One of the most important things people wish to avoid when moving is additional expenses. Whether it happens due to damage in transit or fraudulent or inexperienced movers, it’s something we all wish to avoid. And Verified Movers company completely understand this, which is why we offer you a safe choice of long distance moving companies Rapid City. Not only are we talking about certified and BBB approved movers here, but we also refer to long distance movers South Dakota with years of experience and a landslide of positive reviews from past clients. These are all important factors that can sway the direction of your relocation.

Why do reviews of long distance moving companies Rapid City matter so much?

It’s a matter of trust and reliability. In the hectic world we live today, and we choose to trust those that we can identify ourselves with. And so, what better to choose cross country movers South Dakota than to trust others that have experience what you are right now? After all – they have no reason to lie or falsify testimonies.

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There are easier ways to find long distance moving companies Rapid City, South Dakota.

It’s all out in the open – the good and the bad. And Verified Movers make sure to include each and every review because we know how much they can influence a decision.

How can you help long distance moving companies Rapid City on moving day?

A lot of people have their own take on whether and how you can help your moving crew. After all, they are professional long distance moving companies Rapid City and they know what they’re doing. But on the other hand, a helping hand is always appreciated and the slightest gesture from your end will always be appreciated and accepted with a positive attitude.

Whether you decide to help with the packing & unpacking or simply add a tip for the effort. All these are great and subtle ways to partake in the moving process and earn the respect of long distance moving experts Rapid City. Of course, the best plan is to make a great moving checklist and stick to it. That will save you – and your movers – a lot of time and energy.

Logistics: what customs procedures should be followed?

After you have listed all the items, furniture, household appliances and other things you are moving on your checklist, you need to check the list with a notary public and then in the customs. Of course, Verified Movers can help you on each step of the way.

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Life should be about happy memories, not worrying about long-distance move.

Also note the following:

  • The list of all things you carry should be bilingual – in English and in the language of the country you are moving to
  • A detailed list of items should be accompanied by your indicative estimate of the value of the items
  • If you carry more cash with you, it is necessary to fill in the application form for transferring funds across borders
  • Also, if only your wardrobe, furniture pieces and household appliances are among your moving items, it is enough to list and secure only these items
  • If you also carry books, artworks, pianos, or other items of historical interest, you also need to obtain permits to own these items

So, when it comes to books, paintings, piano, as well as other objects of artistic and historical importance, it is not enough just to list them. The following licenses are required for their relocation:

  • Permission of the Republic Institute for the Protection of Cultural Monuments for objects of cultural, artistic and historical importance
  • Permission of the National Library for publications
  • License of the Ministry of Culture for permanent export of cultural goods or for temporary export

Note: Each country has its own specific regulations when it comes to importing furniture and other things when moving. Keep this in mind as well, and inquire with the competent institutions abroad about everything you need for the country where your new home will be.

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Verified Movers can help you on each step of the way.

Which transportation to choose for a long distance move?

Before you start moving, you must also select the appropriate transportation vehicle for furniture transportation. Depending on the quantity of things, it may be a van or a truck, but it is also possible to choose boat and plane. If you are moving to another continent, an option that includes maritime and water traffic might be the most cost effective for you. However, keep in mind that, for example, shipping containers are large in volume and it is not worth it to rent them if you do not have enough furniture to fill them.

Van transportation

Van transportation is the right choice when it comes to smaller relocations in the city as well as out of town and out of the country. If you do not carry many items with you and move to the city where your new apartment is reached through the narrow streets, van transportation will be a great solution.

Truck transport

When it comes to moving more items or transporting bigger and heavier things, truck is the ideal solution in this case. Due to its larger cargo space and higher load capacity, which ranges from 3.5 tonnes to 7 tonnes of goods, the truck is a good choice for larger moving and heavy and bulky items, as well as for moving out of the country. If you decide to transport by truck during your international relocation, you should also be mindful of the fact that there are restrictions on downtown trucking in many countries, especially in Europe. That is why it is important to factor in the extra time for delivery of your things.

Expert Tip: There is no need to transfer just about every piece of furniture you own to your new address. If, however, you have specific and valuable equipment you need for your job, such as, for example, dental or medical devices, laboratory equipment or computers, and accessories, we recommend that you bring such goods with you. In addition, ensure that it is secured and adequately packed and secured for transportation.

In the end, all you need to do is contact Verified Movers for a free moving estimate. And our Rapid City movers promise to give you the best possible quote with a professional service. Call us today!