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Moving from New Orleans to Memphis

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    Moving is always something new and exciting. It means you get a chance to start all over with your life. If you get the opportunity for moving from New Orleans to Memphis, you should enjoy the ride. Memphis is a great place to live in. If you, by any chance, need to find a reliable moving company, Verified Movers will help you with that. Still, it takes almost six hours to arrive in Memphis from New Orleans. That’s why it’s good to prepare beforehand for at least a few months.

    Moving tips

    If you plan on relocating to another state, there are some things to get done before you move. Even though moving seems like something you want to get done as soon as possible, it’s not that much of a hassle. For instance, if you’re a good time manager and organize properly, your move will go as smoothly as possible. Long distance movers New Orleans can help you find your perfect moving company for starters.

    Girl packing while sitting on the floor
    Moving to a new city is always something to look forward to.

    Anyway, if you want to move quickly and to avoid any trouble, consider:

    1. Planning a move at least six to eight weeks before – Make a bulletproof plan that will contain all essentials for your trip. That way you’ll keep up with things without worrying something could go wrong.
    2. Asking professionals for help – If you have too much on your mind, but want to get things done with ease, don’t hesitate to reach out. Long distance moving companies Memphis will help you find a perfect company to carry out your moving process.
    3. Getting proper packing material – This includes cardboard boxes, foam bags, bubble wrap, even newspapers, and linens. Also, don’t forget to label everything!
    4. Packing room by room – Try to be as efficient as possible. You’ll achieve that by packing one room at a time.
    5. Setting a budget – Try to set a budget you’ll follow.
    6. Not overpacking – Avoid overpacking your boxes. Make sure you use as many boxes as possible while preparing for a move.

    How to relocate with ease?

    If you’re moving from a location like New Orleans to Memphis, it means you need to prepare properly for your relocation. However, traveling a six-hour-long distance is not that difficult to start with. What you should do to make sure your relocation happens without any stress is:

    1. Visit Memphis before you relocate – Be familiar with the city you’ll live in. That is how you’re going to know what to expect once you move. Moreover, you will get to know the surroundings, nearest grocery stores, doctor’s offices, etc.
    2. Cancel mail and other subscriptions – To avoid any unlucky circumstances when dealing with mail, cancel everything before relocation. Change the address of your subscriptions.
    3. Change the address – Once you changed the address, all your other documents will need the change soon. However, don’t wait for the last moment to do so.
    4. Declutter before leaving – To make sure you packed all your things and that nothing’s missing, declutter your home.
    5. Stick to your plan – Plan is an essential part of the relocation process. You need to know where you stand with moving, thus having a plan is quite handy.

    Moving is not as hard as it seems. If you want to relocate with ease, there are several things to consider. Besides these above mentioned, you also need to know how to negotiate with moving companies to get the best deal for you. Moreover, when you’re looking for a great deal, don’t be afraid to speak up about things you don’t want to happen throughout the move. It’s normal to want what’s best for you.

    Moving from New Orleans to Memphis – what to expect?

    Life in Orleans differs from the one in Memphis. When it comes to New Orleans, living there must have been somewhat exciting and convenient. However, moving to Memphis will be a true refreshment in a positive manner. New Orleans is a very dynamic city with plenty of activities to take on. However, there are a few downsides to living there. This probably includes insects everywhere, high crime rates (which are above the national average), a messy economy, and not such good infrastructure.

    Memphis at night
    Living in Memphis is a great way to start over.

    On the other hand, you will move to a city which is a bit different than you’re used to. True, Memphis is not close to the sea, but New Orleans didn’t have beaches as well. However, you will encounter plenty of diverse activities and great things to do there.

    Living in Memphis

    To start with, Memphis is the largest city located in Tenessee. A beautiful mixture of nature and technology, Memphis is a great place to live in. Famous for its’ exquisite taste for music, such as rock, blues, and soul. The home to the one and only Elvis Presley, with Graceland mansion, located just there.

    One of the best things about living in Memphis is its hospitality it shows for its newcomers. You can easily come straight to a Memphis resident and start a casual conversation. Here are more of the things that make Memphis a great place to live in:

    1. Food is amazing – Tasty barbeque is one of the things Memphis is very famous for.
    2. Healthcare is excellent – Some doctors are real professionals when it comes to dealing with any health problems you may encounter.
    3. Home to some real quality music – If you’re not that into rock and blues, Memphis will make you fall in love with other performers who play different genres.
    4. Houses are affordable – One of the rare places where it’s actually more profitable to buy rather than rent a house is in Memphis.
    Memphis during the day
    Memphis has so much to offer. It is the coolest place to live.

    Settling in

    Now you see that moving from New Orleans to Memphis is not that big of a deal. Even though it is hard to leave your hometown for something new, it’s actually easy to get used to. You learned something new after you moved. Now you get to enjoy your new life in Memphis and start everything over.


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