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Alliance Van Lines of Fort Lauderdale, FL caters to almost every type of move.  Whether you need help with your family move, interstate relocation, commercial move or need storage of valuables, we have you covered.  Our professional relocation specialists will coordinate your intrastate move. Without a doubt, it is a seamless and professional experience.


Alliance Van Lines can pack and unpack your valuables for your long distance relocation.


Whether you’re moving to FL, another state, or across the country, our company is equipped to handle your move.


Alliance Van Lines is an expert in corporate relocation services.  Nonetheless, et us help you with your company move!


Alliance Van Line Services can handle your interstate relocation.  Additionally, we are experts in long distance moves!


For valuables and electronics, we have the equipment to move you safely! Let us handle your relocation!


Alliance Van Lines provides storage solutions to our in-transit customers. Book today and see what we’re all about!

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456 reviews for Alliance Van Lines

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neha kumar
7 months ago

My husband and I recently moved from Sacramento, CA to Oklahoma City, OK. We went with alliance van lines to provide us services for the move which included set up. We were told it will only take 2-14 days max to get our things in Oklahoma after it is picked up. Jet Movers showed up at my doorstep to pick our things up and they charged us an additional $600 saying my bedset is too big when I specifically told Alliance I have a California King set. I didn't argue with them and agreed to pay the additional $600, I asked Jet movers on which day will they be bringing my things over to my new home AND jet movers said they take 30 days for delivery... I told the driver that is not what I was told and that is not what I agreed upon, the driver said I will have to call Jet Movers to speak to dispatch about that as he is just a driver. I have been calling Jet Movers every single day 30x a day and the calls go straight to voicemail, my husband and I left several voicemails for call backs and several emails on their website we never received any replies. I called Alliance and they said they were able to get a hold of someone and they were told our things are still sitting in their warehouse in Sacramento, and Jet Movers will give us a call once our things are in route. It was been almost 3 weeks since we moved and we don't have anything in our new home. We have been sleeping on air mattress. This is beyond unacceptable, we barely have any clothes to wear since everything is in their warehouse still. We don't have any dishes or anything to cook in our home. ALLIANCE VAN LINES lied to us and they are not taking responsibility for any of this.

Margaret Johnson
10 months ago

In short, beware! Our items were picked up 5/13/2021. We were told numerous times that they would be delivered, worst case scenario,14 business days from our FADD, which was 5/20/2021. It is now 6/22/2021 and we still do not have our items. When we called to discuss the misinformation we were provided at the time of signing the contract with them, we were yelled at, and at one point, I was called a hysterical woman. We have a recording of this call that has been submitted to the FMSCA, BBB, etc. This is not a company you want to enter into business with. 1) Alliance Van Lines is a broker. They will not mention this verbally. 2) They are in violation of FMSCA rules as they do not list ANY of the actually moving companies they will sell your contract to, if nothing else, not to mention deceptive sales techniques including the below example. 3) Lisa M. and other sales reps at the company will provide you a fake BBB page. Their correct BBB page is the one listed in Fort Lauderdale, FL with all of their license info, etc. on it, not the one with an Atlanta address they will send you to. Check the license info, etc. on their website and/or your estimate paperwork and you will be able to confirm. They have a C rating while only being in business for two years. This, quite frankly, is a higher grade then they deserve based on our experience. 4) John Edwards, the supposed owner of this highly questionable "company" will threaten to withhold your items, attempt to intimidate you into not filing claims or ask about their deceptive sales techniques, etc. Highly recommend that if you do ever speak to these people, record all conversations. Things we have learned from this extremely negative experience with Alliance Van Lines: 1) Do not, under any circumstances, work with any interstate broker or moving company that only accepts cash payments. 2) If you have already paid a down payment, etc. via credit or debit card and have evidence such as the above, where they provided the incorrect BBB page, didn't disclose they were a broker and/or did not provide any information regarding who they would sell your contract to, dispute the charge (your credit card company or bank is usually extremely helpful in this regard). 3) Do not accept any links, etc. they provide you with reviews, BBB ratings, etc. as fact. Definitely look up on your own as well. 4) Do not believe that how Alliance Van Lines operates is the industry norm, which they will try to claim. It is not and there are real brokers and moving companies out there that do care about their customers. However, they do cost more. This is an investment that is completely worth it. Good luck!

Samantha Veeck
10 months ago

If I could give them 0 stars, I would. They are scam artists. They oversell you, tell you any lie to get you to lock-in, then broker out your move, wipe their hands clean of it and will take zero accountability to you actually getting your things. Our pickup was 2 days later than committed (we busted our butts to get our entire house packed). The movers came and charged us $1500 more than Alliance quoted. Alliance didn't care. It's been 35 days and we still don't have our things. Alliance says, and I'll repeat, verbatim "we are not accountable for getting you your things." When I responded asking how that is possible since they are who we have a contract with she said "We only broker your move. We aren't accountable for the move itself." Stay away, as far as possible. Find a local mover or use PODS. I promise.

Kyle Grost
11 months ago

This company is a nightmare. They provided me a fake BBB posting to reassure me that they are a strong A rated company (If they provide you an A rated BBB, know this is their real BBB ( and report the fake one, that needs to be shut down. Besides what has been previously posted about them only being a broker, they are a terrible Broker. We were told that as we had scheduled the move months ahead of time we were on a route and we should not worry, despite telling them we work from home and our computers, desks and everything we needed to go back to work was packed, they said it wouldn't be a problem, luckily we decided to pack the computers in our car cuz its been over a month since our first available delivery date and they still don't even know when the truck will be loaded. We spoke to the owner, he straight up insulted my Fiancé and threatened to withhold our order if we didn't hang up. Needless to say we are past the last allotted delivery date and they don't care. I suspect the reason there are no responses to any of their negative reviews is their all true and (Again I suspect) their positive reviews are fake, as they're all roughly the same length from accounts with only one review. Never work with this company.

Kayla Villafane
11 months ago

This company is the worst! They have lied to me from the very beginning promising this and that and in the end it's been weeks and I still haven't received my things! I am so livid right now cause I call almost everyday and no one ever answers my calls or if they do they don't help at all! I just tried calling the company for the 10th time and some girl in customer service named "Tylise" would not listen to my request to speak to a manager or the rep who did my order "Lisa". She talked over me and then hung up on me! They keep giving me the run around with giving me the compensation for all the money I sent on clothes and things I already have but never received! I have never had such TERRIBLE customer service in my life! DO NOT TRUST THIS COMPANY! They will take your money, lie to you, and not help you when there is trouble! I have already reported this company twice! Also I am going to contact a lawyer because this has gone far enough!

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