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31 reviews for Purple Heart Moving Group

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  • Tim Buttram
    5 8 months ago

    I have really never seen movers move so fast. The crew that arrived was so efficient that I was actually shocked at how quickly they finished packing up and loading our stuff. They made sure everything was secure both when carrying it and when it was loaded on the truck. Our whole home was loaded in a matter of hours. To top it off they were fast as well as careful. We didn’t have a single bit of damage. They were amazing. We will be using them again.

    Move cost: $3450
  • Kimberly Luna
    5 8 months ago

    I don’t often write reviews but I really wanted to express my happiness and appreciation for our experience. Purple Heart was professional and I’m happy to recommend them to others. I moved from Oklahoma to Texas and their estimate was so affordable! I was genuinely surprised with what a great price they came in with. It was truly a 5 star experience. The crew was so efficient and friendly. Honestly, they’re the best movers I have ever hired. Thank you so much guys!

    Move cost: $3800
  • Jeff Finch
    5 8 months ago

    The guys that Purple Heart sent to our home were absolutely amazing! They were so pleasant and easy to work with. They moved fast and worked hard. Each one of them was so pleasant and personable. They accomplished so much in the short time they were there. Honestly, I’m still blown away by it. I will definitely be using them when I move again. Thank you so much for all of your help. The customer service was excellent.

    Move cost: $5480
  • Paul D. Prince
    5 9 months ago

    Moving is always difficult but Purple Heart made it so much less stressful. I am so glad I chose them for my long distance move. Their customer service is nothing short of outstanding. The moving staff was highly professional as well. They arrived on time and delivered on time as well. Nothing at all was damaged. I have used other moving companies before and they always end up losing or breaking something but this was not the case. This was by far the best moving experience I could have had.

    Move cost: $4980
  • Delores Sais
    5 9 months ago

    We have moved many times and have used many different movers. We won’t be using anyone but Purple Heart Moving Group going forward. They were so professional and worked very hard for us. It was the first time I have ever moved where there was no damage at all. They were prepared, on time, and fast. Their prices are very affordable as well. They were worth every penny that I payed.

    Move cost: $6500
  • Xiaoman Duan
    5 11 months ago

    Thanks a million to Mr. Grevor Swan for your super outstanding service! I am so proud of you and I am impressed by your great intelligence and high professionalism with such wise advises. I am deeply touched by your generosity with angel heart full of care and love to others. We can't thank you enough! Grevor you are the Best of the Best! I definitely will introduce your best reputation and best service to my colleges and students at MIT.

  • Samantha Ann
    5 1 year ago

    I can't thank you, men, enough. What I thought was going to be a problem moving my mother in law turned into a. ... you guessed it, a Purple Heart Moving Group !! Seriously though, whatever was very expert from initial contact to them pulling out of the driveway. Mike, Barry & Charlie (sorry if I got the name wrong!!) were wonderful. The client, mindful, thoughtful, PREPARED and quick. There was never a rough or dull moment. We joked and worked all the time and it made it not the hellish experience it could have been. I highly recommend these guys for any size move. ONCE AGAIN, Thank you !!

    Move cost: $1300
  • Alan Clark
    5 1 year ago

    The best move I've ever had! Purple Heart Moving Group's crew were professional, nice, fast. I honestly could not have imagined a smoother move. Thanks a ton!

    Move cost: $48569
  • Elijah Davis
    5 1 year ago

    Just moved with these guys help. More importantly, each piece of furniture was wrapped with care. They were quick but careful and so nice. They were upfront about all the costs and explained every single cost and discount at the end of the day. Their service was excellent and the most affordable as well! Would definitely recommend Purple Heart Moving Group!!

    Move cost: $2100
  • Paul Powers
    5 1 year ago

    I was extremely impressed. I've heard horror stories about movers accidentally breaking things and that made me a bit reluctant to get movers. I'm honestly glad I did. Purple Heart Moving Group definitely changed my whole perspective. I honestly recommend Purple Heart Moving Group!!!

    Move cost: $2100
  • Francis Dey
    5 1 year ago

    Purple Heart Moving Group are awesome! They moved us in just over 4 hours. Great attitudes, warm personalities, jokers, and no smokers or break time. This company is reliable, honest, on-time, professional and we would recommend them to everyone!

    Move cost: $1400
  • Tyson Harper
    5 1 year ago

    They are quick, efficient and you don't need to take things out of most of your furniture either. They'll move it with things in them. They are also very reliable, have never had anything stolen by them. We are extremely happy with Purple Heart Moving Group.

    Move cost: $1400
  • Colby Dan
    5 1 year ago

    They did an excellent job at packing and securing them! I hired them for 4 hours and am just amazed at how much they got done in that time! I literally had them move all the heavy, bulky items and they just worked hard the entire time. Both movers were friendly and professional. I will be recommending this company and will be using them again!!

    Move cost: $840
  • Harper Sears
    5 1 year ago

    They moved every items carefully and efficiently. what I like is that the guys were considerate of the new flooring that we in the middle of installing and asked me if I have any felt pads that he can put on the dresser as to not damage the floors. I appreciate that a lot! Most movers staff don't care. So thank you so much guys! We will definitely use them again.

    Move cost: $1400
  • Lawerence Doyle
    5 1 year ago

    We really appreciated their reliability - they always arrived on time, and worked diligently until the move was completed. Additionally they came up with a creative solution to a complex move; we are very grateful for their professionalism. We highly recommend them!

    Move cost: $1850
  • Josh Marsh
    5 1 year ago

    These 3 are the BEST!!! They were professional, patient, and very helpful. They were also quick and efficient. They deserve a raise! I'm serious! If you're looking to hire movers, hire these guys!! They are worth every penny! Yeee!

    Move cost: $1249
  • Alcott Brown
    5 1 year ago

    The quote was very reasonable- in fact the guys were so efficient, we came in under budget! Purple Heart Moving Group showed up on moving day on time and quickly accessed the household. They protected all of our valuables and the door frames,etc. They moved our furniture and even rearranged a few things for us, a big help. We highly recommend Purple Heart Moving Group!

    Move cost: $2600
  • Philip Gatee
    5 1 year ago

    I am happy to say the guys were the exception to the rule. They were professional, courteous, polite, and took very good care of my things. They really set the example for other moving companies to follow. I will definitely use these guys again and hope others do to.

    Move cost: $2100
  • Rahul Dhawan
    5 1 year ago

    Purple heart moving group are dependable and trustworthy movers! They are focused on getting the job done in a time-efficient manner. There were two teams involved and everything was coordinated perfectly. They’ve arranged for a proper storage facility for my items. Their efficiency was very impressive. Each step of the move was taken care of and planned properly in advance. Overall, I’m glad I met these movers and I’m sure I will be contacting them in case I have to move house again. There were no issues with them whatsoever and I’ll be happy to share my positive experience with everyone looking for an honest moving company.

    Move cost: $1500
  • Nick Phillip
    5 1 year ago

    They provided a complete quote that was reasonable, easy scheduling and answered all my questions up front. Showed up on time with 3 guys and the truck, as quoted. They quickly and efficiently moved everything out of my old apartment and into my new apartment. The guys were clean cut, friendly, professional and so easy going. Made a stressful time a little easier for me.

    Move cost: $2100
  • Dave Givens
    5 1 year ago

    I had four guys that were assigned for the move and they were all very professional and efficient. The move went smoothly and I appreciate the care they provided with moving my stuff. Price was good as well. I would highly recommend this company.

    Move cost: $2200
  • Kriszta Csamango
    5 1 year ago

    Purple heart moving group movers ensured safety of my belongings during transport. Each item was delivered in good condition. They were a reliable support during the challenging period of the move. We had a smooth communication both with customer care and movers. I received a quote where all additional services and items were listed. Luckily, there were no unexpected situations, weather conditions were mostly fine, so there weren’t major delays. I’m very satisfied with how the entire move was performed and all I can say now is that I will be using their services again. Purple heart moving group, you are the best!

    Move cost: $2100
  • Macky Lobo
    5 1 year ago

    These guys are amazing. They showed up on time, 5 man crew they worked extremely hard and efficiently. They packed/ unpacked everything carefully. I would not hesitate to work with them again in the future. It was a great experience.

    Move cost: $2100
  • Tom Gonder
    5 1 year ago

    Purple heart moving group movers showed an impressive dedication and professionalism during my recent move. Both pick-up and delivery teams were great, arrived on time and handled my items with the utmost care. I haven’t retrieved my items from the storage unit yet, but I believe that everything will be just fine with my items. They used quality packing materials so I have no doubt that my items will be safe while in storage. They are hard-working and diligent professionals who were able to guide me through the process. I really appreciate their help and I will be more than happy to recommend them to everyone I know.

    Move cost: $2500
  • Dave Givens
    5 1 year ago

    They treated my furniture like their own and made sure that everything was in its place before they left. Would use them again for any move and recommend them to all my friends. Keep on!

    Move cost: $2800
  • Kane Mason
    5 1 year ago

    I submitted a request from a quote online for a Cross Country move from NC to WA. About 100 different companies started calling me saying they would discount my move up to 60%. I found this to be very skeptical. I then searched for the best moving companies in the country. Purple Heart was on a few of the lists. I called them, I had a representative walk me through an inventory. They gave me "Binding Estimate" of $4,913.19. I paid my deposit and scheduled my move. On move day the crew arrived and I met the driver. He walked through the home and told his guys to get to work. They were very professional and very fast. I could not believe how awesome these movers were. The delivery was fairly quick seeing as it is almost a 3,000 mile move. The best part about all of this, my previously agreed "binding price" was lowered about $800! I will be recommending all of my friends and family to this group. Id give them 6 out of 5 if I could.

    Move cost: $4150
  • Philip Gatee
    5 1 year ago

    Awesome experience! Extremely competitive rate and the movers were kind, careful and efficient. Would use again and recommend in an instant.

    Move cost: $2800
  • Anthony Bray
    5 1 year ago

    I needed to move for my first job and Purple heart moving group helped me a lot. As I had no experience in moving house I didn’t know what to expect and how to arrange everything. I just knew that I had to transfer my precious medical equipment safely and I couldn’t do it by myself. It turned out that choosing Purple heart moving group was the right decision since they took care of each aspect of the move carefully. I had my items delivered without a single scratch. Thanks to them I was able to resume my routine immediately after the move since I wasn’t overly stressed out. They are the best!!!

    Move cost: $1200
  • Anica Albert
    5 1 year ago

    Purple Heart Moving Group moved us last week and it was a great experience. Their sales team answered the phone when I first called and scheduled us on the date desired, only one week out at that time. The moving crew arrived 8:00 AM on time, did a walk-through to size it up and immediately started to work. We were moving a sizable house and knew we would need two truck loads, which still ended up being significantly less than other estimates we received. They worked extremely hard all day long, taking only a short break for lunch. They were very careful, accommodating and a pleasure to work with. It really was amazing how much they packed into each truck. I would call them again without hesitation and highly recommend them!

    Move cost: $4990
  • Donna McMahon
    5 1 year ago

    A complete pleasure! Purple Heart moving group told me they were a moving Broker up front, and gave me an option of levels of service. I told them I really am not paying attention to the price, but im looking for a RELIABLE mover that can get me to Texas before Oct 1. Now im a military wife and I know that going through a company directly is a tough choice.. Purple Heart assured me that these guys do half of their work and I will love the service..

    Well that was exactly it. They sent a company called Moving Kings, and they were flawless. Frank, Gerson and Denys worked like ive never seen before!! These guys packed my kitchen, closets and everything else the first day. Every box was labeled with what belongings it had, which room it was to go to and they had special red fragile stickers for my glassware. The next day they came back to get the furniture out. Now let me tell you.... these arent movers thatll just pick your crap up and put it on the truck. They blanket and pad wrapped every single thing, than they saran wrapped all the blankets in place. I literally couldnt see the color of my purple couch because every INCH was covered.

    Delivery took 12 days which I was made aware of and agreed to. Purple Heart Moving Group had a more expensive option for direct shipping, but I wasnt really in a rush to get my things anyway. Everything came perfect except a table lamp. The glass broke on the top of the lamp but thats honestly the least of my worries for having to move my whole life to texas with 2 weeks notice from my boss.

    Anyway 5+++ stars Purple Heart Moving Group!

    ProTip from a frequent military moving family. Tell whatever mover you are going to use about every single piece of furniture!! Tell them about stairs, or packing. When you dont tell a company about every detail, thats when theres upcharges on move day.

    Move cost: $7850
  • Alejandra Ortiz
    5 2 years ago

    Purple Heart Moving Group went above and beyond for me. I actually had way more boxes and items than I thought, but they were able to get a second truck sent out within a hour! WOW! No notice, no problem with these guys. Thanks again Purple heart Moving Group, me and my mother would have been stranded without you guys.

    Move cost: $3739

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