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    266 reviews for Alliance Van Lines

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    • Alfred Kelley
      5 12 hours ago

      The service from Alliance van lines was terrific. The agents at both ends of the delivery were really wonderful as well as suiting. I moved for the incurable to terminal delivery. The price quote was wonderful. I constantly have driven my stuff myself however relying upon this company really felt wonderful also. I highly recommend them.

    • Earnest Hall
      5 13 hours ago

      Alliance van lines confirmed to be the great group. This was my 2nd move with them and also the procedure was simple from beginning to end. They were so valuable as well as simple to function with. I actually valued the initiatives of each staff participant. They are experts as well as can manage anything that come their means. The cost quote was likewise sensible.

    • Bryan Burgess
      5 1 day ago

      We utilized Alliance van lines for the 3rd time on January and they never dissatisfy! They were on time, a little early even. They feared to start. These men were excellent as well as obtained whatever inside faster than I have actually ever seen! Well done the fantastic for an excellent move. We'll absolutely utilize them for our next move.

    • Gerard Richards
      5 2 days ago

      I was very happy with their services. I have tried different moving companies in the past, and I feel that Alliance van lines is one of my favorites. Several of my acquaintances in the area who used this company have recommended them to me, and I’m glad I called them. I didn’t have many fragile items, but the movers still handled my belongings with great care. The movers were also very nice as well.

    • Natasha Curry
      5 4 days ago

      Alliance van lines gave us a great experience with our long distance move while my husband and I were so busy with our jobs. This is the first time I have used a moving company and I don't regret it at all. They are very professional and had great customer service, answering all of our questions right away and providing additional useful information. The crew arrived on time and was very polite, and they did everything we asked perfectly. They packed everything just right, making sure even the fragile and antique items were packed safely and correctly. Everything arrived in perfect shape, and the crew was very efficient and did not waste any time dallying around. I couldn't have gone with a better moving company for this big move halfway across the country. I will definitely use them again if needed and will recommend them to family and friends!

    • Sara Medina
      5 4 days ago

      Alliance van lines was such an amazing company! My boyfriend and I were stressing about the move for a long time prior, but these guys made the actual process super easy. It was very smooth sailing, and the crew was extremely professional which we highly appreciated. They were also very friendly and I felt like I was able to trust them. I am so glad that I decided to go with these guys because in retrospect, I don't think any other company would have done a better job. They arrived on time and were able to swiftly move all of my items with such ease. I will definitely be using these guys in the future if I have any other moving dates, and I will also be recommending to all my family and friends. Thanks, guys!

    • Nooo Way
      1 4 days ago

      Van alliance lines moving company

      This shifty, sleazy, moving company called Van Alliance Lines will not stop harassing me!!!!

      3 weeks ago I called them for a quote only. It was the first thing I told them, I repeated it throughout my phone call. “Tony” used every sales tactic he knew to get my credit card number. He was great until I told him I would not be giving him my credit card at that moment. I’ve worked in sales before, I know the tactics myself, I’ve been trained too. “Tony” kept me on hold, he didn’t want to hang up with me until he got what he wanted, he was trying convince me he just gave me the best deal of my life by his hard work of getting discounts, special deals, etc., for me and only me. This was not about moving anymore, he was desperate for my sale.

      When he realized his selling tactics weren’t working over the phone, he proceeded to lose his temper, raised his voice to talk over me, talked down to me like I was a child, and then hung up on me mid-sentence. No thanks. I’ve put my phone number down on 1 moving website to get an idea of quotes, and I’ve been harassed for weeks with more than 20 robocalls/spam calls every single day at inappropriate times from proxy numbers from 4 different moving companies. Hmmmm.

      VAN ALLIANCE MOVING will not stop harassing me!!!!!!! Every single day for weeks!! They’re obviously selling customer information to some other sleaze balls. I was just disappointed in the beginning and thought the spam calls would stop soon, but NOPE.

      I’m in awe of what I witnessed on the phone with Van Alliance Lines and how random moving companies got my information. And now I am p****d off about getting 3 spam calls from 8-8:30 this morning so far so let’s post this!

      I hope everyone reads my story about this disgusting company and the people that work for it so they can spare themselves the migraine and stay away.

      Move cost: $60
    • Willie Harrison
      5 5 days ago

      I can't say enough about how great this moving company is. From my first contact to set up the move, the manager couldn't have been more helpful. He was very personable, was able to answer all my questions, and put my mind at ease that all was going to go well. On the day of the move, the team of 3 very strong looking movers arrived on time, got everything out of our townhome and into our new apartment efficiently, professionally and with smiles on their faces! The latter (the smiles) made all the difference because it put me totally at ease. All in all, I couldn't have been happier and will definitely use them again in 6 months when we move back into our home.

    • Jacob Sullivan
      5 6 days ago

      I was very impressed when I saw the Alliance van lines truck pull up- out hopped 3 clean cut, strong looking men who got straight to work. Here's how the process works- the movers call you 24-48 hours ahead of your pickup date to confirm pickup, then when they arrive they introduce themselves, then you and your movers take a look around your place and you point out what’s going and what’s staying, after that the men get to working and you don't lift a finger. Hiring a professional moving company was the best decision I've made. These guys really helped me out. Everything was done with such care. I will forever recommend these movers and their skills. These guys are lifesavers!!

    • Johnathan Mccoy
      5 1 week ago

      My father recently passed away and my mother wanted all his packed, crated, and shipped up to us in our ranch. These are my dad’s long time collectibles- there is no price that could replace the sentimental value it now has to us. It’s been an emotional roller coaster but the guys at Alliance van lines have made this extremely easy to cope with. They treated my mourning mother like one of their own! God bless these guys. All items arrived flawlessly and they maintained their schedules to the T. I just can’t thank them enough.

    • Everett Lloyd
      5 1 week ago

      I just want you to know if you’re considering a move with a fair amount of distance, the folks at Alliance van lines are possibly your safest bet and here is why: I moved my moving date forward from what I originally scheduled, not a problem. I asked they pack my wife's good glass/dishes using extra bubble wraps, no issue. Best of all the moving van went to another address where I had items stored, packaged and loaded them onto the truck at no additional cost. Within their schedules timeframe, the truck arrived, furnishings were set up and my wife was happy. If you are talking about "painless" and at a reasonable price this is the company to hire.

    • Jeffery Bass
      5 1 week ago

      We used Alliance van lines to move our daughter from Fort Lauderdale, FL to San Jose, CA for college. They did a really great job. The whole move was a process being that it was so far but they were on time and did everything by the book. My daughter didn’t notice any damage or anything missing so we will definitely be using them again. Our experience was great and they are a great company.

    • Saul Lindsey
      5 1 week ago

      I recently used the service of Alliance van lines for a long distance move. From beginning to end, this was a very good experience. My move was pretty simple but anything could have made it complicated. Their manager in the office was extremely helpful and courteous in setting up the move date and afterwards. I had a quote within an hour or less of calling him- I can't say that for the other movers I called. The moving crew was on time and fast! Everyone I dealt with at this company was super pleasant and helpful. Yes I would definitely use them again and recommend to friends and family. Worth every penny, and they were well priced.

    • Alejandro Mcguire
      5 1 week ago

      My move went better than I expected! I was very nervous to use a company to move all of my household items but I am very pleased with the customer service I received from Alliance van lines. The movers showed up on time and even called me when they were on the way. They were professional and completed the entire pickup within a few hours. I was updated regularly on where my items were and all of my paperwork was sent within a timely manner. I especially enjoyed their 24 hour customer service as I work all day and was unable to call for updates from 9-6. Delivery went great as well. I would absolutely recommend this company!

    • Taylor Wallace
      5 2 weeks ago

      Alliance van lines did a great job with mine, seriously. I read a ridiculous amount of bad reviews and wanted to share my good experience. I typically do not do this. I don't know if I should go into detail or just keep in simple. The quote was mediocre and within my price range. At my pick up location the movers told me each part of the move. Also, they explained how their blankets would protect everything. The delivery took all of a few days and the same moving crew unloaded. It honestly looked like it hadn't moved on the truck at all. I had one scratch on my dresser; I was able to get it out.

    • Roger Hughes
      5 2 weeks ago

      We had the best moving team we could've asked for! They were extremely professional, courteous, and super efficient. From the initial consultation with their sales rep through the final box off loaded with the foreman and his crew, my experience with Alliance van lines was nothing but positive. I will be contacting them again in the near future.

    • Dale Hansen
      5 2 weeks ago

      From the beginning of planning the move, working through the details with their sales rep, to the actual moving day with the foreman and his team, Alliance van lines made the stresses of moving a rather enjoyable and cost effective experience. On moving day, their foreman and his team made a move. Very smooth and easy! They were very prompt, efficient, thorough and professional the whole way through. I would recommend their services to anyone... couldn't have done it without their expertise and skill to ensure everything was moved out and moved in safely, fully protected and well placed.

    • Anthony Wise
      5 2 weeks ago

      Working with Alliance van lines completely lowered my stress level since I have had a long distance move. The guys who moved my things were really taking care of every single item and piece of furniture. These people came a bit before the time arranged and they started packing and loading my stuff straight away. Their sales rep gave me a precise quote and when the move was done I paid the amount I was told at the very beginning, there were no hidden costs or fees. All in all, Alliance van lines did a great job, and I am very happy with the job they did and I would absolutely recommend them to everyone.

    • Fredrick Garcia
      5 2 weeks ago

      I smelt disaster and trouble when I hired Alliance van lines for my last move. However, they offered me services quite opposite to that. They are trained for the job and for that reason - they are always there to ensure that things never go awry. Their courtesy in providing their service is really recommendable. Thank you for the service. I expected delays in my last move due to the fact that our old room was very large with lots of toys stocked in it. For that reason, I only needed experience mover. I was able to come across these guys due to the responsible quote and they worked very quickly. Now that everything went on well with my move with them I am really happy having made them my best bet.

    • Noel Owen
      5 2 weeks ago

      This is simply the most wonderful and pleasing moving experience I have ever had. I really wonder why I did not see them before making my past movers which ended in fiasco. The movers ensured that I did not even handle a pin while they catered for every aspect of the move. I give them a high recommendation for the perfect job they did. Since moving is an important activity given all your belongings are on line, you will want to give it the best shot each time you move! Alliance van lines provided a remarkable service to us and therefore we will continue hailing them for the job they did. I have already recommended them to a lot of my friends and will keep recommending them because of their excellent services.

    • Valerie Welch
      5 2 weeks ago

      My husband and I were beyond impressed with Alliance van lines! It was our first time using movers, and from start to finish we were informed and supported. From the video links on how to pack, to the day-of move, to then helping us assemble our furniture at our destination, our movers helped us every step of the way. To top it off, all of our items were accounted for and arrived in one piece. This company was also the cheaper option by far. Thank you for making our move so seamless!

    • Talha Aijaz
      1 3 weeks ago

      Their representative was very rude.
      They were charging more than another company. He kept claiming that they are a 5-star company and that is why rates are more but when I quickly looked up 1 saw majority bad reviews. I wanted to think more about it. He gave me the option to hold the truck at the quoted rate for 24 hours or get an instant booking. I chose to hold for 24 hours, but he keeps pushing me to give credit information, although I keep telling me that I need time to make a decision. In the end, he hung up, calling me not a serious customer. Why are they even giving the option to hold the truck if they are not going to do that?

    • Craig Butler
      5 3 weeks ago

      I do not expect much from movers given how bad they had been in the past. My last move, however, was different. Alliance van lines really was nothing like I hoped them to be. They excelled in every aspect of relocation. They quoted inexpensively, the movers arrived on time and none of my valuables suffered any damage while being moved. This kind of performance is so rare in this business. I have to give it to them for being honest. They charged me nothing extra in the end. Safe delivery of all your valuables at a reasonable cost is all you ever ask for from a moving company!

    • Stephen Rios
      5 3 weeks ago

      Every piece of furniture I own is very close to my heart. I required Alliance van lines to be cautious with them. They were excellent. Every little thing was packed very efficiently by the very capable movers who showed up right on time. They were very strong and had no issues while carrying everything to the van. Everything was systematic and the coordination among the movers was great. The delivery was made on time and all my belongings were safe. These guys are truly reliable.

    • Neil Farmer
      5 3 weeks ago

      Alliance van lines handled our move very professionally. They gave us a very reasonable quote which they stuck to in the end. The movers were great. They packed up all our belongings in no time and then loaded everything onto the van. These guys did not stand around wasting time which was very comforting to see. They delivered everything on time and I was glad to see that none of our things suffered any damages. The movers even helped us unpack and assemble the furniture. It really turned out to be the easiest move possible.

    • Benjamin Perez
      5 3 weeks ago

      Mistakes are bound to happen when you are moving across the country with all your belongings. However, if the people in question are the movers from Alliance van lines - there is no room for mistakes. The movers showed up at my place right on the time they promised. They wasted no time while packing and loading my belongings. Everything went just so smoothly. They delivered right on time as well and all my belongings traveled excellently. Not one single thing was even slightly damaged. These guys are just machines!

    • Irving Cox
      5 3 weeks ago

      I hired Alliance van lines in a rush as I had to move within a very short notice. Things could have gone horribly wrong during this move. But they are not your average moving company and they proved it every step of the way. Their movers were very professional and knew exactly how to do their job. They were done packing and loading everything from my apartment very quickly. The delivery was made on time and there were no damages. I have never seen a moving company working with such work ethics. I give full marks to these amazing movers.

    • Timmy Lawson
      5 3 weeks ago

      Most of my friends keep complaining about how bad their movers were. Sadly, I can’t join their club. I hired Alliance van lines for their low quote. I was expecting the worst but they really delivered the best. They arrived on time and were meticulous at packing everything so carefully. I asked them specifically to take care of my glassware and they did just that. When I received the delivery, I was ecstatic to see all my glassware was delivered unbroken. I wonder why people even bother going for any other moving company. They should just hire this one and forget about their worries.

    • Tony Wagner
      5 3 weeks ago

      My friend recommended me to hire Alliance van lines and he precisely asked me to hire the crew he worked with. But unfortunately they weren’t available on my moving day. But the guys I got were seriously efficient! They finished the pack and load processes so fast that I couldn’t even believe my eyes. I received the delivery on time and everything was in great condition. I wonder if all their crews are this good.

    • Kenny Fuller
      5 4 weeks ago

      Moving companies would promise you timely delivery and unbroken goods. They never follow those promises. But Alliance van lines is nothing like those superficial ones. They were just amazing when they moved my belongings. They told me that there would be no hidden cost added in the final bill. The bill matched the quote perfectly. They promised that my valuables would be safely transported. Not even one piece suffered the slightest of damage. They ensured to arrive on time and deliver as soon as possible. The crew arrived right on time and the delivery was made right on the scheduled date. Could I possibly be any happier?

    • Andre Barker
      5 4 weeks ago

      This was my third move in two years and all of them were helped by Alliance van lines. My last move was three weeks back and I called them as usual. I thought they wouldn’t recognize me given how many clients they have, but surprisingly their manager did remember me. He asked me when I needed the movers and I said today if possible! He sent his men right on to my apartment. I never had any doubts in these men as they were always very punctual, apt and quick. The last quality really matters when your move requires holding up the elevator. I did get a few stares but only for an hour, I was moving out anyway. They delivered all my belongings in pristine condition on the due date. I think they deserve big thumbs up and I need to stop moving.

    • Kristopher Daniels
      5 4 weeks ago

      I have absolutely no complaints with the movers sent by Alliance van lines. They were all very skilled and experienced and they arrived right on time. I have no issue with their customer service. The people who take the phone calls seemed friendly all the time. I think maybe they can go head to head with their coworkers who use the muscles. I was very impressed by the attitude of the men, they were very professional.

    • Wilbur Berry
      5 4 weeks ago

      Relocating is such hard work. There is always too much to pack and too many last minute details to take care of. I relocated last month and I just had so much to do before leaving. Thankfully, there was one company I could give some of my responsibilities to. That was Alliance van lines. I knew of them from the billboards and TV commercials. They gave me a fairly moderate quote and that was okay given the distance they had to cover. On the day of the move, they arrived right on time, wrapped all my valuables very carefully and loaded them to their state-of-the-art vans. Their men are as professional as their commercials claim to be. With movers like these men, stress of relocating can be minimized.

    • Lionel Wade
      5 4 weeks ago

      From the first phone call to the final delivery of our things, the staff at Alliance van lines couldn't have been more helpful, courteous, informative, and kind! My mom had recently passed away, so I was moving many of her things in her FL home to my home in NJ. I sat on the floor and cried for some of the time that the pickup personnel were loading boxes and furniture into the truck. They were kind and compassionate about my loss. They took such care of loading her things. The delivery timing was as they said and there were phone calls along the way to inform me of the status. On the delivery to my home, the men were equally as helpful and careful with our things. I would use them again, and I highly recommend this company for your move. They were the best!

    • Lionel Wade
      5 4 weeks ago

      Alliance van lines is a rare find amongst moving companies which do more damage than actual work. Their movers are all highly trained and have decades of experience in lifting heavy things. They conducted my last move in the most professional way. The pickup was done within hours if not less. I was glad to receive my belongings within the given timeframe. I checked every box and absolutely nothing was damaged or lost. I don’t usually praise people for their work ethic for there are very few people who actually care about that. But these movers and their work ethics impressed me beyond anything. I am so glad I found these guys.

    • Lynn Steele
      5 1 month ago

      I own a lot of breakables. So naturally I was worried for how they were going to travel all the across the country. I specifically asked the movers from Alliance van lines to take extra care of my glassware. They did exactly that. They were very well equipped and methodically packed everything with great caution. They placed the boxes strategically in the van so they won’t break. In the end, when my belongings arrived in my new place, I checked the inventory to see that only one mug, which I don’t even use anymore, was broken. Everything else traveled completely unharmed. I was so happy with the services provided by this company.

    • Ben Arnold
      5 1 month ago

      I have hired many different moving companies in the past, from the ones with lowest of prices to the fanciest frontrunners. But none of them measured up to the standards of Alliance van lines. This company just blew my mind with their helpful customer service, experienced crew and reasonable prices. It’s a combination that is so rare in the moving business. But somehow they managed to provide amazing services at such low costs even in this economy. To add to their amazing list of achievements, none of my valuables suffered any damage while they helped me move.

    • Bernard Harmon
      5 1 month ago

      As I needed Alliance van lines to deliver my belongings 2 days later, I decided to hire their van for 2 whole days. They agreed to it and didn’t try to pursue me to hire storage facility. The movers were great. They maintained their timings and worked very efficiently. As the boxes and everything else stayed inside the van, I was quite worried for them. But luckily, nothing suffered any kind of damages. Hiring the truck for 2 days definitely increased the bill but I just don’t trust the storage companies. The actual moving process with this company was absolutely effortless.

    • Jacob Glover
      5 1 month ago

      I was supposed to move my cyber cafe to another town and considering the fragility of the computers, I opted to seek for assistance. This is how I got Alliance van lines that helped me carry all my computers to the destination. I liked their dedication to offer me such a service in a friendly and professional way. I highly appreciate and recommend Alliance van lines anyone in need of moving services. Thanks guys!

    • Jacob Cole
      5 1 month ago

      I hired Alliance van lines for my last move. They changed my perception about what moving companies can do. The movers arrived 1 hour early and packed up all my belongings in no time. Everything was so professionally taken care of by these very capable men. They delivered all my valuables on time in excellent condition. They charged me very reasonably as well. I am never hiring any other moving company.

    • Freddie Potter
      5 1 month ago

      I’m still at awe given how fast and efficient the movers from Alliance van lines were. I hired them to pack up everything from my 1400 sqft apartment and the finished the job within a reasonable amount of time! They even arrived early on the moving day. It seemed too good to be true. The way they were packing everything and putting them into boxes, it was hypnotic. Then they loaded everything and set off. The movers were not only but quick but also very efficient. I got the proof when I received all my valuables in pristine condition. Given the pace the movers worked with, I’m convinced that I saved tons of money.

    • Ted Conner
      5 1 month ago

      I hired Alliance van lines for my move without really knowing much about them. So, naturally, I was quite concerned about the move. They gave me a realistic quote and they stuck to it later on. The crew of 4 men handled every piece of my belongings very carefully. They were very efficient and didn’t really waste any time. After they left, I had almost a week between my first and last delivery dates. So I kept calling them to know about the whereabouts of my valuables. I think it’s quite rational to deliver within the delivery window but I went quite overboard with the calling. But the people at their customer service were very polite every time I called. They answered my questions with proper information and assured me. My goods arrived with 3 days still left on the timeframe. Everything was intact and I couldn’t be any happier.

    • Carlos Stewart
      5 1 month ago

      It was a hasty relocation. I hired Alliance van lines in a hurry but they really came through. I didn’t have to move a finger, they did pretty much everything. My belongings were all neatly packed by the men from Alliance van lines. They loaded everything very carefully into the amazing looking vans. I couldn’t be any happier when I received all my belongings intact. These guys are just awesome and I have only praises for them.

    • Jay Holmes
      5 1 month ago

      I like Alliance van lines. They follow their rules strictly and very careful with moving stuff. I checked their website last month and there was so many positive reviews!! The price was economical. They worked for me very quickly and professionally. They maintained the quoted schedule. The arrival and dropping time and process were outstanding. Really worthy for five stars. I obviously respect them and recommend Alliance van lines to my every acquaintance.

    • Mike Figueroa
      5 1 month ago

      I don’t expect much from the moving companies as they hardly ever come through for you. I hired Alliance van lines for my move simply because I thought their quote was low and I could save some money. But they really delivered on the promise. Their men were very well trained and superbly professional. I do own some very expensive pieces of furniture and I was worried how they were going to handle them. But I was so relieved to find them taking extra care with my key pieces. It took them essentially no time to remove everything from my house and load them onto the vans. I received the delivery on time and my belongings were in very good condition. I couldn’t have asked for more.

    • Wilson Burns
      5 1 month ago

      I had done lots of research before my last move. I talked to many companies. But there was something about the man on the phone for Alliance van lines that I decided to hire them. They were absolutely awesome! They packed with military precisions. They were out of my house before anyone even knew that I was moving out. I am so very grateful to them for delivering on time and saving the trouble of having to beg them to give me my things back. There are so many inefficient moving companies and I got the best one!

    • Tomas Harrison
      5 1 month ago

      I thought I was doomed after having 5 kids. So many better job offers came and I kept rejecting them because of the kids. But I just couldn’t let go off this job and bravely decided to move my family. I asked my brother if he knew any good moving company. He said that I should hire Alliance van lines, which is just the best in business. I talked to their manager, and he gave me a very reasonable quote knowing how much belongings we had. Their men were very skilled, they showed up on time and I think they performed a miracle. Anyway, Most of our things and all our furniture made it to our new, and much bigger, house safe and sound. Had I known these guys could do such a good job moving things, my career would look a whole different by now.

    • Oliver Mcdaniel
      5 1 month ago

      I needed to move my items most of which were in a box because I am a writer. They came in advertised and took everything that I needed. When I got into my new apartment and checked, nothing was missing and I settled into my new life quietly. I have seen some difficulties before trying to do the right things but their services are the best among the rest and they are credible. Best moving services by Alliance van lines.

    • Don Stephens
      5 1 month ago

      Alliance van lines was a remarkable aid in getting the entire components of our house filled up as well as when driving (as well as by "incredible assistance," I suggest, "I didn't need to raise a finger"). Their prices were reasonable and there was no amusing service-- no surprise costs, and also a clear-cut contract. They had me moved across the nation and also were right on time regarding it, as well! I would highly recommend this company to anybody who needs movers that will go the range.

    • Mark Patterson
      5 1 month ago

      Alliance van lines has actually been trustworthy and made this procedure means much less difficult than I thought it was most likely to be. Speaking with them on the phone was in fact a pleasant experience, as well as they gave me a quote of roughly $2500. They really did not complain or get fed up with me although I called them possibly 5 or 6 times within an hr since I forgot to ask an inquiry the first time. And if the line was busy, it had not been an issue. I simply went to the blog on their website, as well as it responded to any of the other questions I had. I will absolutely collaborate with them in the future.

    • Kenny Cannon
      5 2 months ago

      I hired Alliance van lines to move my stuff from Miami, FL to Denver, CO. They did such a fantastic job. They arrived on time and were ready to get to work. I was very impressed seeing how efficient these men were. They must have saved me at least 2 hours of extra pay. Their packing was immaculate and they carried big pieces of furniture with such ease. It was a third floor walkup to my new apartment in Denver. The movers carried everything up there very easily. There were no issues at all with anything. It was such an easy move and the credit really goes to the movers.

    • Neil Spencer
      5 2 months ago

      We hired Alliance van lines to move our belongings because when we asked around most people advised us to hire them. They were simply brilliant. The crew was very well trained and they knew exactly how to pack breakables and other valuable things. The men worked tirelessly packing up every object we own. They were done with the packing and loading really quickly. I was quite satisfied with their efficiency. They made the delivery on time and none of our belongings were broken or damaged and no boxes went missing. I highly recommend hiring this company for your next move.

    • Martin Guerrero
      5 2 months ago

      The moving company I was in talks with failed to book me a slot. I don’t understand if they were overbooked or simply didn’t have available men. Anyway, I handed the job to Alliance van lines then and thank god for that. As I saw the men working, I realized how lucky I got with them. Moving is hard work and best left to the professionals like these guys. The movers took great care of my belongings and delivered them safely. I suggest everyone to stop looking elsewhere and just go for this amazing and inexpensive moving company.

    • Marc Collier
      5 2 months ago

      When you hire a low-cost moving company like Alliance van lines, mishaps and chaos are a given. I hired them because I couldn’t afford the fancy ones, closed my eyes and expected the worst. But, to my utter surprise, they were outstandingly good. The movers were so professional and experienced. The four men finished packing everything very quickly and they loaded everything without any issues. They delivered on time and I found all my belongings safely transported. I was wondering if they were going to add double the amount to the final bill. Surprisingly, they charged exactly what they quoted. It really doesn’t get better than this, does it?

    • Freddie Clayton
      5 2 months ago

      Many people had told me before about good Alliance van lines is as a moving company. I only believed it when I hired them for my move. There was nothing the movers couldn’t do. They carried huge pieces of furniture so easily. I was astonished seeing how strong and calculative those men were. Their packing skills were great. The proof came when they delivered every item undamaged to my new house. The price was quite reasonable as well with no hidden costs added in the end.

    • Roberto Hoffman
      5 2 months ago

      The last two moving companies I hired were just nightmares. They damaged so many of my furniture beyond any kind of repair. This time I didn’t want anything like to happen. So I gave Alliance van lines the responsibility to move my things. The word of mouth about them was really good and they certainly proved their worth. The movers were so energetic that I was wondering about the source of their energy! Anyway, there were no issues with this move at all. All my belongings were safely transported. The final bill matched the initial quote and I was just so glad about that. I really couldn’t imagine these guys would turn out to be this good!

    • Charles Coleman
      5 2 months ago

      I had neither stress nor painful situations with them. When I contacted Alliance van lines, they explained everything to me thoroughly, and three great movers were assigned to this task. They worked hard and I could see that they wrapped my furniture so well. They took a great care of it, especially of paintings which are maybe my favorite pieces. These guys were nice, friendly and courteous. My furniture was intact when they delivered it and there were no scratches or dents. The furniture was in an excellent condition thanks to these people. I do not know how to thank them. I wish I could give them more than five stars! Great movers!

    • Irvin Allison
      5 2 months ago

      I moved my home from Fort Lauderdale, FL to Dallas, TX and the moving company I chose well exceeded any and all expectations of what I had anticipated. The sales guy was courteous and thorough and empathic to our family’s fears and concerns. I would absolutely recommend Alliance van lines again to anyone who needs timely reasonable prices on long distance.

    • Lloyd Cohen
      5 2 months ago

      It wasn’t supposed to be an easy move. In fact, the distance was daunting and I had just too many things. But I couldn't just move without the belongings I have bought over years and years of efforts. I hired Alliance van lines to manage my move. I have to give it to these men. They were absolutely fantastic. They were punctual, attentive, efficient and very well trained. I didn't even have to instruct them much. All my belongings were packed, loaded and delivered to my new home by these perfectionists. They made this move unbelievably easy.

    • Jean Pearson
      5 2 months ago

      The move that supposed to take other movers a week or even more only took these movers few days. Also, by the moment they started work in my house, I realized that they are experienced and trained for the job. They told me to sit and have my rest when I tried to help them pack some belongings. In the end of the day, the job was completed perfectly without any complaints. Their demeanor and dedication to work are quite commendable. So, they are just the right movers you need. My experience in the past about moving have taught me lots that things can easily get awry, belongings, get broken, damaged and get ruined. To crown it all, majority of movers are not courtesy in their service. Nevertheless, owning to the movers I hired for my pass move, I had different experience. The guys that were sent to me from Alliance van lines were well experienced and skilled for the job making me to enjoy perfect move with not damage in my belongings. I am really thankful.

    • Jeremy Haynes
      5 2 months ago

      We needed fast service at record time and we wondered whether any moving company can achieve that. To our utmost surprised, Alliance van lines beat our expectations. The movers delivered superfast service as they moved our stuff so fast that we did not even know when we arrived safely to the destination. Their work attitudes are also commendable. These guys are indeed good movers. My last move involved moving a lot of heavy stuff to a close location but because the stuff was heavy, I thought it would be a difficult move but it wasn’t. The movers from this company did a great job by handling ensuring that everything was packed and moved in good condition. They did it so easily that I wondered whether those belongings were still heavy. These guys are truly highly experienced and professionals in their job.

    • Darrin Logan
      5 2 months ago

      Moving is a nightmare. No matter how far you’re going, there will always be unforeseen issues while relocating. Alliance van lines is a company that means business. I liked their flexible scheduling and friendly services. I booked an appointment sitting at home. They gave me the estimate in just 10 minutes. Move went smoothly but the cost remained constant. The good condition of my belongings at the end of the relocation can be attributed to the care with which the moving crew handled them. I would go back for the same services any time I move again.

    • Brad Peterson
      5 2 months ago

      They moved me from my 2 room apartment to where I go to currently in Chicago, IL. When they arrived to begin the step I had a few things that I hadn't boxed up. They boxed it for me real quick. I captured a flight to Chicago the evening of the relocation and they took the responsibilities to relocate my stuff safe and sound. Absolutely nothing was harmed, shed or swiped.

    • Charles Mack
      5 2 months ago

      I have experienced terrible moves in the past, but this was not the case when we used Alliance van lines. Moving from Fort Lauderdale, FL to Chicago, IL was a difficult decision for our family to make, with leaving friends and loved ones behind. Alliance van lines helped to make our move less stressful by, being on time, professional, and trustworthy. I would definitely use this company again.

    • Albert Jacobs
      5 2 months ago

      After my temporary job in the south ended, I needed to get back home to start a new life. Alliance van lines were able to pack up my meager belongings and fit them on a truck that had space and it took about a week to get my belongings. My experience with them was much better than the movers who helped me move south a few years ago. I normally pack up and move everything myself, but this time, that wasn't an option. After my experience with these amazing men I may never move myself again. This was so much easier.

    • Alan Lowe
      5 2 months ago

      If you are looking for honest, hard-working movers, and fair pricing also Alliance van lines is here for you. The movers themselves were very friendly and we instantly felt comfortable around them. They took direction easily and for the most part did a great job. Their pricing is very fair and includes all the wrap and tape you could ever need. I was very happy with the move and will use them again.

    • Bennie Mccarthy
      5 2 months ago

      The movers of Alliance van lines were really professional and friendly. It was seamless from packing to moving. Nothing was too much difficult for them who worked to relocate. I was pleased by their work and with their service. They were following continuously if there were any requirements or instructions. The crew came on time and did everything themselves. They served us a first rate work. They used bubble poly bags for wrapping and packed everything perfectly. Overall, I will highly recommend them to my family members.

    • Dan Lane
      5 2 months ago

      Alliance van lines is professional, efficient, and easy to work with. They made sure all of my items were wrapped and packed carefully, and nothing was broken upon delivery. I've used other movers in the past and have had broken items and a hassle. Alliance van lines was the complete opposite, and it was easy to tell they knew what they were doing. I would definitely recommend them and would use them again if ever in need of the service.

    • Melvin Swanson
      5 2 months ago

      I was quite nervous on my moving day. Alliance van lines helped me a lot. From the first contact with the company, they helped me much. The whole process was very impressive. We had an outstanding experience with them. They were not so quick but they were perfect. No hesitation to recommend the company to family and friends and will definitely keep the number for any future moves.

    • John Tyler
      5 2 months ago

      I have heard many shocking moving stories from many of my friends. But luckily my knowledge about a mover named Alliance van lines was marvelous. I appreciated the way they completed the total process. They came and walked around the entire apartment and then began working. They were quite helpful. I got many important suggestions from them. And one more thing I must tell you guys that this company had very reasonable pricing. I love this mover and strongly recommend them.

    • Pablo Hicks
      5 2 months ago

      These people were really great! Benjamin Franklin said that moving several times is like a fire--I think I see what he means in terms of cost, damage, and losing things. But I think with an outfit like this he would totally change his opinion. Customer service was great, and the guys who should up were really polite and hard workers. They got the job done in no time at all. Would totally use these guys again!

    • Vernon Ford
      5 2 months ago

      My wife has a lot of glassware and they were my biggest concern during my move. I hired Alliance van lines and I warned those several times to be extra careful with the glasses. The crew of four men proved to be very efficient and organized. They arrived on time and got to work. They packed everything so carefully. They were extra cautious while packing the breakables. They put newspapers between the layers of each breakable to ensure their safety. I really couldn’t have been happier. I applaud these movers for the job they did. Additionally, the cost was so sensible for me. I truly value their work. They really took excellent care of my things.

    • Jordan Byrd
      5 2 months ago

      I actually paid for two guys to help me move my room as I had to change my university. But, surprisingly, the team sent three of them. The extra hand was really helpful to get the job done especially when handling fragile, large items. No damage was done. It was a welcome relief for me and my roommate. The quote was very affordable. Service was quick and clean. They helped us till the end of the day, quite happy with the company. I am sure to say them to anyone who might be looking to relocate to the regions they serve.

    • Victor Roberts
      5 2 months ago

      Very good company, extremely helpful people. I used this company recently and they proved to be wonderful for the long distance move. The onsite estimate was very precise and the price was more than just reasonable. They moved all our belongings within the given time and without any mishaps. Overall it was 10 on 10 performance.

    • Vicki Holt
      5 2 months ago

      Alliance van lines is the most professional moving company I have ever come across. They were so efficient and responsible at every point of this move. They were extra careful with my fragile items. They packed my items efficiently and nicely. They had enough packing materials. My old apartment was narrow and getting things in and out of it was a nightmare. But the movers were really experienced. They knew how to handle it. They moved all the items smoothly and without any damages. They worked very systematically which was noticeable and made my move super easy and stress free.

    • Max Jackson
      5 2 months ago

      Moving with a big family and 3 dogs was not going to be easy for me. But thanks to the moving team and office staff of Alliance van lines for making the move looks an easy one. They are very skilled and well experienced and applied their skills to the fullest. Packing, loading and moving was done in quick time and without any issues and the final price remained within the estimated amount.

    • Lionel Doyle
      5 2 months ago

      I would like to recommend Alliance van lines for their awesome moving services and very reasonable price. They gave me an estimate within 24 hours and the estimate was very precise. I checked their online ratings which were pretty good. So, I hired them for my move and they did wonders. They managed my belongings with great care and made sure everything survives the journey. I can only recommend this company.

    • Danny Ferguson
      5 2 months ago

      Alliance van lines brought our things within the set time. Of course, moving is stressful, but this company made my relocation very smoothly. They delivered a day before the date that was specified, which left no room for anxiety and on the contrary, I had great peace of mind and fit well into my schedule. They sent me a team of skilled experts in relocation who took care of all my things, carefully crating my electronics and taking meticulous care of my furniture.

    • Brent Walker
      5 2 months ago

      It was an easy move for me. At first, I got worried how to move all the things alone to my new apartment. Then my wife suggested me about Alliance van lines. When I hired them, they seemed much trained and experienced movers. They wrapped and packed everything within a short period of time and delivered to my new apartment safely. They train their men very well and the crew is very helpful. I have never seen or heard of them being late. They have always given me the lowest quotes. During moving, nothing was damaged or broken. They just made my work easier than I thought.

    • Jesse Moody
      5 3 months ago

      I didn’t know a thing about moving companies because I had never relocated before. But when push comes to shove, you have to get off your ass and relocate. The movers are the great assets of Alliance van lines. They were simply superb and exceptional. I had never met such hardworking and cooperative men before. They were brilliant with decades of experience. They managed to prepare all moving items in an organized way and packed my items perfectly. Everything was in perfect condition when they were delivered. Their way of work was outstanding and praiseworthy.

    • Terrell Shelton
      5 3 months ago

      It was obviously a good move. The rate of Alliance van lines was cheaper than every other quote I got. They brought all tools and equipment on moving day so that there was no problem to handle my belongings. Everything was well planned. I do have a lot of belongings so it took them quite a while to finish packing and loading everything. The good thing was that I didn’t have to do anything. They disassembled my heavy furniture and again reassembled once they came at my new apartment to delivery my belongings. The movers went extra miles to make sure that everything went easily.

    • Tyrone Maxwell
      5 3 months ago

      The experience that we had with Alliance van lines was really an awesome experience. Right after we called, their team promptly responded and provided the exact services that we need. We could not imagine doing this whole thing alone without the help of the expert and reliable movers! The guys provided very good services as much as possible. Surely they are the best team to provide excellent services.

    • Edmund Allen
      5 3 months ago

      It’s not often you see people raving about moving companies unless the company actually does a good job. When all your belongings are on the line, you must choose the movers carefully. I chose Alliance van lines because of their glowing reviews. They didn’t disappoint me. I did warn them about the amount of work involved but they assured me it would be okay. The movers were so capable and experienced that no matter how heavy things you make them carry, they would do that with a smile. I was stunned seeing how strong and efficient they were. They finished the job so quickly. They made the delivery on time and nothing suffered any damages. I have a lot of respect for these efficient men.

    • Sidney Estrada
      5 3 months ago

      I hired ALLIANCE VAN LINES because one of my friends had hired them in the past. The company delivered in every aspect while they moved my valuables. Their van reached my house sharp on the clock. The men took were very fast at packing everything. They put the breakables in the boxes with layers of newspaper between each piece. They used a lot of tape to ensure the safety of my belongings. The delivery was made on time and none of my things suffered any damages whatsoever.

    • Roman Howard
      5 3 months ago

      Alliance van lines is nothing like the other moving companies. These guys reinstated my faith in relocation. They were very professional and brutally efficient. I almost felt bad for how hard the men worked during my move. They knew their job very well and I had to do nothing. The delivery was made on time and nothing was broken or damaged. I don’t remember any other moving company ever being this efficient. I will suggest these guys to everyone for sure.

    • Lucas Briggs
      5 3 months ago

      It is a long way I had to move. But I couldn't just move without the belongings I have bought over years and years of efforts. I hired Alliance van lines to manage my move. I have to give it to Jamie and his boys. They were absolutely fantastic. They were punctual, attentive, efficient and very well trained. I didn't even have to instruct them much. All my belongings were packed, loaded and delivered to my new home by these perfectionists.

    • Jean Moreno
      5 3 months ago

      We moved two months back and Alliance van lines helped us with the move. None of the moving companies we hired in the past came even close to how these guys handled the move. The movers were very strong and experienced. Not only were they fast, they were precise too. Nothing skipped their eyes. They made the delivery on time and my belongings traveled very well. This company is the top dog in this moving business for sure.

    • Jaime Barrett
      5 3 months ago

      I can’t even imagine having to move on my own and thank god I had Alliance van lines to help me through the process. They were inexpensive and efficient at the same time. When a company quotes so low, the job is usually carried out in a very inefficient manner. But these guys gave me a run for my money. The movers arrived early, packed everything quickly and left with all my belongings stacked inside their van. The delivery was made on time as well. There are many good moving companies, but this one is in a league of their own.

    • Joseph Carroll
      5 3 months ago

      I am a veteran and as a veteran, I have moved a handful of times in the last few years from duty station to duty station. When getting out, I did not want to use the contracting agency for moving due to if anything went wrong it easily could take well over a year to rectify as previously experienced. I decided to look in the private sector and discovered Alliance van lines. They moved my entire household in pristine condition without any troubles at all. The movers were professional and polite. They are affordable and easy to work with and have suggested their expertise to many of my military friends that did not want to use the service.

    • Brett Greer
      5 3 months ago

      Recently there was a need for me to relocate due to a career change. I used the services that were provided by Alliance van lines and was very impressed with the quality of work that they have provided. The movers showed up on time and were extremely careful with all of my belongings. There was a systematic and professional approach that reduced the chances any damage to all the household items. Everyone was extremely courteous, reliable and efficient. Would absolutely use this service again and would highly recommend it to anyone that is looking for a move in the near future.

    • Cesar Cunningham
      5 3 months ago

      I had to move on a very short notice. A local moving company promised me that they would show up on time and after waiting for them for the whole day on the moving day I had had enough. I asked my friend and she recommended Alliance van lines to me. Amazingly, they could fit me in and sent over a crew immediately. The crew arrived within a short time and packed up all my belongings quickly. The loading process went smoothly and they delivered right on schedule as well. I should have just hired them from the beginning. But I know now that there is an amazing moving company who wouldn’t disappoint me.

    • Angel Rodriguez
      1 3 months ago

      I was told I would receive a call Friday for a saturday pickup, never received that call and had to call customer service Saturday morning at 10:00am who then notified me that the movers would arrive Sunday between 12:00pm and 3:00pm.

      Once the moving agents arrived I was told that I had too much stuff and would be charged additional money, somewhere around the ball park of $1300 extra to take all my furniture but could take cash or credit card on the spot. Unfortunately, the confirmation I received from customer service and the sales rep were not passed on to the moving agent and I was told my furniture would be delivered until the following day at no disclosed time, possibly even different movers.

      I contacted Alliance Monday morning who then told me my furniture would be delivered the following morning. I asked for corporate number and customer service stated that there is no corporate office which i find odd that they are incorporated. She then past me onto to the dispatch manager even after telling her I did not want to speak with him several times.

      Half my house was loaded onto the truck and I had to rent a truck and do the work myself because I was not paying an additional $1300. This was by far the worst experience I have ever had encountered and will be leaving reviews for alliance.

      I asked for Dispatch Operations Manager Johnathan Edwards supervisor, but he stated he was the highest person in the company and was shocked I was complaining.

      I am filing complaints on the BBB and will continue to try to locate someone in a higher capacity. I am very upset with the false promises and way I was spoken to.

      This company is a bunch of sleazy underhanded crooks. Go with another company.

      Move cost: $1983
    • Pablo Barton
      5 3 months ago

      What can I say about the movers from Alliance van lines? They made our move seem like a piece of cake. They pack everything into boxes as if packing is their passion. They carry huge pieces of furniture like they carry their babies. None of belongings were less important to them. Everything received the same amount of attention and care. They were punctual, both during arrival and delivery. Their efficiency must have saved us so much money. The company didn’t quote too high to begin with. Their final bill was even less than the estimate. I can’t help but feel grateful to them.

    • Stephanie Craig
      5 3 months ago

      I had worked with so many different moving companies over the last decade. But none of them measured up to the standards of Alliance van lines. This company just blew my mind with their helpful customer service, experienced crew and reasonable prices. It’s a combination that is so rare in the moving business. But somehow they managed to provide amazing services at such low costs. None of my valuables suffered any damage while they helped me move and they maintained their timings throughout. I am absolutely impressed by them.

    • Jake Armstrong
      5 3 months ago

      It’s a hard job- moving things all day long. But somehow the guys from Alliance van lines managed to throw a smile while carrying heavy pieces of furniture. They worked very fast and I mean very fast! They finished loading everything from our 3-bedroom apartment quickly. The delivery was made on time and the men unpacked everything. They put all the boxes in the right rooms and they asked whenever they were in confusion. It didn’t even cost me that much for the amazing services I received. It really was the perfect way to relocate.

    • Jean Gonzales
      5 3 months ago

      Trying to move around Christmas is just so hard! All the top moving companies are on leave and you are stuck with the crappy ones. I can go on and on about how amazing Alliance van lines is but it doesn’t mean anything unless you actually hire them. So I suggest that if you are moving, you hire them as early as possible. They were available for me even during Christmas. The move itself went just effortlessly. They just made it simple. I am so thankful to them.

    • Roger Taylor
      5 3 months ago

      Wrapping up your whole life into boxes isn’t easy. At one stage of packing, I just felt so numb that I decided it was time to hire them professionals. Alliance van lines was the obvious choice! It was very easy getting a quote from them and everything went very smoothly from there. The movers were great. They were punctual and efficient. They carried my big pieces of furniture with ease. They were careful while maneuvering the furniture through the house. The delivery was made after 7 days as requested. Thankfully every piece of furniture made it to my new house in good condition. It’s amazing how simple relocation can become once you have legitimate help!

    • Danny Watson
      5 3 months ago

      Alliance van lines definitely impressed me and my family. They showed up promptly and were ready to work. They took great care of our belongings and moved us from point A to point B very quickly. I have always feared using movers and them moving slowly to rack up the time but in reality they got us moved quicker than I expected. One of the best moving pros around. I highly recommend them to anyone.

    • Rolando Curry
      5 3 months ago

      I called Alliance van lines in a panic harmed mind set. I have to relocate in a fairly quick manner. When I called them they offered me comfort. They were polite as well as fitting; they were ready to reach function. When they show up both gents worked swiftly and also efficiently together to obtain the moving process carried out in a prompt manner. They were very mindful of my valuables as well as absolutely nothing were damaged. I'm so happy that I discovered this moving business. The relocating process was trouble free, with terrific solution I will certainly be recommending them to others.

    • Wallace Lloyd
      5 3 months ago

      Alliance van lines is such an impressive moving company. I got necessary information about them from the online portals where they have hundreds of good reviews. I got a detailed idea on moving package when I called on their office. I had to go through a long distance moving procedure with them. They fixed the date and dispatched three guys on time on the move day. All of them were professional and active. They packed all my things in an innovative way. My family member enjoyed their works very much. I’m very thankful to these movers.

    • Todd Schmidt
      5 3 months ago

      Many movers out there pretend like they know everything. What I liked the most about Alliance van lines is that they listened to my instructions. I am quite a fussy person and if things don’t go my way my OCD kicks in. I didn’t have to worry about that with these guys. The movers were very attentively listening to how I wanted the furniture and other items to be moved and they followed my instructions to the T. it was a great move with these guys because they were hard working, efficient and friendly. This move was reasonably prices too.

    • Amber Patrick
      5 3 months ago

      Working with Alliance van lines was an excellent experience. From the first telephone contact and professional and courteous communication to the actual move, all went more smoothly than we could have imagined. The movers were prompt, careful and sensitive to the difficult situation of relocating our 84 year-old mother, both at pickup and at the destination, and then again while moving our precious family heirlooms. I would highly recommend using this company for their reasonable prices and efficient moving teams.

    • Kristin Wagner
      5 3 months ago

      Alliance van lines and its movers didn’t let me worry about a thing while they conducted my last move. I was moving all the way across America and the task at hand was daunting. But the movers never made me feel how difficult it was. They were smiling while packing, cracking jokes while carrying heavy items and collectively putting a massive effort in to finish this job. Their quote was reasonable to begin with and they stuck to it in the final bill. All my valuables survived the long journey and I couldn’t be any happier. This company is absolutely fabulous!

    • Donald Cohen
      5 3 months ago

      The tension and also anxiety of moving whether it be near or much can be stressful and tiring. With professional companies such as Alliance van lines you can put all of that stress and anxiety aside. Extremely expert and experienced.

    • Vicky Stanley
      5 3 months ago

      From the owner to movers, they were all professional and courteous. I cannot say enough about them. We had a POD and we thought that it was not going to accommodate all of our furniture and boxes, but they fit everything perfectly. They were careful, fast and considerate. I recommend Alliance van lines for your moving needs! Thank all!

    • Fredrick Owen
      5 3 months ago

      Alliance van lines was easily accessible during entire process via email or phone. Their manager thoroughly explained how the moving would go and gave me the estimate based the information I gave. The movers were on time and got to work quickly. The movers were great at the packing service- all the boxes were marked and easily found upon arrival. Everything arrived in the same condition as it left. I had a really move with these guys.

    • Eloise Chapman
      5 3 months ago

      Our move was just around the winter holidays and we were helping our elderly parents move from. The distance was not so bad but because it was holidays all the other companies were already booked. Finally my business partner recommended Alliance van lines that he had used last summer. We called them right away. We explained all the particulars of our situation as well as our timeliness. They gave us a very reasonable quote while other companies wanted close to double of the price. They were on time, nice and polite and moved delicate furniture with great care. Overall they provided us with great service from start to finish.

    • Clifford Greene
      5 3 months ago

      My son and his wife were moving quite a long distance away and I asked them to hire Alliance van lines to handle their move. The experience they had was fantastic. The moving crew he got was experienced. They were friendly and gave him lots of good information. Nothing was broken or damaged. The move went perfectly and safely. I’d recommend this company, as my son was happy with his experience. They worked hard and were very productive.

    • Joseph Ingram
      5 3 months ago

      We lived in this house for over 15 years and it was finally time for us to move. We called Alliance van lines and got an affordable quote. I expected a complicated drawn out moving process, but what I got was the opposite. They moved the furniture, paintings and glassware very meticulously. They were quick and clean too. I just couldn’t believe that I got such professional services at that price.

    • Darrell Waters
      5 3 months ago

      From booking to completion of my move I have found Alliance van lines very professional. My household items were delivered in the time. And my goods came in perfect condition. The complete process was great. They asked where I wanted furniture placed in the new house and reassembled all items. I would consider that a great accomplishment. Every person that I dealt with was very efficient.

    • Leon Greer
      5 3 months ago

      I looked up on the internet and was getting bids for our move. I talked to several companies but the manager at Alliance van lines made me all these promises, and sounded like a very personable guy who would carry through this with his word, so I went with them instead. They kept in touch and they were timely. It worked out really well. I couldn’t have been happier. It was just perfect. They were able to communicate all of our needs and theirs.

    • Brandi Allen
      5 4 months ago

      When I decided that it was time to move for a better job with a handsome salary, I had no doubt in my mind that I was hiring Alliance van lines to handle the move. I relocate quite frequently so they were a great find. This company is quite reasonable. The movers were all very immaculately dressed. They started wrapping all my belongings and carry them outside to load in their trucks. They were energetic and efficient. I am thankful to them for making my move from possible.

    • Lester Grant
      5 4 months ago

      Alliance van lines gave me a fast and top quality service as I moved houses last month. From packing, loading to transporting, unloading and unpacking, everything went down smoothly as the movers were in complete control of the situation. I have recommended Kangaroo van lines to my niece who is moving from Fort Lauderdale, FL to Las Vegas, NV next month and I am sure she will enjoy the service.

    • Robyn Patrick
      5 4 months ago

      I have moved three times and I’m tired of moving stuff by myself. That’s why I hired movers this time and simply hoped for the best. Alliance van lines is an extremely efficient moving company. The movers were prompt and really cared about moving my stuff safely. They delivered on time, didn’t overcharge me. I did my research and this company is the way to go. I’m so glad I hired them.

    • Armando Morgan
      5 4 months ago

      Relocating is always stressful. But with Alliance van lines it is fun. I was very well aware of their reputation and so it was no surprise that I hired them to move my valuables. These movers really mean business. All my furniture arrived completely unharmed. I couldn’t be happier with the service they provided me.

    • Joshua chase
      1 4 months ago

      I would not recommend alliance. They flat out misrepresented their contract and lied to me about the deposit and refund policy. I changed my move dates and was informed as long as I cancelled within 7 days of my move I would be given a full refund. That was not the case. They kept a 700 deposit even though I gave them 2 weeks notice. I spoke with 3 different managers and got a different story from all of them. What they did was illegal. They misrepresented the contract and lied to me about the details of the refund.

      Move cost: $2082
    • Lucas Banks
      5 4 months ago

      That was a blessing; it was more than just mere luck. How else would I explain low service charges, exceptional services and timely dealings? It was all unbelievable. It came at a time I least expected it. That was so amazing of them. I found it so enjoyable relocating. Such experiences are worth going through over and over again. Before I knew Alliance van lines, I did not like relocations. I had this strong hatred for his process. Maybe it is because my past relocations were never successful. Nearly all of them turned out to be disgusting. It was however different with Alliance van lines. They made it so exceptional and extra ordinarily good. If I am to relocate again, I will opt for this relocation company.

    • Donald Mcdaniel
      5 4 months ago

      Without hesitation, I would recommend anyone with a desire for passionate and dependable relocation services to try Alliance van lines. I can bet my last coin you will not be disappointed. They will handle your relocations so perfectly. I hired them out two weeks ago and the experience was fantastic. I would recommend anyone with relocation plans to try Alliance van lines. Trust me that you will not be disappointed. You will always have a reason to be happy. My experience with them was simply amazing. I strongly believe it wasn’t the last. More relocation is coming ahead and I will stick to them as my choice of the mover. You can also try them. Trust me you will not be disappointed.

    • Jared Joseph
      5 4 months ago

      For the very first time, I feel like flying after relocation. Normally, I am used to being fed up and worn after movements. This time round, it was so different. Everything was done according to plans. Each involved person took seriously his responsibility. The result was perfection. Such kind of services inspires me and I am looking forward to them in future. That was miraculous. To me, no other term can explain that possibility of flawless relocations. How did they manage to relocate me in such a flawless way? I am yet to figure out how they managed it.

    • Maurice Castro
      5 4 months ago

      I've never used a moving company before because I've always relied on friends/friends of friends to help me move. But this time I was moving out very long distance, where my friends couldn't manage to help me out. So I needed to take help from the professionals. However, Alliance van lines turned out to be very tactical. Their men arrived right on time to my apartment and started packing everything inside the apartment. Once they were done packing, they took out the boxes and furniture out to the elevator lobby. Then they systematically used the service elevator to take everything down. Their loading process was very neat and they knew exactly how to do it. All my belongings were delivered on the previously decided date and they were undamaged. They have indeed left a great impression on me about them and I won't hesitate to recommend them.

    • Domingo Baker
      5 4 months ago

      I am so happy with Alliance van lines for making my move go perfect. From the first time we contacted the company things were smooth. The salesperson was informative and the crew on move date was so professional. They were superb when it came to packing my valuables. The delivery was prompt. I would use them again. If you are looking for mover just hire these guys.

    • Jan Reid
      5 4 months ago

      My first time moving especially with a budget needed to go really well. I thought when I signed up on line for quotes I would just get a firm prices come to find out I had to tell companies what exactly was going on the trip. Then even after that, these guys as well as another company kept me away from going with a company that had a cheap of course “too good to be true price”. After seeing the reviews I knew I needed a real mover and not a broker. I picked Alliance van lines because they showed me their profile with the Department Of Transpiration, which was a relief. The move went smooth and I was please, cool stuff with Alliance van lines.

    • Joe Adams
      5 4 months ago

      These guys are so fantastic we used them twice in a week's time. They are quick, efficient, and great with communication. We relocated from one state to another. They helped us get our stuff to Memphis, TN and a week later we had them back to unload our Pod. Their rates are reasonable, and we didn't need to book them months out at a time that wasn't convenient for us. Hire them.

    • Howard Bell
      5 4 months ago

      We used Alliance van lines to move my bosses home and storage unit from. The walk through with the owner was very professional and the pricing was better than other companies I interviewed. The guys that showed up on the day of the move were energetic and hard working. It was a long HOT day and they did a GREAT job. If we ever need a moving company again in the future Alliance van lines will be the company I will call!

    • Bradford Powell
      5 4 months ago

      I had a great experience with Alliance van lines and their flexible move service, booked at the very last minute, they 'found' me a 20 foot container, communication was excellent, staffs on pick up were excellent, storage in the receiving yard was safe and secure; delivery staffs at the other end were very professional and friendly, really excellent. I would have no problem using them again in the future, oh and they were cheaper than the other companies I looked at.

    • Bert Vargas
      5 4 months ago

      It was a move that I had ordered Alliance van lines for my sister. I actually was not here when they did it because I was moving furniture from my house here in my hometown to my sister's house in the city. I do know that everything was pretty much done accurately. The 3 moving guys were fast and efficient. The price that was given was very reasonable for the quality of service they provided. I highly recommend them to you all.

    • Bernard Cruz
      5 4 months ago

      During our last move 3 days back, Alliance van lines and its moving team were incredible. They were very responsive, showed up early and did not stop for a minute until the job was done. Not only where they extremely hard workers, they treated each piece of furniture as if it were their own. I would highly recommend these guys to anyone in need, for their hard work ethic, strong character, and very reasonable price.

    • Winston Norton
      5 4 months ago

      I read about Alliance van lines on their website and saw that they had done some moves for some businesses in the community that I know of. In the past I have come across a lot of frauds during my last few moves. So I was a little skeptical when I got them. Their manager was great, was on top of things and always called me back. The moving crew was way on time and I didn't expect them to get there as early as they did. I figured I'd be sitting there until the end of the time window that they gave me but I wasn't. So I was able to get moved and get other stuff done that I needed to get done during the day. I couldn't have imagined to have been able to do other belongings during a relocation, but these guys made it possible for me, can’t thank them enough already.

    • Samuel Snyder
      5 4 months ago

      Everyone has their own kind of bitter experiences with movers. I do have as well, but Alliance van lines was just an exception. According to my wife, they are the example that other moving companies should follow. Truly, the method and expertise their crews applied in my recent relocation are way better than anyone else. Their modern instruments made it faster. Now I regret why I didn't take them for my previous relocation. Anyway, my relocation was just perfect only because of these guys. I would highly recommend them to you all.

    • Ricardo Bishop
      5 4 months ago

      Hiring a moving company has become quite essential these days when you are relocating. When I had to move, I did a lot of research online. Finally I settled on hiring Alliance van lines. Their reputation precedes them and they really proved why that is. They really employ the most capable movers. The four men I got were all very well trained and had enough experience to conduct this move. Their packing skills were good and they had no trouble loading everything to the van. The best thing about them was their timing. They arrived on time and made the delivery on time as well. I have very high regards for this amazing company.

    • Sam Bell
      5 4 months ago

      As a first time mover, I was drowning with all kinds of worries but Alliance van lines made my last relocation plain and simple. First, they were the only one to respond to my online request for a quote. Next, the customer representative answered a lot of our questions, and the paperwork was completed efficiently. Then there were the four young men, who packed up our whole house in a blink of an eye. Lastly, the guys loaded and unloaded everything with such ease on a very hot day. No damage, no breakages were done and we were impressed with it all, and have no hesitation in recommending this company to anyone wanting professional, efficient and friendly service.

    • Nicole Brunson
      1 4 months ago

      Called for a quote from GA to FL. Daniel S. was super rude after being told we wanted to look around for other quotes. Since it’s a job relocation they want the best bang for their buck. By the end of the conversation Daniel was yelling and cutting us off. He told us we needed them-they didn’t need us as well as they have military contracts and didn’t need our money. I wasn’t even a customer yet and he ruined any chances I had of using their company. This man even sarcastically offered Hawks/Falcon tickets just to get the sell. I get how quotes and conversions work and this is not it. I will never use this company and I will make sure to let everyone know never to use them either. I did call back after the call to speak with Daniels manager (Shawn Kelly) he heard my complaint and apologized. He said it sucks that we have to write a review and weren’t even a customer when they probably have bad reviews from people they actually serviced. Please don’t rent from this company who hires customer reps that have no regard for the customer. Moving is already a stressful time and Daniel did not help at all.

      Move cost: $2100
    • Sergio Hubbard
      5 4 months ago

      Moving can be a very emotional and stressful experience. But I am grateful to Alliance van lines for their excellent customer service. I had a very good experience with them. They loaded 2-bedroom house full of furniture into 80 cardboard boxes within such a short amount of time- it just stunned me. They delivered all my things on time to my new residence. Everything arrived safely and was unwrapped properly. All furniture was reassembled and set where we wanted them placed. They were great in every possible way.

    • Kelvin Bryant
      5 4 months ago

      Everything went well with our last move. The moving team from Alliance van lines arrived at our old place on schedule and gave an excellent service. They packed up everything into boxes within a blink of the eye. The whole process was organized and seamless. I would like to thank them for the excellent communication from start to finish, and also to their packers who did an excellent job with our packing. I would highly recommend the company to anyone who will be moving to new premises anywhere interstate or across the country.

    • Jimmie Newton
      5 4 months ago

      Alliance van lines was recommended by my Dad. He used this company about a year ago and insisted me to use them for my move as well. So, I called there, talked with a very helpful and responsive guy, got an onsite estimate which was precise and reasonable, got the email from the manager with the entire moving schedule and the roadmap. Everything was going according to the plan and nothing bothered us till the end of the process. It was very smooth. I never felt the heat of the packing an entire house, loading and moving and setting up the new house again. Everything was nicely taken care of these guys did not cost me much!

    • Bryant Lloyd
      5 4 months ago

      Alliance van lines countered every quote I got from other companies and theirs was always the lowest. I couldn’t help hiring them after that. They looked very strong and capable. They proved their capability by packing up all my belongings properly into boxes. They had enough packing materials to make my move safe. The loading and delivering process went very smoothly. When the delivery was made, everything was in great condition. I have to thank those strong guys for making this perfect move possible.

    • Noel Kennedy
      5 4 months ago

      Our office downsized recently and moved to a new location. The move went really well. The team from Alliance van lines arrived on time, packed everything carefully and quickly and then unpacked rapidly and without incident when they made the delivery. The crew was very pleasant and had lots of patience as we asked them to rearrange furniture several times. The final bill came in under estimate by more than $200. They just blew me away in every possible way.

    • Herman Morales
      5 5 months ago

      The moving crew of Alliance van lines was on time and made moving easy. I now know why my sister referred this crew and company. They were professional, courteous and worked hard. 5 star service and a fantastic experience. Humble, polite, such wonderful people! They really did a good job. I am very satisfied with their work. Thank you so much guys! I'll use them again in the future.

    • Victor Mathis
      5 5 months ago

      We’ve been looking for an apartment of our own for the longest time. Finally we found one that met our needs and it was rent-controlled. All we had to do was to move in there. I hate packing and so I was dreading this part. My girlfriend suggested that I hire Alliance van lines to do the job for me. They gave me a very rational quote and they were hired. The four movers arrived at my apartment 15 minutes early. They finished packing so fast. I must mention here that I do not have a lot of belongings. But nevertheless, these guys were very efficient. Then they loaded everything onto the truck and set off. At the end, they stuck to their quote at the end and made sure none of my things suffer any damage. I’m very impressed with them.

    • Millad Ghane
      2 5 months ago

      What a horrible experience I had! Just gave them 2 stars so that you read it! I just created an account to put this review for Alliance Van Lines Family! If you are going with them, stop!
      First of all, this "Tracy H" woman or whoever she is in real life was a horrible representative! She called me and asked about my moving stuff. After I asked about the details of their moving procedure and how they are different than the others, she flipped off and said to me that you are not a customer that can afford us!!! It was a disrespectful moment for me! But, since I was really in a hurry, I ignored it. Then, here comes the contract! There are HIDDEN CHARGES in the contract! Please watch out! They will charge you $225 for carrying your stuff from the truck to your place! It is not in the contract at all! They will ask for that at your doorstep! And, finally, broken stuff! After they bring back your stuff, expect to have some broken stuff. They disassembled my table at the origin place and when they "assembled" it, it was not the same at all! Keep in mind that I don't have that much stuff! To be honest, although I paid close to $2000, I didn't feel like a customer at all: from the representative behind the phone to the driver that delivered my stuff!

      PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE AVOID ALLIANCE VAN LINES FAMILY. I should have listed to other previous reviewers and stop contacting them! Super wrong decision that I make and I regret it! NEVER EVER AGAIN!

      Move cost: $1975
    • Hugo Myers
      5 5 months ago

      On rare occasions, I am privileged to work with a company that truly leaves their mark on every aspect through the process; especially when it comes to moving. I am a person who has not had the need to move for the past 12 years and I was a bit stressed with all the planning and anticipation. Alliance van lines consists of highly motivated professionals driven to succeed and to make all your worries dissipate. I must say, it was a true honor to have these movers for my move last move. Their dedication, respect to the customer, incomparable ability to perform under stress- surpassed all my expectations. I highly recommend these guys.

    • Omar Cox
      5 5 months ago

      I know for a fact that many no-frills moving companies hire part time movers who really lack experience. I was expecting the same from Alliance van lines. To my surprise, these guys really did the job excellently. I gathered that they were doing this job for a very long time. They were very creative while they packed all my belongings and used correct packing materials for different things. The loading process went very smoothly as well. They delivered my goods on time in great condition. The experience factor alone is a good enough reason to hire these guys!

    • Clint Matthews
      5 5 months ago

      I settled on the idea that movers are just incapable and expecting hassles during relocation is mandatory. My last move, however, was different. Alliance van lines was nothing like I hoped them to be. They excelled in every aspect of relocation. They quoted inexpensively, the movers arrived on time and none of my valuables suffered any damage while being moved. This kind of performance is so rare in this business. I have to give it to them for being honest. They charged me nothing extra in the end. Safe delivery of all your valuables at a reasonable cost is all you ever ask for from a moving company!

    • Estelle Peterson
      5 5 months ago

      I am not going to seek the services of another moving company. I am satisfied with the services of Alliance van lines and I will only hire them from now on. When I moved last week, they ensured that every piece was moved carefully. They were very fast at the job. The movers were so responsible. I hope they will continue with such services in the future so more people can benefit from them.

    • Sammy Roy
      5 5 months ago

      None of the moving companies we hired in the past came even close to how the guys from Alliance van lines handled our last move. The movers were very strong and experienced. They packed up all my belongings quickly and the loading process was also completed very fast. Not only were they fast, they were precise too. Nothing skipped their eyes. They made the delivery on time and my belongings traveled very well. After having relocated more than ten times and working with 8 different moving companies, I can certainly say that this one is the best moving company out there.

    • Mark Oliver
      5 5 months ago

      Alliance van lines is a reliable name in the industry with countrywide network, professional crews and a customer service that cannot be matched by any other moving company. But what really makes them the best are their movers. They were the best movers money can hire. I have had terrible experiences with movers in the past. But these guys really made me feel at ease. They packed everything so skillfully and then finished the loading process very quickly. The delivery was made right on the scheduled day and all my belongings traveled so well. They unpacked everything and put them in the right rooms. It was a good decision hiring these guys.

    • Candice Jone
      5 5 months ago

      Alliance van lines made our move so easy and simple. The movers were early to arrive and fast to pack. They had an amazing system in place that allowed them to work efficiently together. The whole pack and load process was done very quickly and they were thoroughly careful while carrying the heavy pieces outside. They packed everything very thoroughly so my valuables can survive the journey. They delivered my valuables in great condition the next day. I am just blown away by how good these movers really were.

    • Eileen Mack
      5 5 months ago

      My good friend told me about Alliance van lines that he absolutely loves them. I was referred to them and I am very happy over all. They gave me free boxes upon reservation and provided with a guaranteed move cost. Movers showed up on time, not a single scratch on any of my furniture and delivery on time. I am very satisfied over all with the moving service and defiantly refer them to all friends and family.

    • Luis Baldwin
      5 5 months ago

      It has been over one week since I settled in my new house. However, the relocation details are still clear on my mind. On that day, crew of Alliance van lines came very early in the morning. Unlike what I was used to, they arrived and started working without wasting time. Within a couple of hours, they were done loading the van. Everything had happened so fast. I must admit that I love their services and I am willing to hire them out again.

    • Myron Reyes
      5 5 months ago

      Alliance van lines was very responsive and flexible during my move. The movers have been nothing short of incredible. I wasn’t expecting such an efficient service from them, as they were charging much lower than the other companies I talked to. But they handled everything very efficiently. None of my belongings were broken or damaged. They took great care of my furniture. They were knowledgeable but they heard my every instruction that I gave them. It was the easiest move I have had in my life- courtesy of these guys!

    • Sean OConnor
      1 5 months ago

      To say that I am disappointed in my experience with Alliance Van Lines is a severe understatement. From the very beginning, this company and its affiliates have been an absolute nightmare to work with. I write this review with the hope that I can save someone else the aggravation and distress that this experience has caused me. Moving is stressful enough without being shafted by an incompetent agency.

      Be forewarned, the company will lure you in with promises of major discounts. My agent “Tracy H” lured me in with a rate that seemed too good to be true (it was). Then, they will bait and switch you. Once you have signed the agreement, Alliance wipes their hands clean and will refuse to connect you back with the agent you worked with in the beginning. They transfer your contract to an obscure third party that has little to no information about your previous conversations. Do not bother calling customer service because they will tell you they no longer have any control over the process and that you need to speak with the dispatch that THEY coordinated.

      The contract is filled with ambiguous clauses about additional fees that the movers completely exploit. Surprise, surprise be prepared to pay an additional $225 because the movers “had to walk more than 100 feet to your door.” When scheduling delivery, the company claims to provide 30 days of free storage for your items. Following this, you reach back out to schedule delivery to your residence. You are expected to provide them with an “earliest delivery date” that will vary up to 21 days from that date. Naturally, I provided an earlier time frame to accommodate for potential delays while I searched for housing.

      Lo’ and behold, the company contacts me and states they will be delivering the items two days after my earliest indicated delivery date. I advised that the items were supposed to be delivered to storage and await delivery since I was still searching for housing and staying in a hotel. The response from Alliance is “there is nothing we can do” and “most shippers would be really happy with that turnaround.”

      When I called Customer Service for clarification I was told that it was my problem and that I was “only unhappy because we are telling you what you don’t want to hear.” MAYBE I was unhappy because they did not adequately communicate information down the chain and do not responsibly share information with their dispatch and moving partners.

      Needless to say, this company is a joke and I will absolutely never use their services again. I move almost annually for work and therefore utilize moving services often. Their disorganization and, most of all, their apathy and attitudes when I contacted them to resolve problems have lost them a customer for life.

      I implore those considering Alliance Van Lines to look elsewhere.

      Move cost: $2000
    • Jacob Jensen
      5 5 months ago

      Alliance van lines was suggested to me by my elder brother. I was in doubt as this was my first move and I didn’t know much about them. They quoted me very low so that was a small relief. They explained everything to me properly and worked with me to set up the perfect schedule for pickup and delivery. Most importantly, the people involved in the actual relocation were so friendly. After my move I was so happy with them because they managed to deliver all my belongings safely. They did everything perfectly. I don’t have any complaint at all. I would like to recommend them- these movers were very respectful.

    • Alberto Powers
      5 5 months ago

      I recently moved my office. As anyone can guess, moving an office is like moving a mountain. At one point it felt like we would have been better off selling everything and starting over. After my employees and I almost gave up on packing, my friend suggested that we hire Alliance van lines. I called them and told them about the situation. They were absolute lifesavers. 5 men were sent over on such a short notice. They worked like machines packing everything. I was very impressed seeing how they labeled each box to avoid confusion while unpacking. They finished the job so fast to be honest. All our belongings were delivered in our new office on the scheduled date and everything traveled so well. They helped us unpack too. These guys are absolutely awesome- I don’t know what I would have done without them.

    • Teresa Fries
      1 5 months ago

      Do not believe the five star rating they must be writing them by themselves!!!
      Read the one star rating and run away from this bogus company! everything they tell you it's a lie, they are just a broker that sells your job to another bogus company!
      My move was terrible it cost me $1000 more than "promised", my items are missing and broken they treated my belongings as crap! customer service is a joke!

      Move cost: $2600
    • Theodore French
      5 5 months ago

      Alliance van lines has the best movers in this country. These people were more than happy to accommodate for my personal schedule and also provided great service with very well trained movers. They are expert at moving. I must say this company was great from start to finish. They quoted me very low and took great care of my belongings. Nothing was broken or damaged when they delivered things to my new house. If I ever move again I would definitely use them again.

    • Gabriel Guzman
      1 5 months ago

      Refusal to refund money charged to my bank institution for services not rendered. This company exhibits characteristics of fraud. I made a reservation with this merchant on December the 16th 2019, the agreement with this broker was scheduled for services on 12/18/19 no later than 12/19/19. I signed a binding agreement with this merchant which involved a third-party vendor who would be the provider of services; A-plus Van Lines. They defaulted on three occasions to meet the deadline for pick-up, as stated in the agreement. I received a call on December the 19th from A-plus which stated their driver would not be on time and will be there on 12/20/19 between the hours of 4 pm-7 pm. I was contacted by the driver on 12/20/19 from (972) 413-0942 and stated that he would not make it until around 8 pm - 8:30 pm. The driver from A-plus never arrived and did not call to give an update of his status. I sent 3 text messages to the driver's phone number and around 1036 pm he called me back and said he would not make it till 2 am on 12/21/19. I told the driver that they have exceeded the date of the expected pick-up and I explicitly stated that this was time sensitive. Since they have defaulted more than three occasions, I would no longer require their services. At this point I felt like I was being scammed and this was fraud. I immediately contact my bank institution to initiate a credit dispute and they terminated access to my debit card and would have to issue a new card. I called A-plus on Monday the 23rd of December and I was told to call Alliance because they would be the ones to return my funds. I spoke with someone named Iesha who stated that they would refund my deposit in the full amount of $709.00 and it would take 7-10 business days. I was told by my bank institution on 12/24/19 that I would need to contact the merchant with my new card number because if A-plus attempts to credit my account it will not be processed since the card they charged is invalid. I called Alliance on 12/27/19 and spoke with Iesha again, this time she had an attitude and was not very helpful in resolving this matter. She was raising her voice and telling me that she is the supervisor and there is nobody else I can speak with. She also stated that they would be refunding my money to the card that is on file, I tried to explain to her the situation and status of that card and she basically said if there is no card to refund this money to then your are out of luck. I requested to speak with someone else she passed over my call to Operations Manager John Edwards. He was no help either, he was sarcastic and told me the same thing. He laughed at this whole situation and when I asked for his corporate number who else is above him he said nobody. I asked if they hire themselves and have no direct supervisors and he said, "if you only knew" and hung up on me.

      Move cost: $709
    • Adrienne Tate
      5 5 months ago

      We used Alliance van lines for a long distance move. The communication throughout the entire process was great. When I pursued their services, I was worried man. But now this is the only company I can trust with my properties. They handled my move very professionally. Nothing was broken or damaged. I was impressed with their professionalism. To this date, I know the movers from this company have my full belief and trust.

    • Timothy Riggleman
      5 5 months ago

      I moved from my old apartment as I had just given down payment for a new one. We were in need of a moving company urgently. So, I booked Alliance van lines as their quote was quite impressive. From the beginning to the end, I was totally amazed by the way the movers from this company handled everything. The weather was not so good. There was heavy rain and strong winds, but these guys never complained and just worked hard. They were punctual and experienced. One of the movers was very friendly to the point that he even helped us with putting out flat packs together after delivering everything. It was an outstanding move.

    • Gavin Lewis Lewis
      5 6 months ago

      It was a massive move on my part. I had set up quite a life for me. I wasn’t keen on leaving but I just had to. When it came to hiring a moving company, I knew Alliance van lines was the way to go. Their reputation is fantastic in the market. The movers they sent were absolutely awesome. They arrived early and finished early as well. They reached my new house transporting everything from the old one is a matter of hours. That is just ridiculous speed! Hiring these guys definitely blurred the blow for me.

    • Guy Peterson
      5 6 months ago

      Alliance van lines was the ideal mover. We interviewed a couple other companies to make sure we had ourselves a fair comparison. In the end however nobody could compete with the price per cubic foot as well as the customer service and attention to detail we got from working with them. Anytime a phone call had to be returned they were on time. They never had us wait or bothered us for extra money we never agreed on. Great job start to finish live the work.

    • Leteya Tsonetokoy
      1 6 months ago

      originally $2,665.78 now $4,144

      Very rude when handling disputes, I was hung up on upon a number of occasions by both Alliance Van Lines and the company they contract out to In Sync Movers. SAVE YOURSELF THE TROUBLE AND DO NOT WORK WITH THIS COMPANY! They will take the information you provide them with and then fail to reflect the information accurately in order to present you with a great competitive quote while shopping. They will constantly remind you to watch out for companies who are looking to just book the trip and gain the money when they are indeed that company. I had to file a FTC and BBB complaint against them, I will be contacting the media tomorrow and I have an appointment with my lawyer later this week. DO NOT TRUST A WORD OUT OF THEIR MOUTHS! It sucks that they have my stuff right now, so I cannot even imagine what kind of condition it will be delivered in. Additionally, while placing the order- the sales rep "Patrick Harris" literally stated to maybe make the movers some lemonade or bake them some cookies for them to help me- BUT THAT IS IN THE CONTRACT, how a professional could even suggest this is unheard of. Additionally, there is a breach in the contract, where I the mover was not notified of the change to the cost of shipping and my proxy who was send to oversee the shipping was unaware of what was being requested. I gave no consent to anyone to alter the contract, he believed he was signing for the itemized list. This contract swindled TWO VETERANS, mind you TWO DISABLED VETERANS!!!!!!! I would not do work with this company if you can avoid it at all cost, I would. As far as their contracted moving company InSync movers, my issue was not with them, as the contract was with Alliance VanLines, however, their reaction and customer service to the situation was horrendous!!!!!!! As I called to establish payment for the services they rendered, while inaccurate and failure to notify me of changes, services were indeed rendered and they deserve to be paid- they were extremely rude about the entire situation. Do not let them steal your money and above all, for them to treat disabled veterans in such a way is distasteful.

      For a full break down of the exact scenario, along with dates and full names- feel free to look at the FTC website and BBB for the official complaint.

      Move cost: $4144
    • Arnold Sharkey
      5 6 months ago

      From start to finish Alliance van lines gave us a truly professional service. The team was friendly and well mannered. They really worked so hard to get the job done. Everything was packed and wrapped perfectly. I was very well aware of their reputation and so it was no surprise that I hired them to move my belongings. They provided plenty of boxes for packing which was absolutely FREE! They were well prepared which made this move easy, timely and efficient.

    • Kenneth Jeffries
      5 6 months ago

      From the beginning of my last move the customer service of Alliance van lines was great and the estimate was extremely rational. The movers were professional and efficient and went out of their way to please my family. They took special care to move my old pieces of furniture and also took the time to assemble all my beds and entrainment center. I couldn’t fault these guys for anything.

    • Phillip Selzer
      5 6 months ago

      I hired Alliance van lines just when I decided to move. They had the responsibility of transferring my valuable belongings, and I have a lot of them. All the men were so well trained that I just knew all my goods would be safe in their hands. They wrapped everything perfectly and carried them downstairs from the 3rd storied apartment with ease. I didn’t even have to wait till the last day of delivery. They delivered everything 2 days before the latest date I had provided. I feel so much at ease with these guys.

    • Michael Klein
      5 6 months ago

      Alliance van lines has a very interesting pricing system. They would quote you a price according to the amount of belongings you need transported. I think this method worked really well for me during my move. I didn’t have a lot of things that needed to be moved so I opted for the services that I required and it really minimized the cost. They did a great job moving all my belongings. Nothing was damaged. It really paid off for me hiring these guys.

    • Elizabeth Dewberry
      1 6 months ago

      This company is fraudulent and their reviews are fraudulent. I have filed complaints with every governing agency in the United States on this moving company and I will continue to do this. They are a broker, they never visit your home or put eyes on your belongings. Their estimations are completely inaccurate, they are unprofessional, they are dishonest, they a rude, they avoid solving customer service issues and they avoid you if you act like you want to back out. I have filed a BBB complaint and they refused to respond to even the BBB. Please do not believe the reviews here, I would bet my life they are as false as the company itself. They are tricksters out to get large amounts of your hard earned money and that is all. They are horrible horrible horrible. ALWAYS use a reputable moving company you have researched extensively and ALWAYS make sure someone comes to look at your stuff in person before paying a dime to anyone. Please do no make my mistake.

      Move cost: $2500
    • Linda Hua
      1 7 months ago

      DO NOT USE Alliance Van Line (booking agent) and Quality Moving Services (carrier). It took over 2 months (Aug 6 to Oct 16, 2019) to transport my household items from Houston, TX to Dana Point, CA. The delays were due to a Quality Moving Services driver being involved in illegal activity and the owner, Ran, of Quality Moving Services hold back my belongings. They damaged my $5500 Tempurpedic mattress and offered to only pay $60 for the damages.

      Don’t believe Alliance’s sales pitch about their 4-5 stars review from the BBB. Also, the Alliance quote should be taken with a grain of salt. Alliance originally quoted $2226 to move 1-bedroom household items. I ended up paying $2891. Alliance will ask you for cash paying during loading and unloading. It’s red flag when a business asks for cash payment and non-refundable deposit. Once the carrier picks up your belongings, Alliance would tell you to contact the carrier directly, and that they would try to stay out of any situations.
      On Aug 8th, the police confiscated the truck containing my items in Albuquerque, NM, because the truck in use was reported STOLEN. The driver called me on Aug 19th, needing me to call the actual owner of the stolen truck to release my belongings. After I called the truck owner about the release process, I called Alliance. Alliance refused to listen to me and redirected me to the carrier. It took me two days of begging and pleading with Alliance via many phone calls and emails to investigate the stolen truck situation because the carrier, Quality Moving Services, wouldn’t answer my calls. I wouldn’t be in this situation if ALLIANCE PROPERLY SCREENED THEIR CARRIERS.

      The main problem lies with the carrier, Quality Moving Services. In my opinion, the owner, Ran is unprofessional and untrustworthy. When I followed up about my delivery date the week of Aug 12th, Ran said the truck was en-route to CA. However, in reality, the truck had been impounded in NM since Aug 8th. Even though my belongings were released on Sep 26th, Ran didn’t pick them up until Oct 1st. Alliance promised the carrier would be delivered straight to CA once they were recovered. But for some reason, Ran took my belongings back to TX instead- delaying delivery until Oct 16th. Ran would give us false delivery date and string us along each time I asked for an update.

      Furthermore, my $5500 Tempurpedic mattress was damaged upon delivery. The inside material was cracked and rolled up into a 2 feet bulge. I believe the damage was due to improper transportation and storage in Albuquerque. My belongings were stuck in the stolen truck and sat in the parking lot for over a month. When I contacted Ran about my mattress on delivery date, he said it was already damaged when he picked it up. I told him he would have documented the damage on the contract during loading if it’s damaged and I have proof it was not damaged during loading. Then, he said it’s fixable. It just got belly and that everything was normal. I contacted Tempurpedic and asked them for moving mattress instructions. Tempurpedic support said the mattress would shift if it wasn’t not transported flat.

      On another note, watch out for the packaging fee for electronics. Ran charged additional $425 for packaging that took less than 30 minutes (putting cardboard over the electronic areas of the Tempu-Ergo bed base, saran wrap massage chair, cardboard around picture frames that I already bubble wrapped and putting cardboard on a 1 foot stone house). I clearly told Alliance when they provided me the quote that I have a Tempu-Ergo bed base and massage chair. Alliance never once said there will be additional cost for packaging the electronic area and it must be packaged by the carrier (I believe this is their way of earning more money). During loading, Ran told me Tempu-Ergo bed base and massage chair ELECTRONIC may be DAMAGED if we don’t allow him or his crew to package. I didn’t have a choice but to pay b/c the deposit was non-refundable and we were scheduled to clear our old house in two days. Their white glove service does not include putting cardboard around the electronic area, just blanket around the item and loading/unloading.

      My husband and I went through many frustrating phone calls and emails with Alliance and Quality Moving Services for over 2 months. In the end, Alliance offered a $1100 discount. However, that did not outweigh the sheer amount of stress, frustration, and anxiety that my family and I went through. My husband and I now have backaches from sleeping on an air mattress. We were unprepared to find a more suitable replacement because we were constantly promised that our mattress and furniture would arrive soon. To our dismay, when our mattress finally arrived, it was damaged and we were only offered $60 in compensation.

      Move cost: $2891
      1 7 months ago

      I want to start out by saying that they seem very professional at first and their prices are much lower than the other moving companies. But there's always a reason for cheap prices. This company fraudulently took my deposit and when I contacted them for a refund they kept prolonging. I made several calls Spoke to Shawn Collins and Micheal Acosta and they emailed me and instructed that they would be sending me my deposit but they didn't. If you know what's best stay away from this company. They lie and when you ask to speak to manager they are not available. Any moving company that requires a deposit are scammers. Beware of this company

      Move cost: $1598
    • Primo Guzman
      1 7 months ago

      First of all I want to say the following:
      1.) First initial call the salesperson or moving consultant (Daniel) was very professional. He sold me on the simple fact of locking in my "special pricing" due to a cancellation that had occurred near my location. I believed him as I didn't see a reason for him to lie. Daniel was very courteous and answered all my questions. After a 30 min phone conversation and daniel answering my calls and going over their cancellation policy I figured you know what I have nothing to loose if after I speak with my wife things are different, I'll just call daniel and I'll get my money back. Boy was I wrong!!!
      2.) I did get my money back but only after a lot a hassle. Daniel tried to offered me a deeper discount, at this point I just got livid and said I don't want to hear it just give me a refund. Everytime I called in the 800 number a receptionist will answer the call ask for my reservation or phone number and right away she would tell me you need to talk to your consultant. This is a way for Daniel to try to convince you to stay with them. Very annoying. Daniel tried every trick in the book, like trying to insult me and call me a liar by telling me, I see that you booked with of our competitors whats going on... at that point I was fed up and said, dude just give me a refund. Daniel has the audacity to tell me, "man you were very nice yesterday and now your being rude"? Reverse things on me. A few days later I get a call from his supervisor so he says, at this point I still don't see a refund on my account and I play nice again he tries to convince me to stay with alliance, and even throws daniel under the bus. Another tactic of good cop bad cop, not very professional. He tells me well I had to call you because I'm the one that authorises the refunds so you will have it now.
      3.) Their policy states that a refund can take from 3 to 7 business days. I called on the 8th day and again the receptionist tried to connect me with Daniel I tried to ask for a supervisor and she stated he is the one authorized to speak with me. I told her look I have an email for a refund of my deposit and I still have not received anything and it's been 7 days. A few hours after that call I received an email for the refund, but is not posted on my credit card till the 9th day.

      This company may give you a good price but after reading other reviews and hearing horror stories, I'm glad I canceled. I don't recommend this company at all. Had they just given me my money this review would not here. I have a feeling this is part of their business practice and more people get to deal with this and they should. So if you are looking for quotes, get quotes first from others before committing to alliance. But if I was you, I would rather pay a little more than deal with these people...

      Move cost: $4900
    • Nick Veltine
      1 7 months ago
      This email address emailed me 36 f*** times because I went with another carrier he’s very unprofessional and immature don’t use him as a broker

      Move cost: $36000
    • Douglas Gonzalez
      5 7 months ago

      I would like to start by saying that moving states is such a STRESSFUL thing to do. When I moved, I truly thought it would be super stressful. I found out about Alliance van lines from a friend, and went with them because the reviews were good, and the price was definitely do-able. I swear to you, moving has never been so easy. I asked them if they could help unpacking my things into my new apartment, and they were so nice! They handled everything with so much care, as if it were their own possessions.

    • Dennis Morris
      5 8 months ago

      I have tried moving on my own and hiring moving companies. All of my attempts resulted into broken furniture or glassware. Then I hired Alliance van lines which changed all that. When I talked to them, they seemed quite experienced. They sent a crew who arrived exactly on time. They were very efficient in packing and loading. All my belongings traveled safely. I had a very bad impression about moving companies but these guys showed me that efficiency, honesty and reliability still exist.

    • Ernest Howard
      5 8 months ago

      When I called Alliance van lines to hire them, I was very particular about my need for them to be extra careful with certain pieces of furniture. They weren’t only careful with the particular ones; they treated each piece the same way. I watched them packing everything so efficiently and carefully. They used the right amount of packing materials needed for the breakables. Everything was very smooth. I really got a sense of how apt these movers really were when I saw 2 of them unloading a couch to my new house and placing it go delicately on the floor. I definitely will recommend them to everyone.

    • Wayne Perry
      5 8 months ago

      I was moving from our rural ranch to the big shiny city. Most of the moving companies don’t even operate there. Luckily, Alliance van lines is big enough to operate from any location! They don’t even charge premium for the out of range location. The movers showed up right on time and packed up all my belongings very swiftly. The delivery was made 2 days later and all the pieces were in great condition. I really admire this company for their resourcefulness and efficiency!

    • Sheldon Ball
      5 8 months ago

      We decided to move during the summer with two little kids. We decided to hire packers and movers to make our move less stressful. We got several quotes and Alliance van lines was the best one. They were also very accommodating with scheduling the packers and movers. The packers arrived on time and carefully and efficiently packed all our belongings. The movers arrived on time and wrapped and moved all our furniture and many boxes. We have used other movers in the past and always had many broken items after the move. These guys didn't break anything and did an amazing job!

      Move cost: $2380
    • Oscar Jennings
      5 8 months ago

      Well to be honest I did not expect things to go so smoothly but they did. Alliance van lines is a true gem in the moving industry because they keep their word and offer a pleasant moving experience. We saved money and our things arrived on the scheduled delivery date with the moving crew was being super pleasant and cooperative to all of our requests.

      Move cost: $3800
    • Robert Rodriguez
      5 8 months ago

      Alliance van lines sent over some movers who were absolutely fantastic. They were organized and showed a lot of coordination among them. I wasn’t expecting much from the company as I didn’t really know much about them. But they were just unbelievable. All four men were very strong and organized. The best part was that they helped each other out and worked within a system that made them super efficient. I have never seen 4 men working in so much sync. They packed and loaded all my belongings in a matter of hours. The delivery was made on time and the men assembled all my furniture for me. It was the perfect way to relocate.

      Move cost: $4100
    • Henry Williams
      5 8 months ago

      Alliance van lines is one of the oldest moving companies. I have known this company for a long time. As far as I know, they take the business very seriously. They do exactly what they promise you and they do not overcharge. My movers were capable enough and they took very good care of my belongings. They packed everything meticulously and then loaded them onto the van. They made the delivery on time and everything was in great condition. They have a reputation to uphold and they never disappoint their clients.

      Move cost: $4700
    • Henry Parker
      5 8 months ago

      When I say perfection, I mean it! The movers from Alliance van lines were just a treat to work with. They even helped with packing my clothes! They carried huge furniture very efficiently. Their van was very spacious and everything fit nicely inside. It was quite a long journey but they delivered all my things in the exact condition they took them. The final blow was the bill. It was less than the amount quoted! I seriously wonder if there is ever going to be another moving company who can deliver this level of professionalism before, during and after a move.

      Move cost: $3300
    • Walter Lewis
      5 8 months ago

      What a helpful service!! This is my second time using Alliance van lines and I couldn't be more impressed with it. Both time, personal concierge has been very responsive and handles all of the stressful parts of moving. This time I'm working with them and they are incredible. I honestly feel everyone should use this website when moving and recommend to all my friends, who have also had great experiences.

      Move cost: $1890
    • Sean Henderson
      5 8 months ago

      Things delivered yesterday and we are delighted. Everything is here as planned and there is no missing or damaged stuff. I was so stressed out at first but for nothing!! I really like how Alliance van lines runs things. Choosing anyone else would have made the situation that more stressful, while going with these guys has been a pleasure. I think others should take customer service classes from the guys at Alliance van lines.

      Move cost: $3600
    • Joshua Allen
      5 9 months ago

      We had a great experience with Alliance van lines. I contacted them through my friend and the business manager was very responsive and helpful throughout the whole process. This was the smoothest move we've had - the movers, showed up on time and got to work right away. They were quick and professional - brought shrink wrap, wardrobe boxes and blankets (all part of their price) and wrapped everything that wasn't already in boxes. We are extremely happy with how the move went and highly recommend them!

      Move cost: $3380
    • Edward Williams
      5 9 months ago

      We had a wonderful moving experience with Alliance van lines. From start to finish the company owners and staff showed professionalism, courtesy, and great attitudes! Our movers were efficient and very careful with our belongings, wrapping all furniture and fragile to avoid damage, down to our sleep by number bed. Upon delivery, to our new home, they unloaded our furniture and other belongings efficiently and with the same care as loading. Where I was concerned about the width of the entry door they assured me everything would fit and they were correct! They set up all the beds and wall units without any problems. We would not hesitate to use them again and will definitely recommend them to anyone who is moving.

      Move cost: $2900
    • Ernest Bell
      5 9 months ago

      Take my advice and do not hire a moving company with least amount of experience just because they give you a lower quote. They end up damaging everything beyond any repair. I know this from my numerous pathetic experiences with moving companies during relocations. Hire a company like Alliance van lines that served in this business for a long time. I hired them for my last move. They were just amazing. All the movers were very experienced and it showed in the way they packed all my valuables and carried everything with great care. Usually relocations are full of glitches and mishaps. But these guys make it seem like a piece of cake.

      Move cost: $2140
    • Anthony Thompson
      5 9 months ago

      I couldn’t tell you enough about how happy we are with Alliance van lines. They quoted low, the movers arrived on time, the packing-loading process went without any problems and they delivered everything completely unharmed. Throw in their friendly attitude and helpful nature too. This company did such a good job moving my valuables and I’m so grateful to them.

      Move cost: $4080
    • Harry Martin
      5 9 months ago

      Alliance van lines is the most professional moving company I have ever come across. They were so efficient at every point of this move. The movers showed up on time, they packed everything very efficiently and the loading process went very smoothly. On top of that, the delivery was made on time and my belongings made it safely. The final bill was handed to me and it was much lower than their quote. It was the final nail in the coffin and converted me into a fan of them.

      Move cost: $3400
    • Christopher Bailey
      5 9 months ago

      This was my first relocation ever. I had to move with my family with me as well. As this was our first move, we were concerned about which company to hire to help us. My father-in-law has traveled across USA and he suggested the name of Alliance van lines. As I called them, they were very polite on the phone. They took the information very profoundly and then gave me a quote. Only later on when I talked to other people about their moves, I understood how reasonable my quote was. Their men arrived on time to my house and they were very efficient. They were very innovative while packing and loading my belongings. I received all my belongings right on schedule. My first move couldn’t have gone any better.

      Move cost: $2600
    • Jason Simmons
      5 9 months ago

      My move couldn't have gone better. The guys from Alliance van lines were absolutely fantastic at every step of this move. They showed up on time, packed everything efficiently and finished the job very quickly. I was very impressed seeing how well they packed everything. They used a lot of packing materials but most of it was free anyway. They delivered exactly when they said they would and my valuables were unharmed. I have gained a lot of respect for these guys over that weekend.

      Move cost: $2700
    • Charles Parker
      5 9 months ago

      My main concern during this move was the amount of junk I had. It was a big ask for the movers to carry furniture which were built in the 40’s. But the movers from Alliance van lines took on the job like it was nothing. I am very attached to these old pieces of furniture. The movers really understood my sentiments and were extra careful with the old pieces. They made sure they stacked everything properly inside the van so nothing damages during the journey. They made the delivery during the first half of the delivery timeframe. The movers unpacked everything and put them where they belonged. I didn’t see the men complaining even for once. These movers are seriously good.

      Move cost: $2890
    • Donald Jackson
      5 9 months ago

      I have worked with Alliance van lines previously so I hired them again for my last move. As always, they delivered what they promised. Most moving companies would give you a time and then show up late. But this company was very honest. The movers arrived right on time and took a short time to finish loading everything. Their packing skills are always great. The delivery was made on time and nothing was damaged. There is no moving company more reliable than this one in my opinion.

      Move cost: $2980
    • Sam Eppink
      1 9 months ago

      WARNING: They will offer a discount for signing quickly. DO NOT be fooled like I was.
      Alliance Van Lines is NOT a moving company. They are a middle-man who will lure you in with a carefully cultivated online rating then sell your move to a cheap low quality carrier and absolve themselves of all responsibility for delays, damage, and even breach of contract They will attempt to keep you from reading the contract by offering you discounts for signing while still on the phone then rush you through the process. My mistake was falling for this trick. DO NOT simply skim the contract. Hang up the phone and read it carefully. I was never informed that they would not be conducting the move themselves. Instead they sold my move to an absolutely horrible moving company that I NEVER would had hired. Alliance Van Lines said my items would be delivered on August 12, with a possible delay of 0-7 days. It has been 21 days since then and I still do not have my belongings. I was never informed that 0-7 days was just an "estimate" and that once the carrier picked up my items, Alliance Van Lines was absolved of any further responsibility. The contract says that the estimate covers certain services, but if the carrier chooses not to provide those services, that is now your problem not Alliance Van Lines'. I strongly suspect this "young" "highly rated" company is a scam undercutting legitimately highly rated moving companies by shielding themselves legally and selling jobs to cheap low quality carriers.

      Move cost: $1800
    • Billy Evans
      5 9 months ago

      They are surely the best I have hired out in years. I first heard about them from a colleague of mine who had previously used their services. I had come to trust me given the long-term working experience we had. So when he referred me to Alliance van lines. I had no doubts that they were going to meet my standards. True to her words, the crew that was sent facilitated my transfer in style. They earned my loyalty, and nothing is going to change that for as long as I know. I have no intentions of seeking the services of another relocation company if they can guarantee me the services I was offered a month ago. The team they sent down to my former residence so diligent. They worked with a sense of dedication and commitment that left me challenged. The least I expected was disappointment, and they did me wish.

      Move cost: $3025
    • Kyle Brewer
      1 9 months ago

      Terrible terrible company and experience.
      Please, whatever you do, do NOT use this company! They are completely incompetent and will only leave you out to dry. I will do this review in 2 parts: quick bullet points about why not to use them and a longer summary so that you can understand more context.
      Immediately pressure you to get you to commit to a price, without allowing you to do research due diligence
      Lied about delivery times, and then will not own up to their lies/failure
      Tout 5 star ratings, but this is definitely NOT a 5 star company (probably paid or employee written reviews)
      Ignore customer complaints and pleas for help
      No follow up or holding accountable the movers they hired to complete the move
      Try to pass the blame to the movers they hire, even though they are the account owner and direct support to their client (me)
      Will do nothing to compensate for their lies, failure of on time delivery, and general ineptitude
      No staff outside business hours in order to help customers with emergencies/dire situations
      Lack of empathy or any semblance of wanting to help a customer with their (limited and delayed) email responses

      I had a move for a new job after finishing school. I had an already planned vacation that was going to happen in 2.5 weeks, so every company I called, I ensured they were aware before we talked prices and capabilities that I would need my things delivered BEFORE the vacation. Adam, a salesperson from Alliance, promised me that the delivery would happen, where other movers said it “should be no problem, but we cannot guarantee it”. With that GUARANTEED ASSURANCE of delivery before my vacation, I chose to go with them, even though it was higher priced (even after a “supposed” military discount, which I am sure they just say so they can brag about it somewhere. I am also going to let USAA know how terrible they are, just in case they are in their recommended movers system—definitely not vet friendly). I also had to commit with a security deposit right away (to “save $200), or if I called back less than 2 hours later to commit, they would charge me more.
      So they contracted Move On Moving (also a terrible company) to do the actual move. They were late for the pickup, but whatever, the pickup happened. I said my first available date to receive the items was three days later. It took Move On Moving almost TWO FULL WEEKS to even get the paperwork from the move back to their headquarters in order to set up a delivery time. This means I only had a couple of days before my vacation. During these 2 weeks of waiting for the paperwork, I called Alliance multiple times to try and see what was going on with my things. Most of the times they never responded to the messages I left, or they just said they would “try and see what the issue was” but then never get back to me. They should have pushed Move On Moving to get my documentation so that the delivery would happen in the window I PAID FOR. Needless to say, the delivery never happened until AFTER my vacation. This was extremely stressful and disheartening. When I called and asked what they were going to do to make this better with me, their customer, they said I needed to take it up with Move On Moving. Remember, ALLIANCE is the company I hired. I did not hire Move On Moving. So the onus is on Alliance to make things right with me.
      On the day on my move (finally—over a MONTH after my stuff was picked up), the moving company was again late. On top of this, their driver tried to extort me for extra money, even though I had a contract showing everything that I already paid for (or was included in my estimate). The driver still wanted money and threatened to leave my stuff on the main floor of my apartment lobby instead of delivering it to my upper level floor apartment. I tried calling Alliance because they are supposed to “be there for any issues I have” with my move. But alas, no one was available because it was after 5 pm. I sent off an email describing my extortion and the need for real-time help with things like this. They responded the next day saying that “nothing is dire enough that cannot be figured out 24 hours later”. Are you kidding me? My stuff was about to be left in a public space after spending THOUSANDS of dollars to have someone move it for me.
      This company is beyond terrible. Save yourself from having a bad experience like I did. They tout their “5 star ratings”. These have to be fake and written by their employees or something, because there is no way this can be a 5 star company! I would not have taken the time to write all of this out if I did not feel other people needed to see this and avoid this horrific company.

      Move cost: $2500
    • Frank Taylor
      5 9 months ago

      After this move was done, I realized that phone call I made to Alliance van lines saved me during this relocation. I wasn’t keen on leaving but I just had to. These guys took such good care of me though. They arrived early and finished early as well. They were just such hard working men and their speed was unbelievable. Who knew moving interstate could only take a few hours? Thanks a ton guys!

      Move cost: $3250
    • Kenneth Baker
      5 9 months ago

      I used Alliance van lines when I moved from FL to NJ. It was a big job but the guys were great. I paid exactly what they promised, no additional fees, unwanted surprises. They were very professional. They arrived on time, completed the move before the schedule, made sure nothing gets damaged or harmed, helped us setting up the furniture and also always willing to travel the extra miles.

      Move cost: $4600
    • Donald Davis
      5 9 months ago

      I have relocated on my own in the past and let's just say nothing went according to plans. Finally I decided to hire a moving company and it was Alliance van lines obviously. Their movers showed me why it is better to hire professionals. They arrived on time. They were done with the packing process in a jiffy. I didn’t expect this pace from the men. I am very grateful to them for doing the job that caused me so many pains. They delivered all my belongings in great condition and on time. The best part is that this move cost me less than when I was doing it on my own!

      Move cost: $2900
    • Henry Evans
      5 9 months ago

      Alliance van lines moved my belongings with great precision at a very reasonable cost. My primary reason for hiring them was their quote. I’m happy to report that they didn’t cross that estimate in the final bill. I have heard stories about inefficient movers but these movers were nothing like them. They were prompt, skilled and always ready to help. They really had my best interest at heart. They were done with all the packing and loading very quickly. The quality of their work is top notch. The delivery was made on time. I am at awe seeing how easy they made my move.

      Move cost: $2900
    • Christine Kang
      1 10 months ago

      Awful experience, first they quote you the lowest and from there on at every point there is extra charge. Ended up paying close to $1000.00 more in addition to quoted price. Once they pick up your stuff they totally ignore you.

    • Keith Powell
      5 10 months ago

      A single man freshly out of college is totally gullible in the hands of the moving companies. Luckily, I put my trust in a company who does the job brilliantly without trying to rip you off. My friend had hired Alliance van lines months before my move and he suggested that I talk to them. They gave me a very reasonable quote to relocate my belongings. I was well aware that the initial quote was only estimation. Anyways, their movers all arrived in time equipped with so much packing materials. I didn’t want my relocation ending up costing me a fortune. My belongings arrived safely in my new apartment and the movers helped me unpack. They even offered to assemble my bed for me. Then the foreman handed me the final bill. It was the exact amount they quoted. I was over the moon!

      Move cost: $4300
    • Gary Parker
      5 10 months ago

      I've moved many times in my life, with large-scale state-to-state moves comprising most of them. I'm all too familiar with the routine: get quoted a price, have your valuables banged up, dropped or broken, eat the hidden fees and surcharges that pop up due to poor estimates, etc. Alliance van lines was the exact opposite of what I expected (and as you can tell from above, I expected the worst)! They handled my business--and my valuables--professionally, transparently, and efficiently. They were on-time (both pick-up and drop-off), on budget, and most importantly, NOTHING was broken or destroyed!

      Move cost: $2980
    • Edward Hall
      5 10 months ago

      Listen, I am not paid by anyone to write a review! I'm here because Alliance van lines is just beyond amazing. I don't think any other company could have handled my last move as well as these guys have. Their movers arrived right on the scheduled time and they came very well prepared. The men showed a lot of skills and creativity while packing my belongings. The loading process went very smoothly because the men were so well coordinated. They were done with the whole thing in no time at all. I had a week long delivery schedule but they delivered on day 02. My valuables were all safely transported. It was such a hassle free move and I only have this superb company to thank for it.

      Move cost: $4150
    • Ronald Harris
      5 10 months ago

      I hired Alliance van lines last month and was absolutely gob smacked by their services. The customer service was very prompt and the quote was as good as any. The movers were very well trained. Their experience showed in the way they worked around my house. They were very quick to finish wrapping up my 3-bedroom house. I have rarely seen such efficient movers before. They made the delivery on the scheduled date and nothing was broken or damaged. You must hire them for your next move.

      Move cost: $4350
      1 10 months ago

      I have had a terrible experience with Alliance Vans and can not discourage you fron using them enough

      - Movers showed up 6 hours late and had never moved anyone out of an apartment before -- took several hours for them to figure out how to fill out the paper work, they did not bring the boxes I paid for and took a big chunk out of my wall (dispatch claimed the delay ewas because an earlier move went long -- learned from movers that there was no earlier move, not hing had been scheduled and they got a call 20 minutes before they showed up)

      Delivery 1:
      - Got a call with less than 24 hours notice, they tried to make me take half a dozen items that were not mine. After they rushed out I realized they had left me with someone else's mattress

      Deliver 2:
      Followed up for 5 WEEKS -- was repeatedly given bad information, and was not followed up with when promised (was told it would be 2-3 day 3 times with no delivery). Company was often unreachable and seemed to think this was not their issue to resolve.
      Got a call with 4 hours notice that they would be there -- I was at work but my retired mother with health issues agreed to take the shipment at which point:
      -- The mattress arrived and it had been taken out of thy hypoallergenic case I had it in and was in a dirty case.
      -- Movers asked my mother to sit outside and watch the truck while they moved the mattress.
      -- Movers refused to take the strangers mattress I had been left with (I have repeatedly stated that this needs removal -- this is not my mattress)
      -- While my mother was waiting for them to "call their boss" they left without telling her to go to another move

      Called consistently for the last three days to get this resolved and was told that they would not pay for disposal of the mattress (I am on a 4th floor walkup and live in a city where you need to pay for mattress disposal) and that they "can't deal with this anymore" and told me (for the millionth time) it would be 2-3 days for them to pick it up. I have spent countless hours on the phone with dispatch and have to take days off of work to still do not have a resolution 6 weeks later.

      Move cost: $4000
    • Johnny Hughes
      5 10 months ago

      I’m no stranger to the rubbish people call moving companies. They are just so inefficient. People still hire them because they need to. I always dreaded hiring them because I knew they would damage my valuables and charge me astronomically for it. That was the case until I hired Alliance van lines. This company really strengthened my belief in humanity. The men who work for the company are so honest and efficient. I want to know how they remain honest and reliable in a market full of cheaters. The movers were punctual, organized, efficient, capable and friendly. My move went so smoothly only because I had movers like them. I was just about to give up on moving companies. But thankfully I know who to hire from now on.

      Move cost: $4320
    • Frank Williams
      5 10 months ago

      I was blown away by the way Alliance van lines handled my move a few months ago. It took me almost no time to get a quote and these guys actually stuck to the quote till the end. The movers were very well trained. Their experience showed in the way they worked around my house. Each and every one of the men had years of experience. I have rarely seen such efficient movers before. They made the delivery on the scheduled date and nothing was broken or damaged. Experience is crucial in this field and these guys are just full of it.

      Move cost: $3890
    • Trevor Vossberg
      1 10 months ago

      Was told when booking that my belongings would arrive by my August 4th delivery date.
      It is not August 6th and I have not heard from the carrier and only heard from Alliance due to reaching out to complain.

      Alliance is a broker and are not providing any degree of customer service other that that which is legally required. The delivery estimated from the carrier indicates that an August 4th delivery is not possible so I have not had my delivery estimate accurately portrayed to me. Alliance made no attempt (other than legally required fine print) to help me ensure that my documentation was completed properly at pickup.

      At pickup, a single mover arrived which would not be enough to move my heavy couch.

      Move cost: $2000
    • Wayne Rogers
      5 10 months ago

      I moved last month and I hired Alliance van lines. This company has been around for long enough. I was really worried about when they were going to deliver all my things as I really didn’t want to sleep on air mattresses. Thankfully, they delivered everything on time and I could gladly escape sleeping on air mattresses. I was quite impressed by the value they provided for the reasonable amount they charged for this move. I am a happy mover with these men.

      Move cost: $4050
    • Thomas Bennett
      5 10 months ago

      It really is easy to find bad things to complain about when you hire a moving company. But the men from Alliance van lines were professional throughout my moving process. This is why I have nothing bad to say. They are inexpensive, efficient, punctual and reliable. The movers were all very experienced and it showed in the way they worked. There were no glitches anywhere. When they delivered everything, I was amazed to see none of my valuables were damaged. This is an extraordinary effort by these guys.

      Move cost: $3890
    • Martin Morris
      5 10 months ago

      Frankly, all I did while moving was calling Alliance van lines and driving to my new house. Everything else was so expertly taken care of by the very capable movers sent from the company. They arrived on time, took inventory of everything and got to work. They packed up my 3-bedroom house very efficiently. Then they were off. They made the delivery on time and all my belongings were in great condition. They unpacked everything and put them where I wanted them. It really was the easiest relocation ever.

      Move cost: $3880
    • Bobby Rogers
      5 10 months ago

      My old apartment was a third floor walkup through a very narrow staircase. I do not remember how I managed to fit my old furniture through that staircase into my apartment 6 years ago. I hired Alliance van lines to get them out and then transport them. They somehow managed to get every piece of my furniture out of that building without a scratch on them. The next challenge was my new apartment. It was on the fourth floor and the elevator was sketchy to describe it the best way possible. The four men carried most of the things through the stairs. I was very impressed by them. I think they exceeded all my expectations and performed brilliantly in conditions less than comfortable.

      Move cost: $4700
    • Clayton Harris
      5 10 months ago

      Having to relocate every few years or so is a necessity for my soul that always craves for new people. I hired Alliance van lines to help with my last move upon a recommendation from a friend. When I called them, the man on the phone seemed very friendly and well informed. He called me back in 10 minutes with a very reasonable estimate. I specifically asked for a crew who is good at handling breakables. The men they sent looked like pro-wrestlers! They were very efficient. Their speed terrified me a little. They were so fast at packing everything that I thought they were not doing the job properly. The crew seemed to know what they were doing and so I didn’t say anything to them. Fortunately, all my breakables were in great condition when they made the delivery. Do you see me complaining about anything here?

      Move cost: $4350
    • Sara Rastegar
      1 11 months ago

      Alliance Van Lines subcontracted Household Hauling for our move. We did not know that Alliance Van Lines was a broker company and since we had to move from Chicago to New Haven in 7 days when Household Hauling showed up we had no choice but to allow them to load our stuff. The estimate that we initially agreed on with Alliance Van Lines was $1950, but Household Hauling charged us over $3400 for the move. Again, since we had no other choice we had to agree with the new contract. The first delivery date was agreed as 6/29/2019, and as of today 7/22/2019, we have not received our stuff. We have been living in an empty apartment ever since and my husband and I are in immense distress. We have contacted Ashley at Household Hauling several times. Ashley is very rude and has no sympathy for what we are going through. My husband pleaded with her to send us our stuff and mentioned that "I know this might not be within your authority, but I would greatly appreciate it if you could send us our stuff", to which she replied, "No it is within my authority". I am 16 weeks pregnant and the emotional distress is putting me and my unborn child at risk. My husband has mentioned all of this to Ashley and the last time he talked with her she denied everything. I do not know what else to do and I am extremely frustrated and mostly worried about the well-being of my unborn child. I blame Alliance Van Lines and Household Hauling if anything happens to us and am ready to take legal actions against them.

      Move cost: $3400
    • Jimmy Cooper
      5 11 months ago

      We hired Alliance van lines to move our belongings based on the reviews we read about them online. They turned out to be very professional. The customer care was helpful enough and they gave me a very reasonable quote. The movers arrived on time and worked very swiftly. They made the delivery on time as well. I was relieved to see all our valuables completely undamaged. I wasn’t sure if their reviews were authentic. But after seeing how this company works, I have no doubt about their capabilities.

      Move cost: $3800
    • David Martinez
      5 11 months ago

      Movers charge high hourly rates anyway. On top of that, they often work so slowly to add to that work time. When I hired Alliance van lines to move my belongings, I told them about my concern. They assured me that their men were all very efficient and they wouldn’t take an extra minute over what’s needed. I was only convinced when I saw the men at work. They came pretty early on the moving day. But their clock didn’t start till we were ready for them. When they started working, it was so systematic and organized. All the packing was done efficiently and they carried everything out properly. I was very amazed to see how efficient these men really were.

      Move cost: $2900
    • Harold Jones
      5 11 months ago

      The distance itself was scary enough. On top of that, I have a family of 9. You can only imagine the amount of furniture and other belongings we own. Luckily, I chose the right moving company. The movers from Alliance van lines were just amazing. They were quick to pack everything carefully and then load 3 trucks. I was in disbelief seeing how hard working these men were. They only took one break. This company is just so professional. All my belongings traveled quite well. A few of my pieces suffered little dents here and there but nothing major happened. It really was a good idea investing in them.

      Move cost: $4000
    • Thomas Morris
      5 11 months ago

      I know how irresponsible movers can be. I have lost many of my beloved pieces in their hands. So when I hired Alliance van lines, I asked them specifically for one thing- delivering my things in great condition. They have succeeded in doing so. Not only did they manage to deliver all my valuables undamaged, they also displayed skills, punctuality and friendliness. Their original estimate seemed fair enough to me. They stuck to their quote at the end of the move. I have thoroughly enjoyed my last move and the credit definitely goes to the movers.

      Move cost: $4280
    • Winston Sanchez
      5 11 months ago

      Ok so when it came time to move I really considered selling everything I had instead of moving my belongings which would be more expensive than just replacing everything. I choose Alliance van lines because they offered me the best possible deal and accommodated the date and exact time I wanted to move. The service was awesome as well with nothing getting damaged and the belongings coming on time. I am very pleased.

      Move cost: $3570
    • Calvin Boyd
      5 11 months ago

      Incompetent people piss me off. But most moving companies are just so inexperienced and inefficient. Not Alliance van lines though! There was nothing their movers couldn’t do during my last move. They arrived on time, showed amazing skills in packing, their strength shocking and made the delivery on time. The final bill was the last nail in the coffin. They charged me the exact amount they quoted. Where have they been hiding all these years?

      Move cost: $4500
    • Kenneth Wilson
      5 11 months ago

      Nothing would be enough to thank Alliance van lines for what they have done in my move. I was in a big trouble when my original mover decided not to show up and keep the $300 that I paid to them. I had no time to look for another mover; I just randomly selected Alliance van lines. Their sales rep offered me a very good deal and gave me confidence. He was extremely helpful and responsive to all my questions. He organized my entire move to the perfection and their packing and moving crew delivered the best possible outcome. Being honest, I still cannot believe that I have finally moved with peace.

      Move cost: $4300
    • Abram France
      5 11 months ago

      I just absolutely hate having to move. The stress of it all gets to me. That's the reason why I have let go off so many mouthwatering job opportunities. A friend of mine recently relocated and she advised me to hire this company called Alliance van lines. Apparently they take away all the stress of relocating. After so many calls back and forth my friend finally convinced me to move. I hired the company she suggested and crossed every finger. Guess what? During the entire process, I had to just drive myself to my new place. These movers, four of them to be precise, delivered each and everything I own completely intact. I'm still recovering from the shock!

      Move cost: $4620
    • Sassy Waters
      1 11 months ago

      This company is full of LIARS. Alexia Jennings is truly the rudest person on the planet. They lied about everything. Called ONE DAY before pickup and changed everything for CASH. Then they outsourced the move with Streamline Moving from Las Vegas, NV (literally a ONE STAR company) and they show up a whole day late. They quoted one price and then raised it $1k for 10 boxes and a vacuum and then didn’t fill the space in the truck. CROOKS! The owner of this company should feel shame. SHAME! I will write a bad review of this horrible company everywhere I can! They should NOT be in business.

      Move cost: $5000
    • Richard Martinez
      5 11 months ago

      I have to relocate every few years and I always hire Alliance van lines. I had to move again a few months ago. As always, they did a fabulous job. By now, I have developed a fondness for the movers who I have worked with in the past and I always request for the same crew. They always manage to transport all my furniture and other things safely without any damages. They do the job while maintaining the schedule as well. I have never seen them being late. Their prices haven’t increased in the last 2 years and that is great news for me.

      Move cost: $4900
    • Angry Customer
      1 11 months ago

      Alliance hired an uninsured trucking company who wrecked and totaled my vehicle then their top employee a dispatcher Johnathan yelled and disrespected me telling me he could care less because i'm homeless. A single military veteran mom. They stole my deposit to the trucking company and refuse to pay me. My car never arrived, my claim is under investigation, they kept my shipping payment and told me to go to h3ll. DO NOT HIRE THEM. Does anybody know who the owner is? I'm calling the VA for legal assistance.

      Move cost: $940
    • Jenny Chicago
      1 11 months ago

      This moving broker company "dropped" my move at the end of the second day of my two day pick up window. I signed a contract, paid a security deposit and scheduled a pick up window four weeks prior to my move. I was contacted five days prior to my move to confirm the pick up window. I was told I would be contacted directly by the truck driver a day prior and two hours prior to pick up. After I did not hear anything during both days of my pick up window I was concerned. I called Alliance Van Lines Inc. and was told that my move had been cancelled. They did not contact me to let me know this or have any offer of rescheduling or compensation. I was left with two days to rearrange my moving plans prior to leaving the state. I cannot believe this company continues to function as a business with this unimaginably poor level of customer service.

      Move cost: $2000
    • Jody Norman
      5 12 months ago

      I asked Alliance van lines to deliver on the punctuality and safely delivery on my belongings. They did just that! The movers arrived on time. They were very efficient. All the packing and loading was done very immaculately. The movers were very delicate while packing my breakables. They moved the furniture out in a very systematic manner. I was quite impressed seeing how sincere and organized they were. When they delivered everything, I took an inventory and all my belongings were safely delivered. I have never seen such reliable movers before.

      Move cost: $3700
    • Louis Gonzalez
      5 12 months ago

      We moved so easily only because of Alliance van lines. These guys were just like well-oiled machines. They were punctual and responsive. They listened to all our instructions and requests. All our furniture was wrapped in shrinking tapes and other stuffs were packed into boxed. It sometimes seemed like they were using too much packing materials. But it only helped safeguarding our valuables. I received the delivery on time and in great condition. I have come to really appreciate what these guys do and how hard they work.

      Move cost: $4800
    • summer lee
      1 12 months ago

      They are liars. They promised to deliver within 10 days. but failed to deliver within a month. My stuff is still in the storage...
      And I am so far up charged 1000+ than the estimate.
      I agree with the other review that this kind of business should not exist in the country.
      Who should we call to report?

      Move cost: $2600
    • Lori Stanley
      1 12 months ago

      SCAM. Do not believe these 5 star reviews. They will take advantage of you, up charge, break your items, and fail to deliver on promised delivery date.

    • Thomas Campbell
      5 12 months ago

      I am wondering why I had not known about Alliance van lines back then. I wish I could have got wind of them back in the past. I wouldn’t have suffered at the hands of other service providers. Instead, it could have been all superb. Nevertheless, I am glad that I knew about them during the last relocation and because of that, I am now settled in my new mansion. They did not overcharge me for the services offered and that is yet another reason to be happy.

      Move cost: $4600
    • Eugene Jones
      5 12 months ago

      All I was expecting from Alliance van lines was to deliver my valuables without any damages caused to them. They not only did they do so but also they achieved much more than that. Their customer service seemed friendly enough to convince me. They quoted quite reasonably too. The crew arrived on the moving day 10 minutes early. The crew worked very swiftly packing and loading every valuable of mine. My belongings arrived in great condition. They made sure, at every step of the way, that there were no issues. That is a serious level of efficiency in my book. At the end, this move cost me very little amount of money.

      Move cost: $4200
    • Joey Santiago
      1 12 months ago

      Should have seen the warning signs from the start. Shawn K was extremely nice during the inventory process over the phone and persistent at that. He said he was a mover and NOT a broker and thanked me for my service. Asked about my time in the military and said he takes care of veterans and will throw in some discounts. When it came time to make the down payment, that’s when I should have known. Cash only. But, Shawn has an alternative. He sent me a link to handle it by check. Chase Bank called IMMEDIATELY to ask and verify if the transaction was legit. The bank must have known they are a shady establishment.

      Once Alliance Van Lines has your down payment, that’s it. It’s pretty much theirs. No one answers the phone, you’re out on hold for extended periods of time, and you are bounced around from one person to the next. Customer service is the worst and will only take your phone number or booking number, then put you on hold as soon as they can. They will just literally hang up on you and put you on hold. In fact, they hung up on me after waiting on hold for 20-30 minutes. You can hear people laughing in the background.

      There is no supervisor you can speak too, no one gives out real names, no email addresses, and no one shares their last name. No direct extensions, and no one returns emails.

      They waited until inside of their 7 day window (to keep your deposit) to finally have Quality call you to verify your inventory. Again, quality doesn’t give out their full name or email address, or direct contact info. Alicia J was the “quality” contact and when I shared with her my experience, she didn’t care. She knew my $2000+ deposit was locked in. I kept asking when the movers would arrive and what time would they be at my residence. She didn’t know, yet, she’s quality. I needed to book insurance and no one at Alliance Van Lines knew it could/would answer my numerous emails.

      Finally, Alicia J emailed and told me it would be Unique Van Lines. After doing research on Unique Van Lines, it was apparent this was a total scam and I’ve been taken advantage of.

      Unique Van Lines is a complete disaster and has 1 useable truck. Yes, 1 useable truck with horrible reviews at that. Check Y elp to verify for yourself.

      It wasn’t until I sent Alicia J an email saying I would cancel that Isabella L called me. She was very rude, disrespectful, and angry that I decided or wanted to cancel. Apparently, she’s the Office Manager I’ve been waiting for weeks to talk too. She tried to manipulate and mix words with me, but by this point, I knew and realized I was scammed. She tried to make it my fault that I was considering canceling the move. Putting words in my mouth, and pointing the finger towards me. Unreal.

      Warning Signs
      - Initially told they were movers and not a broker.
      - Told they were affiliated with Allied Van Lines
      - Lots of discounts to lower price in order to obtain the sale. USAA, veterans, etc.
      - No direct contact info
      - No use of last names
      - Horrible customer service
      - Waits until within 7 day window to inform you that they’ve outsourced your info to a horrible moving company. Their policy is you can not cancel within 7 business days.
      - 100’s of fake reviews online

      It’s a total shame they take advantage of Veterans hard earned money. My advice to anyone reading this is to stay away from this company. They will change their name to another Van Lines if the negative reviews continue. Do yourself s favor and bypass all of the fake reviews. If you notice, the fake reviews make it appear that Alliance Van Lines is a moving company, when in fact, they are a broker that outsources to lower end Van Lines.

      It should be illegal that this type of practice is even allowed in our country, let alone to disabled veterans who served their country.

      Move cost: $2030
    • Calvin Lewis
      5 12 months ago

      The stress of relocation is massive. Thank goodness for companies like Alliance van lines which lends a hand during these troubled times. I hired them for my move three months ago. They were just godsend. I have a lot of fiddly stuffs and old furniture. The crew of 3 men was absolutely brilliant with them. They packed everything properly and carried them carefully out of my apartment. I was very excited to see all my stuffs turning up right on scheduled time. Everything was in its original condition and none of the boxes went missing. I am a happy client and will definitely recommend them.

      Move cost: $3440
    • Justin Mansfield
      1 12 months ago

      Daniel S will tell you everything you want to hear to ensure he locks in your deposit. If you tell him you have a budget in mind he’ll remove boxes from your inventory count to ensure the quote comes in under budget, knowing full well that once the movers come that you’ll have more boxes and have to pay the remainder out of pocket. He seems to take pride in making an already stressful life event that much more difficult. Alexia J is incredibly rude and lies on his behalf. Says they’ve been working for this company for years but if you check with the Florida business registry, you’ll see the company incorporated in early 2018. Maybe they’ve had to change names due to their shady business tactics. Reviews on other websites are obviously faked. All 5 star reviews are spelled “Alliance van lines”. Same capitalization pattern for multiple reviews. So many broken promises already. Scared to see what happens to our stuff. Our only hope is that the third party movers they likely subcontract to are competent.

      Move cost: $2000
    • jacqui quinn
      1 1 year ago

      DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY!! I dealt with Tracy Hoffman who completely lied to me about several things. I was told I was going on a truck from Glenwood Springs to Orlando and it would take 5-9 days. She never wrote the initial estimate correctly in detail. So on the night at 4:30pm THE NIGHT before I'm supposed to vacate my apartment to move across the country a TOTALLY different moving company shows up and my estimate goes from $2300 to $3300!!!! (keep in mind a totally different company called me the night before to confirm pick up time) I was also told it would take 21 BUSINESS DAYS to get my stuff and NOT the 5-9 days. So I immediately freaked out as I'm moving into a place and cannot sit there for possibly A MONTH with out ANY OF MY STUFF. I had to go and spend an additional $600 to ship boxes via fed ex of clothing and major essentials!!!! I was basically held hostage as I had NO OTHER CHOICE TIMEWISE to do anything!! So now I'm sitting here across the country with none of stuff and cannot get a delivery date dialed in. Of course, management never called me back on this at all. It cost me $4000 for A ONE BEDROOM APARTMENT

      Move cost: $4000
    • Frank Campbell
      5 1 year ago

      It wasn’t supposed to be an easy move. In fact, the distance was daunting and I had just too many things. But I couldn't just move without the stuffs I have bought over years and years of efforts. I hired Alliance van lines to manage my move. I have to give it to these men. They were absolutely fantastic. They were punctual, attentive, efficient and very well trained. I didn't even have to instruct them much. All my belongings were packed, loaded and delivered to my new home by these perfectionists. They made this move unbelievably easy.

      Move cost: $2000
    • Charles Taylor
      5 1 year ago

      Our move was fantastical only because of the very capable men employed by Alliance van lines. They really came, saw and relocated. It took four movers just 3 hours to pack up my 4-bedroom apartment. It was a mighty effort from these very strong guys. I only asked them to take care of a few pieces of furniture that belonged to my grandmother. They delivered all the furniture without the slightest scratch on them. Did I mention about the cost? Well, let me just say this. They quoted the lowest price out of 6 companies I called initially. Their final bill was 40 dollars less than that estimate. Hallelujah!

      Move cost: $2300
    • Max Morales
      5 1 year ago

      When you move houses, you do leave some stuffs behind that you don’t need any more. That statement is true unless the “you” in question is my wife. She has collected so much junk over the years and refused to leave anything behind while moving. I had to ask the moving company, Alliance van lines, to wrap up everything in the house and somehow fit them all in 2 vans. They took extra care with everything. They really understood my wife’s emotional attachments to the stuffs and respected it. Most movers show up late and then charge extra. These men didn’t charge a penny over the rightful wage. The company must take good care of them I suppose. I am very happy to give out a recommendation to these guys.

      Move cost: $1980
    • Dave Fleming
      5 1 year ago

      I really didn’t have any faith on the moving companies. In my opinion, they are all bloody thieves. But my son kept persisting that I try the services of Alliance van lines while I moved. I have to say, my son did me a favor! The movers were absolute gems. They were so respectful to all the old rusty furniture pieces I own. They very carefully transported them to my new house. The whole move didn’t even break my bank account which is always comforting. I suggest everyone to hire this company.

      Move cost: $1800
    • Peter Henderson
      5 1 year ago

      My move went really well. Alliance van lines made my move simpler than I could ever imagine. All I had to do was to call them and they took care of the rest. The men arrived exactly on time and they were all very competent and professional. I instantly felt at ease seeing how professionally these guys managed to do everything, from packing to loading. Even the van was quite new. My belongings were delivered just in time, 10 minutes after I reached there to be honest. Every piece of my valuables traveled so well and it was so relieving.

      Move cost: $2200
    • Otha Cohn
      5 1 year ago

      I am so glad that I hired Alliance van lines and not any other moving company for my last move. The quote they provided got me worried because it was so low. I didn’t expect the movers to be that good. But they really were the most efficient men I have ever come across. They packed everything neatly and loading process took no time whatsoever. They delivered on time and my pieces traveled beautifully in their state-of-the-art van. I couldn’t have asked for more.

      Move cost: $1790
    • Craig Brown
      5 1 year ago

      My move didn't require movers who had extraordinary skills. I only needed a company who would carefully transport all my belongings. It wasn't even that long of a route. A friend suggested Alliance van lines which is the expert at long distance moving. I was quite happy after talking to their regional manager, who assured me that they would take very good of me. And they really did! Their men were very polite and professional. The entire packing and loading process took just over 2 hours which is amazing given how much stuffs I had. The entire move was done in a matter of few hours and I couldn't be any happier. These men really are brilliant at their job!

      Move cost: $2200
    • Adam Green
      5 1 year ago

      When it comes to relocation, I was clueless. I asked every friend of mine for advice. I have friends who relocated with Alliance van lines before and they told me how good this company is. They were totally right. The movers, who maintained their timings, were just so efficient. Their speed really ensured my bill to stay low. All our belongings were carefully packed, loaded and delivered without any issues. I am just so grateful to this moving company. It’s not easy to relocate. But having these guys help you really eases it.

      Move cost: $2700
    • Ronald Martin
      5 1 year ago

      Alliance van lines did such an amazing job during our last move. Their performance was much better than average. I have seen the not-so-efficient movers but these men were nothing like them. They maintained the appointment time and worked very efficiently throughout. They were extra careful while handling my glassware. Unforeseen bumps in the road always make things difficult to relocate. But with this company, nothing as such happened and it was an effortless move for us.

      Move cost: $2700
    • Craig Hughes
      5 1 year ago

      Alliance van lines took such great care of my belongings. I was very busy with some last minute errands so the guys were left on their own to finish the job. They did so with great efficiency. Not even one box went missing. They took inventory at the very beginning and checked it when they delivered. There was no hidden cost added to the final bill. They quoted inexpensively to begin with. I will definitely hire them again.

      Move cost: $2600
    • Eugene Smith
      5 1 year ago

      Most of my furniture is old and cheap junks. But that was what Alliance van lines had to move. I knew it was a hard job given how less-than-standard these pieces are and how susceptible to journey they are. But the movers managed to deliver each and every piece of my grandma’s furniture in great condition to my new house. They didn’t even charge me ridiculously for it. There are many moving companies out there with shiny vans and uniformed movers. But they really care for your valuables and that’s what makes them unrivaled.

      Move cost: $2800
    • Shawn Turner
      5 1 year ago

      Most movers hire men who walk, pack, carry and talk like robots. I'm not the kind of person who works just for the heck of it. I always like people who know how to have fun even when they are working. During my last move, I hired Alliance van lines to help me move my valuables. Their men were so polite and efficient. Their work was absolutely meticulous. But what really impressed me was their ability to smile every now and then. They obviously had a very good relationship among themselves and it showed all the time. It's good to have hired people who know their jobs well while having fun doing it.

      Move cost: $3400
    • Arthur Brown
      5 1 year ago

      We were so worried for having to relocate. But Alliance van lines made our move seem like a fun thing to do. The movers were so friendly. They arrived right on time and packed everything very quickly. We had no issues while they packed and loaded all our valuables. We asked them to be extra careful with our glassware as they are so dear to us. They happily obliged. I have rarely seen such friendly and helpful men before. The company was adequately priced as well.

      Move cost: $2590
    • Raymond Brown
      5 1 year ago

      My experience with moving companies had been less than desirable in the past. But alliance van lines was one company that did what was promised. They didn’t charge a cent over the estimate. Their movers arrived on time and delivered everything safely. I have to mention the crew especially because they were simply the hardest working men I have ever encountered. Everything about them was so professional. They packed everything carefully and then carried everything out methodically. My heart went out to them when they were carrying my 6-seater couch. But the men seemed quite at ease.

      Move cost: $3100
    • Derrick Newman
      5 1 year ago

      There are so many moving companies nowadays. So I struggled when I had to decide which moving company to choose. My cousin recommended Alliance van lines. I called them and the man on the phone seemed very friendly. He gave me a very reasonable estimate too. The movers showed up right on time and they were just so efficient at everything. They used a lot of packing materials to safeguard my breakables. When they delivered everything, they even unpacked and assembles all the furniture for me. I recommend hiring these movers.

      Move cost: $2970
    • Shawn Johnson
      5 1 year ago

      I know I wasn’t moving too far away. But the stress of it all just got to me. I decided that I just couldn’t deal with the stress and hired Alliance van lines to do the job. Their movers were top notch. They arrived on time, packed everything like clockwork and loaded my belongings onto two vans. The whole thing took just 3 hours. I couldn’t believe it! They delivered everything just after a couple of hours to my new house and everything traveled quite well. It was a really easy move and these guys are really good at it. I highly recommend everyone to hire them.

      Move cost: $2190
    • Alan Evans
      5 1 year ago

      I am very happy with the way Alliance van lines moved me. All my belongings safely reached the other end. I knew moving with so many valuables within a short notice is not going to be easy but they made it possible. Their sales rep at the office was very responsive, helpful and willing to give me the best price. The foreman and his team worked non-stop, gave their everything, used their skills and experience to the best use and made sure that everything goes well. In the end it was a stress free and smooth move.

      Move cost: $2670
    • Brian Bell
      5 1 year ago

      A different company who quoted a stupidly low price was my first choice for moving companies. When the men came to my house on the moving day, 2 hours late of given time, they gave me a quote that was almost twice of what they originally asked for. I refused to sign their papers and they left without my stuffs. I had to scramble and I called every moving company number I could get my hands on. Then my brother advised me to talk to Alliance van lines. When I called them and explained them my situation, they immediately provided me a quote and sent their available men the next day. This time there was no misquoting and everything went very smoothly. I am very grateful to them for making my move from possible. By the way, these guys charged 10 dollars over the initial estimate the other company gave me!

      Move cost: $2870
    • Jesse Harris
      5 1 year ago

      The movers I got from Alliance van lines for my last move were absolutely fantastic. They were all very skilled and experienced and they arrived right on time. My surprise is with their customer service. I wasn’t expecting such an efficient customer service from a moving company. I was very impressed by the attitude of the man who was on the phone. He explained everything in details as it was my first move. I felt quite assured in the hands of this amazing company. They proved me right by delivering all my belongings unharmed to my new house right on the promised day.

      Move cost: $1670
    • Adam Evans
      5 1 year ago

      I just wanted Alliance van lines to safely transport my things. I’m not a fussy person so I was okay if they didn’t maintain their timings and made me sleep on the floor for a night or two. Their performance was much better than I expected though. My main concern during this move was my old pieces of furniture. But the very capable and experienced mover took great care of them. They carried everything very systematically. Their packing skills were great. I haven’t really seen movers who are so professional before. That must be true given how efficient my crew was. They didn’t damage anything on the way and made the delivery on time. I didn’t have to worry about a thing during this move. I hope they keep up this level of service in the future.

      Move cost: $1490
    • Michael Evans
      5 1 year ago

      I really feel good while writing this review for the only fact that these guys deserve every bit of it. In the days where inefficiency is in style and Trump thinks he’s great, moving companies manipulate us left, right and center. But alliance van lines is not one of those companies. Everything about them was professional. The movers arrived on time. They were amazing when it came to their packing skills. All the men had decades of moving experiences and it showed in the way they collaborated with each other. It was really a team effort by these capable movers to successfully deliver all our belongings in intact condition. I can’t have hope for the future of this great nation but I can surely vouch for these amazing movers.

      Move cost: $2270
    • Philip Bennett
      5 1 year ago

      This was my 6th relocation due to my job. The first 3 moves, I hired 3 different companies and they were at best okay at the job. Then I came across Alliance van lines, which amazed me with their precision. This last move was their absolute best. Nothing needed to be done by me. They know everything of mine probably better that I do. Relying on them makes me feel relieved. Any frequent mover should contact this company for their next moves.

      Move cost: $2700
    • Victor Murphy
      5 1 year ago

      This move couldn’t have been any simpler. I was stressing out for nothing. When I had Alliance van lines handling it, I really had nothing to worry about. They were amazing throughout the way. They showed up on time, packed everything quickly and then loaded them to the van. They were extra careful while packing my breakables. The delivery was made on time. Absolutely every piece was unharmed. It happens quite rarely that a moving company doesn’t break anything! Then again, Alliance van lines has an amazing reputation. I certainly understand why.

      Move cost: $1780
    • Kevin Davis
      5 1 year ago

      I moved a few years ago with an amazing moving company that brought like 8 guys, did a great job and charged me crazy cheap prices. Though something tells me in this economy their prices may have gone up a little. I got an online quote in less the 24hrs from Alliance van lines and I was shocked to see the cost be quite affordable as well- especially since I don’t even have any living room furniture. I was also slightly surprised when they called me the day before my move to tell me they were coming at 7am. I don't even get up that early to go to work. They arrived right on time and as I opened the garage door to meet them they were all standing in a line as the garage door crept up, totally a movie moment. These guys are stronger than they look and definitely polite as can be. I kept throwing extra closets and things in to the mix and they were always more than happy to oblige. They wrap up everything in shrink wrap. All in all after they brought my 2,000 pounds of clothes up to my new 4th floor walkup and 2only a few hours had passed I was quite surprised with the bill, in a good way. These men were totally worth it.

      Move cost: $2050
    • Donald Wilson
      5 1 year ago

      My family moved last week. We were short of money, so we were looking for cheap interstate movers. My husband's good friend advised us Alliance van lines. They moved him few months ago and he was glad with their service. So, we phoned them. A young man we talked to was very polite and easy to talk with. He educated us about the entire process. We had petty of questions and he patiently answered us. We scheduled the moving date. The guys were unbelievable. The first thing I thought when I saw them was that they were kind of small and we had plenty of heavy items! But when they started working I was amazed how professional they did it. They even moved 200 pound dresser! After I understood that these guys could do anything. They packed everything well within their estimated timeframe as I told them I wouldn’t a pay a cent extra! After they loaded our stuff into two trucks, they did it very professionally, every item was standing stable, and so we weren't worried about the final condition of our stuff after the moving! The crew did their work with care and didn't complain about anything. We are happy with their moving services! We would highly recommend this professional moving company!

      Move cost: $1700
    • Timothy Davis
      5 1 year ago

      I couldn’t believe my eyes when I got the email from Alliance van lines. Their estimate was so cheap that I had to doubt their capability to successfully move my belongings. I decided to hire them anyway! I didn’t know what to expect but from now on I will expect nothing less than perfection from them. Their four movers arrived 2 minutes early. They were so efficient and skilled. They wasted no time getting to work and start packing. All my valuables were neatly packed into boxes. They secured the boxes properly and started moving everything onto the van. They systematically stacked everything inside the van to utilize the space properly while ensuring that everything would travel safely. The delivery was made on time and all my things were undamaged. I got the final bill and it was 10 dollars over the initial estimate which was still 150 dollars less the other closest quote. This relocation was absolutely perfect.

      Move cost: $2350
    • Benjamin Thomas
      5 1 year ago

      My boss told me that I moving in 3 days and I panicked thinking how was I going to move all the stuffs I have hoarded over the years. But alliance van lines helped me with the move and everything went smoothly. I knew about their amazing reputation and so I just had to hire them. When I called them, they gave me an amazing quote. The movers were so efficient and really took good care of my stuffs while packing and carrying them to the vans. Everything was done without me having to interfere. I received the delivery right on the schedules date. Everything traveled well without even a scratch mark on them.

      Move cost: $2400
    • Gordon Hunt
      5 1 year ago

      I hired Alliance van lines because I have worked with them before and they are just amazing. They have a reputation of being efficient and cost effective. Being a solicitor fresh out of law school, fancy moving companies were out of my reach. But these guys really gave me the royal treatment. They arrived right on time and packed my stuffs with absolute precision. Surprisingly, except for a mirror, everything traveled remarkably well. I have to give credits to these guys. They really are the best.

      Move cost: $1790
    • George Howard
      5 1 year ago

      I have come to expect a lackluster job from the moving companies despite their promises and supposed reputation. But alliance van lines shocked my system by being efficient. They really excelled in every aspect of relocation. They quoted inexpensively, the movers arrived on time and none of my valuables suffered any damage while being moved. This kind of performance is so rare in this business. Either these guys are the dumbest in USA or the word “honesty” really means something to them.

      Move cost: $2100
    • Ryan Evans
      5 1 year ago

      Alliance van lines employs very professional and skilled movers and it’s their selling point. The movers showed up on time to move my belongings during my last move. They packed everything carefully and paid extra attention to my breakables. These four men had years of experience and it really showed. They were just so damn efficient at every aspect. They delivered on time and my valuables reached my new home in great condition. Many moving companies will charge you much less but cannot guarantee this level of efficiency.

      Move cost: $1790
    • Joseph Nelson
      5 1 year ago

      I lived in a 4th floor walkup apartment. So I knew it was going to be an issue during the move. But the very capable movers from Alliance van lines made it all seem so easy. They packed up everything in a lightning speed. Then they very systematically started moving boxes downstairs. When it came to the big furniture, they carried those together. Not even one item suffered any damages. The delivery was made on time and all my valuables have traveled safely. I strongly recommend them.

      Move cost: $2200
    • Terry Alexander
      5 1 year ago

      I have to relocate a lot due to the nature of my job. So, when I hired Alliance van lines, I did not have high hopes from them but for the first time I was pleasantly surprised by a moving company. The 4 men team showed up on time, they packed the entire house with ease, loaded all my belongings with great care and moved everything within the allotted time. After checking the inventory I couldn’t fault them for once. These guys are real pros. They knew what they were up against and they had the solutions for all kind of issues. I am surely going to hire this company for my next move.

      Move cost: $2700

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