Written by: Kate Becker

Moving from California to Maryland is one of the hardest cross country relocations you can do in the USA. The distance between these two states is around 2,700 miles, which makes this move even more complicated. The best way to make it easy on yourself and have a successful long distance relocation is to hire some professional moving help. If you’re thinking about relocating to Maryland from California, finding interstate movers will be a lot easier with the help of Verified Movers. In the continuation of this article, we will give you some tips for such a long-distance move and we will also compare the living costs between these two states, so be sure to stick around.

Moving from California to Maryland: The first steps

When it comes to preparing for the move from California to Maryland, the most important thing is to give yourself enough time. Local moves require detailed planning, so for a cross country move such as this one, you will need to thoroughly plan everything. We recommend that you start planning around a half year before your move. Many tasks need to be done, so making a moving checklist is probably the best way to stay in control of the move. While cross country moving companies Chula Vista can handle all the packing and moving of the boxes, you will still need to invest a lot of time and effort into some other tasks.

A person looking at a laptop, researching before moving from California to Maryland
If you’re moving from California to Maryland, start preparing at least 6 months in advance

Moving from California to Maryland will be easier and smoother if you collect all the needed documentation, certificates, and medical records in advance. Also, making hard copies of important documents is recommended. When looking for a potential place to settle in in Maryland, be sure to research the living costs of different cities. Cross country moving companies Silver Spring are used to working in colder and snowy conditions, but you might not be! Consider equipping yourself with winter gear and clothes. Also, if you’re moving with a family, be sure to see if your chosen place in Maryland is appropriate for smaller children. Maryland is one of the best states, education-wise, so finding a good school shouldn’t be a problem. All in all, the best way for your relocation to be a success is to thoroughly prepare for it.

The differences in living costs between these two states are quite considerable

Before moving from California to Maryland, you might be astonished when you realize just how different the lifestyles are in these two states. Many expect California to be a more expensive state, which is reasonable to assume. However, the living costs in California are 93.0% more expensive than those in Maryland. The biggest differences are in housing costs. A median house cost in Los Angeles, California is 403% more expensive than in Baltimore, Maryland! Understandably, the affordable cost of living is one of the top reasons why people move from California to Maryland. With the help of cross country movers reviews California, you too can find reliable interstate movers that can safely relocate your household to Maryland.

Two movers carrying a box
Differences in living costs are one of the main reasons people move to Maryland

Housing expenses aren’t the only ones that are higher in the Golden State. Getting around Maryland is easier and simpler than traveling in California. Also, it is cheaper. Transportation costs are almost 33% cheaper in the Old Line State. You will pay 6.4% less for health-related expenses in Maryland, as well. The only thing where Maryland beats California is utility expenses. Utilities will cost you around 12% more in Maryland. Affordable living costs, combined with excellent employment opportunities, make Maryland a better place to live compared to California.

Housing prices in Maryland are on the rise, but they are still affordable

If you are moving from California to Maryland and looking for a new place to live, you are right on time! Homes in Maryland are quite affordable, especially when compared to the ones in California. However, the average price of a home is slowly rising in Maryland. Compared to the last year, homes in the Old Line State are now 5.5% more expensive. The time for buying is now. With the assistance of interstate moving companies Maryland, you too can have the home of your dreams. Renting a place to live is also a very viable option in Maryland. The median rent in Maryland is $1,900, while the same in California is $4,595. Here are some average rentals, related to the size of the apartment:

  • Studio Apartment – $1,224
  • 1 Bedroom Apartment – $1,327
  • 2 Bedroom Apartment – $1,592
  • 3 Bedroom Apartment – $1,681
  • 4 Bedroom Apartment – $1,812

For comparison, here are the same average rental prices in California:

  • Studio Apartment – $1,698
  • 1 Bedroom Apartment – $2,416
  • 2 Bedroom Apartment – $3,298
  • 3 Bedroom Apartment – $4,579
  • 4 Bedroom Apartment – $6,492

What can you expect from life in Maryland

We have already mentioned the stunningly lower living costs, but there are more pros a life in Maryland offers. The job market is well-developed in the Old Line State. Other large cities are also close, which makes daily commutes to larger cities a common sight. Maryland can offer you many diverse and fun outdoor activities. However, the climate in Maryland is poles apart from the one in California. The summers in Maryland are very humid. Annually, Maryland gets around 42.3 inches of rain, on average, while California only gets 15.5 inches of rain. The winters are a lot harsher and colder in Maryland as well. Before your move, get your hands on enough winter gear and equipment.

A photo of a snowy street in Maryland
Winters are harsh and cold in Maryland

Although moving from the Golden State to Maryland isn’t easy, it will be worth it!

To sum up, moving from California to Maryland is no easy task. There are many aspects of relocation that you need to take into consideration. However, with ample preparation and planning and professional moving assistance, no interstate move is impossible. Remember, a good plan leads to a successful move. We wish you a safe relocation!