Written by: Kate Becker

One of the things that can be the hardest thing to fall out of during the moving process is separation from friends. There may be situations in your life when everyone will go to their side. Sometimes it’s because of going to college, sometimes it’s about returning to your hometown, and sometimes it’s about business opportunities in another city or country. One thing they all have in common is moving. So, you move because of the college, you move to your hometown, or to another city or state. When it comes to moving, you will need to find a professional moving company. And Verified Movers can help you find the ideal moving company for you and your moving. Today, the main topic is friends, and how to stay close with friends after moving. There are many ways to do this, but let’s see which ones have proven to be the best.

Keep in touch with your friends after moving

If you have been friends since childhood, and you have never separated before, this parting will be hard for you. The most important thing in these situations is to maintain regular contact with your friends. It’s quite normal that you will miss your friends a lot. But in such situations, feel free to call them and tell them you miss them. What is very important to say is that there are many types of friendships. With some, you are closer, and with some less. You trust some more and some less. So, it might be a good idea to sort your friends based on how much they mean to you.

Friends talking
Call your friends often because they will not feel forgotten.

This doesn’t mean that you need to break off contact with some friends and that you no longer need to hang out with them. Already, you need to catch the routine and decide when and how much to communicate with them. For example, if you had two friends that you talked to every day, let it stay that way. And if, for example, you had friends with whom you heard on a weekly basis, or up to three times a month, try to respect that. Also, it’s important that you don’t allow distance to affect your friendship, and do your best to stay in touch with everyone.

Organize weekly or monthly gatherings

Once you have moved to another city or another country with your long distance moving companies Olathe, it doesn’t have to be a problem to see your friends. Depending on the possibilities, it would be desirable to organize social gatherings. At least once a week or a month. Of course, if it suits you and your friends that way. It doesn’t always have to be crazy parties or parties in clubs, but you can choose a quiet place, such as dinner in a restaurant, a house party, a pajama party, etc. Also, after moving to your new home, organize a party and invite your friends. They will be very glad to be your guests. We are sure of that.

Stay in touch 24/7 – one of the best ways to stay close with friends after moving

Some friendships are really special, and some friendships are unbreakable. The best friend is difficult to find, especially nowadays. If you have a friend with whom every day you talk, chat, see, or maybe live together, this separation will be very difficult for you. There are several ways to stay close with your friend after moving. Here are a few:

  • Stay connected 24/7
  • Use Viber, Wats up, or Skype for video calls.
  • Send emails.
  • Send a postcard or letter by post.
  • Use social networks to share images, locations, feelings, etc.
  • Send a friends gifts.
Gifts for frinds
Send a gift to your friends and surprise them!

Postcards and letters may be out of fashion, but they are one of the ways that you can pleasantly surprise your friends. What is important with very close friends is to try to follow all the habits that you have had so far. It’s important that you continue to trust your friends, and not forget them. If you are moving to Overland Park because of college, then long distance moving companies Overland Park can help you. So, you can find the 10 best colleges in Overland Park and really enjoy life in this city. Also, the schooling period lasts a couple of years, and if the friendship is right, it will last after that.

Plan your move together with your friends

For example, if you are moving to Kansas, in addition to needing help from long distance moving companies in Kansas City, you can include your friends in your moving process. They may find it difficult to say goodbye, and in those moments they may feel rejected. So, we advise you to involve them in planning your moving process and let them help you. We are sure they will want it. For example, you can allow them to pack your books, sports equipment, etc. This way you will show them that you care about them.

House party with friends after moving
Organizing house gatherings is one of the ways to stay close with friends after moving.

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Don’t forget them!

And finally, when we take everything into account, we can conclude that one of the best ways to stay close with friends after moving, is to never forget them! It’s quite normal that you will meet new people in a new city. But the essence of everything is not to forget your old friends, to stay in touch. And of course, see each other and hang out when your commitments allow.