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How to pack and move musical instruments?

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When you start packing for your relocation, you will realize that there are so many things you need to think about. When should you schedule the move, what are the best cities in Texas to move to, what moving company to hire, and a lot more. If you answer all of these questions, one more will certainly arise. And that is how to pack and move musical instruments. If you are a musician, then you probably have one or more of them. Well, in order for you not to have a hard time while packing your musical instruments, we have compiled a list of tips on how to do it best. So, without any further ado, let’s dive in!

Preparing to pack and move musical instruments

This is a big one. In order to be ready to pack something as fragile as a musical instrument, you need to be properly prepared. You need to have a lot of packing material and the knowledge to use it. When you hire long distance movers Wisconsin, they will probably be happy to provide you with enough high-quality packing material, but they may not know how to do the packing itself. That is why it is upon you to do so correctly. So, go to your local office or hardware store and get as much packing paper as possible.

In addition, you should get packing tape, plastic wrap, and also that thing you get when you order something from Amazon. That wrapping foil with a lot of bubbles in it so you that the item does not sustain any damage. Musical instruments are fragile items, and your movers may not be able to appreciate that. They also bring a lot of joy in times of need. Make sure to approach the instruments like that when you are packing them!

how to pack and move musical instruments such as a bass guitar
Read on to learn how to pack and move musical instruments!

Packing string instruments

When packing string instruments, there are a couple of things you need to take care of. The first thing you should do is loosen the strings, or take them off completely. By doing thing you will relieve the pressure from the neck and avoid it getting bent. You also need to adjust the keys so they are aligned with the headstock. This will make wrapping the string instrument in plastic wrap or packing paper a lot easier. But, that may not be necessary if you have a hard case. If you do not, visit Guitar World Wisconsin to get one! Put the instrument with loosened strings and adjusted keys inside the hard case.

If there is still some space in the case left so the guitar may tumble while traveling, make sure to put in shredded paper or any other type of padding. Keep in mind though, that if you have acoustic instruments, the shredded paper may end up inside your instrument through the soundhole. So, only use shredded paper if you are packing an electric.

pack and move a guitar
This is the best way to pack your string instruments

If you, in fact, do not have a hard case, you need to wrap the whole instrument in plastic wrap. Tape it and then put it in a corresponding box which will fit it perfectly. If you do not have moving boxes, ask long distance moving companies West Virginia if they have any to offer. However, before you put the instrument inside the box, make sure to fill it up with enough foam nuggets and padding. Close the box and shake it around a little bit. If you can feel any movement inside, open the box again and put even more padding to ensure the instrument’s safety.

Packing woodwind and brass instruments

Brass and woodwind instruments are tricky. This is because they can be disassembled in many small parts. Packing brass instruments is easy if you have a hard case which has a slot for each small item. However, if you do not have a hard case, there may be some difficulties. If your budget cannot sustain buying a hard case, or you just simply do not want to buy one, consider following some of these tips. First of all, you should disassemble the instruments.

After that, you need to place each piece in a zip lock bag. When you do so, find a box which can fit each all of the items, but with enough space to put padding in. The padding should consist of mostly foam nuggets. If you do not have enough foam nuggets, you can use more scrap cardboard, or crumbled packing paper. See which one fits the box and which one you can spare. If you do not have enough packing supplies, then you missed the first important step of packing and moving musical instruments. Go to your local hardware or office store to get everything you need! When you pack everything and ensure that there is no movement inside, tape the box and label it accordingly. It is much better to pack everything correctly than to deal with damage after the move.

pack and move a trumpet
Disassemble your trumpet before packing

Packing drums

Drums are even trickier than brass instruments. This is because they consist of many parts and they are all big and robust. You can disassemble the screws and the drum skin, but you cannot disassemble and fold the drum itself. It is hardwood and the only way it can change its shape is by breaking it. Therefore, packing drums is one of the trickiest parts when you pack and move musical instruments. First of all, you should disassemble everything and get a box that can hold your bass drum. After that, you should put enough padding on the bottom in the form of scrap cardboard cutouts or bubble packaging. Then do the same with the sides of the box. Afterward, you should do the same inside the bass drum and put the floor tom inside.

See if you can fit another tom inside the floor tom. You also have to be liberal with the usage of packing materials. This is all fragile and it would not be good if something got broken. You should do the same with all of your toms. Cymbals should also be wrapped and then put in a box.

With all that said, good luck with your move!

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