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    81 reviews for Black Bear Moving and Storage

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    • Alexis Martin
      1 1 week ago

      Black Bear Moving and Storage has given me BY FAR the WORST moving experience I’ve ever had.
      What was originally supposed to be $1,400 to pack, move, and unpack my one bedroom apartment ended up costing me $3,200 with random fees that they would spring on me with at the last moment, knowing I did not have time to argue or look for another company to move with. Some extra things they charged me for:
      $1,100 extra because they claimed I had more “stuff” than I had originally told them I had (which isn’t true, I came from a 500 sq ft apartment with no appliances).
      & another $500 just to unload my belongings into my new apartment which was supposed to be included. If I did not pay, they would not give me my things.
      Not to mention they were a week late delivering my belongings.
      And even with me paying over double the amount they originally quoted me, they were still rude and unprofessional every time I called with questions.

      Move cost: $3200
    • Tomomi Ito
      1 3 weeks ago

      PLEASE IF YOU ARE IN THE STRESSFUL PROCESS OF MOVING PLEASE DO NOT ADD MORE INCONVENIENCE BY DEALING WITH THIS MOVING COMPANY!!! LONG STORY SHORT they charged us over 4 x the original estimate they gave us (fine), we need to move and we have no choice, next they did not show up till one week after they were originally scheduled to show up for drop off. When they showed up it was a whole different crew from the original crew, unloading boxes inside the house without unpacking or checking for any damages! We brought it up to the movers that they were to assemble all furnitures they disassembled and they told us it's not their job and they will have to call their boss. Well they did and were instructed to assemble our furnitures that they disassembled! (DUH) TO TOP IT ALL OFF in the middle of assembling the furnitures they took off...YES TOOK OFF WITHOUT A WORD. THE WORST THE MOST UNPROFESSIONAL COMPANY I EVER DEALT WITH! I was speechless...I was never screwed over by a company like this ever before. Couple months go by we play phone tag with them regarding all the DAMAGES & MISSING ITEMS and after months of excruciating back and forth AGAIN they told us they will pay us $178.20 whole cents for all the damage, missing items, and inconvenience. Now we are at a point that we have no other choice but to get our lawyer involved...They did not fulfill the contract. I just want to warn others honestly about this company and please PLEASE don't make the same mistake I did...

      Move cost: $10000
      5 3 months ago


      Move cost: $33250
    • Vanessa Ziembroski
      1 4 months ago

      Black Bear Moving and Storage: A predatory company!!! BEWARE! My son moved from LA back to KY and I should have seen the red flags from the onset. 'Kind of vague descriptions' they advised me to be very thorough so instead of saying queen size bed I put Platform Storage bed with four drawers, mattress and boxsprings~ No I didn't say caster wheels on each drawer but you get the picture~They said we had 60some items instead of the 30 we listed.....because they listed each side rail (2), headboard, footboard(2), mattress/box springs(2) and 4drawers(4)=10 Though I have the email to prove what I said. They upped our cost by almost 50% as my son is pulling out of the drive (It was a horrible experience. We were told we had to be prepared to pay that day the driver told my son he could not process a payment by check OR credit card~we were advised someone would call us the next day~they never did, then sent an email saying we neglected to meet our obligation. Then there were all the symbols and letters next to items that looked from my perspective that they were stating they were 'M'arred or 'D'amaged (they would never tell me what the letters stood for-It didn't seem like it could be anything but damaged) but my son had only had this apartment for a short time and had everything new~thank God we took photos! We had approximately 20% of our items damaged. No surprise there! Then on the delivery side things were even worse! The guy called for a delivery on Friday, 8am"ish" by 12:30 it was raining hard and no sign of Joseph. We called the company and they advised us to be patient because we were the ones to cancel the Thursday delivery window! I could not believe it! That is also why he had NO HELPERS!! You can't make this up!!! Be prepared to be 'talked over' when you call to complain~it is like an auctioneer...on a roll!! The key to customer service is listening to someone! I was told I was racist because i dared to imitate his aggravated screaming. He said he couldn't make it down our street though we are a commercial property and have 18wheel 53' rigs making deliveries here 30weeks out of the year. This guy had the audacity to say he was unloading our things on Main street (where he stopped to take a picture to send to the company, saying 'No Trucks' no where near the route he would take to our property. So in closing save yourself a LOT of HEARTACHE, AGGRAVATION and TEARS!! Scroll right on by their contact numbers or I can PROMISE you'll be sorry. Happy hunting. #moversugetwhatupayfor #buyerbeware #ifitsoundstoogoodtobetrueitis #predatorybusiness #liarbeware

    • Alisa Rose
      1 5 months ago

      Awful experience with this company. Poor communication, bait and switch schemes like doubling our estimate on move day, broken furniture on arrival, unexpected delivery, and lack of responsiveness. They also hired yet another party to deliver, charged more for a uhaul to be used and sent skinny men who were obnoxious aggressive and spoke no English to dump our stuff in our home and refuse to take the packing materials with them. We STILL have not received our money back for a second stop delivery service we did not use bc the delivery men were inept. They have been completely unhelpful in repairs of damages, and refund. Do not use this company.

      Move cost: $8000
    • Steve Jackson
      5 5 months ago

      I couldn't be more satisfied with any other company than this! They are so professional and transparent. Every member of the team was so helpful and friendly. I highly recommend them.

      Move cost: $3500
    • Cesar Meller
      5 6 months ago

      As per my experience, they are such a great company cause they made my move so fast and with great customer service.

      Move cost: $4000
    • Karen Gottheimer
      1 6 months ago

      So many levels of nightmare! Black Bear lied about my load size to try to increase the final move price by $2,147.50, then did not wrap or otherwise protect many items I told them were valuable antiques, even though I asked them to multiple times. My first delivery was rescheduled because I did not respond to a call within 1 hour and 15 minutes, informing me the delivery would be that evening, then I had another 3 no call/no shows for delivery over the course of 8 days. When my items finally arrived, (late), they were held hostage on the truck for 1 ½ hours while they tried to force me to give the driver cash I didn’t owe, and when they unloaded, over ½ of furniture and dishes were destroyed or damaged. My new home doors and doorframes were damaged, a creepy non-mover day laborer picked up off the streets of LA in the wee hours of the morning was left unsupervised in my house for hours, and I was harassed to take down my initial yelp review. Subsequently, Chris, the sales manager, after reams of unanswered emails, said Black Bear wanted to make things right, and offered $1750 in lieu of insurance money to cover my damages. When I told them that didn’t even come close to covering things, and wasn’t even the amount I paid for the move, they told me that was their final offer and to file an insurance claim. Their final words to me- “Good Luck”. I did not sign up with this company- I went with Progressive Relocation, who told me they were carriers. They then brokered my job to Black Bear, who picked up the load, and Black Bear contracted with Trig Moving and Storage (who’s customer service department is actually Black Bear) to do the delivery. I'm sorry I can't post a few of the “before” and “after” pictures here- they are horrific! Still unpacking and finding more damage, but I already have over 180 pictures. How do these companies stay in business? And even more, how do these people sleep at night? I am just sick over this whole experience. (By the way, the move amount listed above is the total black bear tried to charge me for my move. I did not pay all of that, but still overpaid based on my contract. I am still waiting for a response from them on the refund they owe me.)

      Move cost: $4275
    • Charlie Mike
      5 6 months ago

      It was great! Our move was at last minute and they were able to find me a mover for the exact date I needed. Excellent job!

      Move cost: $4000
    • Sarah Miller
      5 6 months ago

      A really good company that went over my expectations. Customer service is great, and the team did a great job with my move! :)

      Move cost: $6000
    • Jaimes Fox
      5 6 months ago

      I just wanna say THANK YOU BLACKBEAR for such a great company. Your employees do an awesome job and my furnitures were like if they never moved. FIVE STARS!

      Move cost: $5000
    • Diego Sanchez
      5 6 months ago

      I have to confess that I didn't trust that much in this company. I was completely wrong! This company is amazing!!! I will definitely recommend them.

      Move cost: $4100
    • Charlie James
      5 6 months ago

      Excellent company! they are so polite and professional that I couldn't ask for more. You should try this company!

      Move cost: $4500
    • Jason Williams
      5 6 months ago

      Everything went perfect! My move was so easy and fast. These guys were amazing! I can't be more grateful.

      Move cost: $4000
    • Noah Davis
      5 6 months ago

      I accepted the offer of a carrier that gave me problems, and Black Bear immediately solved everything. Unlike the rest of the websites that are dedicated to offering carriers and customer service, they are super friendly and any inconvenience you have will solve it.
      I've tried other competing websites and they don't have the same customer service. Black Bear was super professional and friendly, give them a 10!

      I recommend Black Bear without a doubt!

      Move cost: $3800
    • Joe Samuels
      5 7 months ago

      My five stars are to recognize the excellent job this company made for me and my family. We are so grateful and hope for them the best of the best. I will always recommend them!

      Move cost: $4300
    • Estela Jones
      5 7 months ago

      The best company ever! This is the fourth moving company I use, and so far this is the best! They are so professional and make the hard work look so simple. Black Bear Moving rocks!

      Move cost: $3200
    • Austin Miller
      5 7 months ago

      I had to move to Fresno due to business and I was worry I could not find a good company. My brother in law told good things about this company and now I can say he was right. They are so professional and efficient. Five stars!

      Move cost: $4000
    • Louis Jackson
      5 7 months ago

      My move was way easier than I expected. They made it look simple as I did not do anything but them. They were so professional and polite. I will always recommend them!

      Move cost: $3100
    • Isaac Wilson
      5 7 months ago

      Extremely satisfied with the services we received from start to finish. Very responsive service personnel provided a quick, accurate quote and contact throughout the experience. The moving team provided quality services and established good rapport. Highly recommend!

    • Aymerick Jones
      5 7 months ago

      I've moved about 5 times in my life, and this has been the best company in my personal opinion. They meet all my expectations and the most important, which is professionalism!

      I'd pick them again!

      Move cost: $3450
    • Jackeline Evans
      5 7 months ago

      From the first contact with them by phone, you can determine that they are a great company. They were very friendly, professional, and the work team is friendly. They make you feel confident that everything will be fine. Highly recommending!

      Move cost: $2890
    • Paige Pinkman
      5 7 months ago

      Best decision I've made! They have all the equipment required for all kinds of furniture. Everything was handled with care and professionalism. Everything I was looking for at a reasonable cost.

      Move cost: $3600
    • Violet Hayward
      5 7 months ago

      Black bear was awesome with moving my business from LA to FL, leaving and shutting down my shop at my city was emotionally draining enough and although it was relatively easy moving my belongings from point A to B, they did a great job and got it done before the end of the day. They literally helped to ease everything with this process and im extremely grateful for them. Will use again in the future!

      Move cost: $3500
    • Alysha Matthews
      5 7 months ago

      I saw many reviews about black bear moving so I decided im going to entrust them with my belongings and my move to NC. They are brilliant and hardworking guys. The entire move was much less headache then I expected, they did everything with the right attitude and motivation. They made sure my personal belongings are properly packed prior loading them to truck hence everything arrived in a good condition. They stand by their word and reputation, ill use them again in the future if ill end up moving.

      Move cost: $2780
    • Ashley O'connor
      5 7 months ago

      We had a great experience with this company. Very professional. Treated our furniture like it was there own. Hustled the whole time. I HIGHLY recommend!

      Move cost: $3400
    • Louise Graham
      5 7 months ago

      I recently moved back to TX to be closer to my parents, I had 2 bedroom apt in Anaheim fully furnished, been thinking a lot if I should do it myself and sell everything, then I got a call from BLACK BEAR and they price they quoted me was very comfortable and reasonable, not much more then to rent a uhale + all the expenses, make sure to find a hotel and all that headache. I decided it was worth the extra bucks since I did it myself last time and it really wasn’t easy at all. On the move date with BB I got a call from the driver, he asked me when it will be a good time for me to start the move, I told him around 8.30am. They showed up at 9 sharp and finished everything with less than 2 hours. They were professional and quick and made sure to load everything in the best way possible to even save me some money. My items arrived safe and sound in Austin 6 days after pickup which was ok, I got to spend some time with my folks. On delivery it was different team but the same great service, they reassembled everything on the actual rooms and they’ve been very polite and nice. The price was worth to do this all over again, I wouldn’t change this experience for the world. Thank! Definitely recommend!

      Move cost: $2400
    • Nigel Chung
      5 8 months ago

      Im very thrilled with the experience, beginning from the sales team to the movers themselves. Everyone played their part in the best way possible. Black bear ACTUALLY cares. We never thought we would find a company like there guys. They help you from the first min of the call to the last furniture they put together. Taking the time to explain and make sure you understand how it goes and more importantly everything is with a huge smile. Thank you guys!

      Move cost: $2150
    • Caitlyn Rollins
      5 8 months ago

      It was nice finally finding a reliable moving company like Black Bear. We moved a couple of times in the past but things weren’t good as they were with Black bear. Always got answered on the first call never waited on the phone for too long, got replies by email right away, it really saved me a lot of stress and its also one of the reasons we chose them. The only thing we did is to open the door for carlos and his team ( whos by the way a complete sweetheart! ) they wrapped and boxed in the same day and were on the road the day after. We got our personal belongings in a less then a week after our move day, the delivery team was a different one but they still did some good job putting everything back together. Im so happy we managed to find them, give them a call and check them yourself.

      Move cost: $7350
    • Todd Galindo
      5 8 months ago

      From the first second I put my info on the net I literally got blasted with so many phone calls, one of my friends recommended me about Black bear but still, I wanted to check all the options and look at each and every one of them. Really scary how you need to put your absolute trust and money with people you don’t know. Anyways, they tols us we will pay for the space we take, so if we took more them what they have listed, we will pay more. My wife and I made sure to send them a VERY detailed inventory list including some videos of the patio and the house in general. On move day, hands down we didn’t pay a cent more then what we were quoted and expected. That’s the only thing we wanted, and they did excellent job wrapping everything and loading it to the truck. Thank you Black bear!

      Move cost: $6500
    • Cameron Smith
      5 8 months ago

      I used black bear based on a recommendation of one of my friends who moved with them last January. I didn’t really shop around so I cant compare them to anyone else, but they did some really good work with my goods, they showed up on time and packed everything super professionally. Delivery was 9 days after pickup, not too long, double. Everything was in the same shape it left LA. No big damages (maybe a couple of scratches here and there) but overall the move was easy, Id recommend them!

      Move cost: $1900
    • Myrna Fitzgerald - vaughan
      5 8 months ago

      We recently move from Sacramento to Salt lake city, UT. Our experience started with Josh, he explained us the contract from the beginning until the end. It continued with Carlos and David, carlos was the one who showed up and David was my guy in customer relations, he was helping me to get a delivery status and was extremely patient with me! These 2 men worked so hard and with care of our belongings. They are an asset to the company! Thank you!

      Move cost: $5100
      5 8 months ago


      Move cost: $2200
    • Amy Connors
      1 8 months ago

      Do not, I repeat do not EVER use this company. I don't know how they have some favorable reviews because this company is not even legit. I am frightened to even write this post - they will try to scare you! You will get over charged, again and again (5 times they upped the fee) and the people they use are so sketchy that you need to be seriously concerned. We lost over $10K with this company. They are a fly-by-night company using internet based phones that are turned off an on when it is convenient for them. The only saving grace is that we received a portion of our belongings after an excruciatingly long and painful night. One guy moved all of our stuff while the driver cursed and went nuts the 5 + hours it went on. It was so scary. We had to hire people to do the job they didn't finish. I wish we knew what a scam we were getting into. Most of our stuff was damaged and many of our belongings never made. it.

    • Sandra Sandra
      1 9 months ago

      If you are looking for a reputable, capable moving company, DO NOT consider Black Bear Moving. As other Customers have stated, they will make your life miserable and leave you wondering how you could have picked such a terrible mover.

      I hired them for a cross country move from California to Pennsylvania. From the time of pick-up on July 18, where the foreman tells me that he does not know how to calculate cubic feet and where a 15 cubic feet bookcase miraculous grows into 60 cubic feet when loaded onto their truck, to two months later where I am still missing the most valuable piece of my shipment, this company has been nothing but a nightmare.

      They had one job, and they failed miserably.

      For the last five weeks I have been calling and emailing, spoken to David, Chris and Robert, and been promised return calls that never happen. Finally got confirmation that they have located my property yet they have made no effort to fix their error.

      First my missing item was supposed to be loaded on a truck to PA on August 24 but apparently it didn't make it on the truck. Then it was supposed to arrive on September 9 but that didn't happen either. Finally on September 9 Robert said he would ship it via Fed-Ex on September 9 or 10 and promised to provide the tracking number, but of course that never happened either.

      I paid in full five weeks ago. They dropped the ball, they failed doing the one job they had, and now they make one empty promise after another.

      I would suggest to avoid them at all cost.

      Move cost: $2150
    • Muhammed Al qualim
      5 9 months ago

      Carlos and his team picked up my items. They are very friendly, patient and professional. Due to some logistics issues, my moving delayed for over an hour. They were waiting there patiently. I don’t have much stuff but they made sure to pack everything with care. They are polite and helpful, definitely recommend!

      Move cost: $1900
    • Brittney Membreno
      1 9 months ago

      Upon doing my research on multiple moving company’s, and before signing any contracts with Black Bear Moving and Storage INC, they PROMISED a seamless and stress free move. THAT WAS A LIE! Working with Black Bear Moving company has been one of the WORST experiences in my entire life. For starters at pick up of my belongings the drivers were 5 HOURS LATE! I was given a window between 12-4pm and Driver did not show up until around 9pm. Given the runaround that the truck was only 30 mins away every time I called for an update. Costumer service is also AWFUL, one gentlemen in particular Name Robert was extremely RUDE and DISRESPECTFUL. Being yelled at by a customer service representative is UNACCEPTABLE from my perspective. Upon delivery of my items the driver did NOT notify me that he was driving an 18 wheeler, there for no access was available. The Driver who was very unwilling to help and seemed to be in a rush to ditch my belongings gave me two options to unload my stuff to another truck, where he would just transfer over to another truck and leave WITHOUT DROPPING OFF MY ITEMS TO MY DOOR AND ASSEMBLING MY ITEMS AS PROMISED IN THE POLICY. Or The second option was that he was going to take my items to a storage facility in which I would be responsible to get my items to my house myself. I would also have to pay an ADDITIONAL 300 dollar fee. I decided on option one the driver loaded a UHAUL TRUCK THAT I RENTED AND LEFT. Leaving me to unload the truck MYSELF AND ASSEMBLE MY FURNITURE. ALL BOXES WERE ALL SMASHED AND TORN ON THE EDGES. Mind you that none of this INFORMATION IS DISCLOSED TO THE CUSTOMER NOR WRITTEN ON THE POLICY! OVERALL HORRIBLE COSTUMER SERVICE EXPERIENCE AND NIGHTMARE MOVE. BEWARE! This company is full of LIES. They will not take care of you’re belongings! They only care about your Money!

    • Phil Weaver
      5 9 months ago

      Just moved with black bear, overall the move went ok, price didnt change, the guys in San diego were very professional, they literally packed my entire garage in 4 hours. Thought my tools are going to take some time since I work with wood, my work bench and the tool box were perfectly packed. garden statues were crated beautifully and they even helped me remove my swing. Wife was very pleased 'bout that! Definitely recommend.

      Move cost: $6300
    • Mauricio Cataelano
      5 9 months ago

      I had an excellent experience with black bear. My first moving company cancelled with me the day of the move. I called black bear and they were flexible with the calendar. Not only did they not charge any extra, they even provided 2 mattress covers for free. Many companies don’t have the same flexibility with calendar. I dealt directly with Chris who provided superior customer service. He made sure to keep me posted the entire day until the team showed up. The guys were very polite and professional, and I have to say they were in good spirit although it was already around 5pm. They moved super fast. They actually moved my one bedroom in two hours. I would highly recommend them to anyone and will definitely be using them for my next move. I know it sounds a little bit too good to be true, but honestly the service was very good.

      Move cost: $2600
    • Ronald Davis
      5 9 months ago

      They called me several months before my move and kept being very persistent. I provided a list of furniture and ended up booking with josh. He explained how everything works and I have to say I did have my own concerns, especially because is was my first move. On move day barak and team arrived, and we were spot on with the price. They finished to load after about 2 hours, definitely recommend.

      Move cost: $3500
    • Bea Andrist
      5 9 months ago

      Barak and his team arrived and were courteous and professional from the get-go. They listened to my explanation of priority packing items and took extra care in securing them. They were incredibly efficient and paperwork was quick. If the pack/move is any indication of how the delivery is going to be, it’s done wonders in reducing the anxiety involved in this move. I wish I’d have used this company on prior relocations!

      Move cost: $4900
      Bea Andrist
      8 months ago

      Wow, I definitely wrote this review too soon. STOP if you're considering Black Bear M&S for your move. While the delivery was quick, the last few boxes that were packed onto the truck have "disappeared" - my flatscreen TV, large pieces of valuable art, a side table, etc. Not only that, but my coffee table frame arrived completely warped so that drawers will not open, the glass table top completely shattered into thousands of pieces, a dining room chair and ottoman pulverized, and one of a kind art pieces were smashed and completely destroyed. Even more unbelievable was that upon delivery day, my mattress was missing. The single largest item I moved from CA to TX was somehow misplaced and ended up being located a day later in another city of TX. What the actual F. Don't use this company, you will 100% regret it.

    • JJJ JJJ
      1 9 months ago


      If you do your research, you’ll see they pay people to revise their terrible reviews. Why would they do that? Because this company is absolutely terrible! If I haven’t already convinced you to not use this company, please keep reading.

      Once upon a time, a man named Robert sold me on Black Bear's service with his guarantee of delivery in 4-10 days as well as a “Summer Discount." I was promised full dismantling and reassembly of my furniture by professional movers, a quick turn around, and transparent communication during my out-of-state move. And at first things were going ok. We paid the down payment, Robert checked in to create an inventory list, and the pickup date came and went fairly easily. I had to purchase a few extra cubic feet on pickup, but ok. I was understanding since I had to add a few extra boxes to what I originally listed in the inventory list. Then after pickup, of all of my possessions...whoosh! Robert disappeared. It was impossible to get in contact with the guy regarding any update. He wouldn’t answer calls and other sales guys would say he was “out of the office” every day I tried calling. If he decided to respond to an email, he would schedule a time to talk...and then never call! The business has one phone line so don’t expect to leave a message or get to anyone directly. After hitting day 14 (4 days past the “guaranteed” window) I had enough and called Black Bear again, wanting answers. I was yelled at by a sales rep named David and then hung up on. After a call back the receptionist gave me to Chris, a “manager." Chris then told me Robert was in fact in his office, but he was just too busy to take calls. Even Chris, a “manager,” still could not give me an ETA on my delivery. He then back tracked and told me the 4-10 day delivery Robert guaranteed was just an estimation and since I were moving during the “busiest time of the year” (aka the first week of July) he could not find a truck for my possessions. These facts had NEVER been mentioned by anyone at the company until 2 WEEKS after picking up my things.

      A truck with my stuff finally arrived on day 30. Not only was it waaaaaaay past those 4-10 guaranteed days, but the truck arrived without any advance warning at all, after business hours, and with ONE GUY TO MOVE EVERYTHING. So guess what? I had to call Black Bear. And guess what else? Neither Robert nor Chris were in the office to help me. It’s like no one knew this driver was on his way. After an hour of back and forth with someone who happened to still be in the office at 8pm that night, I was able to reschedule the driver to return the next day. And he did...with a random guy and a father son duo that made me very uncomfortable. The father was lazy and disrespectful and the son threw boxes around and damaged my property. I’m thrilled to now have a giant scratch on my $500 coffee table because some teenager didn’t want to bend over a bit further and put a box on the floor. Oh and none of those random guys wanted to unwrap or reassemble my furniture, which y'know, was part of the Black Bear deal, and a big selling point Robert made to me. I had to do it all myself.

      I could go on and on but here’s the deal: they give you the run around, at every expense to you and none to them, because they’re free to continue running their business like an unorganized mess with a truck full of random guys they find on the side of the road.

      So if you don’t want your stuff right away, if you want unprofessional movers, and if you don’t mind being taken advantage of, this is the moving company for you. But if you want to use a legit company that will take the stress of moving off your shoulders, please trust me and DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY.

    • Richard Manning
      5 10 months ago

      Our family just moved from California to Florida and we hired Black Bear Moving to do the job. They were very professional and did an awesome job. I got quotes from other moving companies but I decided to move with Black Bear because they have very good reviews online. I was able to see first hand why they have those reviews. The crew on pickup was very kind and professional, Trish from sales was super nice and took the necesary time to answer all of my questions and doubts. Also the crew on delivery was very professional and reasembled a few things that I had. Delivery took 2 weeks which is within the timeframe that I was informed when I booked with them. Overall, it was very good that I chose them to be my movers. Thank you Black Bear!

      Move cost: $4500
    • Edward Garrison
      5 11 months ago

      I can't find words to express how happy I am to have found such a great moving company. Everyone from Sofia at the sales team to Robert on delivery were extremely proffesional and warm. It really felt as a family owned business. I had some very delicate items to move like my grandmother's piano and some antique furniture. Everything was protected and arrived safely to my new home in Tampa FL. I will be forever grateful to Black Bear for such a stress free moving service.

      Move cost: $4500
    • Kimberly James
      1 12 months ago

      I decided to move from San Diego, CA to Houston, Tx back in April of this year. I started doing my research looking for a moving company to hire to move my personal property. I received about 15 quotes and made my choice paid my deposit and booked my move with Cross Country Moving out of Florida. Due to all the horror stories I had read online I made sure I looked at all their reviews and licenses, insurance, safety records on the company. I had a very long question and answer phone call with Neil Snoep he was very clear in saying that Cross Country Moving would be doing my move and that they do not outsource the contracted moves with anyone.

      Moving day May 30th the moving truck shows up about 10 am 3 guys named Kelly, Daniel & Carlos come to my door from Black Bear Moving & Storage. I am very confused as to why this is not Cross Country Moving as promised by Neil. Kelly comes into my apartment asks what I am loading on the truck and then tells me my quote is way more than 500 cf as quoted, I told him there is no way it's double the quote of cf. I sold a lot if the items I originally had on the quote it should have been less not double. He told me the boxes alone where more than 500 cf, I told him the hell they are, so I did a box count multiplied by cubic feet clearly listed on each box it came to 148. Kelly then started taking photos then called his office to tell them that there is so much more there then what was quoted. I had no choice but to pay up I had to be out of the apartment the next day. At the time of the move I had all the furniture I was taking measurements in my computer, so I was unable to figure out the cubic feet for what little I had to move. I was quoted an amount of 508 CF totaling $2,596.27 on the day of move I was told my new quote is now $4,486.27, I was in tears because moving is very stressful and expensive and these jerks come in up charged the move witch costs a ton more money.

      I would give a NEGATIVE star rating if it would allow you to. I arrived in Houston on Sunday June 2nd. I received a phone call from the office asking what my first delivery date was? I said 6/3/2019. I have had to call these jerks every week since I left San Diego. I have spoken to David in dispatch who always tells me let me get the ETA and I will call you back, FIY he never does! I call back a few hours later only to be told the office closed please call back tomorrow. I called and spoke to Sam on 6/9 I was told the truck is in route call me back tomorrow for the ETA. I called on 6/10 @11:41 am spoke to David I am told my stuff is in storage. Of course, I get pissed off you lied to me. So, I asked how can you take someone property if you can't deliver? I was told they have no truck going to Texas and they do not know when they will have one. So, I contacted Cross Country Moving to get help. I filled out a complaint with Liz Adams on 6/11 who sent me an email assuring me my property will be in route on 6/12 and will be delivered in 5 to 7 business days. Well today is the day. So, 6/20 at 10:00 am today I call Black Bear Moving and speak to David again who tells me I will call you back with ETA he does not call back AGAIN! I call back at 12:14 pm to hear that my stuff is still in storage and has not moved. I call and speak to Mark at Cross Country Moving who puts me in contact with Nancy who tells me she just got off the phone with David who tells her the truck is broke down and my property will go out tomorrow and will be here in 2 to 4 business days. Lies after lies these people will tell you anything to get you off the phone with them and out of there hair.

      Yesterday I was able to locate the exact pieces of furniture I had moved, and I was able to get all measurements of each item. I now know that all my property loaded on that truck that day came to a grand total of 535 cubic feet, not over 1000 cubic feet which I was told it was.

      I called and spoke to the office of MoveRescue, I was advised to file a complaint to the BBB and also file a complaint with the FMCSA. I was advised of information they do not disclose to you when booking your move, they are legally obligated to deliver within 21 business days from your first available delivery date. Here is another helpful item I learned the quote can only by charged up to 10% above the original quote not 50%. Had I known this up front I would have never used a moving company and rented a truck and done it myself.

      I have filed complaints everywhere and contacted an attorney so I can try to stop these shady moving companies just like this one!

      AS of today June 20th, I still have not one piece of my personal property. So, I have paid $3,017.16 for this company to steal everything I own.
      Whatever you do make sure you get all the measurements of everything be sure to have the total cubic feet of your property calculated prior to pickup.

      DO NOT USE THIS LIEING, CHEATING, STEALING COMPANY, this is truly the worst moving company in the US!

      Move cost: $4500
    • Garima Sinha
      1 12 months ago

      Horrible experience. The sales person Leo was sly enough to quote a really low price for the items we wanted to move and got us to pay them some amount in advance. During the moving day, the vehicle drivers started fussing about the items and increased the price from $1500 to $2200 without even entering the house and seeing how much space the items occupied. On calling Leo, he was pretty unpleasant to talk to, did not even try to hear what I was saying and kept on saying that this is what you get. It’s unfair for companies like this one to harass customers on the day the move was planned knowing that customers will be helpless. This company is the worst I have experienced so far with rude people who will harass you till you have no options left and end up paying them 50% more than the quote when you signed the contract.

      Move cost: $2200
    • Suzie Wood
      2 12 months ago

      The packing crew was fast and efficient. I could not get a departure date. Dispatch said they would call back when truck left. NO CALL. Once the truck left, when will it arrive? They driver will call you the day before delivery. HE DIDN'T. As a company, I would be concerned if I couldn't track my trucks and the driver wouldn't return my calls. And to add to the frustration, they have misplaced some of shipment. They are not concerned.

    • James White
      5 1 year ago

      very good moving experience I will recommend them to anyone consider moving. professional and very friendly, it was a great choice for for our moving !

    • Andy Danna
      5 1 year ago

      The black bear work team is great, from the first call everything has been very easy and friendly.
      At the time of packing my things they have been very careful and they have packed everything in a very professional way.
      My belongings have been mobilized in a spectacular way, I can not complain at all, they have treated me very well and have done their work in time and the price is very good.
      Keep going. !!!

      Move cost: $3980
    • Roge Dakota
      5 1 year ago

      Work with black bear team it was as stress free as possible from the day I made the first phone call. Everyone I spoke to or met in person was great. I could really tell that they care about each and everyone of their customers. They were really hard workers and very responsable.
      I learned that this company is family owned and the majority of their workers have been in the business for a very long time. I felt comfortable working with them directly and knew my items would not be brokered out to the highest bidder.
      I was able to call in and request updates as often as I wished and I was contacted by the driver a few days before delivery. 5 stars is not enough for such a great company.

      Move cost: $3890
    • Andy Kyle
      5 1 year ago

      Black Bear has been a great solution for my move, I decided to make this note because I think they deserve great congratulations, the movers have been excellent, very kind and really good at their work, they have taken everything very carefully. Using packaging product to take care of all my things, in fact I have many delicate things and they have done excellent.
      I highly recommend them and I really hope my comment will help more people to make a good decision. I would dare to say that if you take this company as a decision you are not wrong.

      Move cost: $3400
    • Bob Benson
      4 1 year ago

      I could not be happier with the black bear team, they have taken care of everything during my move. Your customer service was nice and responsible to work with, they kept me informed all the time. The engines also lived up to the company's reputation, showed up on time, early in the morning and set to work immediately. They barely took a break from all the packing, the heavy work and the load. I was very pleased with the way they treated my things, your team use high quality packaging supplies to keep my items safe during transportation. Highly recommended professionals. A lot of bless to your crew.

      Move cost: $3100
    • Britany James
      4 1 year ago

      Black Bear has impressed me with the efficiency and professionalism of this company. They gave me a good and convenient quote, so I hired them immediately. Especially because I was referred to them by a great friend. They used quality packaging materials and wrapped my articles carefully. Both the collection and delivery were punctual and did not incur any additional charge. I heard about various horror stories and, to be honest, I was afraid of how it would turn out. Luckily, everything was great.
      His team did it wonderfully, very carefully and responsibly. I am very grateful and will be happy to use your services again and recommend them to all people looking for a reputable removal company.

      Move cost: $4300
    • Dwayne Charling
      5 1 year ago

      This moving company has solved all my needs, they have done an excellent job packing all my things and have been very careful when uploading all things to the truck. All the workers have been very dedicated and careful, they have been very punctual in everything. The price has been very good, this is within what I had budgeted.

      Move cost: $5750
    • Becks Jonshon
      5 1 year ago

      Black bear team was amazing and I really appreciate all of their hard work and efficient! The team arrived on time, explained to me their plan and immediately begin to realize the move. They we're really patient and carefull to packed and loaded all of my items onto their truck. They were polite and professional. My price did not increase at all and delivery went great. I recommend this company because it was my best option.

      Move cost: $3980
    • Robert Shain
      5 1 year ago

      Black bear team packed and loaded everything perfect. They're careful with all of our items and we hope the moving crew that arrives for delivery is just as good. We will be happy to share our experience with friends and family all over.

      Move cost: $4800
    • Kenyon Wane
      5 1 year ago

      Black bear have good service and great movers. The crew was efficient, polite and willing to work. They didn't complain, and also worked in a timely fashion. The crew listened to all of my requests. I would hire this company again if I ever need to move. You are great.

      Move cost: $4700
    • Luis Salas
      4 1 year ago

      Black bear company is a great! Professional and gave the extra effort needed to protect our furniture. I've used them 2 times in the past and each experience was good and stress free.
      I liked how they reached out to me to give me updates the whole time. I really appreciate the extra stuff they did to make my move better and easier.

      Move cost: $3700
    • Lucius Fomn
      4 1 year ago

      This company made a great job with my move, They did a good job packing. They had extra boxes, and all necessities needed. The deliver was on time and all the workers were very kind. Im very happy with this company.

      Move cost: $4100
    • William Demps
      5 1 year ago

      Given the complexity of the move, the quote Black bear moving and storage provided was more than satisfactory. They helped me move 3 bedrooms worth of items to LA. I wasn’t using professional moving services before, but according to my parents’ moving experience we’ve come to realize that the service the company provided was simply outstanding. The movers did their best to move our items up stairs and through a very narrow hall. I was very satisfied with their professional and positive attitude. Everyone looking for a reliable moving assistance should contact this moving company! Thank you so much for making my move a breeze!

      Move cost: $7500
    • Barbara Santos
      5 1 year ago

      Thanks to Black Bear Moving and Storage my move to Jersey City was a trouble-free adventure. Although at first it was very stressful I did a meticulous research and background check on top rated moving companies. To be honest, Black bear moving and storage services were a little more pricey but I didn’t mind. As long as I receive a quality service I don’t mind paying extra. They were absolutely perfect and I have nothing to complain about in this case. Just keep up the good work!
      Hope that other customers will get the same quality service!

      Move cost: $2100
    • Debra Vidaurri
      5 1 year ago

      I was very pleased with the way Black bear moving and storage team approached my move. They were very understanding from the very beginning and did their best to accommodate all my requirements. The best thing about our collaboration is that they managed to exceed my high expectations. They treated me and my belongings with the utmost respect. All my belongings reached my new home in perfect condition. They are the best service providers I’ve ever met and I will gladly recommend them to my friends, relatives and coworkers. What they showed during my move was pure professionalism and commitment.

      Move cost: $1900
    • Raymond T Butler
      5 1 year ago

      Black bear moving and storage went above and beyond to help me with the move. Both me and my housemates were very pleased with the service they provided. They moved our two apartments to one location before midday. Not only were they fast, but also ensured nothing was damaged or lost in the end. Their pricing was more than convenient and a flawless service was certainly worth every penny. I will be happy to recommend these hard working movers to everyone I know. People who are planning a household move should most definitely consider contacting Black bear moving and storage team.

      Move cost: $2460
    • Christopher Marquez
      5 1 year ago

      This is the second time that we move, the first time we did with my wife and my brothers, we filled a truck with our stuffs (bad packaged by the way), all for saving a little money and it was not like that we spent more money, this year we decided to hire professionals we found a list on the internet and we let ourselves be guided by the experiences of other clients, we found a black bear moving, we call the estimate was much lower than I imagined, when starting with the work I saw each of the steps and I said I will never do anything on my own, excellent work and high quality packaging materials!

      Recommended guys!

      Move cost: $4012
    • Matthew Garden
      5 1 year ago

      This is my first move and it has been a very good experience.
      This company gave me an excellent service for the price I needed. The guys who helped me make the move have been very efficient and good at their job.
      Congratulations for your effort and excellent company.

      Move cost: $3890
    • Donna White
      5 1 year ago

      I still can not believe that I found the best moving company, they helped me with everything I needed, they packed my things professionally and nothing hurt me.My things were delivered on time and I was always informed of every detail about my things, thank you very much black bear moving team.

      Move cost: $4100
    • Ariel Renderos
      5 1 year ago

      Black bear team you are amazing. they way that you make your work is effective and efficient. The price is cheap and the service is 5 stars.
      I highly recommend the service and if I need to move againg is going to be with you.

      Move cost: $4150
    • Adrianne Shaw
      4 1 year ago

      I am very grateful in all respects with the equipment of this moving company "black bear moving", they have taken care of my things and they gave them to me in perfect condition, I thought the delivery was going to be delayed but they always arrived on time.I appreciate the efficiency with which they work.

      Move cost: $3570
      5 1 year ago

      I definitely recommend this company, that everyone knows their hard and clean work.They are careful with things that do not get damaged and everything arrived on time.thanks guys for that experience very good job

      Move cost: $3550
    • Juan Vidal
      4 1 year ago

      I have had bad experiences with other moving companies before, so it has been very difficult for me to entrust my things to your company. but they have surprised me for good since they have treated me very well, everything has been very easy and in a great way. I wish I had found them before. I will look for it again for next moves, you are the best option

      Move cost: $3700
    • Kimberly York
      5 1 year ago

      I have hired these guys to make my move, I am very happy with the results, they have done an excellent job. They have been very responsible and hardworking, they delivered all my things in good condition and everything on time. You have definitely known how to gain my confidence to return to work with you.
      They have been the best option I could have taken.

      Move cost: $4250
    • Jack Russell
      5 1 year ago

      I'm very glad for thw work of these guys and after my first call I realized that I was dealing with professionals.
      You have great customer service, you showed an amazing efficiency while packing, hauling, loading and unloading my items.
      Pick-up and delivery were right on time.
      This was my first moving and I'm really happy with the service.

      I'm going to tell all my family and friends to work with black bear.

      Move cost: $4370
    • Jonas Owen
      5 1 year ago

      This was my firts time using black bear service, I'm very glad to choosed you for my moving.
      The guys were awesome, they were very kind and hard workers. Also they were really carefully with my items, I did not have a single item damaged and neither my pickup or delivery location was damaged.
      If need to move again, Im really sure that is going to be with you guys.

      Move cost: $3125
    • Mike Royale
      5 1 year ago

      I had an amazing experience with you guys. There were no hidden costs, the price is fare and I love the way you make your work.
      In order to be honest, this was my first moving experience and I didn’t expect everything would go so quickly and perfect.
      Your team was so professional, kindly and efficient with the move, great option and great company.
      Thank you Black Bear.

      Move cost: $3500
    • David Guiroz
      4 2 years ago

      I am so happy for this work, The guys were very kind and worked so fast! They wrapped everything for make sure there was no damage. The service do they give us was perfect. It was our first time using black bear and it was well worth it! Definitely will use black bear again.
      I highly recommend the service.

      Move cost: $3150
    • melissa walker
      4 2 years ago

      my mother-in-law needed to move her piano and we did not know which moving company offers that service, we found a black bear on the internet and we are satisfied with the great work they did, each piece was carefully packed, and upon receiving it they assembled each piece with the same care , they do a good job as a team.

      Move cost: $4280
      5 2 years ago

      This moving company deserves to take me a few minutes to write a review, I moved from a very big house and I have many furniture my mother has very valuable objects that pass from generation to generation, we thought about taking her things in our car so that they broke, but when the black bear moving team arrived they showed us the special material and the proper way to take care of the fragile things.

      Not everyone takes the trouble to show us how they perform their work, without a doubt these guys receive good training, and they have a lot of experience.

      The driver contacted me one day before delivery at our new home in Illinois, to confirm the delivery with approximate time.

      The next day without any delay I was receiving all my and my mother's things without any harm, this is called working with professionalism.

      Move cost: $3750
    • Douglas Andres Villatoro
      5 2 years ago

      It is really good to find moving companies like this Black Bear, they perform an impeccable job, they facilitate the whole process from packaging, transfer and delivery.

      With the same empathy that make the pick up, they do the delivery of my things.

      Very grateful for your help with my move.

      Move cost: $4050
    • Diego Hndez
      4 2 years ago

      We did have a great experience with you guys. The cost was perfect wasn't the greatest Price that we got but definitely was the best option because of the service. It also a great delivery time just arrive in time. Im very happy with the way that your crew threat our stuff.
      I fully recommend the service, you got an loyal user.

      Move cost: $4230
    • Elvis Santamaria
      5 2 years ago

      I am coming to my new home and I see my things waiting for me, thanks to Black Bear Moving for doing a great job, I know how hard these guys work, they are recommended so that everyone knows the good thing about working as a team.

      keep going black bear team !!

      Move cost: $3100
    • Michelle Lane
      5 2 years ago

      I found this moving company on the Internet and hired them, they did a great job packing my things, I had treasures and I wanted a company to take care of them in the move, Black Bear Moving did it, Thanks to the guys who packed with professionalism my things are how do I send them

      I recommend them.

      Move cost: $3250

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