A boiling point for politics, a cultural hotspot, and home to 80 colleges and universities, the Bay State has everything you can hope for (and more) for the ideal American lifestyle. People, culture, history, and educational opportunities are just some of the reasons why Massachusetts is one of the most densely populated states. However, you might just have the luck of the Irish on your side. After all, you wouldn’t have ended up here if you didn’t. Because Verified Movers do not only have the ideal choice of long distance moving companies Massachusetts. We also have extensive knowledge in regards to a positive and trouble-free moving experience. On top of that, we can introduce you to cross country moving companies Massachusetts, if you’re in need of professional to relocate you out of states. Verified Movers has it all, so head out to our website and enjoy all the benefits it offers you!

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With the help of Verified Movers, no long-distance relocation is impossible

No matter where you’re moving or how far your new home is, every relocation is a complicated process. There are many factors that need to be taken into account, and planning a move can be heavily time-consuming. Searching for a suitable moving company is one of those tasks that can take a lot of time away from you. That’s where we can help you. We at Verified Movers are proud of our extensive databases that have over 20,000 moving companies. With our help, finding just the right movers will happen much faster than if you were to scour the internet and hand-pick potential moving companies by yourself. No matter where you are moving, to the end of the street, or to a wholly new city in your state, we’ll help you find movers most suitable for your needs.

A person on laptop, looking for long distance moving companies Massachusetts

With a quick search through our databases, you will find long distance movers in Massachusetts in no time

There are two types of long-distance moving – see which one is better suited for you

If your relocation requires you to move well over 50 miles, it is considered a long-distance move. Any other shorter move is considered a local move. Another name for long distance relocations is long-haul relocations. However, apart from the distance traveled, there is another classification of long distance moving, which includes interstate and intrastate moves.

Intrastate relocations

All relocations that fall under the category of a long distance move (more than 100 miles) that don’t include passing the borders of a state are intrastate relocations. So, if you are moving from one place in Massachusetts to another while traveling more than 50 miles, you should look for an interstate move. If this is your case, don’t worry. With our help, you’ll find a suitable moving company that will easily help you move within Massachusetts.

A moving truck loaded with home appliances

Learn the difference between intrastate and interstate relocations

Interstate relocations

Interstate relocations are all relocations that happen in at least two states. They are often referred to as cross-country moves. If you are planning to move out of Massachusetts and go to any other state, you will be doing an interstate move. When looking for movers best for you, look for cross country moving companies Massachusetts. Also, while this stands for any type of relocation, always check that the moving company of your choice is licensed.

Moving trends in Massachusetts

Americans are well-known as a mobile nation who change their place of residence frequently. People in Massachusetts are no exception, which is why long distance moving companies Massachusetts are always busy with work. However, a surprising fact is that more people are moving out of Massachusetts than in. The main reason for this is the pandemic of coronavirus. A lot of people are looking to move to places with a lower density. Some choose other, smaller cities and towns in the Bay State, while some even opt-out to relocate to other states. Massachusetts’s outbound rate is as high as 58%, while its inbound rate is 42%. Apart from pandemic-related relocations, some people move from big cities, such as Boston, because of its high cost of living. Around 22% of people who left Massachusetts said that it was because of their retirement, 4% claimed they moved because of health-related issues, and around 25% of people said they left Bay State because of family. Other reasons why people are leaving Boston and/or Massachusetts are lifestyle changes, job transfers, and new job opportunities.

A night photo of Boston

Fewer people move in than out of Boston

While the number of outbound relocations is large, that doesn’t mean that everyone who leaves Boston is leaving the state altogether. Smaller cities and towns in Massachusetts have seen a rise in popularity in recent years. Some of the places where Bostonians are moving to are Worcester, Springfield, Barnstable Town, and Cambridge.

Boston may be the largest city in Massachusetts, but it’s not the most popular one

At first, it might sound surprising that Boston is losing a lot of people. However, since the main reason for people moving out is the pandemic, these numbers might revert as the pandemic is through. Boston and its metro area lost around 37,000 people from 2020 to 2021, when the pandemic was at its highest. Worcester had the biggest influx of Bostonians, even before the pandemic. From 2015 to 2019, more than 13,000 people Moved from Boston to Worcester with the help of long distance moving companies Massachusetts. Worcester has a net migration of 1,587. Some of the biggest factors are the difference in living costs. The cost of living in Worcester is around 23% lower than in Boston. On the other hand, the average salary is almost 7% lower in Worcester than in Boston.

A street in Worcester

With the help of long distance moving companies in Massachusetts, a large number of people move to Worcester

Springfield is another city of interest for Bostonians. The biggest advantage of living in Springfield is its lower living costs. Compared to Boston, the cost of living is 40% cheaper in Springfield. Some other reason why people move to Springfield is a bigger choice of jobs, better payslips, and cheaper housing options. The beautiful natural surroundings and landscapes are also a big bonus. In the last few years, around 8,000 people have moved to Springfield from Boston. While that number is heavily impacted by the pandemic, the point still stands. Bostonians love Springfield. This city, also known as “Queen City of the Ozarks”, has a positive net migration of 3,186.

A photo of a Cape Cod Beach

Barnstable Town is famous for its beaches and stunning landscapes

While Worcester and Springfield are the favorites, at least to the Bostonians, Barnstable Town is worthy of a mention. With the assistance of long distance movers in Massachusetts, this smaller city has accepted almost 3,000 people from Boston. While smaller and calmer than its surrounding cities, Barnstable Town has proved itself as a warm and welcoming city. Barnstable Town has a lovely community and is a perfect place to raise a family. This city is known for its amazing educational institutions and stunning nature. The biggest attractions in Barnstable Town are the beaches, as well as many ponds and lakes.

Moving costs, and how to calculate them

Every relocation, no matter how big or small, will require a certain amount of funds. Naturally, long-distance relocations tend to be more expensive than local moves. However, the price can still vary. There are several factors that should be taken into account. Starting from the number of belongings that you are planning to move to the time of the year when you will be moving. Relocations in winter are usually less expensive than those in summer and spring. Also, moving on weekends can be more expensive than doing it on weekdays. Another big factor in your moving costs is the moving company. While their services might be a bit more costly, but it will definitely rid you of unneeded stress and labor.

Two women looking at the laptop, searching for long distance moving companies Massachusetts

Services from long distance moving companies Massachusetts might be costly, but they are worth the cost

Moving with professionals or DIY – Which is better?

Some consider the costs of services that the movers provide to be a bit more on the expensive side. In that case, there is a Do-It-Yourself option. However, keep in mind, that, while you will be able to do things at your own pace, DIY moving has a lot of downsides. You will be responsible for everything, from packaging, loading, driving the van, unloading, and so on. Also, you will have to find and rent a moving truck as well as any other needed equipment. Also, when doing a DIY relocation, you are at a higher risk of getting injured. You will be responsible for lifting and carrying everything, large objects and furniture included. Not to mention that you will need to acquire a moving permit, so you can find a place where to park the van while you are unloading the items.

A person loading items into a van

If you are doing a DIY move, you will need to rent a moving van

When doing a DIY relocation, many things can go wrong, especially if the process of moving is new for you. Sometimes, you will need to spend more money on dealing with the problems, than you’d spend on movers. Moving companies also have a lot of experience, and usually, they will deal with any problems before they can escalate and cause major delays.

Advantages of choosing professionals

  • It will save you both time and energy – Experienced movers will pack, load, and unload all your items much faster than you. They will also use the most optimal packing material. Meanwhile, you can pay attention to other aspects of the relocation
  • You will be stress-free – You can rest assured that all your items are safe and sound in the hands of professionals. And when any problems occur, you can count on their help in solving them
  • It is much safer for you – Carrying heavy boxes and furniture can take a toll even on the fittest of us. With the help of professionals, the risk of injury is almost nonexistent. Also, your items are less likely to get scraped and damaged if you are responsible for all the carrying
  • You might even end up saving money – While it might seem crazy at first, sometimes, especially for long distances, hiring professional help might be the cheaper option. When doing a DIY move, a lot of problems can happen, and dealing with them might be costly. Also, you will have to rent moving equipment, moving vans, and wheeled dollies. If you are relocating with a reliable moving company, their experience will be of great help when dealing with problems
Two movers from long distance moving companies Massachusetts loading things into the truck

There are many advantages of choosing one of the long distance moving companies Massachusetts

What impacts your moving cost the most?

As we have said before, there is no magic formula that can be applied which will tell the exact cost of your relocation. Some of the major costs come from distance traveled and moving services. Normally, the higher mileage you have to pass to finish your move, the more expensive it will be. However, Massachusetts is a relatively small state, so the chances are that you won’t be doing any extremely long-distance moves. On the other hand, hiring long distance moving companies in Massachusetts can also be costly. However, it is well worth the price. A lot of people are moving out of Boston, which has made top movers in Boston experienced and effective. Browse through our Verified Movers reviews to find the best worth for your buck.

Another factor that can spice up the overall moving price is moving insurance. Different long distance moving companies Massachusetts have different types of insurance. The price can vary, depending on the scenarios covered by the insurance. The second factor in the moving price is the sheer amount of items that you are moving. If your household is larger, it will cost more. Logically, moving a 3-room household is a lot more expensive than moving a studio. Apart from the number of items you’re relocating, their weight is also important. If you have a lot of heavy objects that are difficult to move, this will impact the overall price. Some of these items might even require special services, which are usually more expensive than residential moving.

Two movers carrying an armchair

There are many factors that can impact the overall price of the move

Compare the free moving estimates and choose a most suitable moving company

If funds play a big role in your relocation plans, be sure to check our extensive databases at Verified Movers. A lot of reliable long distance moving companies in Massachusetts offer free moving estimates, which will make choosing the right company a lot easier. Feel free to contact them or visit their website, and after sharing some info about the move, you will get a quote in no time. Do these steps again for other moving companies of interest, and compare the numbers. This is a great way to save some money when planning a move.

Costs of relocation within Massachusetts

If you’re moving from Boston to Springfield, you will have to move 90 miles. Nobody can tell you the exact price of this move, but here are some ranges:

  • Studio apartment – $1710 – $2150
  • 1-room apartment – $2050 – $2570
  • 2-room apartment – $2410 – $3030
  • 3-room apartment – $2810 – $3530
  • 4-room apartment – $3240 – $4070

Another popular relocation is from Boston to Barnstable Town, which is around 60 miles. Again, we can’t tell you the exact price for a move like this, but here are some ranges:

  • Studio apartment – $512 – $769
  • 1-room apartment – $769 – $964
  • 2-room apartment – $964 – $1,182
  • 3-room apartment – $1,378 – $1,797
  • 4-room apartment – $1,797 – $2,552

Putting Boston aside, some other long-distance relocations that happen often in Massachusetts are moves from Springfield to Barnstable Town. This is one of the larger long-distance moves that you can have in Massachusetts, spanning over 110 miles. Here are some proposed ranges of moving costs:

  • Studio apartment – $544 – $830
  • 1-room apartment – $830 – $1,055
  • 2-room apartment – $1,055 – $1,301
  • 3-room apartment – $1,521 – $1,992
  • 4-room apartment – $1,992 – $2,843

How to plan a long-distance move in Massachusetts

Every relocation, no matter the scope, requires detailed preparation. So, grab a pen and a notebook or open a file on your computer, and make a moving checklist. Write down each and every task, and deal with them one by one. If you give yourself enough time, the move will be a lot easier and smoother. One of the main tasks you should pay attention to is finding the right movers. So, don’t hesitate to browse through our databases and long distance moving companies’ Massachusetts reviews to find the most suitable long distance movers in Massachusetts. However, just keep in mind that securing a date with professional movers two months prior to your move is recommended.

A photo of a notebook

When you start planning for a move, make a moving checklist

Being in control of the moving process can be overwhelming at times. More often than not, people forget to do one of the tasks which can result in large problems down the line. Some tasks that you should consider adding to your planning list are:

  • Canceling utilities and contacting utility providers for your new home
  • Making copies and backups of all your important documents
  • Gathering medical records
  • Canceling all your location-bound subscriptions
  • Inform colleagues, employers, family members, and postal services about your change of address

Do a deep clean of your home

Deep cleaning your home before a move is always recommended. This will help you to start a new fresh page in your new life. Also, while cleaning your home, it will be easier to choose which items you can discard. The less you have to move, the more money you will save. You can give or donate the items you don’t need anymore. Also, hosting a garage sale or selling them on the internet is an interesting option. If you end up having a lot of items that need to be moved, think about renting a storage unit. There are many types of storage units that might be of use to you. However, before moving the items to a unit, be sure to deep clean them. This will improve the chances that your items stay in pristine condition until your relocation is done.

Doing a commercial move in Massachusetts

When we talk about commercial moving, many of the tips already mentioned still apply. However, doing a commercial relocation is a bit more complex, since there are legal steps you need to take. First and foremost, be prepared to do a lot more paperwork. If you want to start a business in Bay State, you will need a work permit. There are a lot of steps you need to take before you can launch your company. You will need to register your company, get a tax ID, obtain many licenses and permits, and do many other tasks. However, while it might seem overwhelming at first, this is a rather simple process. Still, we recommend that you do it on time. A lot of people are moving their businesses not only within Massachusetts but also from other states. The most common states from which people are doing a commercial move are New Hampshire, New York, and Connecticut. If you belong to a large group of people who are moving to Boston, or any other city in Massachusetts, in order to start a job, contact your movers and ask for a commercial move.

A man showing something on his tablet to a friend

If you’re moving to Massachusetts to start a job, contact long distance moving companies Massachusetts and ask for commercial moving

While there are many advantages to starting new businesses in Massachusetts, there is one large downside as well. And that is the corporate income tax, which is quite high in Bay State. 8% to be precise. Still, this hasn’t deterred newcomers from moving their businesses and trying out their luck. But keep in mind, if you want to get a license and stay lawful, you will have to contact the Division of Occupational Licensure (DOL). Each year, more and more businesses are started, which enriches the job market in this state drastically.

What services can you expect from long distance movers Massachusetts?

Every reliable and respected moving company offers many additional services which can improve the quality of your move. Some of the most important ones are:

  • Residential Moving – Residential moving is the bread and butter of every moving company. This involves moving a whole household. Residential relocation can be local, long distance, or an interstate relocation
  • Packing services – Long distance moving companies Massachusetts will offer help in packing and loading our items. This process can become time and energy-consuming, so be sure to ask for this service if you have other tasks that need to be done
  • Storage services – Relocating all your items can be troublesome, even on local moves. That’s why many professional moving companies offer storage services. You can rent a temperature-controlled storage space where you can safely store all your items until the move is complete
  • Commercial Moving – As we’ve mentioned before, commercial moving happens often in Massachusetts. That’s why many reputable companies offer this service, whether your move is local, long distance, or even cross country
A white van of long distance moving companies Massachusetts

There are many services that long distance movers in Massachusetts offer

Ask your long distance movers Massachusetts for special services if you have valuable and delicate items

If you have some items that require special care or are difficult to move, don’t worry. With our help, you will find one of the best moving companies that offer special moving services, such as:

  • Delicate art moving – Some valuable and delicate items require special care during transit. If you are in need of this kind of service, contact your moving company and tell them about items which need to be treated with utmost care
  • Auto Moving – Many prefer not to drive their car throughout the country during a move. Also, Boston is notorious for being an extremely car-unfriendly place. During rush hours, you’ll hardly move through a street, let alone do a complete relocation. If you don’t want to experience the stress of heavy traffic in Boston, reach out to your movers and ask for auto-moving services. A lot of long distance moving companies Massachusetts will gently transfer your car and all car-related equipment
  • Piano moving – Moving large instruments, like pianos, can be difficult, especially when you realize just how delicate and awkward they are. Luckily, a lot of long distance movers in Massachusetts are quite experienced with this type of moving, so you can rest assured. Take a look at Verified Movers reviews, and you’ll see which piano movers are the best choice for you

Choosing the date of the relocation is important

As we have mentioned above, it’s best if you get a date with long distance moving companies Massachusetts at least two months prior to your move. Of course, setting up a date is more than doable in a shorter time period. However, if you want your move to be thoroughly planned, give yourself enough time. It will let you calculate other costs of the move as well. Relocating in winter is the most affordable option, however, it has a big downside. Moving in winter, especially in the month of January, can be risky. Massachusetts is known to have cold winters, with icy rains and heavy snow. This might lead to unwanted costs and delays.

On the other hand, avoid (if you can) moving in summer. This is the peak of the moving season, and so many long distance movers in Massachusetts will have their hands full. With higher demand, the prices are higher too. Movers will have fewer vacant dates as well. The optimal time for a move is during late spring and late fall. This way, the move will go smoothly and without many unpredictable troubles.

Once you compare the quotes and check for all important moving services, how to choose the right company?

When you stumble on a rich choice of long distance moving companies Massachusetts, choosing just one will be hard. However, movers should be more than just hired help. You will need someone who understands just how big of an emotional burden a move can have. Also, movers should answer and explain every question about the complex process of moving. So, if all moving companies are excellent and efficient, how do you find the right one?

When deciding on which movers to hire, you can’t skip the step of checking their reviews. Always, and we mean always do a background check on the moving company. Look for their licenses and other important documents that can prove their validity. Genuine long distance movers Massachusetts will have all their permits and licenses up and ready. Every reliant company should put their customers’ needs and wants in the first place.

How to spot moving fraud?

Unfortunately, a large number of moving companies are only after your money. So, in order to spot these fraudulent relocation companies thoroughly check their licenses and permits. Also, sift through reviews of their ex-customers. No moving company is perfect, but if the movers don’t want to improve on their mistakes, you are free to go to another company. The are two big red flags when it comes to spotting fraud. If the movers are trying to force you to sign on a non-binding estimate, stay clear from them. In one way or another, they will find a way to charge you for a lot more money than they are worth. The second largest red flag is when they offer an unusually low moving price. No reputable and tested company would do that. If the movers are always in hurry, denying your calls, and outright rude towards you, walk away.

A stack of papers

One of the best ways to spot fraud is to check the company’s licenses and certificates

There are more steps you can take to confirm the movers’ legitimacy. When you contact one of the many long distance moving companies in Massachusetts, ask for their DOT number. This document will confirm that you are working with a certified moving company. Also, pay attention to other business certifications. Look for documents from American Moving & Storage Association. If the company has one, they are the real deal. You can also go online and inquire about the company’s reputation on websites like Better Business Bureau. Even if the paperwork checks out but you still don’t feel quite right with the movers you have chosen, trust your instincts. There are many other companies that can fill the space and ensure that your relocation is a successful one.

When choosing a moving company, reviews are your best friend

No matter how amazing a company might seem, customers’ reviews are the best way to be sure of the company’s merit. Go over long distance moving companies in Massachusetts reviews and you will have a much better picture of which moving company is better. Keep in mind that some companies are turning to hiring people to leave only positive reviews. However, more often than not, these fake comments are pretty obvious. Besides that, reviews are still one of the best indicators of whether the movers are worth your time and money.

A man working on his laptop

Before signing a deal with a moving company, be sure to check Verified Movers reviews

When you access the Verified Movers databases, feel free to check all the reviews of the company of interest. People who have had enjoyable and smooth experiences tend to leave good and positive reviews. However, although reviews are tired and tested indicators, still be sure to do a background search and dig out extra information about the company of interest.

Long distance moving companies by cities in Massachusetts

If you aren’t sure if long distance movers can reach your new or old home in Massachusetts, don’t fret about it. Here is a list of moving companies by the city in Bay State. Also, if your city isn’t on the list, don’t worry, because a lot of these movers will be of help to you.

FAQs about long distance moving companies in Massachusetts

When it comes to relocation, a lot of people are left wondering more. So, in order to save you some time, we have gathered some of the most important frequently asked questions about moving.

Which items long distance movers Massachusetts won’t move?

Any items that can pose a threat to workers or other items and equipment will be denied. Movers have the right not to load any flammable, explosive, and/or hazardous items into the van. This includes:

  • Gas cylinders and tanks (scuba tanks as well)
  • Lighter fluids
  • Fireworks
  • Acids and weed killers
  • Firearms and ammunition
  • Perishables (plants sometimes fall under this category)

If you are unsure whether the movers will move some of your items, don’t hesitate and contact them.

Should I be around during the moving of furniture and boxes?

It entirely depends on you. Usually, during the loading and moving of the boxes, a move manager is present to make sure everything is done accordingly. They will do the task of overlooking, so in most cases, your presence isn’t needed. With that being said, being around during the move is sometimes recommended, as you can give certain clarifications about some items.

Is it expected of me to help movers?

No. There is no need for you to get involved in carrying and loading boxes if you have hired a moving company. Having said that, offering a hand is always a nice gesture. Any mover will gladly accept any offered help. However, sometimes the best way to help movers is by giving them some refreshments. Also, if you have pets or children around, keep them away from movers, so that the movers can properly do their job, or even worse, so that the animals or children don’t get hurt. And lastly, sometimes the best way to help movers is to give them a tip. A good rule of thumb is to give around $5 to $10 per person for each hour of work.

If some of my items get damaged during transit, will I get money?

In most cases, yes. Before your move, even before you sign a contract with long distance moving companies Massachusetts, you will be approached with some options for moving insurance. They will cost differently, but some will give better protection than others, so study them thoroughly.

Will the movers bring their own moving equipment?

Of course. Every genuine moving company will provide all the necessary packing material and supplies as well as any moving equipment necessary. However, keep in mind that if you choose to do a DIY move, you will have to find all the equipment by yourself.

What should I do if I’m not satisfied with the moving company’s services?

If the movers have wronged you in any way whatsoever, feel free to file a complaint. Contact organizations like Better Business Bureau and Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. Also, you can leave a negative review which can inform other potential customers.

Turn to Verified Movers for professional moving assistance

If you are adamant about hiring quality long distance moving companies Massachusetts for your upcoming move, know that Verified Movers will be more than happy to help you reach them. Take a look at our vast database for all the important information you may need when choosing a company. Know that you will also have the opportunity to go through customers’ reviews, and thus get to learn about the quality of moving services first-hand. We are here to support transparency and honesty, shedding light on the companies that are truly worthy of your attention, while also exposing the ones that are not worth considering. Take a look at our blog for moving tips, and check out our database for reliable moving companies.

Facts About Massachusetts

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Popular Cities

Boston, Cambridge, Worcester, Springfield, Salem


Maura Healey

US Senators

Elizabeth Warren, Ed Markey

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By the Sword We Seek Peace, but Peace Only Under Liberty

State Nickname

The Bay State

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3,489 ft

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Sea level

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03. Education

Top 5 Elementary Schools

Milton Academy, Buckingham Browne & Nichols School, British International School of Boston, Bancroft International School, International School of Boston

Top 5 Middle Schools

Milton Academy, Buckingham Browne & Nichols School, The Winsor School, The Rivers School, Dana Hall School

Top 5 High Schools

Phillips Academy Andover, Groton School, Commonwealth School, Deerfield Academy, Noble and Greenough School

Top 5 Colleges

Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Harvard University, Boston University, Tufts University, University of Massachusetts Amherst,

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Crime Rate

13.49 (per 1,000 residents)

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