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Purple Heart Moving Group is a top rated moving broker. They have maintained a reputation of keeping a network of top of the line movers. Their prices are not the cheapest, but in return they promise their customers qualified, expert movers. This company has been around since 2016 and have since dispatched, supervised, and completed over 6,000 long distance moves.

Purple Heart  screens every carrier on a multiple level of verification. This is ranging from licensing, low amounts of DOT complaints, carrier reviews, and fleet availability. The quality of any companies services are always changing, based on the employees that currently work at that entity. For that specific reason, PHMG preforms a quarterly check on all their current carriers. That way if a certain carrier starts getting complaints, Purple Heart will catch it, and terminate their relationship with that specific carrier.

Purple Heart Moving Group will make the move as easy as possible from start to finish. Don’t worry about packing, they take care of the hardest part, disassembling and assembling your items. Purple Heart Moving Group will go above and beyond to make your move perfect. They have 24/7 customer service that is always there to help. Give them a call today to find out more!

Purple Heart Moving Group makes your move simple. Besides, don’t you want your time spent with loved ones? They have many contracted partnerships with storage companies as well that can find a clean, climate controlled and secured storage space for your move. Whether you need storage for a few months or a few days, they have you covered. Get rid of all of the moving anxiety because this company will take all the steps necessary to make your move flawless.

Purple Heart Moving Group is also one of the only relocation companies that offer twenty four hour a day customer service for any pending customers. Moving is a stressful time for many people because beyond moving they are usually buying or selling a home. While worrying about getting the electric shut off, changing mailing addresses, calling credit card companies to change an address, and a slew of other tasks that come with relocating. Purple Heart is the perfect broker to take the rest of the weight off of your shoulders! Stop worrying and stressing, and give them a call to set up your relocation!

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46 reviews for Purple Heart Moving Group

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Kelly Stanton
2 years ago

DO NOT USE THEM AT ALL COST!!!!! Wish there was an option to give zero stars! Okay where do I start, first this was by far the worst move of my life, and I have moved across the country many times. Pick up was in NY with drop off in NM. At time of quote, Will was amazing, made me feel great about the move, even stated there movers all had background checks (not true). They quoted me 1450 cu ft and gave me a 2 day window for pick up. Well the day before the move came and I had to call them multiple times to get a time frame for pick up, they said it would be the 2nd day (Saturday) between 8-11am, not great but okay. Saturday at 1150am came (after scheduled time) and still no movers, so I called purple heart and they had no idea what happened. Next thing I know the 3rd party movers called, said they were given the wrong phonr number so went to the next job 4 states away and wouldn't be able to come until Tuesday (4 days late!!!!). Mind you I had to be in NM for my new job on Tuesday! So they show up Tuesday and what do you know they smell like weed, now do what you will with your time but DO NOT show up high to a job high!!!! The movers got an inventory of my things I was miss quoted 450 cu ft (with the same inventory I gave Will) which equaled $4,000 more!!!! After they got everything ready they let my large toolbox roll off the back of the truck and damaged the entire thing! I called Purple Heart to talk to the manager, Chelsea, to explain how this was unacceptable, she said she understood and would look into it. To this day, 3 weeks later, i have not heard from her, and I've called multiple times to no avail. Onto the journey, they quoted me 12-15 days delivery. Well on the 13th day I called for an update, was told by purple heart that my stuff had not been loaded from the warehouse. That same afternoon I got a call from the long haul driver who said he was 1500 miles away, so he was on the road when they told me it hadn't been loaded yet! They got here 2 days later, super quick, I was finally impressed! The driver was polite, professional, just great. They unloaded everything and I found 8 items were damaged or broken! After the unload I did an inventory and everything was accounted for, at least that moment. While they were packing up to leave, the garage with all my tools was still open, well they took it upon themselves to steal over $1200 worth of tools from my garage! Needless to say, DO NOT USE THESE PEOPLE!!!!!

Sri Kolli
2 years ago

This was the worst experience I have had in moving. They underbid to get us in and the pick up company charged us 1000$ extra and the delivery date was delayed by 3 weeks and we had to stay in a hotel. The delivery was even worse, they couldn’t park their truck in front of the apartment and brought a smaller truck and charged another 1400$ extra. In the end we found some expensive clothes missing. Purple Heart wouldn’t answer or return calls after they get your money. They ought to be out of business.

Becky Hartema
2 years ago

Beware, this company is a broker and not an actual mover! They aren’t very forthcoming about that except in the fine print. They aren’t a very good one either. In my opinion they are more of a lead generation company than a moving company. They advertise and have fake high ratings on several websites just to get calls and collect money to send you to an actual mover. They provided no actual service. They have a good sales team, but that’s pretty much their only strong suit. We certainly regret not having vetted this company further before hiring them for our long distance move. Unfortunately we investigated them more in depth after our nightmare with them. We quickly discovered that how they treated us, is pretty much their standard MO. They tell you everything you want hear while doing their sales pitch, give a lowball estimate (and tell you it’s got a 10-15% cushion built in) and then jack the price up 50% the day before a truck shows up to get your stuff. Of course by then it’s too late to do anything else. If that was our only problem we could have lived with it. But unfortunately they faltered every step of the way. When the actual moving company PHMG hired showed up with a 1700 cubic foot rented Penske truck, after we paid for over 2200 cf, they refused to help us further. They feigned concerned, and said they would try to contact the carrier, and then we never heard back from them. Our phone calls went unanswered and when we finally did reach someone the next day, they told us they had met their contractual obligation and it was our fault because we didn’t give them a complete inventory. This simply wasn’t true! We counted every size of box, measured furniture, and even told them about every loose item right down to our granddaughter’s scooter! If they had sent the size of truck we paid for, everything would have fit. Fortunately our buyers were understanding and let us keep stuff in the garage until we could make arrangements to get the rest of our items. My husband ended up having to rent a uhaul and make an 1100 mile round trip to pick up the remainder of our items. On top of that, We were never told, that our stuff was being sent to an unconditioned storage facility in New Jersey, we were charged an additional $650 for plastic wrap, they up sold us an additional worthless insurance policy for another $750, they charged an additional $150 for moving a grandfather clock and then broke it, they strapped our mattresses and box springs to the back of the outside of truck, and a large number of our items were damaged. And apparently our items are only insured for .60 per pound and it’s extremely difficult and cumbersome to file a claim through the third party. We thought about suing them but found out (again in the fine print) that any lawsuits have to be filed in the state of Florida and that if we lost we were responsible for their attorney fees. We did file a claim through the BBB and PHMG did reimbursed us $500 even though they cost us thousands in unnecessary expenses and stress! Avoid this scam of a company at all costs!

Shawn Langenderfer
2 years ago

My elderly parents used Purple Heart to move from MI to ID. Throughout the entire process they have taken advantage of my elderly parents and the cost has been added at every turn. They doubled the cost at pick up assuring my parents that the two months of storage would be covered. When they called to have the load delivered the asked for $1100 more. Now they are saying they didn’t know where to deliver even though it was listed on the top of the contract. We can’t get anyone to tell us when the truck will arrive. They are lying about everything. Don’t let this company take advantage of you’re elderly parents.

Colette Robicheaux
2 years ago

SCAM/FRAUD ALERT. This is NOT a moving company - this is a company that makes its money by reeling in customers to then sell to other companies. They make money by booking you, not moving you. We chose Purple Heart specifically for the “customer service”— we did our homework and were sold when the company promised “3-10 day delivery”, “24/7 customer service,” that we would be “given a tracking number and our driver’s cell number so we could have up to date information on delivery.” These selling points spanned from gross misrepresentation to blatant lie. 24/7 customer service? You can call 24/7 but only about 1/5 calls is picked up, in which case a representative will either be a) outright rude, b) promise to call you back and fail to do so, or c) tell you information that will then make one of the rude representatives laugh at you for believing. Tracking number, driver’s number? Outright lies, customer service was confused as to why we had been told anything of the sort - you get 24 hrs notice about delivery. 3-10 day window? This means 3-10 days after your arrival date, which was not something they told us until we had timed our arrival date out to match the 3 day earliest delivery timeline, we are now looking at 7 days minimum. If you feel at all rooked by any of these deceptions, they will scold you for not reading the fine print on the pages long email that is sent to you only after you pay a hefty non-refundable deposit (for us, $850). Walk, don’t run - this is a sham company that contracts out to third parties, whose business model is focused on pulling in customers rather than providing an actual service. Pick a company that built their business by actually moving people.

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