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About the company

Purple Heart Moving Group is a top rated moving broker. They have maintained a reputation of keeping a network of top of the line movers. Their prices are not the cheapest, but in return they promise their customers qualified, expert movers. This company has been around since 2016 and have since dispatched, supervised, and completed over 6,000 long distance moves.

Purple Heart  screens every carrier on a multiple level of verification. This is ranging from licensing, low amounts of DOT complaints, carrier reviews, and fleet availability. The quality of any companies services are always changing, based on the employees that currently work at that entity. For that specific reason, PHMG preforms a quarterly check on all their current carriers. That way if a certain carrier starts getting complaints, Purple Heart will catch it, and terminate their relationship with that specific carrier.

Purple Heart Moving Group will make the move as easy as possible from start to finish. Don’t worry about packing, they take care of the hardest part, disassembling and assembling your items. Purple Heart Moving Group will go above and beyond to make your move perfect. They have 24/7 customer service that is always there to help. Give them a call today to find out more!

Purple Heart Moving Group makes your move simple. Besides, don’t you want your time spent with loved ones? They have many contracted partnerships with storage companies as well that can find a clean, climate controlled and secured storage space for your move. Whether you need storage for a few months or a few days, they have you covered. Get rid of all of the moving anxiety because this company will take all the steps necessary to make your move flawless.

Purple Heart Moving Group is also one of the only relocation companies that offer twenty four hour a day customer service for any pending customers. Moving is a stressful time for many people because beyond moving they are usually buying or selling a home. While worrying about getting the electric shut off, changing mailing addresses, calling credit card companies to change an address, and a slew of other tasks that come with relocating. Purple Heart is the perfect broker to take the rest of the weight off of your shoulders! Stop worrying and stressing, and give them a call to set up your relocation!

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46 reviews for Purple Heart Moving Group

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Dusty Roth
6 months ago

DO NOT USE. I didn't know they were a broker. They subcontracted a HORRIBLE carrier that jacked up our price by $3849.50 without documentation. Then, when I asked for help with working with the carrier's inflated pricing, they told me to pay the price or my stuff would be put into storage at my expense. I couldn't even put in a claim for damage (1700 pounds of damage) because their "expert mover" has an invalid policy and a bogus mailing address for claims. Trying to get any assistance from Purple Heart has resulted in what appears to be having my number blocked in spite of always being pleasant on the phone. I have put in complaints against Purple Heart at FMCSA, BBB, and, finally legal recourse. The "expert mover" also has multiple complaints against them at their state level and at Federal level, with legal recourse also.

Stephanie Rabinowitz
1 year ago

When I initially called Purple Moving Company, they "promised me the world” !! Michael, the sales manager emphasized on how they moved some famous people, and how they treat each customers items with the upmost respect and with care. I was also told that when they reach my new home, they would unpack and set up all the furniture as if they “staged” my house. They quoted me $4678.79. They came, packed up the truck, did not bring the right size truck, (after they were at my house and took inventory). I had to wait an extra day for them to come back to get the rest of my items. I made it to the State I was moving to and then contacted them to get my stuff. It was another company I had to contact to get my things. They would not deliver my things until I paid the full amount which jumped up to $11k ?!?!?!?! The movers put things in rooms where they did not belong. I had to move the boxes myself to the right room! Once I got my things and unpacked them, lots came broken. I mean A LOT!!!!!! Broken, cracked, damaged! They really don’t give a damn once they get your money! They also quote you low and won’t give you your items till you pay them in full (and my final price was definitely NOT what they quoted me). If you don’t want your things broken and damaged, and don’t want to waste your money, find another moving company !!!!

Alex Labib
2 years ago

TL:DR Do not do business with this company. They lull you with a reasonable quote and all the reassurances in the world that they will bend over backwards to make a process that's already stressful (i.e. moving) easy. The minute they have a deposit, they totally disappear. Customer service has no defense for the fact that they intentionally (and unethically, mind you) give you mis-information. It's also worth noting that at the end of the day, their role adds absolutely no value. They literally get paid a fee to subcontract it out to a cheap, sub-par mover and then wipe their hands of any interest in maintaining a good experience. Detailed Version I cannot stress enough how bad this experience was from start to finish. This company is INTENTIONALLY DECEITFUL. They schmooze you with the sales process - Josh called me every few hours, acted super accessible and gave me every answer I wanted to hear as a prospective mover...then the minute the deposit was paid, he disappeared and Customer Service stepped in (if you could call them that). They were stern and defensive...they started to tell me information inconsistent with what Josh told me. I even doubled-back with Josh at some point to which he told me "don't worry, you're in good hands; I've got you. I think you spoke to the new girl". Lie, lie, lie. (1) Josh assures you he will be your POC all the way through, even when they subcontract the move out. FALSE, he was never heard from again the day of pick-up onwards. (2) Josh assures you that their role is to make the move easier and help handle logistics. FALSE, they completely shrug responsibility off to the subcontractor and have no intention of managing the relationship. (3) Josh told me that legally he had to provide a "4-14 day delivery window" but that realistically it would take closer to 7 (I have in writing). It's now been 15 days and no firm delivery date in sight. The subcontracted movers defended that they technically have up to 30 days with no consequence. Every time I call, they reassure me "it will be on the trailer tomorrow", at which point it should take 9-11 days, mind you. (4) Josh assures you that all these things are "of course included" - packing, furniture dis-assembly and assembly - not that I even needed much of it...they picked my stuff up from a storage unit with almost everything packed. The one request I had was for them to help assemble my best upon delivery. Just based solely on the pick up though, I anticipate they will try to charge me a surcharge for it. (5) And this is frankly where things go really awry in my mind...they give you the name of a sterling-reputation mover that they will subcontract with...and then the day before the move, you find out (not even from Purple Heart, but from the movers themselves upon calling) that they've done a complete bait-and-switch…

Mariah Callon
2 years ago

I am writing this review so future costumers will not be taken advantage of like I was. I wish I could give this company negative stars. I have previously had terrible experiences with moving companies, so I was weary to move again. However, this company had some good reviews, and how bad can a company with the word "heart" in the name really be. Ohhhh how wrong I was. I got my initial quote from a man named, Josh Donovan. I explained my previous move situation to Josh, where I was slapped on with hidden fees at the end and my final price was double the amount of my quote. Josh Donovan assured me up and down that Purple Heart Moving Group would not be like that. Josh reinforced that AS LONG AS MY QUOTED ITEMS LIST DID NOT CHANGE MY PRICE WOULD NOT CHANGE FROM THE QUOTE. He said the previous company I used TOOK ADVANTAGE OF ME and was SHADY. He again said Purple Heart Moving Group was not like that. I also explained to Josh that my apartment is on the 3rd floor with stairs right outside my door, but the elevator was down the hall. I asked if I would be charged a fee for this because I was in my previous move. Josh ASSURED ME I WOULD NOT BE CHARGED FOR THE ELEVATOR BEING DOWN THE HALL. I hung up from the call with Josh after singing my contracted quote feeling taken care of and assured. Fast forward to my moving day. The foreman and the second mover entered my apartment. I was told they would go over my inventory quote with me. They did not. I was immedicatly told by the foreman there would be a $200 CHARGE FOR A LONG CARRY BECAUSE MY ELEVATOR WAS DOWN THE HALL. Then I had my items all loaded on the truck. I was then given my total price. I was quoted $1,811. The foreman came back and told me my total would be $2,793. I WAS FLOORED. What???? Almost $1,000 MORE. How is that possible. Now I assure you...NO ITEMS ON MY QUOTED INVENTORY LIST WERE ADDED. In fact, I TOOK AWAY ITEMS FROM MY QUOTED INVENTORY LIST. Yet, I was being charged almost $1,000 MORE. Mind you all my items were already on the truck, and I had to be out of my apartment that day and drive to another state for a COVID nursing assignment. So I NEEDED my items moved that day. Not to mention the second mover pulled me aside and said that THE PRICING IS INAPPROPRIATE and gave me the name of a moving help website, move rescue, to complain. Where did the difference in price come from you ask? Good question. That is what I was curious about. As soon as the movers left I called customer service for Purple Heart Moving Group. I even called Josh Donovan for some help explaining what just happened to me yet again. IT TOOK ME CALLING CUSTOMER SERVICE ALMOST 11 DAYS IN A ROW FOR THEM TO GET MY PAPERWORK TOGETHER. Never once did they call me back. They had the wrong paperwork sent to them. Then once they had the right paperwork they couldn't read it. Then they said they would call me when they had the right final paperwork. Instead, I got an email with my breakdown. They estimated me 286cf based on my quote. NO ITEMS WERE ADD. ITEMS WERE TAKEN AWAY. They charged me for an extra 239cf. THAT IS ALMOST DOUBLE THE CF ESTIMATED IN MY QUOTE AND NO ITEMS WERE ADDED. Don't be like me. Don't use this company. Don't pay an extra $1,000 when you did nothing wrong. I don't know how people can work for a company like this and feel good about themselves.

Darlene Lee
2 years ago

HORRIBLE MOVERS! Have moved dozens of times, including internationally - Purple Heart Moving Group is the WORST: 2 months late, broken furniture, LOST package of original paintings, shattered picture frame. Not a single update on timing... they could not care less about stuff, timing, service... any of it. Please do not entrust your stuff to them.

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