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    72 reviews for Tierney Van Lines

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    • Paul Bailey
      5 4 hours ago

      I could not ask for better service.... quick, efficient, and very respectful during an otherwise stressful moving situation. Based on 20 yrs. experience of moving within a military environment, this was the best move breakage, no lost items, no damages whatsoever. Thanks for a great moving experience!

      Move cost: $5000
    • Harry Albaugh
      5 4 hours ago

      Very nice move with this guys. My mom was moving to a nearby elderly care home. They provided excellent on-time and helpful service on moving day. they were also very good value

      Move cost: $2360
    • Logan Hale
      4 2 days ago

      The pick up part went really smoothly with such a professional team. Our goods arrived 2 weeks later and all the furniture was placed for us in a correct rooms and movers even helped unpacking breakable stuff like mirrors and TVs. No damage was discovered afterwards. I am very happy with the service.

      Move cost: $2156
    • Jacob Murray
      5 3 days ago

      Tierney Van Lines was very dependable, respectful and helpful. They never complained about the hot, dusty work and they put our desks back in better shape than they were in before the move! So glad we used Tierney Van Lines!

      Move cost: $4200
    • John Pena
      5 3 days ago

      Movers arrived on time and were very professional. They did a walk-thru to understand the amount of furniture being moved. Employees wrapped and carefully removed furniture without damaging walls and doorways. Highly recommended.

      Move cost: $3650
    • Elizabeth Gonzalez
      5 3 days ago

      Superb service from beginning to end. We used them for our move and we got excellent value for our money; good communication, they took care of everything and really made our journey completely stress free. Would definitely recommend!!

      Move cost: $2360
    • Mark Pierce
      5 3 days ago

      Excellent service given the current circumstances, a big shout out to the moving team on the day with a can do attitude.

    • Cody Romero
      5 3 days ago

      Tierney Van Lines were also exceptionally honest, telling me they took a lunch break during the drive up. They kept track of their work down to the minute, and even helped with a few last minute things at our request.

      Move cost: $2651
    • Chad Kennedy
      5 3 days ago

      Tierney Van Lines helped me move over the weekend, and they were wonderful. Movers showed up on time and worked efficiently to get me moved into my new apartment in the rain up a set of stairs. Thanks so much for making a stressful move a little easier!

    • Steven Gomez
      5 3 days ago

      Our movers showed up on time with a huge truck and all of the guys were fast, professional and most importantly very hardworking. They wrapped all the furniture and took apart our beds. Guys were very careful and respected our stuff as if it were theirs.Tierney Van Lines is such an awesome moving company and I would definitely use their services again!

      Move cost: $3200
    • Tom Holland
      5 4 days ago

      I want to say big thank you for Tierney Van Lines and his crew for the amazing service they provided. Active was recommended by our family member and our move could go any better. They were prompt, careful with our items and quick. Our stuff arrived as planned and we now will happily keep recommending this company to our friends!

      Move cost: $2546
    • Lee Junior
      5 5 days ago

      The movers who came did a great job moving everything into the second floor apartment. They packed and unpacked everything very carefully and even placed some of my items in the proper rooms. I will look forward to work with them again and will highly recommend them to others.

      Move cost: $3100
    • Ann Lancaster
      5 6 days ago

      This company has been amazing. They worked hard and took great care of our stuff. If we were moving again I would definitely call Tierney Van Lines company to do the job.

      Move cost: $2145
    • Lawrence Pabalunces
      5 6 days ago

      Tierney Van Lines really served our needs, had everything prepared and more. Really helped with the stress of moving. Very professional!

      Move cost: $1190
    • James Randall
      5 6 days ago

      Never hired professional movers before, always used friends and family, so I didn't know what to expect. I was very limited on money but needed the help. They did a great job. Got what I needed done in really good time and they were nice and respectful as well. Will definitely recommend!

      Move cost: $3340
    • Ronald Lowry
      5 6 days ago

      These guys were great! I had a relatively small move and these movers handled my items with extreme care and did everything I asked. Not a single dent or scratch was put on any of my big items. The price was fair for the work that was done. I will absolutely use them again.

      Move cost: $2160
    • Mitchell Christian
      5 6 days ago

      Tierney Van Lines did a seamless job with our move. Wrapped all our furniture with moving blankets. Wrapped the mattress in plastic. I think they went above and beyond. They handled all the items carefully while really hustling. Thank you.

      Move cost: $2130
    • Charles Whetstone
      5 6 days ago

      I am glad that I went with Tierney Van Lines. The pickup was simple and fast, and they fully explained everything. Scheduling drop off was also very easy. Pricing is as competitive as can be and I see no reason for myself to go with any other mover if I ever need to hire a company again. These guys are legit and know what they are doing.

      Move cost: $3240
    • Gary Jones
      5 6 days ago

      The crew moved my 2 bedroom apartment from Biddeford,ME to Denver,CO in 4 hours. Much faster than I had anticipated. They made sure to put every item where we wanted it to go, from the upstairs rooms, to the kitchen, to the shed out back. Nothing was broken, including crystal glasses and lots of ceramics. Recommended!

      Move cost: $3200
    • Andrew Wilkins
      5 1 week ago

      I used Tierney Van Lines to move my 3-bedroom house, and they were great! They were very friendly and did everything that was asked of them. They arrived when they said they would and even disassembled and reassembled all of our beds. The guys were polite and courteous. I would use them again and would also recommend Tierney Van Lines to anyone who is moving.

      Move cost: $4000
    • Roger Macias
      5 1 week ago

      Great experience.We moved from Butte,MT to Royal Oak,MI. The movers themselves worked their butts off the entire day. I would definitely recommend them!

      Move cost: $3200
    • Samuel Ware
      5 1 week ago

      Tierney Van Lines crew was amazing. We had a large house to move and each residence 2 floors. There was a lot of stuff but this guys maintained the highest level of professionalism I've ever seen from movers. They arrived on time, uniformed and ready to move. Highly recommend!

      Move cost: $2455
    • Chloe Green
      5 1 week ago

      I hired Tierney Van Lines for my move to Florida and they were amazing. The owner was a part of the crew which impressed me. I could see his passion in what he did and the values he holds for his company.

      Move cost: $2652
    • Lewis Timothy
      5 1 week ago

      I was stressed out about my move especially when moving companies were so expensive. I found Tierney Van Lines and thought it might be too good to be true especially given how affordable they are compared to similar companies. They exceeded all of my expectations. They are the best movers in the town.

      Move cost: $2210
    • James Greeks
      5 1 week ago

      I used Tierney Van Lines to move , and it went very smoothly. Tierney Van Lines representative on the phone was very helpful and patiently answered all my anxious questions. It was my first move so I was really afraid of the experience but Tierney Van Lines managed everything nicely. I had a 5-star move with them.

      Move cost: $3210
    • Markus Polovetc
      5 1 week ago

      These guys were total professional at their jobs. No hassle, no fuss, just a straight forward wish to get the job done. From when we first booked a home visit, to eventual move, cannot fault the entire team. They got their hustle on to meet my elevator bookings. The complimentary mattress bags and wardrobe boxes really came in handy. Will certainly recommend for the future.

      Move cost: $2450
    • Bob Ross
      5 1 week ago

      The guys were fantastic despite the weather!! Very helpful, enthusiastic and got on with the job. They managed to get us moved into our new home in a day even though it was a fair distance. Thank you SO much!

      Move cost: $3210
    • Richard Johnson
      5 1 week ago

      Great movers The movers treated my furnishings as if they were their own. Nothing was broken. In addition, the administrative team is quick and responsive. Everyone was friendly, helpful, and straightforward. The painless moving experience I ever had.

      Move cost: $2130
    • Joseph Salas
      5 1 week ago

      I loved working with them.They did such a good job working with me and taking care of my things that I have started recommending them to all of my clients.

      Move cost: $3500
    • Amanda Diprima
      5 1 week ago

      On the basis of my experience, I would highly recommend this company. I must say that they are highly professional and have the skills to make a client happy and satisfied. They made the process of moving so easy for me.

    • Olivia Summer
      5 2 weeks ago

      Flippin Sweet. New York Traffic jams are nothing more than a chapter in my past. Because im so sick of waiting in traffic. sipping coffee and just wanting to yell at the jerks in front of me. Where did you get your license from, a cereal box?

      sorry. had to get that off my chest.

      Tirney Van lines got me to where I needed to be. I'm living the country life far away from the city in Tennessee.

      I Got on the phone and we clicked. We got a price. We got a date. and we it wa in the books.

      The movers were chill. They did a good job handling my boxes. I'm just lucky they didnt break on them they were so stuffed.

      Well upon arrival, they all managed to hold up. One almost ripped but they noticed so we all worked together to get the goods into my new place safe.

      Move cost: $3000
    • Peater Broklowski
      5 2 weeks ago

      I am so glad that went over so well. I always thought that a move would be more exhausting. These guys really took hard work off my hands and put me as ease.

      Customer service gets two thumbs up. Very warm and welcoming. They greeted me professionally and took their time to really get to know me. Which i think is really important.

      Price was about What i expected. I'm not all that big on price. I'm more of quality since moves don't happen that often. But the quality was very good.

      Move cost: $3000
    • Devin McCarthy
      5 2 weeks ago

      Put this good deal in the bag. This price had me licking my chops. The hunger to save money fills my raging appetite for savings.

      They gave me a low price. I said lower. They agreed and off we went on the journey of my moving adventure.

      All went smooth as the greenbacks in they helped me keep in my wallet.

      Move cost: $2800
    • Barbara Nathanial
      5 2 weeks ago

      It was such a positive experience, I just had to share it with you all. Prior to this, the only move I'd ever done was local. So i threw the junk i owned in my car and drove it to the new place. But my work has caused me to actually have money to buy a ton of uselss junk. But i cant really convince myself to let it go quite yet.
      All those antique plates. I just couldn't get rid of them.

      So I called up Tierney. I told them that my endless stacks of antiques needed to be handled with the utmost care. If even a scratch were to land of these plates, I might cry myself to sleep for weeks.

      They assured me the plates were going to be okay. So I entrusted them in their hands. And the plates arrived undamaged. You don't have know what a relief it is to have that stress of my plate. no pun intended.

      Move cost: $3300
    • Franco Wessle
      5 2 weeks ago

      They had Very good service. I want to use them again for another move in the future.

      Until then, Arkansas is my residence.

      Move cost: $3100
    • Bella Montgomery
      5 2 weeks ago

      Smile across my face, I stand here a better person. Nebraska was such a constricting state. Maryland tastes of pure freedom and liberty.

      Tierney, you are my liberator. When their truck pulled up, i knew it was time to start a new journey. The journey was to where I always wanted to go in life, but never had the courage to do so.

      Tierney showed me that they could offer me a price I could actually afford to achieve freedom from Nebraska.

      Move cost: $3400
    • Jordan Usher
      5 2 weeks ago

      These guys did a darn good job. They really knew what they were doing. The heavy stuff in my apartment was no much for their brawn. their chests looked ripped.

      Seriously, customer service was on point. Believe me, they were very friendly. Just like my buddies.

      Move cost: $2000
    • Tyrone Smith
      5 2 weeks ago

      I moved in April, and all I can say is, they are the best! Prompt, personable, quick, patient, and courteous. If I ever move again, they are on speed dial. 5 stars!

      Move cost: $3000
    • Andrea Hill
      5 2 weeks ago

      Choosing Tierney Van Lines was a great decision. The workers of this company helped me and my family shifting without facing any trouble. All the team members were extremely trained and skilled. I would love to mention that they were handling everything with precaution and didn't take anything for granted.

    • Elliot Brown
      5 2 weeks ago

      Daniel and his crew exceeded our expectations. They finished moving our furniture to their truck and to our destination under the time frame given. They were very quick, careful, and courteous. We will definitely be using Tierney Van Lines in the future.

      Move cost: $320
    • Sieger Kartin
      5 2 weeks ago

      My birthday came early this year. This moving experience was a true gift. All it needed was to be put in a box with a ribbon on top.

      The first present was the price. only 2k for a local move? That's a gift.

      A free friendly consultation. The rep was a present!

      The movers arrived early! Another present!

      Everything went smooth as butter. Very good.

      Move cost: $2000
    • Suresha Saldis
      5 2 weeks ago

      Can I get a round of Applause for Tierney. These guys deserve all the stars in the world for my moving experience.

      The phone operator was very friendly. We talked and they assured me that this was the right company to do the job. I said okay.

      The movers were on time and worked quickly.

      The items were handled with care.

      The price was as quoted. Very good.

      Move cost: $3000
    • Gaynor Campbel
      5 2 weeks ago

      This was a hot deal. I called them up and got a price that was without a doubt within reason. We had an agreement and then it was just a matter of waiting.

      The movers showed up and were off to work. Two men going at it like their life depended on it.

      I will happily use them again.

      Move cost: $3100
    • Lillian Matta
      5 2 weeks ago

      This was a big move for me. I am so glad that I was able to relocate to my new home in west virginia. The trees stand so tall. And everything is not built up.

      I got the idea to go east to join up with my wife's side of the family. Wisconsin was where I grew up.

      Tierney was very helpful. The service reps were like little butlers serving my every need. They got me a good price, and scheduled a convenient time that worked for me.

      This moving experience was all I could ask for. No damaged goods. A good price and good communication.

      Move cost: $3300
    • Eddy Moxly
      5 2 weeks ago

      I am glad I choose Tierney. They did my family well. And I believe anyone who looks out for my family deserves good feedback.

      We wanted a new start. After a lot of research, we decided it was time to find a new home in Pitsburg. The food, the culture, and everything lines up with our values.

      We are hard workers. When I called them up, I made sure they were going to really give this job their all. I don't like my family just being another number. they assured me that no job is too small.

      Well, I gave them the thumbs up. Three weeks later, they arrived. It was the big day. I showed them into my house, and the move began. My youngest daughter asked who they were. I told her these men are going to take good care of our stuff so we can get to our new home.

      To my amazement, they got done quickly. The stuff was on its way.

      When it arrived at my new apartment in P.A, the family was thrilled. It felt like our home had truly come with us. They took their time to make sure everything was in the place much like our old home. Great work team. Great work

      Move cost: $3200
    • Dakota Hall
      5 2 weeks ago

      I am very grateful for your help tierney van lines. So I am here to give you the feedback you deserve.

      You are worthy of nothing less than 5 stars. For your professionalism, your customer service, and the general moving experience you gave me and my family.

      The team showed up and were enthusiastic to get the work done. from start to finish i could really feel the positive energy.

      Move cost: $3000
    • Ruben Saenez
      5 2 weeks ago

      The weather was nice on my moving day. The forecast had called for rain so I was a bit worried. Fortunately, the rain held off.

      The moving crew arrived and worked quickly to do their best to get it done before a downpour. I have a few goods that i was really worried might get damaged if the rain hit.

      But they worked fast and got everything inside. Within the next two hours, it did in fact start raining. But by then the job was done.

      Thank you all for working so quickly.

      Move cost: $2900
    • Shinta Hidayat
      5 2 weeks ago

      Tierney gave me the moving experience of a lifetime.

      It all started with an online ad. I saw the reviews were good and I decided to give them a try. I am glad that I did.

      I called them on the phone. The rep proceeded to answer the phone. We then talked. He gave me a quote and I took the offer.

      Within a week, the journey began. We started the move. The movers and the van were ready to go. My stuff was loaded onto the van and they were off.

      at my new home, the goods were unloaded with care. I could feel the love and soft touch of their moving hands.

      I will use you again if I need to move again. Until then, I will stay in my new home. Thank you

      Move cost: $3300
    • Lawson Yates
      5 2 weeks ago

      I was really looking based on how professional the service was. My main goal was to see my stuff moved without being damaged.

      I called them and they were very professional so I gave them a chance. The team was very professional in person much like the one on the phone that I spoke with.

      My belongings were transported and delivered in a professional manner as well. They were a very professional company to work with a good choice.

      Move cost: $3000
    • Harris Roy
      5 2 weeks ago

      Thank you Tierney Van Lines.

      I knew from the day I called you that this was the company I wanted to work with. we discussed price, set a date, and had everything in the books.

      The moving crew arrived early which never hurts. They moved all the stuff onto the truck without any issues.

      When they got to my new house, they gently placed the goods inside. No damage at all.

      Move cost: $2000
    • Sally Nelson
      5 2 weeks ago

      Good Bye M. Hello NJ.

      I finally have reached the end of my long job search and have landed in new Jersey. I make enough to be support my son and I. And i can finally give him the life he deserves.

      Thank you so much Tierney. Your on time move helped make this all possible. I could not have done it without you

      Move cost: $3000
    • Sarah Wallace
      5 2 weeks ago

      The Wallace Family is happy to call Colorado our home. We really wanted a change of scenery. Colorado is just how we imagined it.

      With my wacky work schedule, Tierney had to stay true to their 24 hour service and they did. They even came out and did the move around my schedule instead of having to fit around theirs.

      Move cost: $3100
    • Martin Maxwell
      5 2 weeks ago

      Sweet home Albama. This move was to my dream destination.

      Fantastic customer service. They were very responsive when I called them. They were very professional and kept their cool even when I lost my temper.

      Move cost: $3300
    • Hank Alexander
      5 2 weeks ago

      Darn, Skippy. Big ol' Red. my Ford, and i were planin to do this move. But I done went with this company. And thank the god lord in HEAVEN. They saved my soul with this great move. Much love

      Move cost: $3300
    • Franco Figarella
      5 2 weeks ago

      This deal was a whopper. i called the number on my computer screen. The rep said hello, and we got to talkin. the price sounded good. I always love to haggle a bit so i got the price down a little bit.

      The movers came out. Greeted me with a firm handshake. that's how you know you can trust a man. he assured me they would do me good and they did. They did good.

      Now I'm all moved. thank you hard workin men

      Move cost: $3300
    • Kristen Tommarass
      5 2 weeks ago

      Showed up on time and delivered all my stuff on time. Made my move super easy and hassle free. Definitely recommend them and will be using them again and telling all my friends to use them .

      Move cost: $1718
    • Suzanne Fish
      5 2 weeks ago

      My family has always told me to stay true to our last name. Fish for the best deals and good prices. Pulling up the names of all the companies I could find, I gave them a call. I asked them for the lowest price they could give me. No BS.

      Well, Tierney was able to win the price war. I gave them my business and I am glad that I did. It wasn't luxurious. But for what I payed, I got a good deal.

      If money is what matters, this company is for you.

      Move cost: $2200
    • Jackie M J21
      5 2 weeks ago

      Great movers. The pick up was on time it took them three hours to pack and load my entire house. They promised me up to ten day delivery and they delivered everything in only 5 days. The staff were all respectful an friendly. The price was great. I will recommend Tierney Van Lines to anyone.

      Move cost: $3210
    • Lupe wali
      5 2 weeks ago

      Im really satisfied with the service that Tierney Van Lines provided. They did the whole job for a good price. More specifically, I m really impressed with their customer service. There was a bit of a mixup but I called up expecting the worst but they were able to take care of everything at no extra cost. Cant go wrong with these guys.

      Move cost: $2213
    • Angelina PAi
      5 2 weeks ago

      I would like to take a moment to give these guys a round of applause. They earned each and every one of the 5 stars Im giving them. They provided me with dedication and hard work from start to finish. Customer service was top. Thank you to everyone here for the best moving experience I ve had. I hate moving but Tierney Van Lines most definitely came through and made it a bearable less stressful event.

      Move cost: $2130
    • James Hewitt
      5 2 weeks ago

      I can't rate these guys highly enough. A very competitive quote and a friendly and hard working crew. It was very short notice beginning to load the van. With a move from a second floor flat to a third floor flat - and no lifts - my only regret is that I could only afford to tip them a fraction of what they deserved.

      Move cost: $2130
    • Sherry Martin
      5 2 weeks ago

      Brilliant service! Amazing, worked really hard and kept on going. Thank you for moving us from a house to a first floor fat with no lift. I would certainly recommend Tierney Van Lines....great price too!

    • Jae Williams
      5 2 weeks ago

      This is my first big move and I must say this company was well organized and made it stress free. Customer service was great and patient with answering each and every of my many questions I had being this was my first time!

      Move cost: $1400
    • Emily Rose
      5 2 weeks ago

      Great company, made me and my moms move 10 times easier I would recommend with out a doubt

      Move cost: $3
    • Robert Spear
      5 2 weeks ago

      On the day of the move they showed up early and had me out of my place in less than an hour. They had me into my new apartment just as fast and were professional and clean the entire time. I couldn't believe it! I almost wish I were planning another move so I could use them again. In the meantime, you'd be crazy not to hire these guys.

      Move cost: $2300
    • Susan Jones
      5 2 weeks ago

      This is the way moving should be done. Excellent customer service and the guys make sure to answer all of your comments, questions, and concerns. I was not worried that our things would go missing or that there is any other issues. As a small move, they treated us just like a big move, we personally did not notice any difference in personalized service.

      Move cost: $3000
    • Jenny Jacox
      5 2 weeks ago

      Fantastic! You really feel right at home with this company. No pun intended.

      I did a teeny in state move to a new apartment and wow. Their price was cheap. The service was excellent. All of my nice big and fluffy rugs to furnish the new place fit on the trucks.

      Move cost: $2100
    • Ivie Hodge
      5 2 weeks ago

      Mega Van Lines is Superb. They really know how to make a customer please.

      The customer services was very good. The lady on the phone was nice. She even complimented the sound of my voice!

      The price i was quoted was good. it was cheaper than the others i called.

      the movers arrived on time. they moved my stuff without any problems.

      Move cost: $3500
    • Mike Wallace
      5 2 weeks ago

      This company did a great job! I was so happy with the service that Tierney van lines did I have to give them 5 stars everywhere

      Move cost: $2000
    • Kevin Lakin
      5 2 weeks ago

      Moving can be a drag sometimes. However, when Michael and John showed up, I felt relieved. They were very polite, careful and strong. They were done within the estimated time I was quoted, including drive time from the Auburn, AL to Phoenix,AZ This is a well-run, professional company from management to movers. Will definitely recommend them!

      Move cost: $2300
    • Valerie Coe
      5 2 weeks ago

      They arrived on time and Mick and John all showed up ready to move us. They were all polite, funny and really cared about our items and asked us where things would go. They helped even pack some items we did not get a chance to pack. I highly recommend Verified Movers as the company you choose for your moving needs.

      Move cost: $2300
    • Rafael Taylor
      5 2 weeks ago

      We just had a great experience with this company. Daniel and John arrived exactly when they said they would.They moved us with great care and even assembled our furniture back together. These guys are very careful and very hard working. Thanks guys! Will definitely work with them again!

      Move cost: $2400

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