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Verified Movers Team Blog City to City Moving

Life in Baltimore is wonderful for more than 600,000 people – that’s how many people live in the most populous state in Maryland. However, what happens when, for one reason or another, you realize you are ready to take a leap of faith and move to the Big Apple – one of the most famous and most populous cities worldwide? Moving from Baltimore to NYC might seem easy, but looks can be deceiving. The matter isn’t as easy as hiring long distance movers Baltimore and having them relocating your belongings. Oh, no! This will be quite a lengthy process and you are in for a period of adjustment. But once you go through it and finally adjust to life in NYC, all of your struggles will be worth it – most likely!

Make a plan for moving from Baltimore to NYC

The amount of planning you have in front of you is a great one! Every person that is embarking on this journey has to be aware that this particular relocation will take a lot of time. It’s not like you are relocating your belongings next door! No, you are changing your entire life and moving your items across the state. In all this hustle and bustle, forgetting to do deal with an important moving task will be too easy. That’s why recommend you make a moving checklist where you will put all the tasks you have in front of you and simply tick them off one by one.

A man making a checklist for moving from Baltimore to NYC.
Help yourself relocate with ease and create an ultimate moving checklist.

When it comes to planning, you also cannot forget about one very important part of your relocation – your finances. A relocation from Baltimore to NYC is bound to cost a lot of money, and you wouldn’t want to find yourself with insufficient funds amidst your location. Similarly, you also would not want to find the NYC lifestyle too expensive for your earnings. So make sure you find a secure job before going through with the move.

Pro tip: make sure you have enough money in savings to afford the living costs for at least two months. When moving from one state to another, it’s very important that you have that feeling of security that saved up money will give you! 

Don’t overburden your long distance movers

Chances are you will be able to find many long distance moving companies NYC based that will be able to relocate every single item you own. And the same goes for movers in all US states. But you have to ask yourself whether putting yourself and your family through that is really necessary. Why would you fill out three large-sized moving trucks when two will be able to do if you just dedicated some time to sort through your belongings?

If you have no idea where to start with decluttering, how about you start with the room that’s always filled with junk – your garage? Then move on to your attic, then your closet, and then the other rooms in the house – you get the point!

Learn everything you can about housing in NYC

When moving from Baltimore to NYC, you have to be aware of one very important thing – you are about to significantly downsize! Life in NYC is characterized by living in small apartments that people sometimes share with many roommates. And life with roommates may not be something you were used to while living in Baltimore. Don’t get us wrong – this type of life can be great! You might meet your best friend or even significant other – one can never know. But one thing is for sure! Adjust your expectations. NYC might be a huge and crowded place, but a huge home is not something you are likely to get.

A piggy bank with coins around it.
Affording a spacious apartment in NYC might not be a possibility for you.

Exchange your driver’s license after relocating from Baltimore to NYC

Even though there aren’t a lot of people who drive in NYC, you might want to exchange your driver’s license after moving. You never know when you might need it and, hey, you might feel brave enough to try your luck on the streets of the Big Apple. In case you can’t imagine yourself commuting in anything other than your car, one of your main tasks will be to exchange your driver’s license.

You have a time limit of 30 days after becoming a New York resident. You will have to go to a DMV office, bring your out-of-state license which must be valid, and exchange it for the new one. At the DMV office, you’ll have to pass a vision test, as well as bring some proof of identity. After that, feel free to hop in your car and drive around NYC, getting to know the most famous sights.

Throw a goodbye party

You are making quite a long trip after all. Unfortunately, there is no telling when will be the next time you will have a chance to be around all of your friends and family. So why not use this unique opportunity you have at your hands at the moment? Throw a small get-together for the people you love most. But don’t let emotions take over you! There will be no place for tears on this big night! 

Light bulbs.
A farewell party is a great way to say goodbye to your loved ones and embrace the upcoming change.

And a housewarming one

Just because you left great friendships in Baltimore doesn’t mean you can’t have equally good friends in New York City. Quite the contrary. You might even make greater friendships after moving from Baltimore to NYC – you never know. And it can all start with a housewarming party! As soon as you unpack, go around your neighborhood and invite people to your party. But make sure you pick a day that will work good for everyone, like Saturday. This way, you will ensure everyone attends your party and you start making new friends right away!

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