is prone to natural disasters. Besides, being called the City of Oaks, those who have allergies find it hard to live in Raleigh. When it comes to living conditions, the real estate market is getting very competitive.

So, if these are also your reasons, you should consider moving from Raleigh to Long Beach. Following are some of the reasons. However, let professionals conduct your move. Choose some of the best long distance movers in Raleigh from our database and ensure safe relocation.

Raleigh VS. Long Beach – How similar or different they are?

If you want to avoid the issues mentioned above, you should consider hiring Top movers in Raleigh and move to Long Beach. Why Long Beach? Well, there are several key reasons why. The cities are slighlty different. Unlike Raleigh, Long Beach is known to have a lot of space although the traffic isn’t much better than the one in Raleigh, it’s the trait of big cities, right? Then comes the weather. Those who like warm climates will enjoy spending lazy days sunbathing on the beach. Although both Raleigh and Long Beach have sunny days, you’ll agree that the weather is much more bearable with the sea climate. When it comes to affordability, there’s not much difference. Both cities are ranked highly.

Meet Long Beach

Before we move on to the reasons you should consider moving to Long Beach, let us take you on a tour of this beautiful California city.

Long Beach, CA, is one of the largest shipping ports in the world. It is the seventh-largest city in the State of California. Over 80 miles of shoreline surround this beautiful city. The city also has long walking and biking trails, which makes it perfect for spending time outdoors. Besides, the city has over 90 parks. The environment is something you will fall in love with immediately. When it comes to the weather, the summers are warm, while the winters are mild. For those who don’t like rain, we have great news – Long Beach has approximately 345 sunny days. How great for boosting the energy. When it comes to the lifestyle, Long Beach is the hotspot for food and shopping, and it is heaven for outdoor recreation. Not to mention all the beautiful beaches suitable for relaxation. Think this is all? Wait to see the reasons for moving here.

Beautiful beaches as one of the main reasons for moving from Raleigh to Long Beach
After moving to Long Beach you can enjoy splendid beaches

Reasons for moving from Raleigh to Long Beach

Before hiring long distance moving companies Long Beach, check the main reasons for moving to this amazing city. Here are the most important ones:

  • Excellent job market: The most popular industries are tourism, healthcare, education, tech, media, and other industries. Major employers are Long Beach Molina Healthcare, as well as California State University.
  • Education: As mentioned above, Long Beach is home to California State University and has an amazing campus. When it comes to public schools, they are also highly rated. Education is one of the main reasons why people move from Raleigh to Long Beach.
  • Proximity to Los Angeles: Those who want to live near LA find Long Beach an excellent choice.

If these are reasons enough for you to move to Long Beach, check our database and find some of the top movers in Long Beach to take care of your relocation process.

If you consider moving from Raleigh to Long Beach, you should expect a similar cost of living

Generally, living in California is expensive, so it’s not surprising that living in Long Beach may cost you the same or a little bit more than in Raleigh, depending on the neighborhood you choose. The median home price in Long Beach tends to go over $650,000. However, you can slightly avoid high costs if you choose to live in an apartment. When it comes to living costs, you don’t have to worry. They are similar to the national average. If you still find it worth moving from Raleigh to Long Beach, then you should find suitable long distance moving companies Long Beach to help you move your belongings.

Best neighborhoods to live in Long Beach

  • Belmont Shores: Offers its residents a mixture of an urban and suburban feel with beautiful parks surrounding the neighborhood. The median home price is about $800,00 0 but it’s worth the money.
  • Naples: An Italian-inspired community, Naples is a charming neighborhood.
  • The Waterfront: it is nicknamed The Soul of Long Beach due to its unique character.
Professional movers
Having moving professionals by your side is the key to a successful relocation

Find some of the best long distance movers Raleigh and Long Beach

No relocation should go without professional help no matter the distance. However, finding a trustworthy and reliable one is not an easy task since it requires a lot of research. Luckily, you have Verified Movers. No more endless reading of moving reviews wondering whether they are accurate. Check Verified Movers reviews and use our moving database and find some of the best long distance movers in both Raleigh and Long Beach. Let your relocation be simple, smooth, and safe.

Contact us if you have any questions concerning our website. We will be glad to assist you when moving from Raleigh to Long Beach. Enjoy your move.