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    25 reviews for All Coast Moving Group

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    • anonymous Mister
      1 5 hours ago

      This company is horrible.

      I was promised by their sales person, Nick, that my stuff would arrive in 8 days, but on the contract it had a longer range: That day plus 2 weeks. Nick assured me that it would arrive on the first day.

      Four days before its arrival I emailed them, but they had ghosted me. I emailed every day until the day of, when it hadn't arrived yet. I called and they told me that it hadn't left yet!

      A week later I called to get the status (after another week of ignored emails), and my stuff still has not left! The lady on the phone told me that the date range they give means nothing: They have 21 days after the first day available to get it to you, so that's yet another lie by Nick.

      To add to that, they snuck in a change in the quote, bumping the price per cubic foot, which adds hundreds to the cost, and given my list of things, Nick's estimate of the size was less than half of the actual size, making the price paid MORE THAN DOUBLE what was quoted.

      Move cost: $6000
    • anonymous anon
      1 5 days ago

      These people are criminals. Their sales people will over promise on the phone, and then ghost you.

      My first quote had a certain price per cubic foot, which was then secretly raised in the updated version, adding more than 10% to the cost.

      After that it's all extra hidden costs. It ended up costing more than 2x what was quoted, and it was two weeks late!

      Avoid at all costs.

      Move cost: $3000
    • Rory Ebert
      5 2 weeks ago

      The move was incredible. These guys were really great with our stuff. Nothing was broken and the customer was also great. The best part is they didn't steal anything which I can't say about past moving companies. I can't say enough about how positive the experience was, for a move.

      Move cost: $2980
    • Stephen Mart
      5 3 weeks ago

      It is not often that I take the time to write a review, however, I felt compelled to do so given the consistently exceptional moving and customer service I have received from All Coast Moving Group. The move was "worry free" from start to finish. One of my mattresses could not be carried up the stairs so the guys had to lift it through the second story window, which was unexpected. Great work and very much recommended.

      Move cost: $3240
    • Troi Christensen
      1 4 weeks ago

      What an atrocious sales team. These people were so pushy with getting our deposit even after me clearly telling the lady no I don't want to pay it today. She insisted if we put the payment in a certain way that the money wouldn't come out for a few days and sure enough it came out sooner than she said even after we had contacted the company to cancel services because we had changed our mind on the whole move together. This led to overdraft fees on top of everything. After I email them irritated that the money was taken out in the first place 2 days after I tried to cancel they responded with oh our policy states if moves are canceled withing 14 days of the move the deposit is not refundable. Definitely explains why the lady so pushy and insistent that we give her our bank info right then and there. This woman knew My boyfriend is legally blind and I was in a car trying to get my friends dog to the vet so we obviously couldn't read this policy right then and there but was fully aware that no matter what this would be an easy pay day for her. My boyfriend had recieved a call from someone when we wanted to cancel and the man told him he didn't want us to get stuck with a non legitimate company so he called to clarify what that would be since apparently taking a disabled man's money is legitimate the woman informed him that it was the 3rd line in the cancelation policy my boyfriend asked her "well im blind so how does that do me any good?" Her response was getting fussy telling him well I can't help you and hanging up on him. This was a disgusting example of how these people manipulate and steal from disabled people i can only imagine what they get away with with poor elderly individuals. Sure they say that with the deposit we can reschedule the move withing 12 monthes but not only are we not moving anymore there's no way in hell I would ever trust these people with my belongings and would never give them more money thats for sure.

      Move cost: $1746
    • Richard McNeely
      5 4 weeks ago

      Work related move due to Covid. I had a 3 week time frame to pack and move. The rate was fair and movers showed up on confirmed time. The furniture was delivered securely with my king bed and entertainment center reassembled by movers. My only complaint was being charged for a new mattress bag, I didn’t realize that was a requirement for the truck. Overall very pleased with service.

      Move cost: $3897
    • Helen Besson
      5 4 weeks ago

      I just used these guys for a move and could not be more happier! They provided the most reasonable quote and that’s what I paid, and they were on time and their price was affordable. They were nice, efficient, and there was no damage to the furniture, floor or walls which I really appreciated. They even arrived early so they could get started on time.

      Move cost: $3240
    • Richard Anniss
      5 4 weeks ago

      I wasn’t too sure what to expect for doing a long-distance move. This is the first time I move away with just about everything I own and it’s was too overwhelming to do it alone. I was a little apprehensive of movers until I found All Coast Moving Group. I was extremely satisfied by the quality and care of this company in my move. They took care of all my items and charged me fairly for the whole process.

      Move cost: $3240
    • Elisabeth Bellah
      1 1 month ago

      I’m using a pseudonym so there is no retaliation from them. I cancelled my move with them 2 days ago because they had said my move would be 100% more than originally quoted. When I cancelled I revoked authorization to take money out of my account at that time. I also called them and advised the same. They said “okay” which I took to mean they would not take money out. I come to find out they still took the money out! After cancelling my services with them. I now have to contact my bank and fight over this. They are super sketchy and scammy. Stay far, far away!!

      Move cost: $9000
    • Elisabeth Bellah
      1 1 month ago

      If I could give a 0-star review I would (and I'm using a psudonym because they have not yet moved me. I don't want them retaliating to a bad review with my stuff). They have been horrible since the beginning! I should have canceled or not signed with them, but they kept assuring me that they were the "best" and "5 star rated" and I would be super happy with my move. So I did and I regret it greatly already (and I'm not even moved yet). But it has nothing but aggravation. First, said I couldn't use credit to pay for my services (told "no" when I asked, but later read that I could for a fee). They wouldn't tell me the day/time of my move and said they would 1-2 days before it. I called that day (1-2 days before the scheduled move) and they said they still couldn't tell me until the afternoon! I need to schedule other things and finish packing but I can't until I know when the movers are coming. Then when I went over my inventory they said it went up by 100%!! I had other companies come to my house and look at my stuff give me an estimate and it's nowhere near the amount of stuff All Coast says I have based on the exact same inventory. This caused my initial estimate to explode by 100%. When I complained they said there was nothing to do and if I canceled I would lose my deposit! I now have to pay 2x as much as I thought I would have to pay because they say I have way more stuff. But the other companies that came and estimated my stuff don't have nearly as much listed and they saw exactly what I have in my house. I have also moved before (I would've used my previous company but they were not available for this move) and what was listed previously is nowhere near my new "inventory" according to them (and I have roughly the same amount of stuff [i.e., got rid of a couch, but added exercise bike, so kind of evens out]. Initially, when I called about price matching they said yes, but then when I pressed the issue they said they had already estimated my stuff as more than the other company, but if I had gone with the other company I wouldn't be paying as much as I will be currently and I think I would be 10x happier. All Coast kept making it sound like the other company would "bait and switch" and I erroneously believed them, when in actuality they are the ones that "bait and switch". I am now stuck with them, but want others to know so this does not happen to someone else. I also contacted DOT and my boyfriend will be contacting the BBB.

      Move cost: $9000
    • Daniel Malara
      5 1 month ago

      All Coast Moving Group recently helped me relocate my company and my home. The team was pleasant, professional, and pleasure to work with. Their positive attitude was refreshing even when squeezing my baby grand piano through a tight doorway.

      Move cost: $5460
    • Tiffany Gates
      5 2 months ago

      Very efficient. And I saw them wrapping up my expensive sofa with layers of materials carefully. During the move, I constantly added stuff and they were very patient and no complain. Nothing lost or broken. Couldn't have asked for a better moving experience. 5 stars!

      Move cost: $3340
    • Karen Velligan
      5 2 months ago

      I used All Coast Moving Group for my move about a week ago. It was a complicated move. The team was excellent with scheduling my move according to my availability and was incredibly helpful with every request that I asked. I would definitely recommend All Coast Moving Group and plan to use them for my future moving needs.

      Move cost: $3240
    • Andre Southern
      5 2 months ago

      The guys from All Coast Moving Group showed up on time and worked very hard and quick to ensure everything got done properly. They worked professionally. They helped me so much, and the cost of the move was extremely reasonable. If I ever move again, I will request them.

    • Stephen Farrell
      5 2 months ago

      Their team’s performance is great. Everything went well and smoothly and I was so relaxed during the move. They made it stress free move. I would use them again will surely suggest others to use as well for quality service.

      Move cost: $3290
    • Colette Fex
      1 2 months ago

      This company is nothing but a scam. If I was able to rate 0 stars I would. I have called numerous companies for quotes and they were all fairly close in price. They gave me a better deal just to get my deposit money! When the movers showed up they said it would be double what the estimate was! Double?! How do you quote it wrong that badly!!! Next they had issues with their systems being down and couldn't even pull up my quote! When I complained they said they would issue a refund - which I have a voicemail stating and now they're saying oh that was a mistake! No the mistake was to hire this joke of a company! I will be pursing legal action to get my money back. As well as making complaints on the BBB and the Florida Department of Consumer Affairs. I really hope no one else get scammed like I did!!!

      Colette Fex
      2 months ago

      I forgot to add that my quote was for $2855 and upon arrival they told me it would be $5733!!! Unbelievable.

    • Mark Ballard
      1 2 months ago

      Do not hire these people. We were quoted at $4k and when the mover arrived on site the price doubled to $8k because of "over sized" furniture. When I called the office, I was told that the estimate did not include the "walk through" which doubled the price. Who waits until the day of the move for a "walk through"? This company is just another mover scam - suck you in with a reasonable price and then double it. There will be a complaint going to the Florida Department of Consumer Affairs and potentially a suit for damages. Also, do not pay them with check - we will be putting a stop on the credit card payment. If anyone would like to talk with me on this, please do. I will be happy to give you my email.

      Move cost: $4000
    • Allison Luca
      5 2 months ago

      Long distance move - they gave us a great quote and made our move a smooth & pleasurable experience. They were there every step of the way.

      Move cost: $3240
    • Isaac Olsen
      5 2 months ago

      My experience with this company has been really great! They are very reliable and trustworthy. They were our movers, and they did an excellent job when they showed up. They were very kind, professional and even patient with me when I got things confused. Customer service was very responsive. These guys helped us move furniture between three different houses, which was a big job. Everything went very well! I highly recommend All Coast Moving Group to set up your move!

      Move cost: $5420
    • Danielle Beets
      5 3 months ago

      All Coast Moving Group team was honest, hardworking and courteous, professional, and fast. They loaded our 4 bedrooms in one load and disposed of our unwanted things. Would recommend them to anyone! Thank you All Coast Moving Group You made this a very positive experience! God bless you and the company. May you do a lot of business in future and remains on top.

      Move cost: $1290
    • Brenda Austin
      5 3 months ago

      A great moving experience. Making the arrangements with the people on the phone was easy and quick. They sent an estimator to look over everything we were planning to move at no charge. The crew showed up on time and called 30 minutes before they arrived at the pickup address. The crew was very polite and professional. All of our stuff was handled with care and arrived in the same condition it had been in when it was picked up. Would definitely recommend.

      Move cost: $5460
    • Caron Wright
      5 3 months ago

      We are very excited with the response these guys accorded us right from the time we contacted their manager and when we talked with their customer service team and till the time we moved with their movers. It was fun and interesting all through and we had the best moves of our lives ever since we had been moving. I recommend All Coast Moving Group to every serious mover, you will have the best experience with them.

      Move cost: $1800
    • Nicole Obrien
      5 3 months ago

      Before I moved everyone warned me about moving companies and how disgusting they were, so I did a lot of research and think. These movers got to both locations on time and all of them were amazing! Each made sure that my things were loaded the right way!! If it was not for them my things would have been broken or damaged. This was the best decision I have made in a long time and I am glad that I chose them!

      Move cost: $4350
    • Callie Bryant
      5 3 months ago

      Excellent from beginning to end, we are super impressed with your work! The movers are very knowledgeable about how to keep your things safe and sound throughout the whole relocation. We were not stressed or worried at all about the safety of your things throughout the whole process. I give you an A+ if this was a grade, as a teacher i know what im talking about :-)

      Move cost: $4390
    • Philip Park
      5 3 months ago

      Our moving group appeared 15 min very early and done the entire packaging process in 3 hours. I couldn't have actually envisioned a better experience or an extra committed group of moving companies to aid me. All my stuff was provided in ideal condition. Thank you so a lot for excellent service very recommended.

      Move cost: $4350

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