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How to move a hot tub to South Carolina

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When planning a move, you have to deal with a lot of things. Planning the organization of a move is not a simple task. The details are so numerous that good organization is extremely important. So, you have to approach planning it really carefully. Firstly you have to find yourself a good, responsible crew of movers, as having them by your side increases the chances of a smooth move by a large margin. Then, you have to start planning the move of things such as the medical records of yours and your family. Your kids’ school records have to be moved also. When you take care of these things, it is time to start working on preparing your belongings. Those are mostly easy to pack and move, but some require more attention. Here is a guide on how to move a hot tub to South Carolina.

If you want to move a hot tub to South Carolina you have to be very careful
South Carolina is a wonderful state with a lot to offer

Let’s get something straight – Do you have to move a hot tub to South Carolina?

There is a reason why you are reading this article – you need to move your hot tub. Still, it is always a great idea to think twice (or even three times) before doing some things in life. Moving an object as big and tough-to-handle as a hot tub is one of these things. There are several reasons why leaving it be is a good idea.

Moving a hot tub is dangerous

Moving bulky items during a move is almost always an inevitable effort. Things like wardrobes or couches are the usual suspects. Moving them may often result in some bruises or cuts. Hot tubs are no different. Even by enlisting the help of the best long distance movers South Carolina offers, people may still end up hurt as hot tubs weigh a couple of hundreds of kilos and if it gets dropped, someone can end up really hurt. So if you do decide to move it, be very careful and do your best to protect yourself and anyone moving it. 

The moving process may be really expensive

When you hire movers to aid you, there are several factors that influence the cost of a move. From the quantity and weight of belongings to the type of the move in regards to distance, i.e. moving them over short distances or having to hire interstate moving companies South Carolina because you are moving there from Arizona for instance, these are all things that influence the cost of a move. Hiring someone to move a hot tub to South Carolina may end up being really expensive in by itself. Furthermore, it may cost you a lot of your personal time and nerves.

selective focus photo of brown and blue hourglass on stones
Moving a hot tub may consume not just your money, but also your time

When going through a move, you have to think about so many things. You also have to personally take care of many of them. So, when thinking about how you can move a hot tub to South Carolina, you should take into consideration how much time you are going to have to spend on dwelling on this entire process. What you may choose to do instead is to leave it be and thus move your property’s price up. If you are not selling the property, then you could think about selling the hot tub. If you do this, then you could reduce the costs of your move significantly.

Still keen on moving it? Then, you will need some proper expert assistance

Hiring a moving company is generally a must-do when planning a move. Moving to a new home is not just a matter of picking up a few boxes and loading them onto a truck. Just doing this properly and safely in itself is not an easy task. Good moving companies have experience in dealing with all sorts of moving needs. There are many moving companies that offer packing services and sell packing materials. Some have specialized in moving people over long distances. Others move safes and pianos. So, when you have to move a hot tub to South Carolina, then it is a wise choice to hire a moving company. It is not unlikely that they have already dealt with hot tubs. Even if they do not have experience with hot tubs specifically, they still know tips and tricks that you are most likely not aware of.

Do you want to move it by yourself?

You have thought about the reasons against deciding to move a hot tub to South Carolina that mentioned in the first part of the text? And then you decided that you do not need the movers’ assistance (or you cannot hire them for some reason)? That is fine. You can do this by yourself. Well, you cannot, or at least should not do this by yourself. Firstly you must be completely aware of how dangerous this may be. Secondly, you need to call someone to help you. Your family and friends should be there to assist you. Once you get your crew together, make sure that they are all serious about this and that they are fit for dealing with this in every way.

group of people huddling
You will need the help of your friends and family if you are not hiring movers

So, no drinking beer to celebrate the move before you pack the hot tub. Before you start moving it, measure carefully the truck and the hot tub. Is the truck strong enough to move it? And can the hot tub actually fit into it? Put tested, strong straps strategically around the hot tub. Make sure that it is safely strapped! Put it on a dolly and move it to the truck. Once there, with the straps in place, have a couple of you in the truck to pull after the straps. The others, on the ground, should aid you by pushing. Still, make sure that everybody knows how dangerous this is and that they have to be fully aware of the risks. Before you start the whole process, discuss the tactics and which role is whose. 

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