Written by: Nathan Steele

As we all know there are a lot of different ways how high gas prices affect our lives. Mostly, that means that you will be paying extra for an everyday ride but for people who are relocating – that cost might be much higher. You need to understand how gas prices impact moving costs and then you will be able to find different ways to try to save money or protect yourself from additional charges.

How do gas prices impact moving costs?

First of all, you need to know that gas prices are affected 56% by crude oil prices. And the crude oil price is affected by supply, current, and predicted consumer demand. Also, geopolitical events influence crude oil prices. Other factors that affect gas prices are the value of the dollar, taxes that carry from one state to another, and other costs that include distribution, marketing, and refining. When you consider all of that, it is only natural that top movers in Memphis will adjust their prices and require additional charges. Some movers have increased their prices up to 30%!

Calculator on a sheet of paper
Take all fo the costs of relocation into consideration, not only gas prices

How to determine what type of relocation is more affordable?

When you consider how gas prices impact moving costs, it is only natural that you want to find the best way to relocate that is affordable. You need to understand how the price of gas affects the moving costs, and what you will be paying. We will discuss all the options, so you can save money when moving. Don’t worry it is possible to move and not break the bank.

What is the cost of a DIY relocation and how do gas prices impact moving costs of it?

When you think about a DIY move, you can’t only calculate how much money you will pay for the gas. You need to add the cost of loading all of your belongings and unloading them. Also, you will need to pack everything on your own and organize the whole relocation. Hiring top movers in Columbus can save you from a lot of stress. And when it comes to the cost of DIY relocation, you can easily calculate how much it will cost you to relocate depending on the current price of the gas.

The formula that will help you to calculate is Miles / MPG x Gas Price = Minimum Fuel Cost. That way, depending on where you are moving you will be able to calculate how much it will cost you. Keep in mind that an average fully loaded rental truck will give you about 8 miles per one gallon of gas. When you consider that, you can quickly realize that it will be cheaper to hire professional movers.

What is the cost of a full-service relocation?

Moving industry standard says that fuel charges are usually 10% to 20% of the full-service relocation prices. Today, some moving companies have raised this to 30%. This is important to know because although a full-service moving company handles the driving, you will often get charged extra when gas prices increase. Moving companies will pass their additional expenses to you and that can be quite a bit of money. Most of their trucks use diesel, and it costs more than gasoline. You need to check what is the specified price of gas for your relocation. Make sure that you read the fine print in your moving contract so you don’t end up paying much more than you expected. Gas prices impact moving costs, and you need to be ready for that!

person refilling their car with gas
Follow gas prices, so you can know what to expect on your moving date

Follow gas prices

If you plan to relocate in the next 6 months, you should follow how gas prices are changing. That way, if you see that the price is still going up you will be able to add additional money to your moving budget. Also, make sure to do your research about moving companies so you can determine which one to hire. For example, if you are looking for top movers in El Paso – make sure to check their online reviews and see if there is anything about their prices and additional charges for gas. And once you are done moving, make sure to leave a review sharing your experience since it can really help someone who is in the same situation as you were.

Can you still save money with gas prices impacting moving costs?

Naturally, you want to know how you can save money with gas prices that go up and down, and are significantly higher than the last year. And fortunately – there are a couple of ways to save money when moving. It might be challenging, but it will pay off in the end. You just need to be cautious and plan ahead. Also, make sure that you have additional money in your budget for gas price changes!

Choose the right truck

The bigger the truck you rent – you will be paying more for gas. So, one of the first things that you need to do is to declutter your home and keep things that you need and use on a daily basis. Also, decluttering will give you a much-needed change when moving. Your new home will be clutter-free. Fewer items you need to move – less money you will spend. Measure your furniture and make sure to get a good assessment of how many belongings you have. After that – choose your moving truck!

moving trucks on the road
Choose the right size moving truck to save money

Pick a fule-efficient route and slow down

One of the best ways to actually save gas is to choose the best route for your relocation. Google Maps will give you a couple of options, and you should choose the one with fewer hills and less traffic. Also, slow down when driving – try to keep it near the limit and you will be using your fuel much more economically. And if you feel that it is much easier to let professionals handle everything regarding your relocation, with Verified Movers you will get just that. A list of professional and reliable moving companies to help you relocate with ease even with these gas prices!