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How to unpack like a professional?

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    Verified Movers Team Blog Post-move Activities and Tasks

    You’ve probably heard lots of tips and tricks on how to prepare for moving. But what about hacks on how to unpack like a professional? As you will soon learn, this step is crucial for the process of settling in your new home. Because if you look at the number of people who live out of boxes weeks after relocation, seems that hiring our packers could be your best investment. Because Verified Movers can help you find movers to unpack your entire house in no time, so you will have time to focus on more important projects. Even though now you have the terrific option of hiring professional movers to do this for you, we’ve got some advice for you on how to unpack like a professional. Read on to learn just how to tackle this challenge effectively and have maximum productivity. If you do that, you can be fully at home in your new abode soon after the moving day.

    How to unpack like a professional by using our effective system

    When it comes to changing address, everyone’s habits and priorities are different. For some people, packing up is horribly boring, yet unpacking at their new home provides them with fulfillment and happiness. Settling in fills most people up with enthusiasm and nestling urges. However, others will say they prefer the anticipation that packing brings, but they hate the tedious challenge of unpacking once the moving trucks have left. Now that you are alone in your new abode with wrapped furniture and piles of boxes – what to do? Whichever side you’re on, following our basic process can help you unpack like a professional.

    Make sure you give a copy of your inventory list to your moving company and track your belongings while you move.

    What to unpack first – these easy and efficient tips will help you unpack like a professional

    1. What you need to do first if you want to unpack like a professional is open the essentials box. After that, you will be free to take your time with the rest of the house.
    2. Make sure to thoroughly plan the layout of each room before you focus on unpacking. This is the best way to avoid chaos.
    3. Try to anticipate challenges before they arise if you want to unpack like a professional. For example, stop procrastinating lining the cabinets, shelves or installing closet dividers. You should do it first when it’s most practical.
    4. Delegate as many unpacking assignments as possible. Each member of the family should unpack their own bedroom, for example. It’s a great way for your children to unpack like professionals as well.
    5. You should take a break after you have the main unpacking tasks done. If possible, invite everyone for a fun unpacking party that the whole family can enjoy.

    Distribute your boxes strategically

    It can be tempting to just put all your moving boxes in one pile in the hallway. Everyone always thinks they will just sort them out later. However, we have to emphasize how important it is to not procrastinate if you are trying to unpack like a professional. Instead, we suggest you hire unpacking services and take the time that step will save you to sort out your boxes. Distribute them according to the rooms they belong in. Do it as soon as you get them from the moving truck if you want to unpack like a professional.

    Packing supplies
    Make sure you take the essentials box or bag with you, and not load it on the moving truck.

    Labeling your boxes

    In order to do that and sort your boxes so that you can unpack more efficiently, you should have first labeled your boxes while you were packing. In case you become impatient and find yourself wanting to quickly start to randomly open the boxes, you will still be able to clearly see what it is you are unpacking. Also, if you were following our tips, you would be packing according to usage or room category. Our experts recommend you follow such a packing system if you want to unpack like a professional. Our system makes the process so simple, that all that’s left to do is check each label so that you can start unboxing them in the correct room they correspond to.

    How to unpack like a professional? Start with the necessities

    To make everything much easier as you begin to unpack, you should start with the essentials box (or luggage). That way you will have the essential items so that you can feel more relaxed and at home sooner rather than later. These essentials include toiletries, important medications, a book or two, paper, notebook with key addresses and telephone numbers. You will also need some basic kitchen accessories. With these items, you are on your way to a quick and easy setup. On your first few days after moving in, it will be easy for you to freshen up with the help of your essentials box. In fact, your entire unboxing process will be much quicker if your essentials bag is what you unpack first after moving in.

    After you unpack your kitchen like a professional, but the beds together and unpack the linens for each bedroom.

    Unpacking your kitchen like a pro

    If you want to move in sooner rather than later, you really need to set up your kitchen first. While there is a way to unpack this area quickly, you will, however, need to line the cabinets and shelves before proceeding to unbox your utensils and appliances and arranging your kitchen. Then you can start getting flatware and dishes and tools out and putting them away. If you’ve labeled the boxes meticulously, you will be able to find the items you need fairly quickly. You can put away the pots, pans, and dishes as fast as possible, it doesn’t have to be perfect at this stage. Then you can hook up the big appliances, like the fridge, and start buying food. Finally, plug-in the small gadgets that make everyday life a little easier, like the coffee pot and toaster.

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