Written by: Madeline Blake

Moving internationally is a big step. While the DIY approach can help you save some money, it is practically impossible to be done without professional help. Aside from budget and timing, you should also consider your stress level and well-being. But, hiring professional movers begs the question- how much does an international move cost? Verified Movers can help you find the best moving companies and provide answers to all your questions.

The main question: How much does an international move cost

The most common method of moving internationally is ocean freight. You will likely get your own shipping container if you are moving your whole house. Depending on the shipping costs, international moves can cost anywhere from $1,000 to $10,000. If you want to save money, you can get a shared container, at about $700 to $5000. Top movers in Philadelphia will be there to assist you through the whole process. You can contact them to get a moving quote and what you might expect to spend, as each move is unique.

How much does an international move cost
International moves use mostly ocean freight to transport your belongings

Another way to save money is by packing your belongings on your own. Verified Movers also have packing secrets and tips to help you. However, be sure to check with your moving company prior to packing. Some countries require them to handle the entire shipment.

How much does an international move cost: Additional charge

When you move internationally, you’ll face some unique additional costs. It may cost thousands of dollars to obtain a visa and pay legal fees. Any items you bring into the country may also be subject to customs fees or taxes. It can cost anywhere between $1,000 and $5,000 to import a vehicle. There is also the option of storing your possessions while you live abroad. This could be more cost-effective than importing and shipping them. In addition, remember to take into account all members of your family’s personal transportation.

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With professional movers, you will always know how much does an international move cost

Reasons to hire international movers

An experienced moving company can save you the physical and mental effort of packing, transporting, and unloading your belongings. This is especially important with international moves. To choose one of the top movers in Baltimore, you should know all the perks of having them relocate you overseas:

  • Your belongings are legally protected if they are damaged during transit;
  • You will always be aware of how much does an international move cost and if there are any additional fees.

A professional mover can offer valuable expertise, especially when moving internationally. Furthermore, movers have extensive knowledge of intricate logistics you may not be aware of. If you need to know how much does an international move cost, you need to include all of the add-on services. These services can be storing your items, which is around $200 a day, or disassembling your furniture to better fit the container. This can add $20-$100 per item to your overall price.