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Rapid Van Lines is a trusted and reliable company providing affordable moving services across the United States. We have more than 20+ years experience in the industry and have managed to win several awards throughout our practice due to our high levels of professionalism. Rapid Van Lines specializes in long distance moving, warehousing and storage, white glove moving and commercial moving.

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105 reviews for Rapid Van Lines

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Jen Wal
6 months ago

Do NOT use this moving company. Ignore the good reviews. They charged us way more than expected on move in day and did not accurately estimate the sq footage. They picked up our stuff late from CA in July 2021. We requested our belongings in Sept 2021. It has been over 3 months and we have still not received our stuff. Horrible customer service. We have no idea when our stuff is coming if it ever does. Planning on filing a class action law suit or joining one.

Amber Sheffield
9 months ago

hey are great and get back to you until the day they pick up your items. The day they came, the guy was like there is more furniture here then you said. I asked him to tell me what wasn't on the form, he ignored me and went on a cubic square foot tangent. At the end of the day I was charged $2,700 more than I was quoted. I had to move and they knew that and took advantage! They stopped answering my calls, returning messages/texts and emails. I have been trying to get a hold of them for over a month now, nothing! A box is missing and nobody will get back to me! Unprofessional is what this company is! My BBB complaint was responded to. They stated that I had 33 more pieces of furniture and that is why I was charged extra! Um no! I have the photo of how many pieces and it was a total of 68, not 101 total pieces that they claimed. I was quoted for 61 pieces. So 7 extra pieces (4 of them boxes, the other 3 were the legs they took off of tables) cost me an extra $2,700. I will never do business with this shady company again! And they do work with 3rd parties, they told me they didn't. So some of my furniture is damaged because they move it from truck to truck.

chris clay
9 months ago

My name is Chris and I am giving an excellent rating to Rapid Van Lines to clarify the truth from text messages from Megan Downs.The first thing she claims is her estimate doubled well when fail to disclose all the furniture you are actually moving and when the foreman and movers come and see the inventory is significantly higher yes the price will go up as I clearly explained in our first conversation.The customer service was fine great in fact as she thanked me for assisting her with the date change form even after she couldnt figure out the docusign agreement using her reference number.Anyhow on 9/11 Megan says Chris "Did you mention that a manger would come to our house prior to the move date to get a better estimate of the square footage we will need"? I said I see your confirmation for your move is set for the 24th"and I don't ever remember saying anything about a Foreman coming out prior to your pick up date based on your cubic feet the truck size will be fine".Megan says "Okay I may have been confused with something else."She says.Thank you for clarifying!"When The foreman comes out with the movers I said he can go over the items or anything you wish to add and based on that cubic feet if it is more than the estimate than the price would go up according to the additional space she used on the truck,and if its less then you pay less.She on pick up day becomes beligerent with the operations manger Jim.The inventory she gave me over the phone was a far cry from what she with held from us and when the movers showed up the job did increase due to the excessive amount of furniture she added to the list for the foreman.She screams at the movers to leave,Jim said to them go have lunch until I can work this out with the customer.She at which point called me and I explained I was at the dr.with my wife having a bone density scan for cancer and I coulnd't speak until after the appointment and I gave her Jims number which she said I am not dealing with Jim or your movers.I told them to leave I am not paying more money.I said Jim text me you had double the items listed so you with held information to have a more accurate quote.Then she says you guys are a broker and I explained I did not understand her thought process and providing me erroneous information regarding her inventory and now has posted numerous false claims about me and our services.Everything was explained properly to Megan but yet refuses to be accountable for being hot tempered with the foreman and providing an inventory to me that was inaccurate.Unfortunatley just like the post office does not ship box's for free on their trucks or give away free space you pay for what you ship.Its obvious that Megan on 9/11 as she stated. was confused with something else. but she understood once clarification was provided.Once the foreman explained the price was going up due to her additional belongings her state of confusion made her upset and then went online to post information that was not true about Rapid Van Lines.We wish her the best and from my perspective everything was explained properly.Its unfortunate some customers just think we try to mislead or as she feels she was cornered by our company.When in fact she did not want to pay the additional space on the truck.She broke the agreement. I wanted to let everyone know I have the text messages saved from Megan Downs that clarify the facts.From her point erroneous information that she stated online to make us look bad, ultimately shows her lack of accountability and her statements are meritless. Chris Clay

chris clay
9 months ago

Chris Clay/ Rapid Van Lines Representative

Megan Downs
9 months ago

Never in my life have I experienced such poor customer service especially from management. On pick up day, they attempted to charge us over double what our estimate was, used a 3rd party moving company that had no Dod number, and whose movers left without picking up our stuff. When I tried to Talk with Jim, the Assistant Operations Manager, he spent the 10 minute phone conversation yelling at me, cussing at me, then apologizing because he was "thinking of another client.." just to turn around and cuss me out and hang up on me when I asked for them to work with us and help me understand why the quote was 3000 and the 3rd party mover is telling me 7k. Keep in mind we have a 2 bedroom condo in the heart of LA. To try and avoid this, I had asked Chris Clay, the original employee who provided us with the estimate, to please send a foreman to ensure an accurate estimate where he stated "that's not something our company does" forgetting that he had told me they offer that during the consultation process. When I talked with Jim, the manager, he said " Why the hell would I waste money on a foreman going to a small property like yours." To top if off, Chris Clay, the original employee who gave us the estimate, was MIA. He wasn't answering his phone nor responding to texts after he stated multiple times during the consultation that he would be there to assist us every step of the day. In addition, Chris also stated multiple times that any company that uses 3rd party vendors are unreliable just to make the sale. This company is a scam and truly tries to put families in a corner to spend double the money they quote them on all while cussing them out and providing no support or explanation. Luckily we have some time before our lease ends to find other movers and were not forced to go with Rapid Van Lines. Ultimately, they give you a low quote to sound competitive and force you into a corner on move day.

Rachel Flynn
9 months ago

HOW IS THIS COMPANY STILL IN BUSINESS?!? This is the most dishonest, unprofessional, and disorganized company we've ever dealt with! Words can't begin to express how terribly we were treated by every staff member, how much they ripped us off, and how they ruined our whole moving experience for a solid 2 months. We were charged almost TRIPLE the estimate we received to move from LA to Portland, lied to that it would only take about 4-7 business days to receive our things (when it took 40!), were never informed that they were just brokers so our things would sit in storage for over a month because they had no trucks, given no info from the reps on an estimated date of delivery, hung up on and yelled at by customer service reps named Trisha and Tiffany, only had 1 mover drop our things at 10pm (my husband and I had to carry in most of it to the garage), and of course had damage to furniture and missing boxes. Needless to say, we submitted a claim shortly after to report the horrible customer service, unethical business practices, and furniture damage...and it's now been 20 days with no response or confirmation they they've even submitted our claim to their insurance provider! Our next steps will be to file a moving fraud complaint with the DOT. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!!!

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