Written by: Kate Becker

When thinking about relocation, most people will have an image of packed boxes and a loaded truck with all their items. However, while that is the main thing, one cannot fail to think of what comes after the move itself. After all, relocation is the first step towards your new life. And it is the beginning of that new life that we will focus on in this article. So, after you have waved your Washington long distance movers goodbye, it is time to introduce yourself to the neighbors, and here are some great ways you can go about that process.

Looking for movers that are the best for you

If this is your very first relocation, you may wonder how to find the right fit, when it comes to choosing movers. Our suggestion is to look for a company that is local to the place where you are moving to. So if that is Vancouver for you, start looking for some long distance moving companies Vancouver. And once you get the list of those companies, read all you can find about them. Look how long they are on the market and how experienced they are in long-distance moving.

Also, don’t skip on reading the reviews. Other people’s experiences can make all the difference and help you decide. Even better is if you have a friend who moved to Seattle to tell you all about cross country moving companies Seattle that have helped them with their relocation.

How to introduce yourself to the neighbors

Once you’ve hired one of the cross country moving companies Vancouver, you can start with the rest of the moving tasks. And many people focus on all those things and delay everything else for later. But the truth is that you can really think now about some things that will wait for you. And one of them is how you plan to introduce yourself to the neighbors.

introduce yourself to the neighbors
Getting to know your neighbors will help you settle in much quicker.

The things you should do first

Getting to know new neighbors could take some time and also some preparation. The first thing you can do is to observe people who live near you. When you go to walk in your new neighborhood, look if they have kids, are some toys out front or you can catch them in the moment when they are all leaving the house. Elderly people may be in the garden or just also seen in the area walking. Try to find people who are in a similar situation as you are. You can bond easily with families with kids if you also have little ones at home. Or some elderly people can remind you of your parents. If you recognize that similarity in others, it will be easier to approach them.

But in this step when you are in the observation phase, don’t look strange or like a stalker. Just be gentle with your sighting. No one would like to feel as someone else is looking at what they do. So stay spontaneous and casual with your observation while you are doing your things.

Making the move

So once you got an idea of who are the people who live around you, it is time to make the first move. Have in mind that we all have very busy lives, so approaching your neighbors should be planned well. You should avoid early mornings and also dinner time. This can be different if they are already outside. Usually, if you see them just leaving their home or coming back, don’t approach them. Because they probably have already an agenda and wouldn’t like to be interrupted then.

So the best time to approach them could be the weekend. Or even better, if you see them casually hanging outside, that can be just the perfect time to get to know them. You can come to them and ask them about some community activities for kids or elders and if they have any idea how you can get involved.

Make the move to introduce yourself to your neighbors.

Maybe it seems like it is a problem if you just can’t find anything in common with your neighbors. You can always just walk up to their front door, introduce yourself and invite them to come to coffee or tea. Tell them you just moved and where are you from. You can ask some technicalities, if that feels easier for you, like recycling centers that are close. And even if you think that you don’t have a single thing in common, you are wrong. Because you live in the same street and same area. Which is enough to start talking.

Always stay friendly

Have in mind that not everyone will like the idea of introducing themselves to new people. Some people just like their well-known circle of friends and life and don’t want to know you. That is fine, too. They have every right to choose, as well as you do. So don’t forget to always stay friendly and give them the space to choose if they want to interact or not. Being intensive with people who don’t know you won’t give the best first impression for sure. And also, some people would love to become friends with you, but they maybe need more time to get to know you. So respect their pace, too.

Introduce yourself to the neighbors and simply be yourself

So you don’t want to be weird while meeting new people. We get that you may be nervous, but they are probably, too. That is another thing you have in common, for start. Imagine your new life in the State of Washington even before you move there. Visualize that you will find just the best neighbors possible and that you will have too much fun with them. Do not worry, it will all work out just fine.