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Gold Standard Moving and Storage is a full-service moving company with more than a decades worth of experience in the moving industry. We work with only the best in the business, providing you with a guarantee that your belongings will arrive at your new home safely and intact.

We deal with residential local and long-distance relocations, as well as international moves and commercial moves for your business. Among our list of services are a piano moving service, professional packing, and unpacking. Gold Standard Moving and Storage will also provide you with moving supplies as well as a 30-day free storage period – to keep all your items in a safe place while you deal with the pain of moving. We pride ourselves in being trusting and transparent, unlike other moving companies we won’t bill you anything aside from what was discussed.

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110 reviews for Gold Standard Moving and Storage

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Jennifer Delzer
5 months ago

They would not take a credit card, took the money, then could not fulfill the contract. They authorized a refund which would take 30 days, however 6 months later, I still haven't recieved it and I have been told it will take another 30-60 days. I don't think I will ever get my money. I had to use UHaul to move. So the move cost me close to $7000 thanks to this scam. STAY AWAY. They sound promising and caring, but are not.

Danielle Catron
6 months ago

I paid over 1,000 and cancelled my contracted within the timeframe. It has been 3 months and I am still waiting on my refund. I’m not sure how I am waiting so long when I didn’t use their services.

Alyssa Ricken
6 months ago

DO NOT USE THIS MOVING COMPANY! It is a scam. We asked for an estimate and paid an up front cost of $3,543. After we received the estimate, we found another moving company that would be able to do it sooner for the same price, so we cancelled our contract with Gold standard moving and storage. We were well within the 10 day refund period and should have had that deposit refunded. We received an email that said "refund approved" and we should be receiving that refund within 12-14 days. That was in July of 2021. It is now December 29th and we have not received a refund. We have called multiple times over the last few months only to have an angry customer service person tell us "it's coming!" unfortunately we read the negative reviews after giving them money. It seems many other customers have experienced this. Do not engage with this company. Do not give them any money.

Sharon Connolly
7 months ago

This moving company is doing me wrong. I got a quote and provided all the information to the person giving me the quote, thinking he would be honest and provide me with a good quote and make sure everything was done above board. I was hesitant and he assured me that everything would be ok. The quote was $3500 and I agreed to it. I then get a QA call and took off two large things and added smaller items and now I am being asked to pay an additional $1300 or not move my stuff. They said they are adding $1300 because I added 116 cu ft to this move. My original quote is $4.69 a cu ft to move but to add an additional 116 cu ft they are charging me $11.20 per cu ft taking my quote back up to the original price that they quoted before the discounts they offered me. I believe they are being shady and I just don't have the extra money. So I was told that I can either just take what will fit and leave the rest or cancel my move with them and forfeit my $1293 down payment. I was also hung up on with the QA person, he didn't want to hear that I was upset and couldn't afford it. Forfeit the money or move what will fit - that was his answer. For a company that is supposed to be professional and family owned, it sure doesn't seen like it. I've got a very bad taste in my mouth over this moving company and so I will say - buyer beware. If you want someone to add additional charges when it is time to move, then these are your people.

Jorge Seda
7 months ago

DO NOT, DO NOT, DO NOT do any business with this company. All the negative reviews are 100% accurate. We just had our experience with them a few days ago. Yes, they are a broker so they sell the contract to another company that upon arrival charge you way more than you were quoted. They are unprofessional and a rip off. The agent that spoke with us, Andrew Hill, sounded very professional on the phone making it look like we dont have anything to worry about. We TOLD him, we have a 4 bedroom house and a full garage and an upright piano. He said, is no problem, we usually send 4-5 people the day of the move and we have a lift for the piano. HA, what a joke. They contracted to WePack Uship(i will get to them in a minute) who showed with only 2 guys and a 26ft truck!! Really!! Then in top of all that, we were told that we didnt pay for the entire truck; only 3/4. Again, really? When I was very specific and told them what we had. They said, well, we give you a quote for XXXX cubic feet. We are like, we dont move like this all the time, how am I supposed to know how much room it will take, THAT IS YOUR JOB!!!! And Andrew Hill was nowhere to be found the day of the move. I called him a few times (we straight to voicemal) and send an email. No response as of today. So after much discussion with them, we were left at our luck. WePackUship was no better; only good thing about them was that what they ended up packing was well packed. At the end of the original packup we had to pay an extra $1300 due to their negligence plus I had to rent a UHAUL truck to pack the rest of our household goods and drive them up to Maryland, which cost and additional $1000 after it was all said and done. Upon arrival at my location, the foreman for WePackUship told my wife that they dont deliver boxes upstairs that since they didnt pack it, they wont put it upstairs. I was, what? Then he brings out a piece of paper showing that. That particular piece of paper, before I signed it, I asked him and said "we have stairs in the new house" he said "dont worry about that, that is if we have to park the truck a further distance and climb an extra amount of stair". So taking his word, I signed. BIG MISTAKE!!! They offloaded all of our belongings from the truck, left all the boxes on the first floor and that was it. When I confronted him yesterday, he gave me this look like "what are you talking about". It was hard not to loose my cool and do something that would have gotten me in trouble. So, ended up spending over $7000 on a move that we ended up doing a lot of work that we were trying to avoid in the first place. SO, AVOID Gold Standard Moving and Storage at all cost and dont trust WePackUship. They are dishonest companies.

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