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Our team is committed to finding movers we believe our readers will love, and we receive compensation from movers that we rank. We also may get a small share of revenue when you click a sponsored company's link.

Advertising disclosure

Our team is committed to finding movers we believe our readers will love, and we receive compensation from movers that we rank. We also may get a small share of revenue when you click a sponsored company's link.

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Moving from Racine to San Diego

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    Leaving behind the shores of Lake Michigan and putting roots on the Pacific coast of California is a reason enough to pop the champagne. If you’d rather change the whimsical Wisconsin weather for the sunny Golden Bear state, moving from Racine to San Diego is a dream come true. But this, by far is not the only perk you get to enjoy in the Birthplace of California. In the text that follows, you’ll learn the basics of what to expect when relocating from The Belle City of the Lakes to the sunny City in Motion. Moreover, our moving experts at Verified Movers will give you the most effective tips on how to make your move easy and cost-effective. So, take note and benefit from our practical advice.

    Essential preparations for moving from Racine to San Diego

    The reasons for relocation vary among individuals. Statistically, most people throughout the US move due to job opportunities. However, being close to a loved one or merely seeking a change of scenery are also motivating factors. So, whatever your reasons for transferring to San Diego from Racine, you can be sure that your venture is worth the while. 

    San Diego aerial view - moving from Racine to San Diego
    Swapping the shores of Lake Michigan for the Pacific coast means enjoying warm and sunny weather all year round

    But, crossing state borders and planting your roots far away from what you’re familiar with isn’t simple. Moving your entire life or business assets from Racine to San Diego is a big, life-changing project. Hence, apart from working on the blueprint of what your future should be like, you’ll have to tackle the logistics part with diligence.

    One thing is for sure. You’ll have to secure trustworthy interstate moving companies Wisconsin residents have tried and tested already. The distance separating San Diego from Racine is 1,120 miles. This is quite a long journey that takes about 32 hours to complete by land. Therefore, don’t take the security of your belongings lightly when shipping them from Wisconsin to California. Moreover, benefit from some expert moving guidance and find your perfect mover in a cinch. You can rely on our moving specialists to provide you with the options that suit your exact moving expectations and budget. So, plan your move from The Kringle Capital of America to the Birthplace of California with confidence that comes from the knowledge that you have solid moving support to back you up on the long journey.

    La Jolla, San Diego
    Moving from Racine to San Diego is a new life chapter filled with exciting opportunities and a chance to indulge in one of the best climates in the US

    How is San Diego different than Racine?

    First of all, who wouldn’t be excited about the prospect of living in a place where cold winters are non-existing? Right, San Diego unlike Racine has a mild climate throughout the year. Here the fabulous Southern Californian climate is showcased ideally. In terms of geography, San Diego is a hilly terrain, marked by elevations with flat tops called mesas separated by canyons. The city is mostly built on top of the mesas, while in the canyons is the connecting infrastructure for commuting.

    Relocating to San Diego from Racine means you’ll be moving from a city with approximately 80,000 inhabitants to the second most populous urban area of California after Los Angeles. So, about 1.4 million people call San Diego home, and this makes it the 8th most populous city on a national level. The City in Motion is also much larger than Racine in terms of land area. While Racine is packed in a little less than 16 square miles, San Diego spreads over 372 square miles. Hence, moving to San Diego from Racine means you should be ready for living in a much bigger city. And of course, coming along with this are plenty of careers and personal development prospects.

    Cost of living – The Belle City on the Lakes vs. the Birthplace of California

    Uprooting for San Diego from Racine certainly comes with a substantial increase in the cost of the living department. While reports claim that life in America’s Finest City costs 44% more than the national average, by all means, it’s more affordable than living in LA or San Francisco for that matter.

    San Diego aerial view
    San Diego is named as one of the best cities for business start-ups in the country

    But this shouldn’t discourage you to postpone booking your long distance moving companies Racine. Moving to San Diego means that your bills will increase, but you’ll be safe with higher income as well. So, to scale the differences in cost of living here’s an essential comparison between Racine and San Diego.

    • Unemployment rate: In San Diego, it’s 6.6% while in Racine 7.7%.
    • Individual income: Moving from Racine to San Diego means you should expect a nice increase. The average in Racine is $21,500 and in San Diego about $37,100 annually. The national average is $31,100.
    • Household income. The median in Racine is $42,600 in contrast to San Diego’s $71,500.
    • Median house value: This point drives up the overall cost of living in San Diego by a lot. The housing market is expensive with an average of $812,000 for a home. In Racine, this is $139,500.

    Other than that, expect to pay a monthly rent of about $1,600 when relocating to San Diego from Wisconsin. A monthly utility bill for the essential package will cost you about $200.

    The job market in San Diego

    There is a good reason why the Birthplace of California is a desirable place to move to. This applies equally to transplants from all corners of the US, as well as people from other parts of the Golden State. San Diego has a solid job market that offers diverse options. Thus, partner with the best moving companies in California and benefit from the stable economic environment. Jobs are available in many fields, most prominently in defense, healthcare, tourism and hospitality, and other industries. Hence, relocating to The Moving City from Racine for work is a promise for a prolific career.

    Best parts of the city to live in

    America’s Finest City offers some of the best perks of living in California. From historic architecture to glamorous nightlife, beautiful beaches, and exciting culture and dining options, San Diego has options for everyone’s taste. But, this large city can be tricky to navigate for newcomers. Hence, before booking your long distance moving companies San Diego it’s best to secure your new home first. For your convenience, here is a mention of some of the best parts of town to consider when relocating to San Diego from Racine.

    • La Jolla. This is arguably the most desired part of America’s Finest City. Located about a 20-minute drive to Downtown, here you’ll get access to some of the best beaches in the area. The streets of La Jolla host some of the best local art, vibrant nightlife, and upscale boutiques.
    • National City. If affordability is your main criteria when moving from Racine to San Diego, this neighborhood is your ideal option. Rent here costs approximately 25% less than in other parts of the city.
    • North Park. Located near San Diego’s iconic landmark, Balboa Park, where you’ll get easy access to all major points in the city.

    In summary, moving from Racine to San Diego is surely a long journey, but well worth all the effort. So, take note of the aforementioned info and tips, to make your transit a pleasant and memorable experience. Good luck.

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    Our team is committed to finding movers we believe our readers will love, and we receive compensation from movers that we rank. We also may get a small share of revenue when you click a sponsored company's link.

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