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Moving from Des Moines to Las Vegas

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So, you decided that moving from Des Moines to Las Vegas is the best next step for you? While this life-changing decision might be a great opportunity for you, the hard relocation tasks might diminish your enthusiasm. Luckily, there are a few tips that can help you with this process, starting with hiring long distance movers Des Moines.

Do you have to hire movers when moving from Des Moines to Las Vegas?

In theory, you can always conduct relocation on your own, without the help of the moving professionals. On the other hand, the main question is, should you? Do you know what DIY move requires and how time-consuming it is?

When you are moving from Des Moines to Las Vegas, you have the long-distance relocation on your hands. It means that you’ll have to organize everything to the smallest details in order to transport your entire home across the states. That will entail a lot of tiresome, energy-consuming and stressful tasks.

On the contrary, when you hire one of the Las Vegas long distance moving companies, you won’t have to bother yourself with these pesky choirs. The basic moving services include loading, transporting and unloading your things at your new home.

Add to that:

  • Planning your moving budget
  • Gathering moving supplies
  • Packing process
  • Looking for the new home in Des Moines
  • Searching for a new job (if moving for job isn’t main reason for your relocation)
  • Notifying important persons and services about your address change
  • Setting cancelation date for the utility services in your current home
  • Arranging turning on date for the utility services at your new residence
  • Making traveling arrangements

These are just some of the main tasks you have to handle, with a much more smaller one to come to your way. As you can see, the movers can take away the hardest part of the move from your back, so you can focus and have time to take care of the other important things. Hiring movers can even be cheaper than the DIY move, especially if by avoiding the peak of the moving season.

Research the Las Vegas features before making a decision

Transitioning from the capital of Iowa to Sin City does need a lot of research. Surely, you can always move back if you decide it isn’t the right place for you. But, why will you go to another tiring long-distance relocation process? Especially when you can avoid it by simply researching the Las Vegas features.

The main features you should focus on:

  • Affordability
  • The Las Vegas job market
  • Crime rate
  • Climate
Laptop - valuable tool for determining if moving from Des Moines to Las Vegas is a good idea
Thorough research can help you determine is the relocation the best thing for you.


Moving from Des Moines to Las Vegas – can you afford it?

Why Las Vegas isn’t the most costly city in the USA, it does have a higher price tag compared to Des Moines.
In fact, it is the 42nd most expensive city in the country, from the list of 68 cities, which is a good result.

According to statistics, the family of four will need around $2,930 a month to live in Las Vegas + the housing expenses. The single person can manage with the monthly incomes of around $825 a month (excluding housing).

Speaking of housing, apartment rents range from about $760 to $1,800. Of course, it depends on which part of town you want to live in.

Those who are looking to buy a house are in luck since the home prices are still about 14 percent below their peak in 2006. Las Vegas has taken longer than most cities to bounce back from the recession, so there are a lot of houses for sale at reasonable prices.

Other Las Vegas living costs are balancing each other out. For example, while it is the third place in North America with the most expensive internet service, it is also the third-cheapest place for a gym membership in the business district.

Women counting money - something you should do when moving from Des Moines to Las Vegas
Make sure to investigate the living expenses in Las Vegas, and compare them to your budget.

The situation on the Las Vegas job market

Due to the abundance of hotels, resorts, casinos, restaurants, bars, and tourist attractions, the job market in this city is booming, especially in the hospitality industry.

Technology, global trade, health care, logistics, financial services, and manufacturing sectors are also thriving at the moment.

After tax deduction, the average monthly salary is around $3,000. With the unemployment rate of 4.60%, finding a job in a new city probably won’t take long.

Crime rate

Las Vegas’ history of organized crime is notorious. Once it drew the mobsters and gangsters who used it as a base for their illegal operations. While the situation has changed on that from, Las Vegas still can’t be called a safe city. Quite the contrary, since it has a higher crime rate than similarly sized metro areas.

With the US average is set on 22.7, Las Vegas has a high rate of violent crime of 40.9 and even higher property crime rate which is at 43.4. Still, it is safer than 12% of U.S. cities.

When you are comparing Las Vegas crime rate to Des Moines, you can clearly see that Iowa’s capital is a much safer place to live in.

Police tape
The crime rates are up for both cities in the last three years, Las Vegas is a much unsafer city.


Climate won’t be a problem when moving from Des Moines to Las Vegas


As a desert settlement, so you expect somewhere in the region of 320 days of sunshine a year.

In the summer months, the temperature can get very hot, with highs in the region of 41°C (30°C for Des Moines). The coldest season is in January, but even then the lowest temperatures are around 4°C, so you won’t have to wrap up too much to go outside. For most of the year, clothing involves shorts, tee shirts, and comfortable shoes.

When moving from Des Moines to Las Vegas, you might need some time to get used to the sizzling summer temperatures.  Still, very dry winters and almost no snow and rain will be the good change from Iowa’s capital climate.

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