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Moving from Greensboro NC to Philadelphia PA

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    Verified Movers Team Blog City to City Moving

    Have you decided on moving from Greensboro NC to Philadelphia PA? You are far from the only one. Philadelphia has seen a stream of new residents year by year in recent times. Not only is this city, that holds great importance to the history and identity of our nation, one of great beauty, but it also holds a very dynamic economy that is able to track people and business alike. Philadelphia presents a city of opportunity, truly, and we are very happy to help you move there. Therefore, if you are thinking about the advantages of relocating to the largest city of Pennsylvania, we are here to help! We will talk about exactly what to expect from the road, how to plan it out, what are the costs, and what to expect. Let’s begin!

    Long distance relocation to Philadelphia

    So, how long will you need to travel to get to the City of Brotherly love? Definitely enough to hire long distance movers Greensboro. If you are confused as to exactly what this entails, let us explain. There are, generally speaking, two types of relocations you can embark on. You can either go for a local relocation, or a long distance/cross country move. Therefore, you need to know which one is which. The local relocations are those which take around an hour to complete, or drive less than 60 miles. Well, at least in general they are. Some moving companies might impose their own criteria for judging what a local relocation is or is not.

    A horseman statue
    How to handle long distance travel?

    However, moving from Greensboro NC to Philadelphia PA is a long distance relocation no matter the definition. It takes around 7 hours of driving on the highway to get from Greensboro to Philadelphia, and that is in ideal conditions. Therefore, it can in no way be considered to be a local relocation. Furthermore, it also crosses state lines, which soundly puts in in the cross country relocation category.

    What does that mean for you personally? Well, first off, long distance relocations generally cost more. This is due to the simple fact that they are harder to execute. They require hours of driving, sometimes even shipping, in order to get the possessions to where they need to be. Furthermore, they need to be safely packed and secured all the way through, with additional duties such as loading, unloading, appliance installation, and any other additional service you hired…

    All in all, long distance relocations are hardly simple… so let’s talk about planning.

    Plans and budget

    Moving long distances requires a lot of planning. Planing for the move should begin at least 8 weeks before the relocation, though 10 would be ideal. With that, you will have enough time to contact and choose long distance movers North Carolina, to set up a moving budget, pack etc. And, on the note of the moving budget, moving isn’t cheap. This means that you will need to be very realistic about your moving budget and prepare to make some decisions that will help you out.

    high-rise buildings
    How much will it cost you?

    When long distance with Verified movers is concerned, the biggest addition to the price will be the weight and volume of the items you are moving. Therefore, if you are to lower the cost, you will need to focus on downsizing before relocating to Philly.

    Find a good mover to get you there

    With a complex relocation like a move from Greensboro NC to Philadelphia PA is, you need a reliable long distance moving companies Philadelphia. However, there are so many of them and you need to make the right choices in order to find the good one. So, who should you entrust with your relocation? Here are our tips.

    When moving across state lines you should trust only the companies that are registered with the FMCSA. What is FMCSA, you may ask? Well, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration is a government body that is, among other things, in charge of the regulation of movers that are relocating clients over the border. They are something of guarantee of quality. They are responsible for many benefits you can count on. However, you can only count on them if your mover is properly registered. Luckily, the FMCSA site offers easy to use directory of all registered movers.

    Furthermore, the same directory holds information about the capability and track record of the companies in question. Therefore, you will be able to easily discern if the company truly possesses the logistical capability needed for your relocation.

    What to expect after moving from Greensboro NC to Philadelphia PA

    And finally, let us talk about what you can expect once you relocate from Greensboro NC to Philadelphia. The Athens of America, City of Brotherly love, Philly… the city has a lot of nicknames, and a lot of history as well. it has beautiful architecture and a vibrant economy with 1 500 000 people living in the city alone.

    moving from Greensboro NC to Philadelphia PA - a caffe outside in philadelphia
    What will your life in Philadelphia look like?

    As for some other aspects you might be interested in:

    • Economy –  Philadelphia has a GMP of $490 million and has five Fortune 1000 companies. Furthermore, it focuses on financial services, health care, biotechnology, and informational technology, as well as manufacturing, oil refining, and food processing. Tourism, also, is naturally pretty huge.
    • TransportationMoving from Greensboro NC to Philadelphia PA will be a breeze thanks to a great network of highways and roads and two huge airports, PHL and PNE.
    • Education – With the third-largest student concentration on the East Coast and number of Ivy League institutions, not to mention the oldest University in the country, Philadelphia has a lot to offer.

    In summary

    This has been our short guide on moving from Greensboro NC to Philadelphia PA. Hopefully, you have received all the information you needed from it. We have now covered what type of relocation it is, what you can expect from your movers, and what they will expect from you. Furthermore, we have also talked about the price of the move and packing, as well as some ways to offset the cost. Finally, there is a short chapter on your life in Philly and what you can expect from it. All in all, it is our hope that your relocation will go as smoothly as possible. Be sure to start planning on time and everything will go just fine!


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