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Seattle is more than a place and a city. It offers something for everyone – from hiking and skiing to kayaking, rock-climbing, fishing, etc. The Emerald City was recently ranked among the 10 best places to live in the United States. Seattle offers a rich cultural scene and hot job market with an affordable cost of living. And did we mention the schools? You’ll find countless educational opportunities in this city! Verified Movers can help you relocate easily, as we will match you with a great moving company. Keep reading to learn more about moving from Columbus to Seattle.

Why are people moving from Columbus to Seattle?

The main reason why people are moving away from Columbus is to seek out better job opportunities. And what better place than Seattle, Washington? It is however a long, 2,500-mile road to a better future, but luckily we can match you with some of the best cross country moving companies Columbus to complete the relocation on your behalf. Seattle is the choice of many. The area is covered with evergreen forests and a friendly population, so it’s no wonder Seattle has been rated one of the most livable cities in the United States. Not only that but Seattle is also known for its generous salaries.

Moving from Columbus to Seattle is a great choice
If you like nature and outdoor activities, and you want to have that big city feel, Seattle is the right place for you

Guide to choosing a perfect neighborhood

Capitol Hill is where it all comes together. The place to be. The neighborhood is a place of artistic exploration and adventure, of culture and commerce, where old and new mingle in a refreshing and exciting way. With world-class theaters, music venues, and a vibrant nightlife scene, Capitol Hill is the epicenter for arts, culture, and entertainment in Seattle.

West Seattle is a hidden gem within the city. It’s separated from Downtown Seattle by the Duwamish River, but not far away at all. West Seattle features a number of beautiful communities as well as parks. It offers close proximity to Vashon Island. From sandy beaches to beautiful parks, West Seattle has something for everyone.

The Queen Anne district is a quiet oasis of Victorian homes and charming restaurants that offers a taste of history amid the modern skyscrapers downtown. This part of suburbia is home to some of the best views in the city and boasts upscale homes, thriving retirement communities, and impressive landmarks. Chose top movers in Seattle if these neighborhoods are places where you can imagine your family to live in.

View of a neighborhood in Seattle, WA
Beautiful neighborhoods are just one of the reasons why many are moving from Columbus to Seattle

Seattle, WA- The cost of living

With many people looking to buy homes and rising interest rates, the housing market is starting to get competitive. Seattle has a rapidly growing population and high rents and home prices. Housing costs are one of the biggest expenses you’ll have to face if you choose to live in Seattle.

Rent in Seattle is trending up, but costs for other essentials such as groceries and transportation are similar to the rest of the country. The average rent for an apartment in Seattle is $2,190 per month, with the median list price of homes in Seattle at $820K. The job market is thriving, so the chance of being able to pay for the expenses is huge. Hire cross country moving companies Seattle offers, if you see yourself living here.

Let’s talk about Seattle’s job market

Seattle’s high cost of living is counterbalanced by the region’s high average incomes, which are 12% above the national average. Workers here earn not only a higher hourly wage but also a bigger annual salary. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, due to the area’s booming tech industry, salaries for those working in top-tier jobs have skyrocketed in the Seattle area.

What jobs to look for when moving from Columbus to Seattle

The number-crunchers at Forbes have declared Seattle the top city in the U.S. for tech jobs. Apple and Google are two of the most well-known players in the Seattle tech industry. While the city is known for its tech companies, it also boasts vibrant retail, food, and service industry. Other major retailers, such as Costco and REI, also have their headquarters in the Seattle area.

Public market center sign
Pike Place, a well-known market is the heart of Seattle

Seattle- The most educated big city

A new study from the Seattle Times finds that Seattle tops the educational rankings, with four out of every five new residents bringing a college degree to the city. The city of Seattle is home to over 500 schools, including both public and private institutions. It is home to seven universities and colleges, including the University of Washington. It’s the largest and most well-known institute for higher learning in the Seattle metropolitan area.

Seattle is also a great place to start a family. The residents take pride in their public schools. Parents can rest assured that no matter which Seattle neighborhoods they are considering, they will have plenty of options for top-notch education for their children.

Commuting to work and back

In a study reported by Business Insider, Seattle is ranked number 1 in the nation for public transportation. Although many Seattle commuters still rely on cars, the diversity, safety, and efficiency of Seattle-area public transit make it the best in any major city. If you relocate with top movers in Columbus, you will soon find out that the average commute to work is only 30min. However, there are some problems in the system.

One of the problems that can slow down your trip to work is highway traffic, especially as more people have moved to the city. As more people opt to use public transit options around the city, such as light rail and bus lines, traffic should decrease over time. Plus, public transportation can help you avoid tolls and save money on popular roadways. If you are moving from Columbus to Seattle, you won’t notice much difference as both public systems are generally good.