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Boston Christmas events you must visit

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The most wonderful time of year has come! Christmas is here and the New Year is just around the corner! This means that the reruns of Home Alone, Harry Potter, The Lord of the Rings, Die Hard etc. are also here! Building snow-houses, snowmen and decorating are other obligatory things to do. It is the time of family gatherings. You may be studying in another town, and your sister is another one, and this is a great chance to meet in middle, in your hometown with your folks! Many things constitute holiday season but there is nothing like being in a big city during the holidays. You are sure to be having a lot of fun! Boston is one of the biggest cities in the United States and is no different than them when it comes to Christmas spectacles. So, what are the Boston Christmas events you must visit?

There are many of those here and it is hard to choose just a couple of them. Boston is a grand city, there is no doubt about it and has everything. If you are deciding whether to move here passed on how the city acts like during the holiday season, don’t hesitate. There are many long distance moving companies Boston offers that would gladly assist in your move here, and if you are quick, you could perhaps move here before the New Year!

The Nutcracker

This is one of the most popular traditions in Boston and is one that many generations have enjoyed. The location is the rococo building close to the center of Downtown Crossing. Its reputable origins make you feel like the part of history whenever you come here. It was first opened in 1928 as B.G. Keith Memorial Theatre and its designer was the famous architect Thomas Lamb. During the next two decades it was a very popular cinema, but after the Combat Zone era, it transitioned into an adults-only theater. Soon the tough period of its history come and it was practically out of work for quite some time.

Hands on piano keys
In Boston, during the holidays, the music is everywhere around you

Senator Edward Kennedy’s help was what pushed the renovation of the place. Since it reopened in 2004, the baroque decor captivated the hearts of visitors. The crystal chandeliers, the gilded moldings, and mesmerizing white terra cotta are certainly a sight to see. The Boston Ballet’s performance of the Nutcracker here is an event people look forward to throughout the year. Top Broadway musicals and A grade musicians star here all the time.

Still, seeing the performers in Georgian-era costumes on the corresponding sets during the Christmas season is a truly special sight to behold. All this definitely makes this one of the Boston Christmas events you must visit.

The Marlowe hotel

Have you ever wanted to just go into a luxuriously looking place and have a drink or two during around Christmas? Well, the Marlowe hotel is the place for you then! There are no particular events here, but rather it is the atmosphere here that makes it one of the Boston Christmas events you must visit. There is a huge fireplace in the lobby lounge where you can meet the other guests, especially during the wine hour, which is early in the evening. The aforementioned atmosphere is relaxed and fun, and decorations are always full-on Christmasy.

Boston Christmas events you must visit
If you have moved here recently, or if you came here just for the holidays, you will have to organize carefully if you are to see everything there is to see.

The interior is a nostalgic one and is a great place for seasonally-themed cocktails. The Snowball Old Fashioned is a crowd-favorite and consist of orange zest, spiced demerara, wormwood bitters, and butterscotch rye. Another great thing about the hotel is that, though at first, you may think like it is removed from the central parts of the city, it is actually rather close to the wonders of the Central Square.

So, come and visit the Marlowe hotel in between the Black Friday and the New Year’s Eve, and you will love it! If you decide to pack your bag and move here for the holiday season, you should follow helpful moving tips. The Marlowe hotel is a great place to visit and make it your base for the holidays.

The Christmas concert is for sure, one of the Boston Christmas events you must visit

This is, without any doubt, one of the most Christmasy events you will find in Boston. The Symphony Hall breathes the spirit of home and elegance since it opened in 1900. Since then it has been the home of the Boston Symphony Orchestra, and also the home the Boston Pops Orchestra. During the last 100 plus years, it has hosted thousands of magnificent events, and its space was extended several times. The place, though still an oldie, is a modern one also, with the new technological systems for sound distribution.

One of the most beloved events every year is the concert of the Boston Pops that Keith Lockhart leads. The holiday classics are played and there are singalongs throughout. The event is completely kid-friendly and you can even get some photos with Santa. The magic of Christmas is fully captured in this beloved tradition, so don’t think twice about it!

Christmas Celtic Sojourn

Beaux Arts theater, the second oldest one in the Theater District, is the place of magnificence and history. At first, imagined as a home for operas, it is now so much more. This grandiose architectural marvel is a sight to behold. The Greek revival columns hold the skies as stained glass windows surround you. The plays, dance performances and opera of the highest quality are held here. It is no wonder then that it has also become a home for one of Boston Christmas events you must visit.

a red motorcycle in front of a decorated store
There are many Boston Christmas events you must visit, but all you need to do is just go out on the streets and let the city guide you.

A Celtic Sojourn has graced the radio waves since 1986. Created by Brian O’Donovan, it got its live version of a show, here at the Beaux Arta theater. The show relies on Paga, Celtic and Christian traditions that give it a unique sound. Accordions, bass, harps, and cellos all blend wonderfully into holiday poetry crafted by amazing musicians accompanied by Irish step-dancing. If you do decide to temporary move here for the duration of the Christmas season, then you should definitely visit this place!

Urban Nutcracker

This retelling of the Nutcracker is truly among those Boston Christmas events you must visit. The Boston legendary dancer Tony Williams has reshaped the famous Christmas classic into a modernized story set in Boston. The heroine’s name is Clarice instead of Clara, and instead the Land of Sweets, she is here to explore the various parts of Boston, like the Chinatown and the Public Garden.

There are over 150 dedicated performers on the stage, making this a truly special and much-loved version of the original story. The classical ballet, flamenco, tap, hip-hop, jazz and so much more, accompanied by perfectly executed music accompanies the heroes and fully immerses the spectators in this grand Christmas spectacle.

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